Hanaoni – Hayasaki Minaha

I’ve been extremely curious about Minaha since the first time he appeared in the game. Just because he’s voiced by Kaji Yuuki and his voice is really similar to Erik the sexy bunny. 8D

Hayasaki Minaha is one of the three wings protecting Kanna. He’s classmates with her and spends more time with her compared to the other two. He doesn’t mind his small stature or cute face, and is very outspoken in both words and actions. Reiji and Mitsuaki are always watching over him since he’s the youngest demon ever chosen to be the three wings. He’s 15 years old in human age, and his real age is 33.

Unfortunately for Minaha, being the youngest guardian also means he’s the weakest too since he doesn’t have as much experience. Kanna called him when she was first attacked by Hibiki and Kuniichi, but he’s not as strong as the other two. Kuniichi beats him up and threw some insults at him before Reiji and Mitsuaki came to help them.

In this route, Kanna spends most of her time sleeping in Minaha’s room. He took out his teddy bear to cheer her up, and later gave her a dachshund pillow since she likes his doll collection. Minaha wants to sleep with her at first, but eventually lets her sleep surrounded by his dolls and used the next room instead. The next day Minaha said he wants to share the bed with Kanna, but she knows his actions are just to protect her. Nothing more than that.

Kanna was soon taken to Tadanao’s mansion, and his brides threw a “welcome party” by locking her up so she’ll call her demon. Since Kaki totally ignores her, in the end it was the three wings who came to save her. Kanna noticed that Minaha knows the brides here, and he said it’s because he used to live here before. Minaha came to see Kanna’s sleeping face the next morning, regretting not bringing his phone to take pictures since she’s so cute. He continued to protect her as Hibiki launched his attacks, eventually taking her back to Kigasato after Kaki got shot.

Back at home, Minaha told Kanna that Tadanao was his father’s guardian. Which means that Tadanao was the one guarding his mother when she was still alive. Minaha used to live with his father until he was suddenly taken to Tadanao’s mansion. He spent 10 years there, and Kaki was the reason he can enjoy his life there. Minaha knows that Kaki’s actually a really kind person inside, so he will help Kanna if she wants to do something for Kaki.

The next day, Kaki returned to Kigasato by himself. His wounds haven’t healed completely, and he fell asleep after Minaha dragged him to his room. Minaha’s staying at home to take care of Kaki that day, and Kanna decided to help him. Kaki tried to resist when Minaha changed his bandages, so he asked Kanna to help put the medicine on Kaki’s wounds. Minaha was surprised that Kaki didn’t resist. Later he told Kanna that Kaki was really kind to him when he was small, and that’s why he thinks of Kaki as his own big brother.

After he recovered, Kaki never came back to his room on the 4th floor. Minaha came to check and found Kanna waiting alone with the food she made for Kaki. He knows that Kaki won’t come back, so he ate her cooking even though he already had dinner. Minaha didn’t say anything and praised her cooking skills, but Kanna noticed since it’s way past their dinner time.

A few days later, Kanna got her first period at school. She was on her way to the infirmary when suddenly the committee members approached her, but luckily Minaha was following her since he’s worried. He came as soon as Kanna called him and chased the committee members away. At first he didn’t know why Kanna looked so pale that day, but from her increasing “charm” he quickly figured out what happened. He took her to the infirmary, and Reiji was worried since Minaha’s alone when protecting her in class. Minaha assured him that everything will be okay, he will always protect Kanna.

On the first day of the culture festival, Mitsuaki and Minaha competed to escort Kanna around the festival. The one who can satisfy her the most gets to date her the next day. By the end of the day Kanna said she likes Minaha more, so the next day they walked around the festival holding hands. A demon tried to hit on her when Minaha went to buy some drink, but he quickly came back and chased him away. Kanna honestly admits that she’s scared and asked if she can hold his hands since it calms her down. Minaha was happy and said he doesn’t wanna let go of her hands forever.

Since Kaki doesn’t care about Kanna, Hibiki eventually stopped targeting her as well. He told Minaha to just hand her to the committee so he won’t have to protect her anymore, but Minaha refused since Kanna’s his bride too. They didn’t know if Kaki would ever come back to his room, so Kanna left the 4th floor and decided to sleep in Minaha’s room again. Minaha said he’ll make her happy if she chose him to be her demon, but he still thinks that she better stay with Kaki. Kanna notice that he looks sad and said she wants to stay with him instead.

While Minaha was happy with her answer, the three elders were not. They thought Minaha’s still to young for the head’s bride, and they were planning to pull them apart at all costs.

Moegi caught a cold and had to rest until she recovers. Kanna and Minaha went shopping in her place, and he took her to a game center. He gave her an alpaca plushie from the crane game, hoping that can help cheer her up.

Some days later, the committee members attacked them again after school. Their plan was to kill Minaha before taking Kanna away by force. They drugged Kanna and she passed out, but luckily Mitsuaki came to help and they returned safely to the staff building. When Kanna woke up, she heard from Moegi that her guardians were lightly injured. Kanna felt guilty since the committee members are targeting her, and she decided to distance herself from them so they won’t get hurt again.

On Halloween, Kanna and Mitsuaki searched around for their friends. They found Reiji in the infirmary, but Kanna left them thinking it’s better to be alone. She bumped into “the wolf” on the way, then suddenly the committee members appeared to take her away. The students around them didn’t care thinking it’s just a costume, but luckily Minaha (dressed as Issun-boushi lol) came to chase them away. He told Kanna that “the wolf” from earlier is probably Kaki, but he didn’t do anything to help her when she was attacked.

