S.Y.K – Hakkai

Started off with Hakkai since I don’t like flirty guys, though I love Wacchan. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Hakkai is actually quite entertaining, if you ignore the fact that he hits on every single girl he sees.

Genjou’s second follower. Hakkai is a flirt who loves beautiful girls and drinking sake. Both his words and attitude are flashy, but surprisingly he’s a gentleman who has a strong sense of duty and humanity.. though he shows no mercy towards men. His “destined one” are as many as the stars. That fluffy “tail” of his is actually a bag.

Genjou met him at a bar surrounded by angry men, and he hits on her immediately. She asked him to travel together and he refused saying he’s a night butterfly who doesn’t belong to anyone. But after she explained everything, Hakkai immediately agreed to travel with them because it sounds fun. Along the way he hits on every girl he sees and spends 2 hours every morning to set his hairdo.

When they all went drinking together, Hakkai made Gojou drunk and told him he needs to learn more about a woman’s love. This eventually leads to Gojou causing an uproar all around the town, and they all split up to look for him. Genjou met Hakkai outside, but he only thinks of girls and just wanna sit back at the bar instead of searching. She was pissed by his attitude and left to search alone, but Hakkai grabbed her and apologized. He doesn’t wanna drag her into danger, but now he realized that he needs to think of their friends too.

Later that night Hakkai asked Genjou out for a walk, and he asked why she continues this journey even though it’s dangerous. She said it’s because she doesn’t wanna see the kids in her hometown suffering. Hakkai said his reason is the same too. The reason why he was so out of it earlier was because he met an old acquaintance and it reminds him of his family at home. He showed a different expression from the usual Hakkai and Genjou thought this might be the real him.

After her followers took her back from Ranfan’s hands, Genjou was curious about her look since Ranfan said her traveling clothes is so senseless. She met Hakkai in front of a clothing store and he helped her choose clothes, saying she’s always so uptight. There’s no rules about what clothes to wear during their journey, so she’s actually free to wear cute clothes. Genjou realized that it’s true and enjoyed shopping with Hakkai, though in the end they didn’t buy anything lol. At night she saw him talking to a mysterious guy, but he said it’s just a lost fortuneteller asking for directions.

The following day they met Kougaiji, the youkai prince and son of Gyuumaou (Bull Demon King). That night Genjou saw Hakkai wandering around again and thought he might be on the way to hanamachi, but she followed him anyway because something seems different about him. She saw him talking to a woman and thinking he’s on a date, she tried to get away. But Hakkai noticed that someone’s there, and he was surprised to find that it was Genjou. Seeing Hakkai talking so seriously with that woman pissed her off, but she suddenly fainted from a fever as Hakkai was explaining that it wasn’t a date.

Genjou woke up in her room at the inn with Hakkai watching over her. He also fixed her stole and said he actually loves sewing. He has four little sisters back at home and used to sew clothes for them, though he also has five older brothers and three older sisters who are all cold towards him. Genjou was happy that they shared similar feelings about saving the worlds for those close to them, so much that she didn’t realize that Hakkai was being vague at some points.

Right before they reached Tenjiku, Hakkai asked her what if everything Kannon told her was a lie and a threat greater than the underworld is waiting for them. Genjou said she will move forward and still go to Tenjiku because she can’t leave everyone just because she’s scared. Soon they arrived at their destination and Genjou finally opened the door in Tenjiku. On their way in she noticed Hakkai looked sad. He said it’s because he’s nervous and doesn’t want their journey to end.. but soon Genjou learned the real reason.

Upon reaching the chamber with the sealed kyouten / sutra, they realized that Gokuu was gone. Gyokuryuu suddenly sensed lots of youkai are coming their way, so they split up to save both Gokuu and the kyouten. Gojou and Gyokuryuu went out to save Gokuu and fight the youkai, while Hakkai stayed to protect Genjou as she released the kyouten from its seal. As soon as Genjou obtained the kyouten, suddenly Hakkai said she’s too careless. He looked really sad and hugged her saying he wish their journey would never end so he can always stay with her. Then he apologized as Genjou slowly lost her consciousness.

Genjou woke up in a locked room and Hakkai came to visit her. He was really cold and said he is indeed Hakkai, just not the one who protected her during their journey. Since Genjou refused to eat and drink anything, Hakkai eventually told her that he’s actually the prince of this country, Gandara. Right from the beginning, he was pretending to be her follower so he can bring her here by his father’s order. They want to use the kyouten’s power to save their country alone, and they need her to release its power. Hakkai promised that he’ll let her return to her hometown once it’s all finished. He wants her to forget about him or her role as Sanzo, and just live in peace as a normal girl.

Some days later Hakkai came to take her since the ritual was about to start. He also drugged her drink to paralyze her, knowing that she won’t come on her own. On their way down the tower, Hakkai told her that he really did enjoy their journey. Though it doesn’t change the fact that he was only using them. He was surprised when Genjou started crying, saying that he’s really weak to her tears.

