Hanaoni – Kitou Kaki

Kaki has two endings, and his second route has a different flow from the first. I’m putting both routes into this post. Kaki’s attitude annoyed me at first, but his true ending route is great. ♥

Kaki’s family name literally means “head of demons”, just written in different kanji. He’s a 3rd year student in Kigasato High School, as well as the Student Body President. Unsociable and quiet, Kaki avoids people most of the time and prefers to move alone. He’s the demon who made the mark on Kanna’s chest, and yet he’s trying to kill her for some reason. 18 years old in human age, 92 years old in demon age.

Happy Ending Route

Kaki wasn’t happy with Kanna’s arrival in Kigasato. He came very late during their wedding, but Kanna grabbed his sleeve before he left. He carried her to his room on the 4th floor, where he said it’d be better if she died upon seeing the scars on her body. He’d just treat her like a tool to produce a baby demon, so the 16 years he spent waiting for her won’t be in vain. Kanna said it’s impossible for her to get pregnant since she hasn’t gotten her period yet, and Kaki attacked her. Before she lost he consciousness, the three wings came to save her. They “courted” her for protection, but she noticed there’s sadness and despair in Kaki’s eyes whenever he looks at her.

Kanna later saw him again after he fought some guys at school, and she followed him asking why he looks so painful. Kaki tried to attack her again, but he was stopped by the three wings. He kicked Mitsuaki before escaping, and they told Kanna not to approach Kaki when she’s alone. Minaha asked how she feels towards Kaki, and he was relieved upon learning that Kanna knows about the pain Kaki holds. He asked her to love Kaki, since Kaki’s actually there to protect her.

When Kanna came to the woods and got attacked by Hibiki, she called Kaki’s name. Surprisingly he appeared, telling Hibiki that he wants to kill Kanna with his own hands. She escaped after the three wings came, bumping to Ejima on the way. Ejima has just stabbed someone (most likely Kuniichi) and she tried to attack Kanna, but luckily Moegi came. Ejima escaped, and Kanna went back to the staff building with Moegi.

Some days later, Kanna was taken to Tadanao’s mansion. Tadanao was in a good mood that night, while Kaki was acting all thorny as usual. Kanna found out that even though he talks rough, Tadanao is actually a kind person. Kanna’s sleeping in Kaki’s room during her stay here, so later she returned to his room and found a bunny plushie she got from her mother a long time ago. She wasn’t sure why it’s in Kaki’s room, but from her dreams she faintly remembers meeting him when she was small. Kaki looked sad back then, and she gave her bunny so he won’t feel lonely anymore.

After the crossbow attack, Kanna searched around for Kaki and found him napping in the garden. He was surprised to see her with the bunny, so she returned it. She tried to talk to him, but he told her to shut up and left. The next day, Hibiki shot him with a poison arrow. Kanna tried to shield Kaki, but he pushed her away saying she’s a disturbance. She called the three wings, and Minaha came just in time before Hibiki stabbed Kaki.

Kanna dragged Kaki back inside the mansion, but Tadanao said calling an ambulance would take too much time. She couldn’t just leave Kaki like that, so she took care of him by herself. When she changed his clothes, she found many scars on his body ranging from the old to the new ones. Being the head means he have to fight those who are after his life, but Kaki never seeks help from anyone and Kanna really knows how it feels. She had her mother, but Kaki doesn’t have anyone.

On the way to get some water, Kanna met Kuniichi on the hallway. She called Kaki despite Kuniichi saying he’s not there to fight. Kaki appeared and told Kanna to go to a safe place, not hearing any voices other than hers. Luckily Tadanao came before anything happens, and Kuniichi can leave without fighting. Kaki didn’t say anything, but Tadanao explained that Kaki noticed Kanna’s not in the room when he woke up.. so he walked around in the house looking for her.

Kanna continued to nurse Kaki back to health, and he didn’t get why he can’t see negative emotions in her eyes. She’s been through many hardships, and he was the one who caused it by making her his bride. Even after he tried to kill her, she’s still helping him. Kanna said she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t need a reason for wanting to help, but she understands his pain. After Hibiki’s second attack on Kaki, Minaha took them back to Kigasato.

