S.Y.K ~Renshouden~ Portable

Renshouden just came in the mail this morning. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ It’s faster than I expected since it didn’t get stuck at the customs, which is good since I’m still in S.Y.K mood. Gyokuryuu~ ♥

S.Y.K ~Renshouden~ contains stories from both Genjou and Konzenshi’s sides. In Genjou’s arc we get to see short stories happening in their journey, as well as individual chapters for each guy. Konzenshi’s arc mainly deals with the heavens and the hermits 500 years ago, including everyone’s favorite yandere — Jirou Shinkun.

Below are the summaries for the travel journals in Genjou’s arc:

Travel Journal 1
It all begins when Hakkai picked up a love letter, thinking it has something to do with beautiful girls. Inside they found a message “I want friends please help” coded among the letters. Following the clues, they went to a nearby mountain to see who’s asking for help. However, there they found a youkai who wants to go on an adventure instead. He’s been waiting for months just to get a party, so now he wants them to join his journey!

Genjou said it’s okay if he can accept the fact that she’s priest Sanzo. The youkai ran away crying since they’re the only ones who managed to decipher his love letter and found him all the way here.. and they turn out to be enemies. xD

Travel Journal 2
One morning Genjou went to the lake and met Kougaiji there. He still tried to convince her to work for the underworld, but he’s not here to kidnap her. Somehow he’s attracted by the traces of Konzenshi’s power hidden in Genjou. When he moved closer, Genjou tried to push him away.. and surprisingly he really fell into the lake LOL. Her followers soon came and went ・・・(゚ロ゚;)エッ when they saw Kougaiji sitting in the lake, all wet ROFL.

Before Kougaiji attacks, Gokuu threw a failed smoke bomb. Genjou used this chance to get away from the spot since Kougaiji’s target is her. The choices here will unlock the individual chapters, depending on who escaped and had a short raburabu moment with her. In the end of this chapter Kougaiji left them. The reason’s different in each route, including Youzen to the rescue and Ranfan dragging Kougaiji back.

One of the options actually leads to Genjou grabbing Kougaiji instead, and they end up having tea together since he just wanted to talk about her goal. When her followers caught up to them, Kougaiji also invited them to drink tea together even though they’re enemies LOL. I never mentioned this in my S.Y.K summaries, but Kougaiji is actually a tea maniac. He can talk about tea for HOURS with Hakkai, who shares similar interest.

Youzen / Jirou Shinkun’s route in Genjou’s arc will be unlocked after finishing his route in Konzenshi’s arc. I’m playing the latter first so I don’t have to go back and forth between the two sections. The chapters in Konzenshi’s arc are very short, so I’ll put them into one post.


7 thoughts on “S.Y.K ~Renshouden~ Portable

  1. thats great ur game didnt get stuck in customs, it would have sucked if it did D=
    so anyways wow thats so cool =D, but i wonder y there isnt a route for Kougaiji? i think it would have been interesting >.> … or maybe i was expecting the unexpected for this game lol

    • Maybe because I told my friend to keep the package small and simple? They tend to hold big packages for a long time here.. >_> Actually I was expecting a Kougaiji route too when I saw the CG of him sitting in the lake, but I guess he’s too obsessed with his father to fall in love lol. It’d be nice to see him marry Genjou and have their own tea time everyday though..

  2. On my first glance at the image above, I thought Hakkai’s hair got shorter. XD
    I’m getting excited in your review especially about Youzen’s route. I’m curious about him. ^^

    waaaaah. You’ve added me in your blogroll. Thank you. ^_^

    • LOL I did too. Maybe because the lower pinkish part of his hair isn’t visible in that picture. I’m saving Youzen for the last since I like him a lot, but yeah I’m curious about him too. Can’t resist that Moutoku voice lol.

      Also, thanks for linking me too. x3

  3. ohio~

    can u please tell me if there is an english version of this game?
    and from where can i download/buy it?

    and also can u please suggest me other games like this :)
    im sorry i amjust new to all this and dont know alot of thing i just loved u’r description so much that i want to play <3

    • Otome games rarely get translated to English, and this game is no exception. I know it’s hard for non-Japanese speaking players to understand, so I strongly suggest you learn Japanese if you wanna enjoy otome games thoroughly.

      You can buy the game from Play-Asia here.

      By games “like this” did you mean fantasy / historical otome games? If yes then I’d recommend Sangoku Rensenki, but then again the language level is pretty heavy.. so it’d be hard if you don’t understand Japanese. You can read my summaries though to get the storyline. xD

      • thanks :D
        oh dear god why is the the second language that i speak isn’t japaneseDX

        oh well
        ill keep reading u’r blog .. and try to catch up with u’r summries

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