Hakkai took Genjou to the hall and she saw the person who talked to him that night, Nataku. Apparently he’s also the one who told the king that they can save the country with the kyouten.. by killing Genjou. Hakkai was shocked since he never heard of that before, but Nataku ordered the guards to capture him and the king didn’t do anything either. When he called out “hime-san!”, Genjou cried because it’s been quite a while since he called her that. She realized that she’s really in love with Hakkai and smiled before someone covered her eyes.

Genjou’s consciousness was fading when she suddenly heard a scream. She opened her eyes and found Hakkai standing there with his weapons. But before he could fight Nataku, suddenly feathers started falling down and Youzen appeared before them and called Nataku a yousen — an ex-hermit who turned into a youkai after getting banished from the heavens. Nataku holds a grudge against the heavens and especially hates Yousen, but he left saying he needs to think of a new strategy.

Just like what Youzen said, Nataku used to be a hermit who lived in the heavens just like him. He was sent to the underworld a long time ago for a task, but was betrayed by the heavens when he got back. They accused him of cooperating with his father’s treachery and kicked him out of the heavens, saying it’s still a sin even though he doesn’t know what he did. His brother, Kisa, didn’t do anything to help and so Nataku turned into a yousen ever since.

Meanwhile, Hakkai used the chance to take Genjou out of the castle. They reached a safe place and he suddenly kissed her to give the antidote for the drug. She asked if it’s really necessary to do it mouth-by-mouth and he said it’s because she was paralyzed, but later he said it’s only an excuse to kiss her lol. He apologized for what he did and hugged her, saying he won’t let her go. Genjou wants him to say the real reason for the kiss, and Hakkai finally said it’s because he loves her.

Hakkai and Genjou left the town and changed into their traveling clothes. They camped out in the forest and was about to kiss when suddenly her stomach growled lol. Hakkai admits that while he likes pretty girls, he only goes to hanamachi to gather information. The woman she saw that night is actually a messenger between him and Nataku, and he’s been devoted to Genjou for quite a while. He also likes Gokuu and the others, which is why he wished their journey would never end.

Genjou didn’t get why it can never be peaceful for Gandara, and Hakkai said it’s because they’re a small country. Currently the countries surrounding them are busy dealing with youkai, but what will happen when they’re done? They will try to take over Gandara since it can’t match them in terms of power. Hakkai wanted to protect his country so he did what Nataku said, though he didn’t know that Nataku was planning to kill her. That night they sleep while hugging each other.

When she woke up the next morning, Genjou soon found her followers. She was glad they’re okay, but Hakkai was nowhere to be found. He left right after they found them, asking them to take care of her, and didn’t return. They could locate them thanks to Hakkai too, since he told Gojou before to come to this forest should anything happens to him in Tenjiku. Because he wants to hand something to them.. and that something turns out to be Genjou. They figured out that Hakkai probably returned to Gandara to take the kyoten back from Nataku’s hands, which isn’t good at all considering he’ll be treated like a traitor.

Suddenly feathers started falling down again and Youzen appeared, this time with Kisa too. He told them that Nataku’s only using Gandara for his revenge against the heavens, but by doing so he might use the kyouten to release Gyuumaou from the underworld. The king of Gandara obviously didn’t know this, and he was following Nataku to save his people. But after Nataku reached his goal he will surely throw them away too. Gokuu and the others decided to go to Gandara to save Hakkai and stop this madness, and they had to take Genjou along because she refused to be left in a safe place.

Just as they expected, the king refused to hear any words from Hakkai and disowned him instead. Nataku offered him a chance if he agreed to bring Genjou here, but Hakkai refused and was thrown into jail.

Outside, Genjou’s followers totally wiped out the guards. Gojou found out that Hakkai was in the underground prison and went there with Genjou, while Gyokuryuu took care of the kyouten and Gokuu helped people escape from the castle. Gojou destroyed the cell door into pieces, and Hakkai was surprised to see them. But before he could say anything more, Genjou unleashed her rage at him for leaving her. She started crying and Hakkai apologized.. then Gojou asked them to save their いちゃいちゃ time for later since more youkai are coming lol. Hakkai said he can punch him later, but Gojou said he will kill him for making Genjou cry. xD

Hakkai and Genjou hurried to where Nataku was and found the hurt Gyokuryuu there. Hakkai was no match for him either, and he got hurt pretty bad from the fight. Genjou wanted to do something for him but she couldn’t think of anything, so in the end she shielded Hakkai from Nataku’s attack and took the stab. He was about to finish them off, but suddenly Youzen came to save them along with Kisa and Gojou. Nataku turned into a youkai upon seeing Kisa, which was caused by the curse placed by Youzen so they can’t meet and plan to destroy the heavens.

