S.Y.K Renshouden – Konzenshi’s Arc

Going through this first for the sake of convenience. After this I can do everyone in Genjou’s section without turning back, including Youzen. There’s no flowery romance here though..

Konzenshi was born and raised in the heavens, until Shaka Nyorai came and took her to Raionji as an apprentice. Five hundred years ago a war broke out betwen the heavens and the underworld, dragging the human world into the fight. Konzenshi left her master’s side hoping she can do something to stop the war. She went back to the palace in the heavens, and that’s where she met the hermits — all holding different opinions about the war.

To sum it up, basically the events go like this:
Konzenshi stayed in the palace to think about what to do, interacting with the hermits during her stay there. One day she met Enmaou in front of Tenjiku and asked him to join hands, but he refused. Eventually she decided to create the “third party” with a youkai representative from the underworld, and that’s where her journey started.

What happened after that is described in Gokuu’s route in S.Y.K.

Seiten Taisei

A straightforward man of extraordinary talent. He’s rough, but very brave in everything he does. He makes excellent judgement and insight during the hard times, making him a reliable and well-liked general among his subordinates. Taisei is childhood friends with Youzen and holds a high position in the heavens.

Taisei got thrown into the human world with Youzen when they were small. They didn’t know how to return to the heavens, and that time they were saved by a human. That changed his perspective regarding humans, who are weak in power but help everyone in need. Hermits are far stronger but most of them doesn’t do anything.. and this made him think that hermits aren’t that great after all. Just like Konzenshi, Taisei wanted to stop the war too and offered to help whenever she needs it.

After she decided to make the “third party”, Taisei agreed to join her and took his two loyal subordinates. He also introduced another person that will join their quest: the third dragon prince, Gyokuryuu. Before their departure, Konzenshi asked if he’s really sure about this. Taisei knelt down and vowed eternal loyalty to her. He’s throwing away his position in the heavens for what he believes in, giving his life to fight for her from now on. Konzenshi accepted his vow, and that marked the day when he became her first follower.

Konzenshi asked him to promise that he won’t lose, as she won’t let him die without her permission. Taisei promised that he will surely bring victory to her. On their journey, he asked her to take care of Youzen if anything happens to him. There’s also something he wants to tell her when the war’s over.. but he never got the chance to say he loves her. He died when fighting Enmaou, and it turns out that it was him who asked Enmaou to take his soul. Taisei knows that Enmaou wanted to see Konzenshi before he dies, so he offered his soul just for that purpose. He wants to watch over Konzenshi and his friends with this soul. It was his own decision not to reincarnate.

Taisei whispered an apology to Youzen before Enmaou took his soul. He thanked Konzenshi for protecting the human world he loves, and he apologized since they won’t ever meet again. That’s probably his only regret. He wants her to smile and keep living.


Youzen’s subordinate and apprentice of Kannon Bosatsu. Excels in information gathering. He’s always troubled since his boss always does as he pleases, including skipping work and hiding important documents. His job is to be the “cushion” for free hermits like Youzen, which means that he’s the one cleaning up their mess.

Apparently taking care of Youzen includes stopping him when he fights with Taisei. Both of them are powerful hermits, so it gives bad influence to the others if they fight. Sadly none of them listens to what Kisa says.. even though they fight over small stuff, like Taisei breaking Youzen’s celadon bowl. Konzenshi feels sorry for Kisa and offered to help him work, but Kisa said he doesn’t think his job is painful. She could clearly see that Kisa respects Youzen a lot, though he said he does all of this because it’s his job.

Kisa admits that his first impression of Youzen was the worst. He’s impressed with his skills when they started working together, but he still disliked Youzen at first. 400 years ago, Kisa learned that Youzen and Taisei wanted to change these rotten heavens. Making their dreams come true became Kisa’s goal as well, and that’s the reason why he wants to stop the war.

Before her departure from the heavens, Konzenshi met Kisa and bid farewell to him. She tried to invite him as well, but he refused since he can’t leave Youzen’s side. It’s the decision he made for himself, not for anyone else. Konzenshi wished him good luck and asked him to keep supporting Youzen. Kisa swore that he won’t give up no matter what.


Kisa’s younger brother, also one of the heavenly hermits. Both of them are the sons of Ritenou, whose family have a deep connection with Kannon. He doesn’t like Youzen since a long time ago because he keeps troubling Kisa. His specialty is fortune-telling, and he’s a powerful sorcerer who can use various spells.

