Hanaoni – Mitsugi Kuniichi

Next up is Kuniichi since everyone’s saying he’s really cute. That, and because I love his eyes a lot. A friend on MNR warned me not to expect too much from his route though.. (´・ω・`A;)

Mitsugi Kuniichi is a new transfer student in Kanna’s class. He was one of the three wings serving the previous head and thinks Hibiki would make a better head than Kaki. He believes that Kaki’s weakness is his bride, and so he works with Hibiki to target Kanna. Serious and stubborn, but clearly draws a line between what’s right and wrong. He’s 18 years old in human age while his real age is 221.

Kanna first met Kuniichi during her wedding with Kaki. He tried to attack Kanna before Kaki came and asked why she came here, but she managed to escape. The next day he transferred to her class and keeps watching her closely, eventually joining hands with Ejima just to make Kanna alone for a moment. This resulted in her getting attacked by Hibiki, but Kuniichi’s actually against him hurting Kanna. He believes brides must be protected and treated carefully.

After school Kanna found a broken wooden keychain, along with a voice telling her to come to the woods if she wants to know about how to erase her bride’s mark. She fixed the keychain and returned it to Kuniichi after making sure it’s really his, and surprisingly he was relieved to get it back. She asked if it’s an important thing and he gently said yes. Ejima wasn’t pleased that he was acting all friendly with Kanna, and she yelled at Kanna for trying to “seduce” yet another demon.

That night Kanna went to the woods and met Kuniichi, who was surprised since that voice is obviously a trap. They soon met Hibiki, and Kuniichi tried to stop him from hurting Kanna. Things got worse when Kaki suddenly appeared and a fight breaks out, so the three wings told Kanna to escape since it’s dangerous here. On her way out of the woods, Kanna met Ejima.. who’s actually the real reason Kuniichi called her to the woods. Brides will always be protected no matter what they do, so Ejima thinks it’s okay even if she does a crime.

Ejima pulled a knife and started attacking Kanna, saying Kanna’s disturbing her from reaching her goal to be the head’s wife. Before she stabbed Kanna, Kuniichi suddenly appeared and stopped her. He told Kanna to escape, so she ran away and met Moegi on the way. She was worried about Kuniichi and went back to where he was with Moegi, but both Kuniichi and Ejima were gone. She only found his wooden doll on the ground with blood around it.

After she was taken to Tadanao’s mansion, Kanna went to the woods and met Kuniichi there. She was relieved to see that he’s okay, but he was shocked that she’s worried about him. He doesn’t get why she could walk around freely knowing they’re after her life, though he wasn’t planning to attack her. He left when Watase found them, and Kanna was taken back to the mansion. That night she went around looking for the bath and somehow ends up outside. She tripped and suddenly Kuniichi caught her, but she ran back in and didn’t know that it was him.

The next day Hibiki attacked Kaki and Kanna tried to protect him. Hibiki was about to kill her when Kuniichi came. He couldn’t believe there’s a bride who tries to protect her demon, because to him a bride is a treasure they have to protect. Kuniichi dragged Hibiki away before he caused more uproar, and Kanna later bumped into him in the hallway on her way to get some hot water for Kaki. He was surprised that she doesn’t call for help since they’re enemies after all, and he left before anybody comes.

From the porch, Kanna saw Kuniichi in the woods looking for a place to hide. He was surprised when she came to see him, and he told her not to walk around alone since it’s dangerous. She returned his keychain and he told her it’s an important memento from his deceased master — Narimasa, the previous head and Hibiki’s father. He actually made the wooden doll for Hibiki, but gave it to Kuniichi since it looks scary. That night Kaki was born, and when Kuniichi went back to Narimasa’s mansion.. he was already dead.

After Hibiki’s second attack, Minaha took Kanna back to Kigasato.

Ejima was really pissed that Kuniichi won’t move according to her plan, and she attacked Kanna again after school. Kuniichi came at the right time and protected Kanna, telling her to run to protect his keychain and return it to him tomorrow. However, he was absent the next day. Kanna was worried sick and got her first period that day. She returned to class after getting a pad and met Kuniichi, who just got back from the hospital. She was glad he’s okay and he told her to be careful. He asked Kanna to take his bag to class while he went to see Hibiki on the rooftop. He wants him to stop hurting Kanna, and Hibiki noticed that Kuniichi starts growing some feelings for her.

