S.Y.K – Ranfan

…LOL. Just LOL. I shall stop here since anything beyond this would be spoilers. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

The mysterious “woman” who is after Genjou with “her” two subordinates, Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Genjou thinks Ranfan’s really beautiful, but she’s the only one who doesn’t realize that “she” is actually a MAN. He lives in the underworld, but it seems that he has a different goal in mind. What lies beneath that flashy appearance of his?

Genjou first met Ranfan on a lake, where he was bathing. He quickly realized who she is though Genjou didn’t remember ever meeting such a beauty. When the party reached a wasteland, he finally revealed his identity with Kinkaku and Ginkaku. They managed to kidnap Genjou and brought her to the underworld, asking her to help with their plan. She refused to cooperate, and eventually her followers came to rescue her. One thing Genjou learned from her stay in the underworld is that Ranfan is a human, not a youkai.

When they reached the capital, Genjou met Ranfan on her way to the theatre. He said he’s only here for a day off and took her on a date instead. After seeing the show, he told her he used to be an actor a long time ago. Genjou tried to ask why he’s working for the underworld, but Ranfan only said she’s too naive. Even if she knows about his goal, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re enemies. He thanked her for the date and left, saying the next time they meet he will try to capture her again.

After Kougaiji introduced himself in town, Ranfan and the siblings came to attack the party in a mountain. Kinkaku’s illusion mist is stronger thanks to the power Kougaiji gave them, and Genjou ran away thinking there’s no other way. She ran all the way until she reached a cliff, and that’s where Ranfan caught her. Genjou tried to shake of his hands, but suddenly the ground below her feet collapsed and she fell into the river below, pulling Ranfan’s arm as well.

Genjou later woke up in a cave and found that he already treated her injured foot, and he also gave her some medicines for her fever. It was raining hard outside, so they agreed to stop fighting for now. Genjou noticed that Ranfan had scratches all over his body, and she feels bad since he had to look for a shelter while carrying her around. She thanked him for helping her, and they sleep next to each other to keep themselves warm for the night.

The next morning, Genjou woke up in a prison cell. Someone came to tell her that she’s being too defenseless, but her head was dizzy and she didn’t get what’s going on. When the person talking to her mentioned she’s in a jail in the underworld, she finally turned around and found an unknown guy there. He was shocked that she didn’t recognize him, even after he hinted that he’s the person who spent the night with her in that cave. Yes, he is Ranfan! All this time and Genjou has just finally realized that he’s a man LOL. His real name is Suou, and “Ranfan” is only his stage name. He really gets into his role when he dresses up as a woman, though Genjou’s probably the only one who fell for it.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku managed to locate them before Genjou’s follower, and so they helped Suou take her down to the underworld. When Genjou said she can’t stay here because she needs to go to Tenjiku, Suou said they will take her there. Though obviously not for supporting the heavens and the mortal world like what Kannon told her to do.

Some days later, Suou took Genjou out of her cell. She noticed he has the same mark on his palm and is quite knowledgeable about Tenjiku, but he didn’t want to tell her anything. Outside, Genjou was surprised to see that not all youkai are brutal like those who attacks the human world. Suou said that recently the numbers of youkai who turns violent are increasing, though this has never happened in the past. She gets the feeling that Suou’s goal is actually to prevent the youkai from going insane, but he told Genjou not to forget that they’re enemies. Even though he’s treating her nicely, he doesn’t care about the human world. She wants them to work together, but he refused saying it’s impossible.

Suou took Genjou to meet Gyuumaou and Kougaiji, where she finally learned about their goal: to get revenge on the heavens and gain control of all three worlds. The previous Demon King, Enmaou, was killed in the war 500 years ago, throwing the underworld into chaos. Gyuumaou took over the seat as the new ruler, but the underworld is still unstable even until now. The youkai going violent is a good example for that. They also told her about what happened in the war 500 years ago, as well as the fact that she’s the reincarnation of Konzenshi. Genjou should open her eyes and see that the celestial hermits are not angels, there’s a high chance they’re just using her.

During the war, the neutral “third party” was created by a representative from both the heavens and the underworld. The hermit was Konzenshi, and Suou is the reincarnation of the youkai from the underworld. That’s why he also has the same emblem on his palm, as the mark that the kyouten also acknowledges him. Only Genjou can locate Tenjiku and open the door, but Suou’s mark can be used to find Genjou.