Nataku avoids Konzenshi at first and seems cold, but she found out that he actually gets along just fine with everyone. He gradually warmed up to her, though still hiding behind his quiet and unsociable exterior. One day Nataku collapsed after fighting with the underworld. It was his father’s order, and he was told to keep his mouth shut. Konzenshi was worried about him, but Nataku said it’s his job for his family. He did it to live up to his father’s expectations, and to support Kisa as well. He had to work for the heavens.

After Konzenshi decided to make the “third party”, Nataku told her it’s better not to hold unecessary emotions. What limited her movements were the world’s nature, so there’s no need to blame herself. She noticed he’s talking about her participation in the fight, and she said he’s a really kind person. He’s the only one who noticed her sadness upon saying goodbye to her life as a hermit.

Konzenshi met Nataku on the flower field before her departure. She heard that he’s going to the underworld as a spy, and she can only pray for his safety since she’s in no position to stop him. He gave her a flower though he denied it’s from him. They’re enemies now so he can’t pray for her success, but he will wait until she returns to the heavens safely.

Kannon Bosatsu

A high-rank hermit in the heavens. He can hear human voices clearly, and it’s his job to listen and respond to their prayers. Quite friendly with Shaka Nyorai and often visits him to complain about work. For some reason he doesn’t like Konzenshi, and he always throws insults at her when not in Nyorai’s presence. The feeling is mutual.

Even though it’s his role to listen to people’s prayers and guide them, Kannon ignored the human world. Konzenshi couldn’t accept this since the hermits under him won’t move to help people too, but Kannon told her they can’t save everyone. There will always be victims and the prayers will never end, they can’t listen to every single one of them. He told her to ask Nyorai instead, but she knew he was just mocking her since it’s impossible. Kannon only helps people if it benefits the heavens, and Konzenshi was pissed since she couldn’t do anything.

After Konzenshi decided to make the “third party”, she came to ask Kannon about the future he sees. He said even though he guides humans, there’s no guarantee that they’ll move according to his guidance. So he can’t see that far into the future either. He wants to see a human who can change the world through actions, just because it’d be interesting. Though they’ll probably kill that human before anything big happens.

Before her departure, Kannon went to see her off though he won’t ever admit it. He said she’s a fool for betraying the heavens, because he can see her regretting her actions before she dies in the future. But even so, Konzenshi chose to walk forward. Kannon kissed her hair, saying that she’s indeed very hermit-like.. in the sense that she’s just as rotten as the heavens. He said goodbye to her, promising to guide her when they meet again. She won’t remember him by then. He threw insults at her as usual, but deep down he’s sad that he lost someone fun to toy around with.

Jirou Shinkun / Youzen

Seiten Taisei’s best friend. They’ve been friends since childhood and get along great until now. When Taisei is in charge of the army, Youzen takes care of all the political work with Kisa. He often sneaks out of his room to visit his best friend, or just to take a walk around the palace. Makes his own replica dolls to replace himself when he skips work.

Youzen was quite friendly towards Konzenshi. To lighten up her mood, he took her to a lake where he used to play with Taisei and Kisa. His sense of direction is nonexistent and he often gets lost even in the palace. Konzenshi guided him back to his own room, where he thanked her by having tea together. He told her that Taisei is the cause of his bad sense of direction. He used to take Youzen and wandered off into unknown areas, and Youzen found it difficult to remember directions ever since. Taisei always manages to find the place he’s looking for, but that’s not the case with Youzen lol.

After Konzenshi formed the “third party”, she went to the flower fiend and found Youzen sleeping there. He got lost again when he was looking for Taisei, and somehow ended up here lol. He’s hiding this from everyone, Konzenshi said it’s okay even if he gets lost since there are always people who’ll help him find the way. He’s happy since both Taisei and her are those “people”. Most of the hermits are rotten and forgot that there’s always hope if they don’t give up trying.

Before her departure to the human world, Konzenshi met Youzen. He was obviously sad since she’s taking away his best friend, but he said he’s relieved. Taisei never loses, so it’d be safe for the heavens even if they fail. Youzen admits that it’s actually only Taisei who wants to protect the heavens, as Youzen himself was confused about what he wants to do. Konzenshi told him to keep walking forward, and he asked her to take care of Taisei.

Shaka Nyorai

A powerful being who is the source of all creations. Not involved with any of the three worlds, though he’s connected to them. He lives with his apprentices in a different space, where he watches over the world alone. Nyorai never shows any interests in anything at all, only caring about Konzenshi.

