S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuuki~ Portable

S.Y.K has been sitting on my shelf even before I got a PSP. I played through the first chapter during a blackout, but left it just like that since I was busy with other games back then. Now you shouldn’t do what I did and play S.Y.K if you have the chance LOL. It’s a great game.

Our heroine Genjou lives in a small orphanage temple, until one day Kannon Bosatsu came down from the heavens to see her. On her palm is the mark of the priest Sanzo, the one who traveled across the land to restore the balance of the world. Now the human world is on the verge of destruction, with all the youkai going wild attacking people. Genjou needs to fill her role as Sanzo and go on a journey to Tenjiku, retrieving the kyouten / sutra and use it to bring peace to the land. She met four followers on the way.. and so they set off to save the world.

Just like the original Saiyuuki, Genjou’s followers are the super lazy Gokuu; the flirty Hakkai; the serious (but dense) Gojou; and the quiet Gyokuryuu. With all those personalities, troubles keep occurring one after another and Genjou was the one who had to take care of them. On the way to Tenjiku, they met a lot of people and helped with any problems they’re facing. They heard some rumors about a fake Sanzo who keeps causing troubles for people and decided to investigate, eventually meeting the fake: Ranfan and “her” guardians. For some reason they want to capture Genjou for the underworld.

The path to Tenjiku might not be so easy after all. With both the heavens and the underworld involved, Genjou continued to search for the true meaning of her journey…


11 thoughts on “S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuuki~ Portable

  1. i am angry that even though i bought a ps2 it doesnt work and i cant play Real Rode or either Moujuutsukai :( now maybe i should consider a psp >.> first lets get a job
    cant wait to read the reviews :)

    • PS2 is region-locked, so yeah you can’t play otome games unless you get a modded one. I was pissed too since I bought BM&P and my PS2 just freaking died on me lol. PSP isn’t region-locked, so you can play otome games freely. :D

  2. I was just about to start on this one but I thought, I should play something more whimsical and thus I started Kaeru batake.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on the game though. : D

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