Since Genjou can’t spend her entire time imprisoned, Suou took her to his room and lets her use it as she likes. There’s only one bed there, so he’s going to sleep with Ginkaku. Genjou feels bad and somehow it leads to this conversation:

Genjou: “Eh..! Then, um, I’ll sleep with Ginkaku instea–”
Suou: “No no. (´・ω・`;) You should say “Kinkaku” here.”
Genjou: “Ah.. that’s right.”
Genjou: (Ginkaku is also a guy.. I’m sorry, Ginkaku)

LOL so now we all know that Genjou doesn’t see Ginkaku as a man. xD
That, and it’s not a good idea to sleep in Kinkaku’s room either. She’ll probably force Genjou to chat with her all night long lol. Suou also told her that he was an actor who plays female roles, that time still living in the human world. When he was around 13, he was taken to the underworld. He didn’t know anything back then, so the siblings were sent to protect him. They were weak at the time, and he scolded them for being so pathetic. They swore to always protect him ever since, growing stronger in power until they eventually became who they are now. For Suou, the siblings are his family.

Genjou asked why he’s being so kind to her, but again he told her not to trust in him. He doesn’t hate her even if they’re enemies, so probably he’s subconsciously treating her kindly. Of course it’d be easier to take advantage of her if she trusts him, but Suou also feels uneasy whenever he saw her face.. and he doesn’t know why. The next day, Genjou was crying because she missed her followers when Suou came to visit her. He turned speechless upon seeing her face and told her to wash it. Then he helped her put on some light make-up since her face was so terrible, but the real reason was so that she won’t cry again.

After that they went back to the human world, continuing their journey towards Tenjiku with Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Suou has been acting weird ever since they left the underworld, though none of them know the reason. Genjou asked him what’s wrong, and he took her someplace they can lie down and look at the sky. The view clears away all of their doubts and worries, and he finally told her that his goal is to protect the underworld. He wants to make a place where the youkai can live without fear.

Following Gyuumaou’s order, Kougaiji has been giving power to the youkai. Recently the numbers of the youkai who can’t handle that power is increasing, eventually resulting in them turning violent. This was done because Gyuumaou is thinking of broadening their land, and the first step is to take over the human world. If Gyuumaou’s planning to create a war, then Suou will stop him at all costs. Genjou realized that their goals are actually similar, but Suou can’t work with her right now since it’s too risky. It’s not just his life on the line if he makes any mistakes. Kinkaku, Ginkaku and all the other youkai will be killed as well. But he does trust Genjou and talking to her makes him feel better.

…and when they got back, Kinkaku and Ginkaku lectured him about how to properly make a move on a girl. Grabbing her hand and running off isn’t the most romantic way. LOL.

After a while, they finally reached Tenjiku and Genjou opened the door. Suou went with her inside, and she asked if he remembers anything about 500 years ago. He said no and he doesn’t care, as he used to hate the mark on his palm. He was taken to the underworld by force because of it, and they threatened to kill him if he doesn’t do as they say. But he does’t care anymore about his previous life. The current him is Suou, a residence of the underworld. He only wants to protect what’s important to him.

In the inner chamber, Genjou released the kyouten from its seal. She could feel the sadness of people fighting 500 years ago, and she asked Suou to work with her so they can bring peace to all three worlds without fighting. If they give the kyouten to Gyuumaou, war will break out again and history will repeat itself. She wants the three world to live in peace without disturbing each other. But again, Suou said he can’t do it since the siblings will get killed. He admits that he wants to walk the same path with her, but he’s afraid of making the wrong decision and losing everything.

When they came outside, Genjou found her followers there. However, Suou can’t give her back yet since they still need her to release the kyouten’s power. He was surprised that just like Genjou, Gojou didn’t realize that he’s a man either lol. He puts a knife to her throat and asked them to back off if they don’t want her to get killed. This made Genjou sad since she knows Suou doesn’t wanna kill her, but he’ll do it if it’s necessary to reach his goal. She apologized to her followers and promised that she won’t give up. Even if she doesn’t have them beside her, she will still accomplish what she needs to do. They went back to the underworld, but not before Gokuu told him that he can never kill Genjou. He knows Suou will regret it too if Genjou dies.