When the culture festival comes, Kanna walked around with Mitsuaki and Minaha. She got lost in the mirror house and bumped into Kuniichi, who was pissed that the three wings took their eyes off her like this. He denied it, but he’s clearly worried about her wandering alone. He took her out and waited for her guardians to come out before leaving. Kanna thinks he’s actually a really nice person.

Kuniichi was still worried upon seeing her walking around just with Momoko the next day, so he end up guarding her for the day. Momoko left because she didn’t wanna disturb their “date” lol. They visited the ring-throwing booth, where Kanna sets her eyes on a cute duck plushie. Since she couldn’t do it herself, Kuniichi helped her to get it.. but he aimed for a totem pole next to the duck thinking that’s what she wants ROFL. While it’s not the prize she wanted, Kanna was happy with his feelings and thanked him. Kuniichi blushed and said her smile isn’t bad. (*´∀`*)♡

After Kanna heard about the selection committee, Hibiki attacked her at school and sent some demons to chase after her. Kuniichi helped her hide, telling her that this fighting would never end as long as Kaki’s still the head. He wants to give that position to the right person. But he can’t let them take advantage of Kanna either, so he asked her to call him the next time something happens to her. He will come to help her.

On Halloween, Kanna was caught by the committee members on her way to change clothes. She called Kuniichi and the members left after he comes, though he was a bit late since it was difficult for him to hear her call without engraving his mark on her. But he’ll always come to help whenever she calls. After changing into her costume, Kanna went with Mitsuaki to search for their friends and met Kuniichi on the way. Mitsuaki didn’t trust him, but Kanna told him not to fight Kuniichi. He also left saying he doesn’t wanna fight.

One day when they were playing around, Momoko went to the woods looking for more snow. Kanna chased after her, but she was attacked by the committee members there. The three wings came and told Kanna to escape, but this time she was ambushed by Hibiki who was working with the committee members. Kanna was taken to an unknown house, and she tried looking for a way out after he left. He found the house empty and met Kuniichi, who suddenly grabbed her from behind. He was angry because she didn’t call, but Kanna didn’t wanna trouble him since Hibiki and him are allies.

Kuniichi took her to a room and asked if he can put his mark on her. It’d be easier for him to locate and protect her, and he would be able to hear her voice more clearly too. Kanna said she doesn’t mind, so Kuniichi kissed Kaki’s mark on her chest, engraving his own onto her body.

Before they could leave, they found Hibiki watching them. Kanna escaped from the back door as Kuniichi stayed back to face Hibiki. She met the three wings who came to save her, and she begged them to go back inside and help Kuniichi. Sadly they refused and dragged her home because they still see Kuniichi as their enemy.

Kuniichi was absent the next day and Kanna was worried, so she tried calling him. Then suddenly he appeared panicking, thinking she was attacked or something lol. He was actually in the woods and came running when he heard her call, and he was so panicked that he forgot to change his shoes. Kanna apologized since she just wanted to see him, but he was glad she’s okay.

On their way out of the school, Kaki suddenly appeared and attacked Kanna. Kuniichi couldn’t fight while protecting her, so she carried her and jumped out of the window. He walked her home, saying he’s leaving her in the three wings’ hands when she’s in the staff building. Before he left, Kanna hugged him from behind though she didn’t understand why. This caused him to blush like mad lol.

That night, Hibiki drugged Kuniichi and locked him in a hidden prison. He’s pissed since Kuniichi won’t cooperate and his plan gone awry. Kuniichi couldn’t break out from the cell even if he used all his demon power, and all that he could do was to desperately try to stop Hibiki from hurting Kanna. Naturally, Kanna was worried since Kuniichi suddenly stopped coming to school. She tried calling him only to get no response. He couldn’t hear her voice in that prison, and even if he could.. there’s nothing he could do.

One night, Hibiki attacked Kanna. She tried calling Kuniichi again, but Hibiki said he won’t come. He told her Kuniichi was only pretending to protect her all this time just to get close to her, and he already left her. Hibiki asked her to call Kaki instead, but luckily the three wings came and Hibiki left. Kanna didn’t want to believe what he said, but no matter how many times she calls, Kuniichi never comes.