On the day Ejima attacked Kanna at school, Kaki came back to his room on the 4th floor. Kanna went to check his conditions, and the half-asleep Kaki hugged her. Somehow she feels calm in his arms too and fell asleep that way. When she woke up the next morning, Kaki’s arms automatically searched around for her. He grabbed the bunny plushie sitting nearby and hugged it instead lol.

For some reason, Kuniichi seems to have lost a part of his memories. Kanna left school early due to her first period, and she saw him attacking Kaki in the woods. She tried to stop him but got hit instead, and Kuniichi was surprised that he has just attacked a bride. After he left, Kaki suddenly kissed her and walked her home, though he left as soon as they reached the staff building’s entrance.

Kaki went missing after that. Minaha said it’s probably his way to protect Kanna, since something seems different about him lately. Kanna called Tadanao and asked him to tell Kaki that she wants him to come to the culture festival, because it’s his last as a 3rd year student. During the culture festival, Kuniichi suddenly attacked Kanna in the mirror house by Ejima’s order. Luckily Momoko heard her voice and Kuniichi left. That night Kanna found Kaki sleeping on their bed, but he was gone when she woke up the next morning.

On the second day of the culture festival, Momoko took Kanna to the computer room in the north building. It was locked, so Momoko left to get the keys. Kanna decided to hide in a classroom, but Kuniichi found her and tried to attack her again. Suddenly Kaki came to protect her, and Kuniichi only saw him as a demon that protects a dangerous bride. He didn’t recognize him as the head. Kuniichi left after that, but Kaki also went away without explaining anything.

A few days later, Tadanao made Kaki quit school since he keeps doing what he wants. Kanna went to see Tadanao, asking him to take her to meet Kaki. Tadanao has a weak spot for Kanna, so eventually Watase took her to Kaki’s mother’s villa. She found Kaki sleeping in a hammock outside, and she put her muffler on him to keep him warm. She waited until he woke up, but his answer to all of this was “It’s none of your business.” He said he doesn’t need her and threatened to kill her again, so she left the villa for now.

Kanna doesn’t wanna give up convincing Kaki to go back to school, so Watase suggested she comes to the villa every weekend to talk to him. The next time she came, Kaki asked her to stay and she was scared knowing something’s wrong. He thought she wants to be treated preciously like a normal bride, but Kanna only wants him to return and nothing more. Kaki didn’t believe her, thinking she’s just doing it to save her position as the head’s bride.

On Halloween, Kanna was having tea in the infirmary when suddenly “the wolf” came in. Before they can search for their friends, Momoko suddenly came with Kuniichi since she found him looking sick in the woods. This resulted in him trying to attack Kanna again, so she escaped with Momoko as Reiji and Mitsuaki fought him. Kanna sprained her ankle, and they were soon attacked by Ejima and her bloodied knife. Momoko ran to get some help, but before Ejima stabs Kanna, “the wolf” came to save her. When she returned to the infirmary later, she found Reiji’s holy sanctuary destroyed lol. Mitsuaki said it was “the wolf” too who fought Kuniichi, but both Reiji and him knew “the wolf” is actually Kaki.

Kanna came to the villa again, and this time she managed to tell him that she asked Tadanao to take her here after hearing he’s quitting school. Kaki was surprised that she came here on her own, because he always thought that she’s here because of Tadanao’s order. He suddenly hugged her, then he finally went back to his room in Kigasato with her.

By now Kuniichi already got his memories back, and he realized that he was used by Ejima. Now he’s locked up in an underground prison with Momoko bringing food for him everyday. Why Momoko? Because she’s actually working for Hibiki all this time. If you think her actions around Kanna are weird or suspicious, that’s the reason.

The next morning, Kanna woke up in Kaki’s arms and received a call from Reiji. Apparently the selection committee was starting to move because Kaki was neglecting her for far too long. At school, Momoko suddenly ran out to greet Kaki just because she’s “Kanna’s friend”. Everyone was surprised, both at what Momoko did and at the fact that Kaki’s bride is actually Kanna. When Kanna first came to Kigasato, Kaki made an announcement that his bride has arrived, but he never said who.

Kanna wasn’t feeling well the next day, and Momoko took her to the infirmary. She saw a nightmare of her getting caught by Hibiki, and when she woke up.. she found out that Hibiki has “courted” her when she was asleep. That night she tried to erase Hibiki’s mark with a razor, but Kaki came in to stop her. He said he’ll stay with her for tonight, telling her to go to sleep. After Kanna finally fell asleep, Kaki kissed his own mark on Kanna’s chest saying he’ll kill Hibiki for doing this to her.

