Hanaoni – Horikawa Hibiki

Reiji’s route was meh so I need more motivation to keep me going. Since everyone’s raving about Hibiki’s sexiness, I decided to do his route next. And he doesn’t disappoint me. 8D

Horikawa Hibiki is a 2nd year student in Kigasato High School, a year older than Kanna. He’s aiming for Kaki’s life and believes that the bride must be his weakness, so he started attacking Kanna as well. Hibiki is good-looking and strong even among all the demons, but is also cruel and malicious. He never shows any mercy to his enemies. 131 years old though appears to be 17 in human age.

Kanna first met Hibiki when she was waiting for Momoko. He suddenly appeared and ordered her to call he demon, unaware of Kaki’s attitude towards her. He attacked her again some days later when Momoko left her side for a while, this time with a knife. Hibiki cut her cheek, but Kanna didn’t show much reaction because she’s already used to pain. He wasn’t amused but Reiji came to stop him before he can cause any more harm.

After school Kanna heard a voice telling her to go to the woods if she wants to know about how to erase the bride’s mark. She met Kuniichi there and they found out that it’s actually a trap laid by Hibiki. Kanna was saved by her guardians, though Hibiki continued to target her even after she went to Tadanao’s mansion. She met him in the garden when she took a walk alone, but he left since she’s not with Kaki.

Right after the crossbow attack, Kanna went around looking for Kaki in the woods. Why would you go to the woods out of all places? Oh whatever.. ಠ_ಠ She found Hibiki instead and he attacked her again, but he suddenly stopped when he saw her holding Kuniichi’s wooden doll. He took it and said it’s not something she should carry around, then he left her.

The next day Hibiki shot Kaki with the poisoned arrow, and that evening Kanna went to the woods looking for him. He doesn’t have the antidote, but he said Kaki will recover eventually. He asked what she thinks of Kaki and Kanna honestly answered that she’s scared of him. Hibiki suddenly told Kanna that the previous head’s house was much smaller than this. He wasn’t a greedy man and was satisfied with his life, but he suddenly committed suicide on the night when Kaki was born. The first person who found his body was his son. He was afraid that the newborn Kaki will take his place as the head and decided to kill himself while still holding the title.

His son reported this to the leaders, but they didn’t care. They were happy that a new head was born instead. Hibiki said that’s how it goes in the demon world, and he knows that Kanna is just a victim. He didn’t say it, but somehow Kanna gets the feeling that Hibiki was talking about his father. The next day Hibiki came to attack Kaki again and the three wings came to help. Minaha too Kanna back to Kigasato while Reiji and Mitsuaki took care of Hibiki.

Because of her first period pain, Kanna decided to leave school early. On her way home, Hibiki suddenly grabbed her and took her to the woods. He asked her what she’s doing alone while her “charm” has just increased. He said he’s not the same as the other cheap demons who went gaga over her charm, but he thinks she’s interesting.

The next day Kanna met Hibiki again on the rooftop, and he asked her to work with him.. or else something might happen to Momoko. Some days later Hibiki came to their class and Momoko introduced him as her boyfriend, much to Kanna’s shock. She chased after Hibiki and told him not to hurt Momoko, but he only replied that it depends on her.

On first day of the culture festival, Kanna got separated from Mitsuaki and Minaha. She got lost in the crowd and eventually met Hibiki. He hugged her saying he’s making a move on her, inviting her on a date. Kanna tried to refuse since he’s supposed to be Momoko’s boyfriend, but he left before she could give a proper answer. The next day she saw him strangling Momoko. When they were alone, Hibiki asked her to join hands with him. Kanna didn’t answer, afraid that he’ll hurt Momoko even more if she refuses.

It didn’t take long for Kanna to realize that Hibiki’s just using Momoko. She came to the rooftop and asked him to break up with Momoko, and he easily agreed on the condition that she becomes his girlfriend instead. Kanna refused since she doesn’t wanna take Momoko’s “boyfriend”, so Hibiki said he’ll continue to do what he wants to Momoko. But the next day, Kanna heard from Momoko that Hibiki dumped her. She’s fine with it too since she knew that he wasn’t serious, and she was only playing around with him too.

After school, Kanna went to see Hibiki again on the rooftop. He asked her to keep her promise by going out with him, since he already did what she told him to do. Kanna started stating the reasons why she can’t be his girlfriend, and he kissed her saying it’s this easy. She still tried to refuse, but Hibiki enjoyed her reactions. Later he told Kuniichi that he’ll treat Kanna carefully from now on because he found another way of using her, so now Kuniichi can relax as he won’t hurt her anymore.

