S.Y.K – Gokuu

Gokuu is also one of my favorite characters in S.Y.K. He’s awesome and brings lots of LOL moments in the first half. Plus, he’s voiced by Suwabe Junichi. I just can’t resist his voice.

The first follower Genjou met on her journey. Gokuu thinks everything’s troublesome and would rather sleep all day. He’s actually calm and fearless, but his extremely low stamina often results in him fainting due to anemia. Since he’s a “problem child” in so many ways, he’s usually the target for Genjou’s lectures.

Following the directions given by the mark on her palm, Genjou found the sealed Gokuu in Five Elements Mountain. He didn’t wanna go on a journey with her since it sounds so tiring. All he wants to do is just to sleep here in this room, so she had to use a spell to control him after breaking his seal lol. He didn’t have a choice but to go with her. Genjou asked for his name, and he said he used to be called “Seiten Taisei / Great Sage” a long time ago. Since it’s long and hard to say, Genjou gave him the name “Gokuu” instead.

Besides sleeping, Gokuu loves experimenting in his free time. He creates stuff ranging from medicines to bombs, and this hobby of his often causes explosions in his inn room. In battle Hakkai uses assassin weapons, Gojou wields a sword, Gyokuryuu with his water magic.. and Gokuu stands in the background throwing his handmade bombs lol. But he really does care for Genjou and their friends, and he’s best friends with Youzen too.

When they all went drinking and Gojou got drunk, Genjou decided to follow Gokuu to make sure he’s really helping them and not sleeping instead. He replied to all the things she said with a simple “ああ”, but she concluded that he’s just shy ROFL. Youzen suddenly came down from the heavens just to tease Gokuu, offering his help in their search. Gokuu refused and Youzen disappeared, but he later appeared again after they found Gojou. He introduced Kisa to them, saying that he might provide useful information for them.

That night Genjou woke up after seeing a sad dream. She was on her way out to get some air when she heard voices coming from Gokuu’s room. The door was unlocked, and she found Gokuu sleeping inside. He looked like he’s in pain, so she woke him up. He suddenly pushed her down, but Genjou noticed there’s fear in his eyes. She pats his head saying it’s okay, and Gokuu calmed down saying he saw a nightmare. Instead of getting up, he hugged her and asked her to stay like this for a while.. then he fell asleep like that, pining Genjou underneath him until morning lol.

Genjou later saw Youzen coming down to see Gokuu again when they were resting in a forest. It’s been a long time since Gokuu was imprisoned after “betraying” the heavens, but he actually did it to save the human world. Kisa later came to see Gokuu too, asking him what he said since Youzen seems upset. Gokuu said he was only talking about the past, and he doesn’t get why they’re so obsessed with what happened 500 years ago. Kisa apologized, knowing that Gokuu won’t understand their feelings. But he asked him not to talk about the past again with Youzen, since it will only hurt him.

In the next town Genjou saw Gokuu in the general store, shopping for ingredients to make his medicines and bombs. She saw a beautiful necklace there, but she gave up on it since it’s too expensive. Genjou left while Gokuu was still busy collecting materials, but later he came to her room and gave her something he “bought by mistake”. Yes, it’s the necklace from the shop. (*´ω`*) Gokuu denied he bought it for her, but Genjou knew he’s just hiding his embarassment. She thanked him and he replied “・・・ふん” while blushing LOL.

After meeting Kougaiji in town, Genjou and her followers continued their journey. Gokuu was missing again, and she found him sleeping near a lake. She woke him up since he seems to be having a nightmare again, and it turns out that he’s been having bad dreams lately. Genjou realized that she doesn’t know much about Gokuu’s past, so she asked the reason he was sealed 500 years ago. During the war between the heavens and the underworld, Seiten Taisei joined the neutral force since he couldn’t agree with the heavens anymore. He did it to stop the war, but the heavens considered this as a betrayal and imprisoned him in the mountain as the punishment.

They were soon interrupted by Youzen, so that night Gokuu came to Genjou’s room, worried that she’s thinking too hard about Youzen’s words. They end up taking a walk outside, where Gokuu told her that she doesn’t have to trust Youzen just because he’s a hermit. He knows that listening to his words would only make her confused, and he noticed that Youzen’s really weird recently. Genjou realized that Gokuu’s actually worried about Youzen. He denied it and told her she trusts people way too much, but Genjou actually trusted Youzen because he’s Gokuu’s friend.. and Gokuu is the person she trusts the most.