On their way home after school, Momoko suddenly received a call and left Kanna alone. She was approached by the committee members, but Kaki chased them away and told them not to come again. Some days later Ejima attacked Kanna and Momoko again, and Hibiki came to stop her. He introduced herself to Kanna as “Momoko’s boyfriend”, and Kanna couldn’t tell her the truth. Momoko was thrown away by her own demon, and Kanna didn’t wanna hurt her by saying her new boyfriend is just using her.

They soon saw Kaki walking nearby, but before they can talk to him, aluminum pipes fell from above Kanna’s head. Luckily Kaki managed to save her. She saw Momoko and Hibiki fighting about how dangerous it was for Kanna. Hibiki strangled her, but Momo still tried to cover it up. Kanna treated Kaki’s wounds at home, and they went to bed together. Kaki was surprised when Kanna hugged him back for the very first time.

Eventually the committee members managed to catch Kanna along with Minaha, and they took them to their base. They threatened to kill Minaha if she tried to escape, and she was attacked when they found her trying to use the phone. Kaki suddenly appeared and knocked them out, saying he’s here because his bride’s calling him. With Watase, they took her and Minaha back to Tadanao’s place. Minaha still needs to recover in the mansion, but Kanna returned to Kigasato because she doesn’t want to make Momoko worry.

Hibiki continued to harass Kanna whenever he gets the chance, but Kaki always comes whenever Kanna calls him. His attitude towards her also changed as he treats her more kindly now, though he’s still a man of few words.

When Kanna was making her class’ snow statue with Momoko at night, the lights suddenly went out and she was attacked by some demons. Despite them saying Kaki already left her, he still came to save her. Kaki took care of them and soon the lights went back on thanks to Mitsuaki. They knew that it must be Hibiki who sent all those demons.

The next day, Kanna finally told Momoko that Hibiki’s just using her. Momoko is her first best friend, so Kanna thought she needs to know. Momoko said she can feel it somehow and deleted Hibiki’s number from her phone, but later Kanna overheard them talking and found out that Momoko actually hates her. The “best friend” stuff was all just an act to get closer to her. Kanna was shocked and lost her consciousness, and Momoko said it’s all her own fault for trusting her.

… (#ノ-_-)ノ〃┻━┻

Hibiki and Momoko called a lot of demons to have their way with Kanna, and they’re free to take pictures or videos. The room was sealed too so Kaki won’t be able to hear her call. When they took off her clothes, Momoko was surprised to see the scars on her body. She finally found out that Kanna wasn’t protected at all for 16 years, and she realized what she did to Kanna was really cruel. Even though her demon threw her away, the guards still protected her until she came to Kigasato. Momoko tried to stop them from hurting Kanna, but she got thrown out instead.

Meanwhile, Kaki teared up the whole school looking for Kanna. He eventually found them in the broadcast clubroom, and Kanna was already unconscious. He can’t fight all the demons while protecting her body, but thankfully Momoko already freed Kuniichi from the prison, and he soon came to help. Kaki asked him to take care of Kanna as he fought Hibiki.

Kanna woke up in their room and found Kaki next to her. He treated her wounds and was planning to sleep in the living room considering what just happened to her, but Kanna wants him to stay. She’s fine if it’s with him, and Kaki kissed her. Kanna asked if it’s okay for her to be his bride only, then finally Kaki said yes.

The next day, Kanna found out that Kaki destroyed a lot of places at school. He sent so many people to hospital that they were complaining about having not enough beds ROFL. Kaki was worried and told Kanna to go home, but Kanna said she’s lonely without him so he carried her back to their room.

Tadanao called to tell them that Kaki received a temporary suspension from school, and he asked Kanna to take care of his son. The school soon cancelled the suspension, though Kaki seems to prefer staying at home with Kanna. Minaha congratulated Kanna since she’s now officially married to Kaki, and he told Kaki to buy a wedding ring for her. Kaki’s not interested, but he still goes to buy it with her.