On Halloween, Kanna went around with Mitsuaki to search for their missing friends. Hibiki suddenly grabbed her to a classroom when she was walking, so they can have a secret “date” at school. He didn’t like her Red Riding Hood costume and unbuttoned her shirt, giving her his mark by kissing Kaki’s mark on her chest. (*ノωノ) Now he’s officially “courting” her. He had fun enjoying her reactions as Mitsuaki was searching around for her outside.

Demons have sharp senses, and the three wings could sense that something seems off about her though they couldn’t point it out. Kanna was thinking of covering it with perfume, and she was on her way to the school store when she was surrounded by demons attracted by her charm. Before she could call for help, Hibiki came and told them not to touch his woman. He wanted an explanation why she’s walking around the school alone, and she was surprised to see him upset about that. Hibiki said she’s weird, unlike his former bride, but he looked sad and didn’t answer when she asked him about it.

Kanna was curious about Hibiki too, and that night she asked her guardians about him. They told her that he’s indeed the previous head’s son, and he hates the position ever since his father died. The next day Kanna asked him to stop his revenge since Kaki never did anything wrong to him, and she’s willing to help him feel better even if he’s only using her. Instead of answering, Hibiki gave her a cellphone and taught her how to use it so it’d be easier to contact her. He also teased her saying he’ll teach her more in a place where they can be alone, but added that he was only joking. (´・ω・`)

That night Hibiki called Kanna asking if she knows where Kaki might be. Kanna said that he’s probably somewhere in the school, so Hibiki gathered some demons and attacked Kaki in the infirmary. When she was the wrecked infirmary the next day, Kanna immediately thought of Hibiki. He didn’t show much reaction when she told him about this, and Kanna started feeling sad since he only treats her as a tool.

After Hibiki tried to attack Kaki again, he got injured and Kanna found him on the rooftop. She was worried and asked him not to be reckless, but he snapped at her for ordering him around. Kanna told him to take care of himself, and that she doesn’t mind getting hurt in his place. Hibiki left and Kanna went home with Momoko, who admits that she worked with Hibiki because she was jealous and wanted Kanna to suffer. She apologized and asked Kanna to stay best friends with her.

Hibiki never contacted Kanna again, so she went to the rooftop looking for him. She found Kaki instead and he tried to kill her again. This time Kanna called Hibiki and he came to protect her. He fought with Kaki saying Kaki’s bride is now his. By the time the three wings came, Hibiki managed to defeat Kaki. That was actually what he was trying to achieve all this time — to prove that the “head” is just a title and it doesn’t mean that you’re the strongest.

The next day, Kanna told Hibiki that she lost the phone this morning. It’s weird since she always put it under her pillow at night, because her relationship with Hibiki is a secret and she sleeps with Moegi everyday. Hibiki showed her a text from her phone asking him to meet her in the woods. Now he knows that it’s not from her and that it might be a trap, but he still goes anyway. Kanna was worried and went after him with Momoko. They found him in the woods, fighting the committee members alone. Reiji was there too and Hibiki was injured, but he managed to knock out the members one by one.

Reiji didn’t want Kanna to get hurt, but before he could get closer Hibiki stepped in front of her and told him not to touch “his woman”. (❤ฺ→艸←) Hibiki said Kanna is useless and keeps disturbing him, not to mention she can be so noisy too sometimes, but still he’s not letting her go. Reiji was surprised but he accepted what happened. Before leaving he said that if Hibiki hurts Kanna again, he’ll take her away so the three elders can protect her. Hibiki carried Kanna and took her away, with Momoko saying she won’t forgive him if he makes Kanna cry.

Hibiki took Kanna to his room out of Kigasato. She woke up as Hibiki picked her ringing phone, handing it to her because the three wings wanted to talk to her. He hugged her as she talked to Mitsuaki, kissing her neck and asked if it feels good. (*ノωノ) Minaha asked her if she loves Hibiki and when she said she does, he accepts her decision. Hibiki then turned off the phone before Mitsuaki finished talking and kissed her.

They’ll be busy from now on to prepare their wedding and honeymoon. He asked her to call his name instead of “Horikawa-senpai”, just like what she did in bed. ’`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ

A week after she moved to Hibiki’s place, both Kanna and Hibiki transferred to a nearby high school. While he’s popular with the girls in his class, Kanna was surrounded by guys as well. Hibiki got jealous and asked her if she knows the reason he’s so pissed. She said no, and he said he won’t let her sleep tonight until she understands why.

