S.Y.K – Gojou

Heterochromia 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ LOL sorry I love guys with odd-eyes. Gojou is no exception. He’s so adorable when he blushed, I just want to bully him. Nope, nothing. 8D

Genjou’s third follower. Gojou is serious and reliable, not to mention he’s extremely loyal and honest with a strong sense of justice. He has a lot of motivation, but his imagination is so strong it often causes his effort to be in vain. Even so, he continues to work hard and does his best in everything, completely unaware that it’s fruitless.

Gojou works as an imperial guard at the capital. Genjou and her followers met him after Gokuu and Hakkai broke the emperor’s statue, and Gojou was ready to kill them for doing such a thing. When Genjou explained everything to him, Gojou immediately agreed to go with them. He took care of the preparations in just 20 minutes since he’s been waiting for this day to come. Gojou is good at playing reed pipes and taught Genjou how to blow it, going all Σ(〃ロ〃)ハッ!! when she said it’s okay to remove his fingers from her lips.

When they all went drinking together, Hakkai and Gokuu forced Gojou to drink despite him saying he hates alcohol. They soon found out that his personality changes when he’s drunk, but he remained quiet until Hakkai taunts him by saying he’s not a man unless he learns about a woman’s love. Gojou was pissed and ran outside carrying his sword, asking every single person he met about where to find a woman’s love. This caused an uproar all around the town, so the party decided to split up and search for him.

Genjou found him on the streets and he knocked out a man who tried to attack her, but he was still drunk and asked her the same question. Gojou fell asleep as she was explaining that Hakkai was only fooling around, so in the end she had to carry him back to the inn. He didn’t remember anything when he woke up, and Genjou decided not to tell him what happened because she’s afraid he might commit seppuku lol. Hakkai swore that he will never ever make Gojou drunk again. xD

After her followers saved her from Ranfan, they entered a forest and got separated from each other. Genjou fell asleep and saw a dream about her hometown, eventually waking up in tears because it’s all just a dream. Soon she saw Gojou standing under a nearby tree with a sad look on his face, and they walked out of the forest together. Genjou admits that even though she’s Sanzou the priest, in reality she’s just a normal, weak person. Gojou knows by telling this it means she trusts him, so he decided to tell her about his past too. He said he did something unforgivable back in the past, and that was the reason his left eye turned red. By going on this journey he hopes to atone for his sin.

Upon reaching the next town, Genjou was on her way to a sweets shop when she saw Gojou shopping for supplies. She took him with her, but he was uneasy the whole time because girls were staring at him. Since Gojou doesn’t like women, Genjou wondered if his family is run by women. She asked if he has a stronger older sister back at home and Gojou was surprised because it’s true, but she noticed that he doesn’t really wanna talk about it. She changed the subject and asked if he’s okay around her, and Gojou almost said it’s fine because she’s not girly at all LOL. He tried to cover it up, but Genjou had a mixed feeling since Gojou thinks she’s special because she’s Sanzou.

A few days later Genjou went to a nearby village for a task with Gojou guarding her. It suddenly started raining, so they decided to spend the night at the empty temple. Genjou noticed he looked surprised when they reached the village and asked him about it, and he said it’s because the village reminds him of his hometown. After Genjou lied down to get some sleep, she noticed Gojou moving closer and gently pats her head. But she pretended to be asleep since she doesn’t know how to react. (❤ฺ→艸←)

After Kougaiji introduced himself in town, Genjou and her followers continued their journey. They got lost in the desert and eventually found an oasis. When Gojou was talking with Genjou that night, a strong wind suddenly blew and both of them fell into the water. He made a fire so they can dry themselves, saying that having a long hair could be hard sometimes. She asked why does he keep it long then, and he said it’s to remind him of his goal in life. He will never cut his hair until he’s “forgiven”.

Before they left the oasis the next day, suddenly some youkai appeared to attack Genjou. One of them strangled her neck and asked her followers to throw their weapons away, or else he’ll break her neck. Hakkai and Gyokuryuu did what he said, but Gojou advanced forward despite their warning. In the end Genjou was saved thanks to Hakkai’s hidden weapons, though Gojou was down because he nearly made “the same mistake” again. Genjou didn’t know what caused him to blame himself so much, and she asked him not to think about it, unaware that it hurt him even more.

After a while Genjou and her party finally reached Tenjiku, but Ranfan came to stop them along with Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Gokuu knows this must be a trap and more youkai are coming after them, so Kannon appeared and told Genjou to get the kyouten before they arrive. When she finally reached Tenjiku and opened the door, Nataku appeared bringing lots of youkai to fight them. Their friends stayed behind to take care of the enemies while Gojou went with her to get the kyouten.

