S.Y.K – Gyokuryuu

Adorable dragon prince キタ━━━(゚∀゚)。A。)━━━!! It was love at first sight when I saw him in the official site, so I’ve been waiting for this route. He’s one of my favorites in this game. ♥

Genjou’s last and strongest follower. Gyokuryuu really loves Genjou and protects her all the time, but he’s usually cold towards everyone else. He’s very skilled in water magic, and would wipe out everything that stands in their way if Genjou doesn’t stop him. Hard to approach, but animals seem to love him for some reason.

After gathering three followers, Genjou heard rumors about Ryuujin attacking travelers in the forest. She went to take a look and found Gyokuryuu there, controlling water to scare people away. It was actually because he wants to protect the creatures living in the spring, but the travelers didn’t know since he just attacked them without warning. Unlike everyone else, Gyokuryuu recognized Genjou and joined her journey right away. He calls her “お師匠様 / Oshishou-sama” though she didn’t know why.

Genjou was surprised when she learned that Gyokuryuu doesn’t have any hobbies. He doesn’t even know what “living” means, so he’s totally clueless about what to enjoy in life. Genjou suggested he try doing what their friends consider fun, that way he might find things to enjoy himself. Suddenly Gyokuryuu moved closer and whispered “今夜、いい?” in a sweet, sexy voice. While Genjou was gaping like a goldfish, he said it’s what Hakkai does when he’s having fun. LOL Gyokuryuu picked the wrong person to mimic. xD

When Gojou got drunk and ran off, Genjou followed Gyokuryuu to search for him outside. She found him surrounded by kittens on a back alley. He played with them and told Genjou that he doesn’t like human because they’re weak and die quickly. She could sense that Gyokuryuu isn’t a human, but he said he’s not a youkai nor a hermit either. He doesn’t belong to the earth, the heavens, nor the underworld. Genjou asked what he actually is, and Gyokuryuu said he’s an animal not sure about that.

That night, Gokuu told Genjou that Gyokuryuu’s been going out at night lately. The problem is, Gokuu can sense the smell of blood whenever he comes back. Genjou was worried and went out looking for him, and he found him in town covered by blood. He was on his way to the spring to clean himself, but Genjou dragged him back to the inn and asked for an explanation. After learning that she’s worried about him, Gyokuryuu said that he was fighting all the youkai who were targeting her. He didn’t kill them and let them escape though, remembering her words not to attack enemies who are already down.

Despite being a skilled water magic user, Gyokuryuu actually hates flames. When the village they visited caught fire, all he can think about was to take Genjou away from this place. Luckily their friends were there to put down the fire, and Genjou asked him to help using his water magic. Gokuu told her to stop saying such things to Gyokuryuu. There’s a reason why he’s like that, and he would have used his water magic if he could. Genjou later apologized to him for not understanding, but she feels far from him knowing he’s looking at her only as a replacement for his previous master.

They soon reached a town, and Genjou went to rest in a quiet place. She met Gyokuryuu with a lost tiger cub and learned that he can understand what the animals say somehow. Genjou also learned that he knows Gokuu before he was sealed, and that he spent the last 500 years training alone so he can be stronger than anyone. That night the party played fireworks together, and she noticed Gyokuryuu wasn’t there since he hates fire. She went after him carrying some incense fireworks, telling him it’s okay since the fire’s really small. He eventually gave it a try and said he’s not scared.. but he mentioned the reason he’s afraid of flames is because it took away something important from him.

After they met Kougaiji in town, Genjou and her followers continued their journey. They camped at a nearby village to chase the youkai away, though Gyokuryuu was against the idea. He keeps mentioning his previous master, which made Genjou sad because he’s only protecting her as a replacement for that person. He said it’s not true since his master is only her, and Genjou asked him to explain. Apparently Genjou is the reincarnation of his master who died a long time ago, and she didn’t change at all even after she was reborn. When Genjou said she’s still a different person, Gyokuryuu thought it means she doesn’t want his protection. She told him that she doesn’t want him to hurt others just to protect her, but dropped the subject for now since Gyokuryuu was terribly confused.