Kanna woke up one morning with Hibiki on top of her. It’s been a while since they started living together, and he loves seeing her surprised face every morning. He teasingly asked if she’s happy and refused to move until she calls his name, so Kanna finally called him “Hibiki”. Seems like they can’t go to school today since Hibiki’s busy training her to give him a kiss.

Man, Hibiki is hot. I can understand why everyone’s fangirling over him lol. Sure he attacked her repeatedly and treated her like a tool to hurt Kaki, but I melt away whenever he says “俺の女” and protects her from everyone else. 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ His bride in the novels is Momoko and they pretend to go out in some of the routes, but glad to see he quickly dumped her here because I hate Momoko lol. Hibiki keeps going back and forth to attack Kaki, and I got lost in all the fighting scenes at times.. but in the end I love this route. That ending is definitely an A+. 8D

18 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Horikawa Hibiki

  1. i am guessing there are lots of fighting scenes in his route XD, and ya “俺の女” is such a powerful phrase that makes almost every and any fangirl drop dead. he is pretty interesting overall, better than Reiji anyways
    cant wait to read the other reviews, in fact i am sooo looking forward to Kaki’s :)

    • Yeah there’s a LOT of fighting scenes since he keeps attacking Kaki and all that, but they’re kinda random too. Like he suddenly attacks and about 5 seconds later he retreats.. repeat until Kaki’s defeated ._.

  2. お疲れ様でした~~~

    FFFF another person that drops the “俺の女” card. Yeah, its working, cause I’m thinking about playing the game again just for him (has zero immunity against the sexy)

    From what I can see, he’s better than Reiji. More interesting, at least. Suzu is a BIG plus, of course <3

    • LOL I have zero immunity against “俺の女” and the guys who say it xD
      Hibiki’s route is way better than Reiji’s. He’s sexy and his story didn’t end so abruptly like Reiji’s. And most importantly that ending is <33

      Give the game another chance if you can. Even if it's just for Hibiki.

  3. From what i see……Hibiki actually is Kazama ‘s clone…(´ε`* )
    I don’t like Kanna…..she is so weak and useless ╮(╯_╰)╭

  4. …so after the previous route, I was expecting there to be an explanation as to what happened to his previous bride… and nothing…?

    Also, since they’ve been looking like teenagers for hundreds of years, doesn’t that mean they’ve been students for just as long? I wonder if they’re not sick of going to school for the last x years… and how do they sustain their living as no job = no income?

    And I found it odd that… ok, Momoko was a bride as well, but they never explained who her groom was (in the game)? If you go by the novel’s story where Hibiki was her groom… doesn’t that make it worse as essentially she’s abandoned by her groom in favour of her best friend?

    Thinking further into this, none of this story will end well, as Kanna will grow old and die of old age while the guys will still look like they’re in their early 20s…

    …am I analysing too much into this…

    • Nope, nothing. I was wondering about that too since they dropped hints in Reiji’s route as well, but.. why would they do that if they’re not gonna use it for the plot? >_>;

      I guess the people in Kigasato just had to attend the school for 3 years, then they’re free to do anything. It’s not an obligation too so I get the impression that these demons are just attending school for fun. Probably still leeching money from parents? LOL it’s never explained, but in Mitsuaki’s route he had to work part-time to save money.

      It’s not mentioned here, but judging from her reactions and Hibiki’s words in other routes.. Momoko’s demon left her because she’s not pretty enough. Hibiki’s not her groom in the game, but he knows what happened between Momoko and her demon.. I think.

      That’s what I think too lol. Kanna will grow old and be a granny while her husband’s still young and pretty. That feels weird.. (´・ω・`A;)

    • LOL he’s the definition of sexy in this game. Forget Kaki and all of his drama, Hibiki is the man. xD Glad to hear that you’re gonna play Hanaoni for him. He’s worth it. :D

  5. Wow, you wrote quite a long review of this! I can just make it simple cause I don’t really like the attack scenes so much… This really annoys me!

    And Hibiki, sure is my fav too! He’s so cool and his ending really makes me ドキドキ!
    And for some reason, I like Kaki after Hibiki. I think this is some sort of differences with other otoge, he hardly appeared! Quite funny, but make me can’t wait anymore for him to appear…

    • This is my bad habit actually. I want to make it simpler, but I like to cram as many details as possible.. then my posts end up being this long lol. I know what you mean, the fighting scenes in Hanaoni are like hit n run. It keeps happening yet didn’t really end until the end of the route.

      Yeah Kaki doesn’t appear that much even in his own route.. but his true ending is good though. A worthy ending for a main character, if you ask me.

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