Back in the underworld, Suou tried to convince Gyuumaou to just let Genjou use the kyouten. She’s wishing for peace in the three worlds after all, so they don’t need to take the kyouten away from her. Unfortunately Gyuumaou doesn’t give a damn about peace in the underworld and wants to kill Genjou instead, releasing the kyouten’s power. He only wants more power for the youkai, and Suou is only a pawn to get the kyouten. What Gyuumaou wants to do is actually to surpass what Enmaou did in the past, since the former king was known as a great leader. Suou knows Kougaiji loves the underworld too, but he chose to follow what his father says. Kougaiji attacked Suou for insulting Gyuumaou and threw him into jail.

After hearing about this, Kinkaku and Ginkaku helped Genjou escape. They explained the situation to her, and Genjou learned that Suou’s goal and her are really the same. The moment Gyuumaou became the ruler, power became everything. The youkai are divided based on their power ranks, and the weak have to obey those above them.. or die. Suou is trying to stop this and knowing how much he wants to protect the youkai, Gyuumaou uses this to control him. Rebel, and everyone dies. The siblings then passed a message from Suou: he actually wanted to walk on the same path, and she should use the kyouten’s power for the human world.

Following Suou’s wish, the siblings wanted to take her to the human world. But Genjou refused since Suou is a precious person to her, and there’s no way she’s leaving him like this. With the help of the siblings and some other youkai, she went to bust him out of jail. He was like Σ(゚ロ゚;)!! when he saw her, but Genjou refused to hear any excuse. She wants to protect him and stay with him. Suou laughed and said he feels the same, finally accepting her invitation to walk on the same path. They met up with Kinkaku and Ginkaku outside, and they’re going to the human world together.

Unfortunately, they met Nataku before they can go through the gate. He caught Genjou and attacked her with his nails, but Genjou managed to distract him by using the kyouten’s power. She broke free from his arms and Suou took her to escape immediately. The kyouten’s still in Nataku’s hands, but they had no time to think. The four of them went through the portal, leaving the kyouten behind for now.

Thanks to Kougaiji’s flames attack on him earlier, Suou was wounded and had a fever. They decided to take shelter in a cave so he can rest, while the siblings watched outside. Genjou asked him to rely on her a bit more, and lets Suou sleep on her shoulder. This reminds them of the day she spent the night with Ranfan, but now she’s nervous since he’s a guy.

Suou moved closer and was about to kiss her when the siblings suddenly got back bringing some food lol. They sleep next to each other that night, and woke up to find the siblings staring at them. (❤ฺ→艸←) Genjou was worried that they’d get angry, but they were excited about how Suou has grown up ROFL.

After Suou recovered, they were planning to go back and take the kyouten from Nataku. But Suou wants to leave Genjou in the human world because he doesn’t want her to get killed. He asked her to return to her followers, but Genjou was pissed and cried since he already said they’ll stay together. After what happened yesterday, how could he sent her back to her followers and not realizing that she wants to stay with him. Suou pulled her into his arms and kissed her, happy that she would cry that much for him.

Genjou finally said she loves him, and Suou said he loves her too. He doesn’t want to leave her behind. They were about to kiss again when the siblings came back again, with Ginkaku almost revealing that they’re actually watching the whole time LOL. Suou still wants to leave Genjou here, but suddenly Genjou’s followers appeared. They were ready to fight, but Genjou shielded Suou and the siblings from Gyokuryuu’s water. She explained everything to them, and they agreed to join hands since it’s Genjou’s own decision and not brainwashed like what Gojou said.

Kougaiji are sending youkai to the human world, so Genjou’s followers are staying to stop them. They also told Suou that Genjou won’t change her decision no matter what, and it’d be more dangerous to leave her here since they won’t know what she’ll do next. So finally Suou agreed to take her back to the underworld and finish everything together.

