Hanaoni – Shizuma Mitsuaki

When I first saw Mitsuaki on the official site, I didn’t like him. I thought he’d be the stereotypical megane in this game, but I was really wrong about that. His weird kansai-ben is cute. ♥

Shizuma Mitsuaki is one of the three wings who brought Kanna to Kigasato. He’s a third year student and is the head of the student executives, who runs most of the school events. He’s been visiting so many places that he mixed lots of dialogues into one, which resulted in his weird kansai-ben. Loud and cheerful, but is actually a sympathetic hardworker. 221 years old and appears 18 in human age.

When Hibiki and Kuniichi first attacked Kanna, she called Mitsuaki and he made a powerful entrance.. by punching the wall and cried that he broke it lol. Hibiki knows fighting Mitsuaki means things will get rough, so he left. Mitsuaki noticed Kanna’s injured and pasted a cute nuko band-aid on her scraped knee. ヾ(=・ェ・=)ノニャン♪ Though Reiji will probably get mad at him for destroying yet another school property lol.

At night, Kanna decided to sleep in Mitsuaki’s room. He was happy and took her to his room, where he said that this is the first time he invited someone inside. Kanna noticed his room only has basic furniture and looks really empty, and Mitsuaki said it’s because he was only visiting Kigasato. He’s got the feeling that he shouldn’t leave for now, and he knew he made the right decision because Kanna’s here now. He will stay with her until his duty as her guardian is finished.

Worried about Kanna going home alone, Mitsuaki walked her back to the staff building even though he had to come back to school for executives duty. Seeing how much Mitsuaki sticks to Kanna, Reiji warned him not to repeat the same mistake.

Soon Kanna was taken to Tadanao’s mansion and the brides threw a “welcome party” for her. The three wings came to get her out of the locked room, and Mitsuaki hugged Kanna saying he won’t let go of her. Tadanao’s brides told them to keep all the raburabu for when they’re alone, and he said he’ll be happy if Kanna choose him. That night she met him again outside, and he took her back to her room. He helped her prepare the bed and tie her yukata, staying with her until she fell asleep. When Kanna subconsciously held his hand, Mitsuaki whispered that she needs to be happy from now on.. but it’s impossible for him to make her happy.

After Kaki was shot, Mitsuaki suggested Kanna returning to Kigasato as soon as possible and she agreed since the mansion’s dangerous right now. Kanna said she wants to return to her mother’s place, and Mitsuaki said he’ll go with her since he never intends to stay this long in Kigasato. Of course Reiji was against this idea since it’d be dangerous for Mitsuaki to protect her alone, so Kanna apologized and said she understands that she can’t go home.

That night Mitsuaki told Kanna that if a demon can’t give a child, his bride will be arranged to marry another demon. Mitsuaki used to have a bride and he really treasured he, but he can’t make her happy because he can’t give her a child. In the end she married another demon who can give a child, and Mitsuaki never had any brides again ever since. For now he’s going to protect Kanna as a guard until there’s another demon who wants to marry her, considering Kaki’s attitude. Reiji must have realized that Mitsuaki fell in love with Kanna, hence his previous warning.

One day after school, Kanna went to see Kaki in Minaha’s room. He found Mitsuaki there, talking to the sleeping Kaki. Mitsuaki asked him to rely on the three wings more since they’re his right hand after all. He would never admit it, but Mitsuaki’s actually worried about Kaki too.

A few days later, Kanna got her first period at school. She was approached by the committee members on the way back from the infirmary, and they tried to take her away by force. When Mitsuaki came to help her, they said a demon who can’t give a child like him shouldn’t interfere. But they left anyway, and Kanna passed out. She woke up in Mitsuaki’s room, and she heard him talking alone outside. Mitsuaki said he was talking to his deceased brother in heaven since it calms him down.

On the first day of the culture festival, Mitsuaki and Minaha competed to entertain Kanna for the day. She said she likes Mitsuaki better, so they had a date on the second day. They were disturbed by an executive member, but Mitsuaki said he’ll help them if necessary. It’s his job as the leader after all. That night during the campfire, Mitsuaki gave her a beautiful glass bead as she started feeling ドキドキ around him. Kanna said she didn’t have anything to give, so Mitsuaki kissed her forehead and took it as her present for him. There’s a legend in Kigasato that if a couple exchanged presents at the night festival, they will be together forever.

Since Kaki’s not interested in Kanna and ignores her most of the time, Hibiki also decided to stop targeting her since she has lost her values as Kaki’s bride.