The reason why Gokuu and Gyokuryuu was so much against them staying in that village was because of the villagers itself. After they chased out the youkai from the village, the villagers accused Gyokuryuu’s power as the same as the youkai’s. They thought Genjou was trying to deceive them and refused to listen no matter what. Instead of thanking them, the villagers got mad since the youkai they chased out might return to seek revenge on them. Gyokuryuu washed them away with water after they stabbed Genjou, but he doesn’t get why she told him not to hurt them. They hurt her even though she’s a human just like them, and he can’t let anyone who hurts her walk away in peace.

Gyokuryuu has never really felt any emotions before, so he was really confused.. and Genjou didn’t know what to do either. A suspicious traveler joined them in the wasteland, asking if he can talk to Gyokuryuu alone when they reached the nearby town. He turns out to be Ginkaku in disguse, but Gyokuryuu and him really had a talk before they fight. While Ginkaku would follow any path Ranfan takes, Gyokuryuu said he can’t do the same for Genjou. If she takes the wrong path, then he would tell her about the mistake. It’s what she taught him herself.

Realizing that Ginkaku and him are actually similar, Gyokuryuu asked him what he should do. He wants to help Genjou reach her dreams and follow her words of not hurting anyone, but he can’t let her die just because of it. Despite being enemies, Ginkaku told him to think of a way to both help Genjou achieve her dreams AND protect her from all danger. It’s not an easy task, but Ginkaku would go that far for Ranfan.. and so does Gyokuryuu for Genjou. This cleared up Gyokuryuu’s confusion, and his decision to protect Genjou is now firm. He knocked Ginkaku out instead of killing him, saying he doesn’t hate him.

Meanwhile, Kinkaku used her spell to take Genjou and the others far away from the town. Genjou can sense they’re really close to Tenjiku, but they were surrounded by youkai and couldn’t escape. Her followers stayed back to fight the enemies, but Gyokuryuu caught up to her in Tenjiku. After she opened the door, Genjou saw memories and felt nostalgic. Gyokuryuu said it’s because she’s actually the reincarnation of Konzenshi, who came here to stop the war by sealing the kyouten.

500 years ago, Gyokuryuu also came here with Konzenshi. He stayed with her until the end, but he was really weak back then. He couldn’t do anything other than watching her sacrifice herself for the world. Her death caused him to resent his own, weak self. That’s why he spent the last 500 years training alone, so he can protect her when she’s reborn. Genjou told him that while he couldn’t save her in the previous life, he’s been protecting the current her all this time. Even though he only sees her as his “master”, it doesn’t matter anymore. Gyokuryuu said that he’s protecting her because she’s important to him, not because of the promise. Even if she’s not his “master”, he will still protect her.

They reached the inner chamber and Genjou released the kyouten from its seal. She didn’t know how to release its power, and the answer lies in Konzenshi’s memories. However, Kougaiji appeared along with Kinkaku and Ginkaku. The siblings clearly didn’t wanna fight, but they had no choice since Kougaiji held Ranfan as a hostage. Gyokuryuu protected Genjou and got stabbed by Ginkaku, and Kougaiji took the kyouten away. He won’t attack Gyokuryuu and release Ranfan if she comes along, but she refused and threw Gokuu’s bombs instead. It was then when Kinkaku suddenly tied Kougaiji with her spell, and Ginkaku told her to take Gyokuryuu and run.

Hakkai and Gojou came to help and they escaped together, though Gokuu remained missing. That night they realized that Gyokuryuu’s dead, and Genjou cried while calling his name. But suddenly his body glowed and all his wounds disappeared, and Gyokuryuu opened his eyes. They didn’t understand what just happened, so Gyokuryuu explained that he can’t die. After Konzenshi’s death, he wished he can be stronger so he’ll be able to protect her next time. The kyouten granted his wish and made him immortal, so while all of his friends died and reincarnated, Gyokuryuu remained alone.