Genjou noticed that Gokuu seems a little pissed about her trusting Youzen, but he said it’s got nothing to do with her. His words made her sad, but she held back and said it’s nothing. They went back to the inn in silence, and the awkward atmosphere continued until the next day. He eventually fainted from anemia after they continued their journey, and Genjou regrets not realizing it sooner. From Youzen, she heard that the seal holding Gokuu’s real power is so strong it’s a miracle he can walk around with them. He offered to tell her about Gokuu’s past, but Genjou refused since she wants to hear it from Gokuu himself.

Youzen also asked Genjou if she likes Gokuu, and she said she does.. as a friend. Youzen was teasing her when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, and she realized it’s Gokuu. He wasn’t pleased that she’s talking to Youzen, especially when the latter said he was just giving her some love advice. But Genjou was glad that Gokuu has recovered, and they soon made up after apologizing to each other.

Eventually Genjou and her followers arrived at Tenjiku. The moment she opened the door, she saw unknown memories that made her feel nostalgic. She’s not the only one as Gokuu was seeing them too. It’s normal for Genjou since she has the same spirit as the previous Sanzou, but Seiten Taisei died before reaching Tenjiku.. so Gokuu shouldn’t have these memories. They soon reached the inner chamber and Genjou released the kyouten from its seal. She saw those memories again, but soon she realized that Gokuu was writhing in pain.

Before they could do anything to help Gokuu, Kougaiji came and set the room on fire. Hakkai and Gojou were no match for him, and Gyokuryuu couldn’t move because he’s afraid of flames. Gokuu tried to protect Genjou before Kougaiji took her away with the kyouten, but Kougaiji knocked him out in no time. Genjou cried upon seeing him down, and suddenly the kyouten’s power was released. She got out of Kougaiji’s arms and ran to Gokuu immediately, but the man she found there wasn’t the Gokuu she knows. His hair was black, his eyes were red, and his power completely shaked the chamber. Then suddenly a blinding light enveloped them, and Genjou saw memories from 500 years ago.

The heavens and the underworld were at war back then, and the human world was dragged into their fight. Konzenshi, Genjou’s past self 500 years ago, was trying to find a way to stop this war. One day she met Enmaou, the ruler of the underworld, in a forest and they became close somehow. They quickly found out that both of them are tired of fighting, so she asked him to help her stop the war. He couldn’t do that since as the ruler of the underworld, he had to protect his people. But he told her to go and walk the path she believes in, because it’s the right thing to do.

She asked for his real name and he said he doesn’t remember since it’s been a long time. So she gave him the name “Gokuu”, meaning “those who know the sky” — the name of a person whose eyes can reach everything. He accepted the name, and that day she made the decision to protect the underworld as well.

Konzenshi then went to see her master, Shaka Nyorai, and begged him to help stop the war. However, he refused since by doing that they’ll destroy the world’s balance. As long as people are alive, they can’t completely erase fighting from this world. Even if they stop this war, something similar will happen again eventually. Konzenshi didn’t wanna give up, so she apologized and sealed her master’s power in a crystal ball that eventually becomes the kyouten. Shaka Nyorai didn’t want to see her sad, so he let her use his power for now. His soul resides in Kannon’s body until it’s all over.

Meanwhile, Seiten Taisei went to destroy the underworld. He was defeated by Enmaou, who also absorbed his soul so he can’t reincarnate after dying. After hearing this report, Konzenshi went to see Enmaou to settle things with him. He wanted to borrow the power she got from Shaka Nyorai for the underworld and end the war, but she couldn’t do it since she’s a hermit from the heavens after all. Enmaou knew that she’d answer that way and looked really sad. If only they meet through a different way, they might be able to walk the same path. He asked her to kill him since there’s no other way, so she picked up a sword and stabbed him. Her last words to him was “さようなら・・・閻魔王。いえ・・・悟空”, but she didn’t kill him because of her feelings for him.

After that she went to the place where she first met him. She reached the inner chamber with Gyokuryuu and sealed the kyouten there. It holds the power of all creations, which will eventually disrupt the world’s balance in the future. Konzenshi knows she’s going to be a human in her next life since she already left the heavens, and she will atone for her sin (of stealing Shaka Nyorai’s power) after she reincarnates. Kannon created the legend of Sanzou, naming the crystal “kyouten” and the place where it’s sealed “Tenjiku” so it’d be easier to convince Genjou.

In the heavens, Youzen was devastated by Taisei’s death and couldn’t forgive Enmaou for it. He was captured after Konzenshi stabbed him, and Youzen punished him by placing Taisei’s memories into him. His real memories were sealed and he will live a happy life, but in the end he’ll fall into despair when he found out that it’s all fake. They can’t kill Enmaou now since by doing so they’ll destroy Taisei’s soul as well, so they used him as Taisei’s replacement instead for 500 years later.