True Ending Route

On the day Kanna got her first period, she saw Kaki and followed him into the woods. There he suddenly kissed her and left without giving any explanation, leaving Kanna all (?´・ω・`)? by herself. On her way to class, Kanna was about to get bullied by some girls. They froze upon seeing Kaki standing behind her and ran away. Kanna thanked him for saving her, but he said he was just passing by.

Kanna invited Kaki to go around with her on the culture festival, and he agreed. He came to pick her up in her classroom and they walked around holding hands, surprising everyone. Since Kanna said she’ll go anywhere he wants, Kaki took her outside to a quiet place, and she noticed that Kaki hates crowds. He fell asleep while sitting beside her and slid off until his head landed on her lap. Kanna thinks his sleeping face is cute.

Ejima came to attack Kanna on the second day, but suddenly Kaki appeared to stop her. Ejima completely changed her attitude and asked Kaki to go around with her, but he told her to go away and mind her own business, saving Kanna again. Kanna realized that even though he always look like that, Kaki is always protecting her.

When Hibiki attacked Kanna, Kaki came and saved her even before she called him. That night Kanna asked if he’s good at doing housework, since his room is always so neat and clean. Kaki said it’s because he used to take care of his mother for a long time. He was also the one who took care of her in the villa before she passed away.

On Halloween, Kanna was approached by the committee members. She refused to marry another demon, so they tried to take her away by force. Kanna called Kaki and.. “the wolf” appeared. The committee members knew that it’s him inside the costume and escaped, though Kanna didn’t notice because he didn’t say anything. That night, she finally realized that it was him. He denied it, but Kanna thanked him anyway. She asked what she means to him and Kaki was confused, but answered that she’s his bride.

Hibiki kidnapped Kanna and took her to an empty house. She called Kaki, but Hibiki came back to attack her. When Kaki came busting the door, Hibiki told him to entertain him by dodging his attacks. But he can’t fight back or else they’ll kill Kanna. When the three wings came, Hibiki left and Kanna was crying since Kaki was heavily injured. They took him back to Kigasato so he can heal his wounds.

That night Kanna heard Kaki talking in his sleep, and she realized that he’s been looking for her even in his dream. When he woke up, he asked the question she asked him before: what he means to her. Kanna said he’s an important family member. She feels calm whenever she’s with him, and she wants to support him as his bride. From then, Kaki started being more honest and doesn’t deny that he’s worried about her at school.

However, Kaki soon left Kigasato again. Tadanao told Kanna to just give up on Kaki, and he’ll find a better guy for her. But Kanna refused since she wants to chase Kaki no matter what. She came to his mother’s villa but it was locked, and Kaki was nowhere to be found.

Kanna had a dream about her first meeting with Kaki. It gave her a hint about his whereabouts and she asked Tadanao to take her to where she used to live before, even though he might not be there. When she arrived at the avenue near her old house, she finally found Kaki staring at the trees. Kaki was surprised and Kanna said she’s here to see him, but he said he can’t go back yet. His answer made her sad, but Kanna said she will wait until he comes back to Kigasato.

The three wings asked Kanna about Kaki’s location, and she honestly told them about it. That night Minaha came to see Kaki in that avenue, asking him to admit his feelings already. Kaki denied it, but Minaha knows that he really does love Kanna. He remembers her birthday, and the reason he was so angry when the three wings “courted” her was because he thinks of her as his bride.

Kaki admits that he wanted to see her during this 16 years, but he was scared because of his position as the head. He was confused and didn’t know how to treat her, which eventually resulted in him hurting his precious bride. However, Kanna never looks at him as “the head”. He should face her properly because she’s always looking at him. Only at him. If Kaki still fails to make her happy even after all of this, Minaha said he’ll take Kanna for himself.

Kanna was really happy when she found Kaki back the next day. For the first time in the entire game, Kaki blushed and said he’s home. He apologized for being so ignorant and selfish. He was only thinking of himself and avoided her back then, but it doesn’t matter because Kanna is happy that he gave her his mark. Kaki hugged her and asked her to live with him as his bride, and Kanna happily accepts.

The next day, the committee members sneaked into their room. They forced Kanna to come with them, thinking that Kaki’s still missing. They were surprised to see him back and escaped, but Kaki was worried and told her to call him if something like this happens again.