Minaha later came to her room, worried since Kanna was shocked about what happened with Kaki earlier. Minaha hugged her saying he’ll protect her and won’t leave her alone. They slept together that night, and Kanna realized she’s starting to grow some feelings for Minaha.

It’s Minaha’s birthday on November 11, and Kanna knitted a muffler for him. She wasn’t sure if it’s good enough, but Minaha was happy with her present. Momoko noticed that they’re really close lately, and Minaha admits that he wants to make Kanna his own bride. Suddenly Kanna’s “alarm” went off. The last thing she heard was Minaha yelling at the committee members to let her go, and then she passed out.

Kanna woke up in an unknown room with Minaha, surrounded by the committee members. They cut Kanna’s hand and shoved her blood into Minaha’s mouth, and this caused him to go berserk. Kanna hugged him as he sought for more blood, but nothing changed until Reiji and Mitsuaki came to knock him out.

Kanna passed out again and woke up in Moegi’s room. Minaha’s okay too, but she can’t see him yet since he’s still unstable. The effect of her blood is really strong because she’s the head’s bride, especially to young demons like him. Minaha himself thought he might be too young to be a guardian after all. Reiji told him it’s okay for him to stay as her classmate, but nothing more than that. He can’t be her guardian anymore, let alone marrying her. Minaha doesn’t wanna hurt Kanna again, so he agreed to keep a distance away from her.

Even if they meet everyday at school and greet each other, Kanna noticed that Minaha’s avoiding her. He refused to meet when she came to his room, so she used the spare key he gave her before since he said she can use it anytime she wants. But still, Minaha locked himself in his bedroom saying he doesn’t hate her. He just want her to leave him alone for now. Kanna was sad, and after talking to Reiji and Mitsuaki, she realized she’s really in love with Minaha. All they can do for now is to wait until Minaha’s ready to face everything.

The committee members came back again some days later, forcing her to go with them. Despite what happened between them, Kanna called Minaha. She panicked for a while, but he eventually came to chase them away. Minaha said he can’t protect her, asking her to call Reiji or Mitsuaki next time.

Based on Momoko’s advice, Kanna decided not to give up. She came to Minaha’s room again and said she’ll wait until he’s willing to talk to her. Eventually she fell asleep in front of his door and woke up in his room. Now that she went that far just to talk to him, Minaha knows he can’t keep running away. He admits that while he “courted” her for protection, he fell in love with her as they spend time together. He can’t hold back even though he knows she’s Kaki’s bride. After what happened on Halloween, he decided to protect her as his own bride. But in the end he hurt her because of his weakness. He avoided her because he doesn’t wanna hurt her again, but he realized that he’s just hurting her even more.

Now he doesn’t want to give her to anyone else, not even to Kaki. This time he’ll protect her for sure, so he asked her to stay with him. Kanna answered she’ll always be with him.

A few days later, the committee members attacked Kanna again after school. Minaha found her hiding in a classroom alone. She cut herself, but Minaha managed to control himself from going berserk upon seeing her blood. The committee members found them, and this time Minaha knows he can protect her. He beat the living crap out of the members, with Reiji and Mitsuaki joining the fight soon after. Before they chased them away, there’s something Minaha wanted to show them. He approached Kanna and asked her to trust him.

Minaha licked the cut on Kanna’s face, and his eyes turned gold upon tasting her blood. Kanna was worried, but he didn’t go berserk at all. Now that the committee members saw him doing fine even after drinking her blood, they don’t have any reason to go against their relationship anymore. Kanna has chosen her own demon, so they shouldn’t interfere anymore.

After they’re gone, Minaha admits that he had doubts. There’s a moment when he thought he can’t take it anymore, but remembering her smile gave him to power to overcome it. Minaha promised he’ll be a man suitable for her, and asked her to be his bride. Kanna was surprised at his sudden proposal, but she happily agreed.

Kanna started living with Minaha after that, and he asked her to call his name instead of the usual “Hayasaki-kun”. On the day of Kigasato Festival, they skipped the dance party and went to the roof instead. Kanna tripped and landed on him, and he used this chance to kiss her. She’s still not used to everything, but Minaha doesn’t mind since they have a long time ahead. Then he finally called her his bride.

After typing this, I realized that the alpaca scene was kinda random lol. The scenes switch around a lot with all the fighting, so I was kinda lost at times.. but Minaha’s story is okay. My friend said he might be sexy, but I didn’t expect much after seeing Reiji and Kuniichi’s routes lol. His route feels more cute rather than sexy, so don’t expect to see bed scenes here too. I do like Minaha and his growth though, especially because of his voice. At time his voice is even lower than Erik’s, so I was ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ all the time lol.

Since I haven’t mentioned anything about Kanna’s alarm up until now, I’ll just put it here. Thanks to her mark, Kanna could sense danger around her. If someone’s trying to harm her, this alarm would ring in her head even before they actually attack.


5 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Hayasaki Minaha

  1. he is cute i have to say but his story was a little boring for me >.> nothing that exciting at all, and Kanna has an alarm that goes off in her head when theres danger? thats alittle weird >..<

    • Minaha’s story focuses on his growth.. so yeah lol.
      Actually I think that’s really convenient. With that built-in alarm feature, I wonder why Kanna still becomes an abused doormat? Couldn’t she do something to avoid danger? xD;

  2. Well, for Minaha, I’m quite surprise how they make him so childish (even if his age looks like 15 years old, he’s already 33)! And 33 years in human world, doesn’t he already too old to have many stuff animals in his room?

    • LOL in the human world he’s an ossan already, but let’s just let it slide since he’s cute. xD I guess collecting stuffed animals is his hobby? I like his dachshund pillows though. ♥

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