Genjou woke up with her followers surrounding her, and they continued their journey to Tenjiku. Somehow they seem to be against her reaching Tenjiku, which made her feel that something’s really wrong. She asked them who they really are since her followers aren’t like this, and she broke through the illusion created by all of those memories. She found herself back in the inner chamber of Tenjiku. Gokuu was there in his Enmaou form, finally remembering who he really is. Suddenly feathers started falling, and Youzen appeared with the kyouten in his hands.

Youzen revealed that been waiting for 500 years, just to see Enmaou in despair. It was his revenge for Taisei’s death. Everytime Gokuu called him his “friend” and talked about their “memories” in the past, Youzen had to suppress the urge to kill him on the spot. He summoned his feathers and started stabbing Gokuu, saying he hates Konzenshi too for she was the reason Taisei end up fighting Enmaou. He didn’t want to kill Gokuu right away and grabbed Genjou instead, planning to torture her and make him suffer even more. But he’s letting them go for now since it’ll be more fun to come back and kill them later.

After Youzen left, they grabbed their unconscious friends and went to the nearest town. Gokuu came to tell Genjou to run far away from him, since it’s dangerous for her now that the kyouten is in Youzen’s hands. Genjou refused and said she wants to have a talk with Gokuu instead, and he had to accept or else she’ll follow him wherever he goes. They went outside and talked about the past. Genjou was a bit sad when he told her about Konzenshi, but she realized that Gokuu’s really looking at her as Genjou — not as the reincarnation of the person he loved.

Gokuu was planning to go back and face Youzen again, believing that Youzen has the right to hurt him. He was the one who killed his best friend after all. Genjou told him to stop because for her, he’s not Enmaou nor Seiten Taisei. Even after knowing what happened back then, to her he will always be the lazy Gokuu who journeyed with her. He still insisted that he’s still the ruler of the underworld, which means that they’re enemies and Genjou has the right to hate him. She slapped him saying she loves him even before knowing his real identity, so he should stop concluding things on his own.

Before Gokuu could leave, Genjou hugged him from behind and asked him not to leave her alone. She panicked when he suddenly fell to his knees, but when she saw his face.. he was blushing heavily. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え He asked her if she’s really sure with this, and she nodded. Then he kissed her and whispered he loves her too.

Meanwhile, Kisa was trying to stop Youzen’s insanity in the heavens. He is now planning to use the kyouten’s power to create a war with the underworld, just like 500 years ago. All of this just for his revenge, and he won’t stop even if he’ll lose his place as a hermit. While Youzen gathered followers to launch his attack, Kisa came down to see Gokuu and asked him to stop Youzen from destroying the underworld. The party split up into two groups here. Hakkai, Gojou and Gyokuryuu will go to the underworld and stop the hermits’ attack there, while Gokuu and Genjou are going to Tenjiku to face Youzen. Kisa is ready to provide backup by releasing Enmaou’s power when they need it.

When they reached the inner chamber, Youzen was already waiting for them to come. He refused to hear any words from them and started attacking Gokuu. Youzen was ready to knock him out when suddenly Gokuu got up and said “めんどくせぇ”, which made both Youzen and Genjou go ・・・(゚д゚;)ハ? He said the current him is not Seiten Taisei nor Enmaou. As Gokuu, he doesn’t have the obligation to put up with Youzen’s wrath and hatred. But as the person who holds Taisei’s soul, he can’t let him do whatever he wants. Taisei wouldn’t wish for such destruction, and Youzen himself should know that more than anyone else.

Angered, Youzen used the kyouten and summoned his spirit beast — Koutenken. Genjou couldn’t stand seeing Gokuu got hurt again and asked Youzen to stop, but before anything happens.. Gokuu threw a flash bomb and slapped his head saying he’ll be his opponent, since there’s no other way to open his eyes. He called out to Kisa in the heavens, and so the seal on his Enmaou power was released. As Gokuu punched him away, Genjou finally took the kyouten back. Youzen asked Gokuu to just kill him, but Gokuu said he doesn’t have any reason to do that. Taisei wanted to stop the war for Youzen’s sake too, and Gokuu himself doesn’t wanna see him to fall that low.

Kisa soon came to report that the hermits attacking the underworld are all captured, and he’s here to take Youzen back up to the heavens. Youzen thinks there’s no way they’d forgive what he did, but Shaka Nyorai then appeared and told him not to worry. He’s going to seal Youzen’s power for now since he used it for the wrong reasons. But the heavens are equally at fault for not stopping him, so he can go back and do his job properly. Youzen accepted this outcome and went back to the sky with Kisa. He will come back to bug Gokuu again someday, but Genjou noticed his expression was calm.