Soon they reached the chamber with the kyouten. After Genjou released the seal and obtained the kyouten, she realized tears were flowing from Gojou’s red eye. He mentioned his “sin” again as he cried, so finally Genjou asked him what really happened in the past. He promised to tell her when everything’s over, but for now she needs to save everyone first. They met Kannon on their way out, who asked her to chant the spell and use the kyouten’s power now before it’s too late. Since Genjou didn’t know anything about the spell, Kannon ordered Gojou to kill her to release the kyouten’s power.

When he was 12 years old, Gojou caught a deadly epidemic and he knew he’s going to die. The moment his consciousness faded away, Kannon appeared and asked him if he wants to continue living. He will grant that wish for Gojou, and so Gojou said he wants to live. But in order to do that, someone else’s life would be sacrificed. On the night when he was supposed to die, Gojou’s older sister lost her life in his place. He deeply regrets what he did, and yet he can’t throw away the life his sister gave him. From then Gojou swore that he will use his life to save the world, and joined Genjou’s journey to atone for his sin.

Genjou knew that Gojou was torn between saving the world and her, and she also knew that both options would only hurt him again. She told Gojou that he’s been running away instead of facing what he did, and he should think about how his deceased sister would feel seeing him drowning in sorrow like this. Now she wants Gojou to find his own answer, and she will accept it. After hearing Genjou’s words, Gojou finally made a decision and pulled out his sword. Genjou closed her eyes and waited for her death, but nothing happened. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Gojou has cut his long hair instead.

Gojou admits that he’s been a fool. He was obsessed with saving the world when he doesn’t even understand what it means. But now, he will protect her for the sake of his own happiness too. He doesn’t wanna lose someone important again, and that will be his atonement. Kannon suddenly started laughing at how foolish humans are. He lets Gojou do whatever he want, but he will make sure Gojou regrets the day he defied him.

Hakkai already killed all of Nataku’s youkai when they got out, and soon Kougaiji appeared to join in the fight. But before he could get his hands on Genjou and the kyouten, Kisa appeared with Gokuu. He already released Gokuu’s power by Kannon’s order, and Kougaiji escaped knowing he can’t win here. But Gokuu knew that they’re using him to kill Genjou, because it’d be faster than waiting for her to find the spell. Eventually Youzen came down from the heavens and told Kisa to stop the spell he used on Gokuu, but he advised the party to run for now.

After apologizing, Kisa explained that it’s not the heavens’ will to kill her and release the kyouten. He was only following Kannon’s order, though he thinks killing Genjou is wrong. Unfortunately Kannon’s very influential in the heavens and there’s a high chance he might turn all the hermits and their emperor against her. Before leaving Kisa gave her a message from Youzen, which is to give up and follow what the heavens say if she doesn’t want her followers to get hurt.

Genjou felt bad because everyone was injured, and she was thinking of saying goodbye to them. That night she met Gojou outside and they went out for a walk. When he said he’ll always protect her from now on, Genjou told him that she’s going to the heavens tomorrow so she can’t continue her journey.. though her heart will always be with him. She turned back and was about to head back to their inn, but suddenly Gojou hugged her from behind.

Gojou knows she’s gonna get herself killed in the heavens, and he won’t let that happen. He told her he loves her, so he doesn’t want her to carry all the burden by herself. His happiness lies in her and he wants to live with her forever. Genjou cried and said she wants to stay with him too, up until the end.

Now that Genjou already decided to stay with Gojou, they left their friends in town so they can recover. On the way, Youzen told them about Konzenshi, a hermit who used the kyouten to end the war between the heavens and the underworld 500 years ago. She was actually Genjou in her previous life, and those memories she saw upon entering Tenjiku was actually hers. Genjou decided to go back to Tenjiku since she might remember something there. Since they don’t know what Kannon would do next, Youzen told them to remember that Kannon’s just a kid — physically and mentally.

When they reached the inner chamber, Kannon was waiting for them in his real form. He confirmed that Youzen’s suspicion was right about him trying to create another war just to completely destroy the underworld. Why? Because everyone wishing for peace bored him to death. He wants to see the world from a place higher than the heavens, and humans are just pawns to entertain him. Genjou was pissed and Gojou tried to attack him, but Kannon just left after telling Kisa to take care of them.

Kisa couldn’t go against that order since it’ll put Youzen’s position in danger, so he called some youkai for Gojou to fight. No matter how many times he killed them, Kisa kept summoning a new batch until they eventually knocked him down. But even so, Gojou still stood up since nobody will protect Genjou if he dies here. Suddenly the kyouten started glowing and Genjou chanted the spell, releasing its power and erasing all the youkai there.