Kanna was really sad and eventually accepted the selection offered by the committee, thinking she doesn’t have any reason to stay in Kigasato anymore. But she still keeps Kuniichi’s wooden doll since she can’t throw it away no matter what. Kousaka, the demon chosen by the committee, is very kind and gets along really well with everyone. He’s not forcing or rushing Kanna too, so now it’s all up to her to decide everything.

Momoko eventually said she got some information about Kuniichi, and Kanna went to the woods to check. She saw Hibiki deep in the woods and found the prison entrance, so she sneaked in after Hibiki left. There she finally found Kuniichi locked up in a cell. He was surprised to see her here, and he promised that he’ll get out and protect her properly. Kanna asked him to always stay with her instead, so she doesn’t need to call him anymore. Kuniichi thinks this question should be asked by the guy, so he asked her to wait until he gets out.

Hibiki soon came back to stop their tearful reunion. Since Kuniichi’s still locked up, he planned to kill Kanna in front of him since he can’t do anything except to watch in despair. When Hibiki was strangling her, Kanna managed to snatch the key from his pocket and threw it to Kuniichi, finally freeing him from the cell. Kanna wanted to go out and call the three wings, but Hibiki caught her before she could reach the door. Kuniichi used this chance to tie him up with a cord, ending their fight.

Outside, they met the three wings who came here after hearing Momoko’s report. Reiji was about to attack him, but Kanna ordered him to stop. She won’t let them hurt her demon, surprising everyone with the revelation. This is the second time she confessed to him, so Kuniichi finally asked her to be his bride. Kanna happily accepts and the three wings respected her decision, though Reiji’s clearly not pleased.

After changing clothes, Kuniichi and Kanna went to an empty classroom since he can’t stay in the staff building, and she can’t enter the boys dorm. He apologized for making her worry. It will take time, but he will convince Hibiki to accept this since he thinks of him as a family. He then engraved his mark again on her chest even though it’s already there, because it has a different meaning now. (*ノωノ) He will always stay and protect her all time time, so he asked her to choose him. Kanna said yes.

When Kanna went to see the three wings again, they approved her relationship with Kuniichi. They already passed the news to the committee too. Kuniichi also talked to Hibiki, who said he won’t target Kanna anymore since she’s no longer Kaki’s bride.

After their graduation from Kigasato High School, Kuniichi and Kanna started living together. They’re done repairing their new place, and Kanna asked if she can call his name. He said it’s okay but still blushed when she called him “Kuniichi”. They went to take a walk at the beach, where Kanna hugged him and asked him not to go anywhere. Kuniichi already promised to always stay with her, so he won’t break it and make her sad. When she said she loves him, he finally said that he loves her too.

Nooooo! Kuni-chan doesn’t have a kiss scene! (#ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻
I have to agree with everyone that he’s really cute. Kuniichi doesn’t like dealing with girls and Kanna is his first bride, so his reactions are really pure and adorable. Not to mention his blush sent me to heaven. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, there’s not much ドキドキ moments in his route. This route has a nice plot and we can see him slowly falling in love with Kanna, so it’s really nice if you don’t expect sexy scenes like in Hibiki’s route. His mark-engraving scene was sexy, but that’s it. Why don’t they draw a kiss scene instead of inserting a freaking empty beach background into the gallery? (´;ω;`)

Kanna’s actually pretty nice in this route, partly because of Kuniichi’s knightly personality. She’s still a doormat, but I like it when she ordered her guardians not to touch her demon. Her demon. Sounds nice. (人´∀`)❤ฺ


7 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Mitsugi Kuniichi

  1. I scanned the entire post and was distracted by the images. He’s so cute! I agree, I love his eyes. ^////////^
    I’ll go back to reading once I’m finished staring at him. XD

  2. This route is nice and funny too in some parts XD I didn’t really like him when I was looking at the official site but after reading ur review I started to really like him a lot :) Kanna got a little better here but still bah, on the other hand Kanna is Kuniichi’s first bride? Now that’s something and also explains a lot about his reactions lol. Can’t wait to read the next review :)

    • To be honest I wasn’t interested in him at all when I first played the game. I didn’t even notice those pretty eyes of him lol. But after playing this route I like him a lot since he’s so pure. Yeah Kanna is his first bride, and in his extra profile it’s clearly stated that he dislikes women.. so maybe that’s why? xD

  3. I was interested in him but I wasn’t sure but he seems so cute. >.< I'll probably get to his route later. Still on Mitsuaki. Love his kansai-ben (せやな).

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