Mitsuaki was about to hug Kanna on their way home when suddenly the committee members appeared and told them to stop. Kanna had to go to their base, but she refused since it means she’ll be forced to marry another demon. Mitsuaki told her not to trust the committee, but Kanna said she won’t become Mitsuaki’s bride either. She said this so the committee won’t hurt him, not realizing that she’s also hurting him by saying those words. Luckily she explained her reason before he misunderstands her intentions. That night she treated his wounds in his room, and he asked if that means he can expect more from her.

The next day Moegi caught a cold, and Kanna helped with cleaning. Mitsuaki said he’s glad she’s doing fine now, since she was like a lifeless doll when he first brought her here. He knows that she’s trying to be cheerful so they won’t be worried, and he asked her to tell him her worries since he’s always there for her.

The committee members attacked them again after school, and everyone got light injuries from the fight. Kanna felt guilty and talked to Mitsuaki about it. She admits that she’s scared, so Mitsuaki hugged her and apologized that he didn’t come quicker during the attack. He asked her to leave Kigasato and marry him. There will be hard times ahead, but he’ll protect her for sure. Kanna was surprised, and Mitsuaki said she can answer anytime. The only thing she has to keep in mind is that he wants to make her happy with his own hands.

On Halloween, Kanna was attacked by Kaki when she returned to Mitsuaki’s room. When Mitsuaki was fighting Kaki, suddenly a voice was heard. It told Kanna not to get closer since she’ll ruin Mitsuaki’s concentration. She realized this voice is the light she saw around him before. Mitsuaki eventually chased Kaki away, but he’s injured himself. Kanna treated him and cried because she’s worried, and he assured her he’s okay. He won’t die and leave her alone.

Two days later Kanna accepted his proposal, saying she’ll leave Kigasato to live with him. Mitsuaki was really happy, and they had their first kiss that night.

After done with preparations, Kanna and Mitsuaki left Kigasato. Their first destination was her mother’s house. Though she ignored Kanna for years, her mother was relieved to see her back. They had dinner and she washed the dishes together with Mitsuaki, and he said he’s been admiring this kind of life. That night they left saying they’re returning to Kigasato, but that was actually a lie so Kanna’s mother won’t be worried. They can’t stay there for too long, or else Kanna’s mother might get involved if the committee members found them.

Mitsuaki took Kanna to the room he rented far away from Kigasato. It’s empty, but they don’t know how long they can stay here. They can’t buy a lot of stuff too since they might have to move again soon. After they’re done cleaning up, Mitsuaki put Kanna on his lap and asked her to call his name. Kanna tried and got stuck at “Mitsuaki-senpai”, but he’s willing to wait since they have lots of time together from now on.

A few days later, the committee members eventually managed to locate them. Mitsuaki told her to run, but Kanna doesn’t wanna leave him and grabbed a pipe to defend herself. They moved out after taking care of the members, but they keep coming back to attack her. Mitsuaki asked her if she regrets her decision to come with him and live on the run like this, and she said she does regret it, because she keeps causing Mitsuaki to get hurt fighting the committee members. He told her not to worry about that, he’s going to look for a place where they can live in peace. By this point Kanna doesn’t mind sharing a bed with him anymore, so they sleep together every night. (*ノωノ)

When they were out shopping, they met Reiji who came with the committee members. Reiji told Mitsuaki to hand Kanna over since they can’t live like this forever. Since he refused to talk, Mitsuaki had to fight him because he can’t let them ignore Kanna’s feelings like this. Eventually Mitsuaki got stabbed when he protected Kanna from a member’s attack. Kanna cried and wanted to help Mitsuaki, but she was taken away to their base.

Kanna was worried about Mitsuaki, but suddenly the voice was heard again. It told her it’s okay since Mitsuaki won’t die that easily and leave her alone. He will always be with her. Kanna asked the voice who he really is, and it replied she should already know. Reiji arranged another wedding for Kanna, but eventually Mitsuaki came to stop the ceremony. He had to fight Reiji and got beaten up pretty badly, but he refused to give up. Kanna was worrying about him when suddenly the voice said: “It’s okay. You don’t have to hide it anymore.”

The demons suddenly sensed something in the room. Reiji was surprised and Mitsuaki was happy, and Kanna was all (?´・ω・`)? because she doesn’t know what’s happening. When Mitsuaki pats her stomach, Kanna realized that she’s actually pregnant with their child. The voice talking is actually Mitsuaki’s deceased brother. It was hard to believe, but now that she’s pregnant with Mitsuaki’s child, Reiji and the committee had no reason to stop their relationship.

Mitsuaki was really excited with the news, and he asked her to stop calling him senpai. They’re married after all. After that they returned to Kigasato, where Kanna started living with him in his room. They’re back to their normal, happy life. Mitsuaki was worried and didn’t let her go to school, but she spent happy days in his arms.