Genjou was worried when Kisa approached Nataku, but Youzen told her to leave it to Kisa since Nataku is his brother after all. Kisa asked Nataku to stop because as long as he holds a grudge against the heavens, the underworld will continue to take advantage of him. He refused to listen and launched an attack to Genjou instead, but Hakkai took the blow and collapsed with a deep wound on his back. The moment Genjou cried out, they were surrounded by a blinding light and she was chanting a spell before she knew it. The power of the kyouten was released, healing all of her friends’ injuries and saved Hakkai’s life.

Since Nataku wouldn’t hear what they say, eventually Hakkai and Gojou defeated him. He turned back to his human form and told Kisa that he knows he won’t be able to defeat Youzen no matter what. Kisa begged Youzen to help Nataku, and Youzen said they can turn him back into a hermit by using the kyouten’s power. It already erased his youkai power when Genjou used it earlier. Since the power was released, Shaka Nyorai then appeared before them to grant Genjou’s wish. He will also turn Nataku back into a hermit.

Genjou was worried about Gandara’s future, but Hakkai told her not to worry. After all, a country built by relying on wishes would only collapse in the future. People should build their own country. Genjou then prayed for this world to be a place where everyone can be happy, and her role came to an end.

Youzen asked Gokuu to come back to the heavens with him and got rejected, but he will come back to pick him up. Gojou’s returning to his hometown and will resume his job, since he left his mother there and doesn’t wanna make her worry. Now that their journey’s over, Gyokuryuu said he’ll do whatever he likes from now on. As for Hakkai, he’s staying in Gandara to help his father build the country. Genjou said goodbye to everyone since she needs to return to her hometown too, but only Hakkai replied with “let’s go, hime-san” lol.

Much to Genjou’s surprise, Hakkai already talked to the priest in her hometown and have them move to this town instead. Gandara isn’t stable yet, but he can support them financially. Also, they’re gonna have their engagement announced in a month so they need to pick a dress for her. She was surprised since it’s so sudden, and she wants to hear the words too.. so Hakkai proposed to her, completely forgetting that their friends are still there lol. Fulfilling their promise, Gojou punched Hakkai and told him to be happy. xD

In the ending, Genjou is now living at the Gandara castle with Hakkai. She woke up in the morning and looked at his sleeping face, recalling the memories of their journey. It’s the day of their official engagement, and she woke him up by pinching his cheek. Instead of getting up, he pulled her into his arms saying this is what lovers do in the morning lol. She was worried the people of Gandara won’t accept her since she’s from a different country, but everyone’s happy that their crown prince finally found someone. After done with the announcement, Hakkai took her on a trip around the country to greet everyone.

I still don’t like flirty characters, but I do like Hakkai after finishing this route. (*´ω`*) He looks SO MUCH BETTER in his prince clothes, since his traveling appearance is too チャラチャラ for me. The only thing that bugs me is his real name, Mirinda. Now everytime I look at him this popped out in my head. (´・ω・`A;) I didn’t expect much from this route, but in the end I can say I like it. I also like how he took care of everything in the end, moving the orphanage and funding them so Genjou can stay with him without any worries. The ending itself is a wedding engagement end, so I’m pretty much satisfied. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノヒャッホゥ


8 thoughts on “S.Y.K – Hakkai

  1. since there are so many charas its hard to keep up with all the names, as i was reading i got @.@ on who u were talking about
    overall is still i dont like flirty types, the route was a little it weird for me but i will deal with it
    cant wait to read the next one =)

    • Hahaha, sorry about that. I tried to keep the names minimum per paragraph, but so many people are involved lol. I don’t like flirty guys either but since Hakkai’s devoted to Genjou in the end, all is good. :3

  2. I keep mixing and comparing the characters in this game with those in the anime, making me confused. @_@
    I think I’ll enjoy playing this one (once I have my own PSP ^^;;). It has the same story as Gensomaden Saiyuki and the heroine is not the airheaded girl, I think.
    Perhaps I’m quite weak with those flirty or not-so-serious character who has a sad secret that I find Hakkai adorable. I like his prince outfit too! ^_^

    • LOL I did compare them to the ones in the anime too. I used to be a fan of Gensou Maden Saiyuuki, but I have to say that I like the cast in S.Y.K better. Genjou is a nice heroine too. She’s down-to-earth and is pretty strong-willed too, if you don’t mind her trying to save everyone she meets lol.

      Yes, Hakkai is nice. I didn’t like him hitting on every girl he saw, but in the end he’s devoted to Genjou and it’s all that matters. xD

  3. Awesome summary as usual >w<b GJ!

    I've got mixed feelings about this route. To make it short, I liked his ending and the numerous romantic scenes were really sweet. But until the end I couldn't like his character much. Yappari type janai to moe muzukashii naa~

    • サンキュー♪ Yeah it’d be difficult to go ε-(*´∀`|萌| ↑↑ over a character you don’t like, and that’s what happened to me in the first half. Until they reached the kyouten I still don’t like Hakkai, but luckily the second half managed to change my mind. I guess I’m pretty lenient on characters as long as they turn sweet later.

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