Since Gokuu said he doesn’t need this power anymore, Shaka Nyorai took it away and gave him a new life. Genjou returned the kyouten’s power to her master and wished for the world to be a happy place, finally restoring the balance. They left Tenjiku and met up with their friends, who already convinced Gyuumaou in the underworld to stop fighting. Now that their journey’s over, it’s time for everyone to say goodbye. They walked their separate paths after making a promise to meet again someday.

Oh, and Gokuu? He’s going back with Genjou to her hometown.

In the ending, Genjou and Gokuu are now living a peaceful life in the orphanage. The old priest has been taking care of the kids alone during their journey, and now he can rest while they take care of everyone. Gokuu is still as lazy as ever, but he’s got a great reputation as a medicine maker in the neighborhood. He said he’s not suitable for working before, so Genjou’s glad that he can earn money through his hobby. They were about to kiss in the forest where suddenly they noticed the kids peeking nearby lol. Gokuu then goes back to cook lunch for everyone, holding hands with Genjou and surrounded by the kids.

At first I wondered why the almighty Monkey King is such a weak, anemic sleepyhead LOL. He sleeps absolutely anywhere, even while walking. This route gives you the answer why he’s so weak under the sunlight. I really like his past and relationship with Konzenshi back then, but I LOVE how he looks at the current Genjou as herself. (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・ The ending is great too. It’s nice to see Gokuu can earn a living from his beloved experiments. You have to clear all the other routes first to unlock Gokuu’s route, but it’s really worth it.

Youzen’s voice reminds me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on who that character is. Then I realized it’s him. I guess you’ll start recognizing voices when you play a lot lol.


10 thoughts on “S.Y.K – Gokuu

  1. sooo true the almighty monkey king is a guy who has anemia =D, the part where he looks at Genjou for herself is really great since usually in these kinda situations, they look at the past more than the present >.> and i really like how Gokuu looks as Enmaou that seems to fit a bit more for some reason >.>
    cant wait for the next game review =D

    • Yeah I really like that part. Gokuu doesn’t see her as Konzenshi, and he only sees himself as the current him as well. That’s nice, so we don’t have to go through yet another drama of “look at the current me!” Well, that’s his true identity so of course it suits him more. So now we know why he’s that anemic — spent too much time underground. xD

  2. gokuuuuu <3 lmao at his anemic sleeping woteva shit, he's awesome. im playin the fandisk rite now n it's awesome to see dat he hasnt changed at all xD now u onli got old lesbian ranfuan left ;D

    • LOLOL yeah he collapsed here n there during their journey. In one of the 4 koma they published in a magazine, he fainted (or just asleep?) and slid off to a giant ant’s nest ROFL. Must be tough for Genjou at first. xD

      I’m playing Renshouden too right now, though I’m going through Konzenshi’s arc first so I don’t have to go back n forth just for Youzen lol. Ranfan’s an okama lol, but we both know how cool he really is. xD

  3. Your summary saved me because I kept losing concentration midway and was all WTF was going on (I’m so scatterbrained ^^;; orz) My fav part was the first bad dream (the one when he hugged her all night XD) <- scared & shaky Gokuu moee<3 I can't help thinking it'd feel nice to pat his head and have him sleep on you what am I thinking XD Most parts in his route weren’t much moe but made me like his character a lot. He’s a very charming person. I love his laziness, it’s funny and suits his character. btw, I couldn’t help but moe over Gyokuryuu again in the end LOL

    • I guess it can’t be helped. Gokuu has the longest route after all, and we all know long routes require more concentration. :D I like that part too since Genjou gave up and slept underneath him until morning comes lol. It’s not just you because I keep thinking of patting his head too. I bet it feels nice. (* ´艸`) The story in his route is so thick it kinda overshadows the sweet moments, but that lazy personality of his is awesome indeed. xD

      ..and I still go ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ over Gyokuryuu everytime he appears. ♥

  4. hello~ yukiruchan mentioned about your syk summaries on my twitter when i was thinking of playing this game. xD did you clear every single route before gokuu, including ranfan and the normal routes? i am still on one route, but i really like the story and commentaries between chapters. XD

    i actually checked out this series for youzen, i loved his voice ever since i played sangoku. *A* can i follow you on twitter? i would love to meet more otome game fans ^^

    • Oh hello~ :D
      I cleared the normal and 大団円 endings on my first run, and went for the characters starting from the second run. You don’t have to clear Ranfan in order to unlock Gokuu’s route, since Ranfan’s the last character I finished. :3

      LOL yeah Youzen sounds exactly like Moutoku. If you like him, you should play Renshouden too! You can go for Youzen there. Oh, and sure you can follow me. I’ll follow you back. xD

  5. sent a follower request (parfaitsamurai)! :D

    yeah i will definitely play renshouden. his character is too amusing to resist! >3<)/

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