Time passed and Kanna finally gave birth to their child. Mitsuaki was so hapy when their cute baby smiled, and he’s glad that Kanna can smile naturally now. Kanna said it’s thanks to the happiness he gave her. Mitsuaki thanked her for giving him the happiness he thought he would never have. Their baby and her smile are his treasures, and he’ll protect them no matter what. After that they went to see Kanna’s mother, who was excited to see her grandchild.

Mitsuaki’s route is my favorite after Kaki’s true ending route. I like him a lot as a character, and his story wrapped up nicely. I can’t believe he’s the one with the baby end lol. Mitsuaki sure moves quickly, but most likely they started doing it after Kanna agreed to sleep on the same bed. (*ノωノ) When they realized she’s pregnant, I was like Σ(゚ロ゚;)ハヤッ!! Hibiki might have the sexiest route with him forcing Kanna to say his name in bed, but in the end he couldn’t win against Mitsuaki LOL. Who would’ve thought that he knocked her up when they’re living on the run? xD

Oh, and here’s a little bonus for all of you: Reiji’s real face. 8D


12 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Shizuma Mitsuaki

  1. Misuaki is reallly a lucky guy……he even has a kid with Kanna ~
    Btw…..Reiji real face was so creepy @@
    Can’t wait to see Kaki route, the final…..Did we have to finish other guys route to archive Kaki route?

    • LOL just kidding. That’s the look he uses to threaten people.. or if someone wrecked his holy infirmary. xD No, you can go for him anytime. I just put him for last because we have to play his route twice to get the full picture.

  2. …wow XD that was amazing the entire route had a nice feel to it, but the part about her being pregnant was alittle o.o since there was nothing that happened that gave any impression that it could lead to a baby lol. i didnt really like him before but now i do :D
    cant wait to read Kaki’s route, its going to be so nice to finally find out y he wants to kill Kanna so much >.>

    • Yea I didn’t see that coming lol. They’re doing it, yes. But a baby? xD
      Maybe it’s because implied the bed scenes in this route are so subtle. I wouldn’t be so surprised if it’s with Hibiki / Kaki lol.

  3. Mitsuaki~~~~~ just finished his route the other day, and I must say, the “POWER OF LOVE” really cracks me up LOLOLOL I mean, from no babies to suddenly pregnant is a big step isn’t it orzzz. Other thing is that his kansai-ben is so weird! /has a hard time understanding dialects

    Can’t wait for Kaki’s route~
    Also, you should check out other Otomate Titles like: Muskeeter, Maren Rokushi and Gekka Ryouran Romance~ (not out yet but I’m already half dying for them lol)

    • Reiji even said it as the “love that brings miracle” LOL so cheesy, but it’s an awesome way to let the committee know. xD Dialects aren’t easy to understand unless you’re a native, I guess. Kansai-ben’s widely known, but other than that.. orz

      Actually I’ve set my eyes on those title too. *w*
      Gekka Ryouran’s interface reminds me too much of Renai Banchou’s, which didn’t left a good impression.. but I hope the game will be good.

      • lol it makes sense that Gekka Ryouran reminds you of banchou, since they’re made by the same company after all (and they’re just recycling background, too) /shot I’m interested mainly because of the yandere guy. But I’m sure as hell I don’t wanna date a girl (Dalia…even if its Saiga Mitsuki lol)

        The release date is still ages away, but, I hope you can write a review of Musketeer~ *opening is on repeat, the song is so pretty…*

        • LOL yea they used recycled background for the classroom.. and I hope nothing else lol. Gekka Ryouran does have a nice premise, though I was wondering what will happen in the “forbidden love” route. I don’t wanna date Daria either ROFL. Why do they have to put a girl on the list.. orz

          I can’t wait for Musketeer too, and I’ll write the summaries when I get my paws on the game. Oh God I have too much games to play lol.

  4. This was the first route I played and quite frankly I thought it was dull (or stereotypical?). My friend said it’s probably because it reminded me of a drama I once watched or something. I also thought his back story was a bit “meh” (I’m probably also picky about that x3) and I didn’t get how he could fall in love with her so soon. But I burst out laughing during the fight and they found out about the “gift”. His character is really cute/funny/dorky so I liked him.

    • My friend said the same thing. I wasn’t expecting much of any of the routes except for Hibiki’s, so this route kinda surpassed my expectations lol. Actually I found Minaha and him falling in love with Kanna pretty fast. Kuniichi’s a slowpoke, but he turns nice pretty quickly too.

      ..and Mitsuaki’s a big dork, I agree. xD

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