Both Genjou and Kisa believed that her role is now over, so all that’s left is to return the kyouten to Shaka Nyorai and restore the world’s balance. But Kannon returned and said they still need to take the kyouten away from her, and Kisa was confused until Gojou said Youzen won’t be happy if he dies. Kisa finally said that the kyouten should be returned to its original place after all, and he stopped listening to Kannon. Though Shaka Nyorai’s mind was residing in Kannon’s body, Genjou refused to hand the kyouten to him. They want to give it to Youzen instead, but apparently Kannon already paralyzed him up in the skies.

Kannon said they can’t kill him since they will destroy Shaka Nyorai too by doing so. But suddenly feathers started falling and Youzen appeared, surprising Kannon that he broke out of his spell. Youzen doesn’t like it since bullying Kisa and troubling Genjou is his role, and he eventually said Kannon is just a hermit. Nothing more, nothing less. Gojou asked Genjou to use the kyouten, since only it’s only her who can wake Shaka Nyorai up from his deep slumber. Genjou sent her prayers to the kyouten, and the deity’s voice was heard. He sealed Kannon’s soul inside his body, telling Genjou and Gojou that their journey has come to an end.

They returned to town and met their friends again. Hakkai was trying to hit on Genjou, so Gojou told him not to touch his “destined one”. He said she’s the person he loves the most, and he was born to meet her. That sent chills down Gokuu and Gyokuryuu’s spines lol. Now that their journey’s over, everyone has decided about what they wanna do next.. except for Genjou herself. She didn’t know what will happen from now on, but she knows that she had to say goodbye to everyone.

That night they went outside during the celebration and Gojou asked her to live with him. Their hometowns aren’t too far from each other, so she can visit the orphanage anytime. He will also resume his job to support them financially. Genjou was happy and answered that she’ll live with him from now on. Gojou then took her to the back alley, where they kissed after saying they love each other.

Hakkai soon came looking for them since they went out without any words. When he said Gojou does well in what he had to do, they realized that Hakkai must be watching them kissing earlier lol. Both Gojou and Genjou blushed heavily when their eyes met, but they’re happy since their new life was about to start.

In the ending, Genjou moved to Gojou’s hometown where he resumed his job as an imperial guard. She waited until he finished working in a restaurant, and she asked him to stop speaking so formally to her. It’s been a while since they started living together, but he’s still calling her “Genjou-sama”. Gojou tried to call her name while blushing heavily, eventually saying he will practice from now on. They took a walk through the castle yard before going home, and Gojou finally asked her to marry him since he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She accepted and he asked if he can hug her, but she glomped him first out of happiness. Gojou hugged her back and finally called her “Genjou”.

Oh God, Gojou is so cute I wanna hug him and bring him home. (❤ฺ→艸←) His denseness can probably surpass Genjou’s, but that’s what makes him adorable. Serious and dense LOL. I’m also weak towards guys with a knightly personality, so in this route I was ε-(*´∀`|萌|-ing all the time. That aside.. I dunnno if I can say this since I write cheesy stuff all the time, but OH MY GOD THE FLUFF. LOL too many sweet and fluffy lines, I might get cavities after playing this. That, and I want a prettier ending CG please. (´・ω・`) But I like everything else.. and did I mention Gojou is cute? So yeah, I love this route. ♥


8 thoughts on “S.Y.K – Gojou

  1. dont most girls fall for the knightly type? and him being more dense than the heroine is very rare o.o but really cute >.<, he is the type that is really bad for the heart since they are usually dense to a fault and makes me want to fangirl really loudly lol

    • Nah, there are those who prefers bad boys rather than knights. :D
      His denseness is cute, yes. But the most adorable thing is how he’s so awkward around women lol.

  2. Serious and dense LOL.
    – Exactly my thought while reading this XD.
    So cute! >////////////< I couldn't help but grin while reading your post and was like this, ^///////////^ the whole time. :D

    • LOL yeah that was my reaction too. xD
      If you don’t mind drowning in sweet lines and fluff, then you’ll love Gojou and his route. Like me lol.

  3. y did my comments disappeared?? >< o well I hope u'll play corda 2 forte n scared ride xechs wen ur done with syk^^ I love syk too esp youzen since he loves gokkuu so much XDXDXD n I love gojou too bc he's so cute!!

  4. ARA ‘_’ Now I know what you were talking about.

    Gojou’s so dense it’s so funny (especially loved the part when he saved a woman – accidentally called her heavy – and she got MAD + points down LOLOLOL and when he accidentally said Genjou wasn’t like a girl. XD) but ofcorse he tries really hard so I’m impressed and like him a lot. ,,^-^,, I didn’t mind the fluff, I thought it was cute and funny that he’s so honest, he doesn’t know when to stop.

    • LOL YES Genjou’s 得 went down just because Gojou doesn’t know how to treat a woman properly. xD I think we should just leave all the woman-related quests to Hakkai instead lol. Gojou might look cool and calm but he’s actually hot-blooded inside. Glad to hear you enjoyed his route, because I like it too. xD

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