Usually he would recover by the next morning, but this time Gyokuryuu passed out and spent the next few days sleeping at the inn. He’s worried about not being useful to her, so Genjou said she’s staying because she wants to be with him. Having him by her side is enough for her, and he should keep in mind that she doesn’t wanna lose him. He was surprised, but replied that he too wants to stay and know more about her. It’s her words that made him realize his emotions are important as well. He also admits that he doesn’t hate being with Gokuu and their others, because they accepted him the way he is.

The wounds he had left scars on his body, while normally they’d disappear without a trace. Gyokuryuu knows that something’s wrong, but Genjou asked him to just focus on resting for now. He recovered three days later and the party discussed about what to do next. Here Gokuu joined them again since he was actually saved by Youzen in the forest, and Youzen will aid them in this fight. Gokuu’s taking Hakkai and Gojou to the underworld and free Ranfan, while Gyokuryuu stays with Genjou just in case Kougaiji attacks again. At night, Gyokuryuu took her out on a walk and kissed her hand to take away her anxiety. She hugged him and asked him to live with her forever.

While Gokuu and the others were busy wrecking havoc in the underworld, Gokuryuu and Genjou returned to Tenjiku. They met Ginkaku there and joined hands for now. However, as soon as they entered the kyouten chamber, Ginkaku apologized and set the room on fire — Kougaiji’s order. Kinkaku asked him to join hands with Genjou, but Kougaiji has set a spell on him. When he does something not according to plan, that would be the end of Ranfan’s life. Kougaiji’s flames are so strong that Gyokuryuu’s water magic wasn’t enough to put it down.

Gyokuryuu’s desire to protect Genjou helped him overcame his fear, and he told Ginkaku that he should trust his friends and family. He agreed to fight Ginkaku so Ranfan won’t die here, but the fight didn’t last long since Kougaiji himself soon appeared and slashed Ginkaku for being useless. The underworld needs the kyouten to erase Gyuumaou’s curse, and in order to release the power they need Genjou’s life. Kougaiji attacked Gyokuryuu with his flames, and Genjou was pissed that she couldn’t do anything to help. The moment she wished for a power to protect him, the power of the kyouten was released.

The flames in the chamber went out and Kougaiji was happy, but Genjou sealed his power inside the kyouten instead. Ginkaku got back on his feet and decided that he won’t lie to his own feelings anymore, and they were soon joined by Kinkaku plus Genjou’s followers. They fought Kougaiji together, with Gyokuryuu delivering the final blow and taking back the kyouten.

After the siblings thanked them for saving Ranfan outside, Gyokuryuu suddenly collapsed. His wounds from earlier started bleeding again, and the mark of immortality on his face vanished. Shaka Nyorai then appeared before them, saying Gyokuryuu’s life already reached its limit. He explained that the kyouten didn’t grant him immortality. It just enhanced his regeneration power, making his wounds heal really fast. However, he was revived from death for far too many times already, and now the power must have run out.

Genjou cried and Gyokuryuu apologized for being unable to protect her until the end. She said she doesn’t need protection, she only wants him to stay with her. He said it’s impossible now.. and then he died. Shaka Nyorai asked Genjou if she really wants to save him, even if that means she has to sacrifice everything else. Genjou said she does, and she’s ready to face the consequences. After all, it’s better than living in a world without Gyokuryuu by her side. Shaka Nyorai granted her wish and used the kyouten to revive him as a human. In return, he used a spell that will keep the world at equilibrium as long as both Genjou and Gyokuryuu live in peace.

Genjou left the unconscious Gyokuryuu for a moment, and she was surprised to find him gone when she returned. Thinking he should be near water, she went to the lake and found him there. He didn’t understand why he’s still alive even after losing the mark, so Genjou explained that he’s a human now.

Even without the spell, both Genjou and Gyokuryuu would never do bad things, which means that they can live freely from now on. He told Genjou that he loves her, and he won’t hand her to anyone else. After living and waiting in loneliness for 500 years, finally Gyokuryuu won’t be alone anymore.