Everyday Kaki picks her up after school and they go home together. He wants to spend every moment with her to make up for the time they spent apart. The weird thing is, the committee members were still attacking them even though the selection was already stopped. When they returned to their room one day, Kanna’s alarm was ringing non-stop. She soon found out that Hibiki was waiting in their bedroom. Last time Kaki lost because they held Kanna as a hostage, but now he easily beats Hibiki. This completely convinced the committee that Kaki is indeed the strongest demon, and they stopped bothering him and Kanna.

A few years after they graduated from high school, Kaki and Kanna already had their first child. They went to town together to look at the cherry blossoms. Their son, Tatsuki, loves his mother a lot, just like his father. Both of them won’t lose to anyone in loving Kanna. She said she loves both of them, and Tatsuki replied he loves his father too. Kaki thanked them for coming into this world and bringing this happiness for him.

LOL. This guy is like tsun to the max at the beginning, then deredere all the way in the true ending route. He’s like an ice that’s really hard to melt, but when he does.. he melts into water instantly lol. Not that I’m complaining though. I didn’t like Kaki at first because he treated Kanna so violently, but the true ending is enough for me to forgive everything he did. ♡(´∀`*) I’m so weak to tsunderes lol. My biggest complain in Kaki’s route would be Momoko. I didn’t like her in other routes since her kindness towards Kanna never felt genuine, and I hated her in Kaki’s first route. Ejima is really creepy, but Momoko is just.. ugh. ಠ_ಠ

Overall, I think Kaki’s happy ending route is okay. His true ending route is my favorite ending in Hanaoni. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ Hanaoni is a good game if you like the story or theme, but the it’s pretty heavy and you might find it boring at those recurring battle scenes some parts. What I like the most from the game is the affection screen. Instead of the usual love gauge, we get to see beautiful flowers blooming as you raise the guys’ affection. It’s so pretty, I like it.

Sorry if this summary is a mess. Someone lit a mosquito repellent when I was typing and it hurts my eyes, so I couldn’t concentrate from the middle of the post. (´・ω・`)


23 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Kitou Kaki

    “Man of few words” fits Kaki perfectly, huh. I mean, in his route the only thing I could think about was “Maeno sure has it easy….so little lines…” but overall, I loved it to bits <3 (except when Momoko shows up, no wonder her demon abandoned her. And when Ejima appears with her "IMMA BE THE DEMON BRIDE" speeches. Creepy)

    Anyways, thanks for the great reviews~ the game was so text-heavy that I ended up skipping a lot, so it really helps~ Looking forward to your next series <3

    • It’s not explained if they mass raep Kanna, but I refused to believe that lol. Let’s just say Kaki came in before they had the chance to do anything, since Kanna is so weak that she faints over nothing. xD

      ..and yeah, Momoko. They keep telling you that her demon left because she’s ugly. But I don’t think that’s the only reason, really. That attitude. >_> Ejima is super creepy indeed, her smile always looks so maniacal to me lol.

      You’re welcome. Glad to know that my crap summaries are helpful. xD

  2. i liked Kaki since the beginning but just that the him wanting to kill Kanna part was scary :( but his route is amazing and all, but i thought there was a little more to it then that about y he wanted to kill her >.> their kid is sooo cute and its amazing how Kanna seems to have remained unchanged even after giving birth
    …anyways Kaki’s route was great enough to kept my attention span long enough lol, cant wait to read the next game’s reviews :)

    • IKR I was expecting there’s a big reason behind his violence towards Kanna, but in the end that’s only because he’s so 不器用 in expressing how he feels lol. You know, otome game heroines never really change even after becoming a mom.. sometimes they only look more mature, but that’s it. xD

  3. Kaki route was as great as i expected……..But i don’t understand why did he want to kill Kanna since he love her that much and why he didn’t protect her all 16 years?

    • He’s scared because he’s the head of demons. Holding that position caused him to keep getting attacked all his life, and he couldn’t trust anyone because of it.. not even his bride. He was confused and didn’t know how to face her, so he just ignored her and tried to run away from everything. ;_;

    • Ahaha, I was hesitant too since people are saying Kaki sucks.. but his true ending route is worth going through all those drama. Give Hanaoni a try if you can, even if it’s just for Kaki or Hibiki.