They returned to the underworld and faced Kougaiji, who was holding the kyouten now. He knocked out Kinkaku and Ginkaku easily, but Suou still has lots of youkai who are ready to fight for him. Kougaiji was ready to massacre them all when suddenly a blinding light was seen as Genjou released the kyouten’s power, sealing his power inside the crystal. Kougaiji still didn’t give up and wanted to hand the kyouten to his father, but then the Gyuumaou appeared and said he doesn’t need it. He admits defeat and asked Suou to take the kyouten instead. Seems like he finally realized that what Suou was trying to achieve is the right thing to do for the underworld, so he decided to stop fighting.

Power is important for all the youkai, and Kougaiji said they can’t show their pride in their power if there’s no fighting. Suou suggested they open a stage instead so they can compete against one another, and Gyuumaou left him to take care of everything. Kougaiji and him will fall into a deep slumber from now on, waiting until the underworld won’t be scared of their control anymore. Shaka Nyorai appeared and said Gyuumaou made the right decision, taking back his power in the kyouten after fulfilling Genjou’s wish.

Now that Gyuumaou and Kougaiji are asleep, Suou had to take control of the underworld. He lets the youkai work together to make their own rules, but he’s also staying there instead of returning to the human world. Genjou already said goodbye to her followers, and now it’s time to do the same to Suou. Both of them are not happy with this since it won’t be as easy to travel between worlds from now on. Suou doesn’t wanna be apart from her, but he knows that Genjou doesn’t belong to the underworld. He won’t say that they’ll meet again since it’s painful, so he kissed her and said he won’t ever forget her. He will always love her forever.

A few months later, Genjou went to the capital to buy some medicines. She met Gojou who suggested they move the orphanage to the capital. It’d be easier for the kids to live here, but the real reason was because he couldn’t stand seeing her looking so sad. She started crying when he mentioned Suou’s name, missing his smile and voice so much her heart can’t handle it. Then suddenly they heard a voice and someone hugged her from behind. She turned around and found the person she’s been missing all this time. They had a tearful reunion with poor Gojou standing in the background, not knowing what to do with this raburabu scene in front of his eyes lol.

After saying goodbye to Gojou, Genjou went with Suou to his room at the nearby inn. He was jealous since she cried in front of Gojou, and he admits that he wanted to push her down when they meet lol. He’s here for a negotiation with the emperor and the heavens, and he used this chance to see her. As the underworld’s representative, he’ll be visiting the human world from time to time. It’ll be a long-distance relationship, but he will come and see her from now on. The meeting is actually tomorrow since he came earlier to see her, and tonight she can have him all she wants. Then he pushed her down. (*ノωノ)イヤン

Ranfan-samaaa~♪(´∀`*) Underneath that gaudy.. err, battle costume, lies a very 男前 man. I really love Suou’s appearance and personality, as well as his relationship with the siblings. They’ve been taking care of Suou since he was younger, so they’re just like parents who wants to see their son grow up.. by kissing Genjou. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ The ending is a bit sad since they’re apart, but I guess it’s okay since Suou will come and see her every now and then. I bet he’ll push her down everytime they meet and do it with her all night long. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡


14 thoughts on “S.Y.K – Ranfan

  1. You’re so fast…I can’t write reviews fast as you! It’s probably because I get distracted most easily. LOL
    When I saw Ranfan for the first time I was so surprised to find him as an extremely gaudy crossdresser LOL and voiced by Kondou Takashi…
    Then all of a sudden people were fangirling over him…I’m glad to know he’s 男前 XD

    • No, it only seems fast because I saved them as drafts first. Then I post one summary per day lol. I’m actually way slower than you think. xD

      LOL yes I was like “Kondou’s voicing an okama? What a waste..” but Suou’s a pretty awesome character. Now I can finally understand why people were fangirling over him THAT much. Manly guys are hawt. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

    • LOL Ranfan’s hilarious as a woman indeed. I love it when he complained about Genjou’s looks.. since she looks like Bo Peep minus the dress. Even my grandma dressed better than that lol.

      But yeah he’s so manly n sexy as a man. Push her down, Suou~ xD

  2. this route is weird and funny at the same time, the route is somewat disappointing (dont really know y though >.>) … idk wat else to say o.o””’
    well looking forward to the next review =D

    • Yesss play it before you start Renshouden because Suou is awesome. x3
      I was lazy at first since he’s an okama, but after he reveals his true manly self this route is full of hawtness. xD

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