Konzenshi kept visiting Raionji, Nyorai’s temple, from time to time since it’s her home too. She wants him to see the beautiful Tenjiku directly, and he said he’ll go with her someday. He also told her that Kannon used to come and see him when he was younger. Kannon had just become a hermit then, and he cried saying the voices are so noisy he couldn’t sleep at night. Nyorai told him to get used to it since he’ll hear those voices all his life. Kannon likes that attitude better than half-assed sympathy, and so he keeps visiting Nyorai ever since.

The war and destructions of the worlds are distorting Nyorai’s power too, and he knows that they won’t be save all of the people asking for help down there. He’s not rejecting her decision, but he also wants her to forget mercy. It’s hurting her everytime someone dies, and he couln’t stand seeing her sad. Nyorai doesn’t know emotions, but he cares about her.. and only her.

After she made the “third party”, Konzenshi came back to see Nyorai. He knows how she feels and told her not to apologize. It’s the path she chose, even if she had to betray her master and the heavens. Before her departure to the human world, Nyorai said he can see Konzenshi’s future too, just like Kannon. He doesn’t want her to get hurt and suffer since there’s a safer way to be happy, which is not to get involved in the war. However, that’s not the real “happiness”. Konzenshi knows that, and Nyorai respected her decision.

Nyorai told her there’s a trapped soul somewhere in this world, and he asked her if she wants to save him. When she said yes, Nyorai kissed her palm and gave her the lotus mark. If she still wishes to save that soul even after she reincarnates, this mark will guide her. Konzenshi said she’s really glad to be his apprentice, and Nyorai replied it was fun having a stubborn apprentice like her.

LOL Kannon is such a tsundere. Nothing really happened with the hermits, but Kannon’s chapter is my favorite. It’s fun seeing him and Konzenshi throwing sarcasm at each other. Taisei’s chapter is also good if you don’t mind sad endings. He loves Konzenshi too.. (´・ω・`) Nyorai looks good in his original body, and you can feel his affection for Konzenshi in his chapter. The other hermits are so-so, though somehow Nataku’s chapter puts me to sleep. There’s also a chapter for Enmaou, but I’m not putting it here since it’s just a repetition +α of Gokuu’s route in S.Y.K.


10 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Konzenshi’s Arc

  1. Hm…. Sorry if I sound rather ignorant from asking this but, do you ever see Gonzenshi’s face? None of the CG’s here seem to show it.

  2. So like, when I saw Gonzenshi’s back in Kisa’s CG, my mind suddenly screamed “TAMAKI!” as in, you know, the Hiiro no Kakera girl lol. Same style and color, too.

    LOL I wish I could bring myself to play this game. Hystorical stuff isn’t really my cup of tea. And there are so many weird names that I can’t remember half of them orz /needs to study more japanese

    • LOL now that you mention it.. she does look like Tamaki from behind. xD
      Yeah I guess historical otome games are like hell if you don’t like them. There’s a lot of names / places / terms to remember, not to mention the kanji difficulty.. but sadly I’m a historical freak, so I had to learn those difficult terms lol.

  3. Saiten Taisei sounds like he’s my type. It’s so sad that he couldn’t tell Konsenshi his feelings. *sigh* I have to hurry up and play SYK and buy Renshouden

    • Somehow this comment was marked as spam, sorry it took me so long to notice Hazuki.. Yeah Taisei sounds like your type. You like bright and cheerful guys right? xD It’s really too bad his story ended in such a way.. but I guess he knows Konzenshi’s feelings was for Enmaou. ;_;

      • Yes, I like the bright and cheerful type LOL but if they are 男前 and responsible then my feelings will never be swayed by another character (like a tsun/kuudere LOL)
        Even though Konzenshi/Enmaou is the OTP – it’s just too sad for Taisei Konzenshi even made Taisei promise not to die ;_;

        • Yeah in the end Taisei couldn’t fulfill that promise, and his only regret before dying.. It’s nice that we get to see Taisei in this fandisk, but that ending’s just too sad.. ;_;

  4. @.@ i have been reading these posts for a few times now but i still messed up the names lol, its nice to know the back end of the story, seriously we find things that are different from wat we thought were true =D
    cant wait to read the next review

    • Well, these CGs should make it easier for you to remember their names and faces now lol. Yeah it’s nice that we get to see things directly from Konzenshi instead of her memories, though the ending is so sad.. ;_;

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