  4. haha now i can’t just play the game for hibiki, gotta do kaki as well xD but goddamnit the routes seem so fridging long – don’t think i can survive it cuz u kno, we all looooove repetitive fight scenes ==;;

    CHILD ENDING FTW. their kid is adorable xD

    • YES it’s the fighting scenes that makes the game seems so long. I was like OMG when will this end cause I’m getting tired of their hit n run lol. You can skip like 80% of it and it won’t make that much difference, really.. -_-”

      Tatsuki’s adorable indeed. Kanna’s hair and Kaki’s eyes. xD

    • Yeah, just because he’s scared. He closed his eyes and pretended she doesn’t exist.. and I guess that includes not sending the three wings to guard her. :/

  5. His reason wasn’t so surprising, it was one of my guesses (lols, too much mangas). Still, trying to kill her was too much. His awkwardness really contributed it but that makes him really cute! I love his surprise face and his tsun blushing face! The ending was so cute! Honestly, I skimmed around most of the fighting scenes since they seemed unnecessary and weren’t that exciting.

    • Yeah trying to kill her was going too far IMO. But in the end his dere2 time is so cute I don’t care about his reason anymore lol. The true ending totally makes up for the time he spent attacking her. xD

  6. I just started playing Hanaoni and of course I started with the main route. (Plus I think Kaki’s design was the hottest. Well, Hibiki has a chance though, he’s pretty hott as well!)

    I finished the happy end already but I still haven’t gotten his true ending. Can I play this by reloading in the middle? Like the part where Kanna followed Kuniichi towards the forest then he attacked her? (From the guide, that’s where a new choice appears if you do the route a second time.) OR do you have to start S.T.A.R.T. at the very beginning until you hit that point?

  7. Finished Kaki’s true ending last night. It was so sweet I think I had a toothache. X3 Kaki’s dere mode is so cute, if he could chain himself to Kanna (or is it the other way around?) just to keep her always beside him he would. I lol’ed at the parts where Kaki would just take any excuse to hug Kanna. XD

    I haven’t finished the game yet but I am looking forward to the other routes as well. I think this one though is still going to be a sure favorite! On to finishing Hibiki’s route. Man, Kanna sure has it tough with all this rough treatment! I’m amazed she still didn’t break down–mentally I mean–just like how Momoko became bitter about others’ life being better than hers.

    • IKR Kaki’s route turns really sweet once he’s all デレデレ with Kanna. Definitely the best route in the game, and Kaki deserves to be our main character after all. xD

      Momoko is a jealous bitch. Kanna’s life is far worse than hers and she didn’t envy other people like that. But yeah I can understand why she becomes this big doormat.. her life is harsh being hunted down by random guys / demons / jealous girls like that. Poor Kanna. At least in this route Kaki really does protect her. :/

      • I have a question. I finished the whole game and captured all the CGs but my profile for Reiji and someone else is incomplete (still with one ??? left). Did you complete yours? Oh, and even the 心覚え (memory) thing has one or two ??? left I think…

        Whenever I start a new route, the flowers for the affection meter gauge goes back to buds. I wanna see all six as fully blossomed flowers, do you know how I can do that? I only see them bloom one at a time and when I go for another guy, the one I went for before goes back to a bud. >_<

        • No, I left the profile details incomplete. The guides don’t state where to get them either.. and I can’t be bothered to pick all choices just to complete them. As long as the CGs are complete then it’s enough for me.. ;_;

          Also, I don’t think you can see all six flowers blossoming at the same time.. It’s designed that way so it’d be easier to enter a certain route depending on your choices. Though I never tried raising two guys’ affection at the same time. xD But if you wanna see all flowers, the official site has it on the background for each guy.

          • Thanks for your reply!. ^-^

            Yeah, I’m not that bothered but I thought it was worth a try to ask someone who also finished the game. Haha. The CGs are pretty awesome though, so I’m contented! (Although I wish there were more CGs actually!)

            If you go for the normal route, you can observe Kaki’s flower somewhat blossoming although your main flower is Hibiki’s I think. I just got curious if there’s a way to see all six because I saw amazon.co.jp have one image of the flower screen where all of them are fully blooming and it looked so pretty I wanted it for mine. ^^;

          • Wow, I’ve never seen that image before. But I agree, the flowers are so pretty I wanna see all of them blossoming together. xD Oh, and I wish there were more CGs too. They’re not K-Yone level beautiful, but still pretty nonetheless. :D

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