In the ending, Gyokuryuu and Genjou are travelling around the world. They helped some villagers dig a water well, though he’s still not used to dealing with people. He lost his water magic after becoming a human, but he can still find water easily. When the village elder gave them some money as a sign of gratitude, they refused politely. The kindness they received in this village is already enough.

They took a rest after leaving the village, eating the food the villagers gave them. Gyokuryuu was a bit sleepy after that, so Genjou lets him sleep on her lap. After he fell asleep, she kissed him and wished he can call her by her name someday.

Aww, how adorable! ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ While there’s not much romance in this route, Gyokuryuu’s loyalty and お師匠様 LOVE made up for it. He waited 500 years just to protect her, how can you NOT love him? ♡(*´ω`*) I was shocked when he died and the power ran out, but the following scenes are so touching. Glad to see Gyokuryuu gets to live a happy life with Genjou. And just like Genjou, I want to hear him say her name too instead of the usual お師匠様. Does he say her name in Renshouden? (。・ω・。)

11 thoughts on “S.Y.K – Gyokuryuu

  1. its kinda cute though how he treasures her soo much =D but as u say it does lack romance here, need to spice up the route a little bit but overall was good
    cant wait to read the next one :)

    • Yeah but it doesn’t matter since that loyalty alone is enough to express his oshishou-sama LOVE ♡(*´ω`*) I just wanna see more romance between them, so hopefully Renshouden will give us more raburabu moments lol.

  2. oh lawd gykokuryuu was so frikin cute i loved him so much! lol at how clueless he is, mimicking HAKKAI of all the people in the world xD

    • LOL IKR why HAKKAI out of all people? xD
      ..though the others are equally problematic lol.
      Since he does it again in Renshouden, I guess Gyokuryuu learned from Hakkai about how to please his beloved oshishou-sama. xD

  3. I’m really weak to characters like Gyokuryuu >ww< *MOE~~* He loves tigers too <- *MOEEEx2* Yeah, and I'm so touched by how he wanted to become strong just for Genjou, and was able to become *really* strong so good for him. And then it's just that when I see him getting wounded protecting meGenjou, it hurts me too and I get excitedworried and fall deep in love with him. XD *Sigh* His whole route was flooded with cuteness, he’s so cute once he started to believe in his team and when he realized that he’s not alone anymore. *so cute I want to glomp him at the spot* *too bad the CG looks hurried sometimes*

    • I almost died of ε-(*´∀`|萌| when he played around with the cats and put one on his head. The lost tiger is cute too. ♥ He’s always wandering around alone, cleaning the area just to keep her safe jjkdsjdl how can anyone not love him? ;w; ..and yes, he’s so cute when he starts believing in their friends. Hakkai was like “Whut!? Gyokuryuu’s apologizing!” Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ LOL. I guess that’s really shocking since normally he’d drown them in tsunami if anything happens. xD

      • I accidentally overused the MOE emoticon so the part about cats got eaten XD –You made me think of the scene when Gyokuryuu spread this dark aura brimming with killing intent after he found out Gojou and Hakkai had let Genjou get kidnapped. I love it so much I usually don’t skip it. Another scene I can’t skip is the next chapter preview for Ch.8 *adorable to the max* XD

        • That’s the one with him and Kougaiji, isn’t it? xD
          LOL I love Gyokuryuu’s ¬_¬ face along with his dark aura. After that he washed down the path to the underworld too, busting the door with his tsunami lol. I like it when he’s in full attack mode like that, just to save Genjou. That, and how he wakes Gokuu up by washing him away. xD

  4. Aww, very touching! He’s too cute and uh, clueless (?) if that is the correct word to use, making the entire route more adorable. And I love those who can control water so that’s a plus point. XD

    • Yeah he’s clueless in anything other than protecting his oshishou-sama xD
      I want an adorable follower like this and bring him home.. ;w; and I love water magic user too, I used to be a fan of Ryuuzaki Umi xD

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