S.Y.K Renshouden – Hakkai

Started off with Hakkai’s route, just like the order I played S.Y.K in. I’m sorry Hakkai, but that canned Mirinda keeps appearing in my head when I see your name. Lots of drama ahead.

After their official engagement, Genjou is now living in Gandara with Hakkai. She spends a lot of time learning about the country in the library. Hakkai is a prince and a candidate for future king, so she wants to be a woman suitable for him. He helps her study and makes sure she takes a break, kissing her when he gets the chance to do so. Seems like they’re living a happy life together, but Hakkai’s older brothers are not pleased.

The third prince, Carlos, doesn’t only hate Hakkai. He hates Genjou too as Hakkai’s fiancee. The fourth prince, Alex, is more neutral, but he clearly doesn’t like Genjou as well. She’s from a different country, not to mention that the resident of Gandara thinks priest Sanzo will bring bad omen for their country. They’re both sarcastic towards Hakkai, and Genjou was worried since it happens everytime they meet. The first prince loves wandering and is away from Gandara most of the time, while the second prince has a weak body and rarely comes out of his room. Only the fifth prince, Zenon, is nice towards Hakkai, but he’s currently working in another country.

Both Carlos and Alex will definitely try to attack Hakkai since they’re all fighting over the throne. Carlos is straightforward and attacks from the front, while Alex is the type that will stab you from behind. They’re hostile towards Hakkai because the king now prefers Hakkai over everyone else, considering he saved them from Nataku last time. Not to mention that Hakkai is very popular among the people of Gandara. Genjou is worried and suggested Hakkai put some guards around him, but Hakkai doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Brothers aside, Hakkai’s little sister Litos likes Genjou and is interested in their relationship. From Litos, Genjou heard that recently Hakkai seems busy about something. He didn’t tell Litos since she’s still a kid, but he didn’t tell Genjou either. This caused Genjou to realize that Hakkai and Mirinda are like two different person. Hakkai who journeyed with her needs her, but what about Mirinda? She wants to support him as his wife, but he never told her anything. Genjou starts to doubt if Mirinda really needs her.

Hakkai was worried since Genjou was spacing out a lot after that. He asked her to tell him her worries, as they already promised to share everything. She returned the words back at him, saying she wants to support him even though she can’t do much. She asked him if he really doesn’t wanna be king, afraid that he’s holding back for her sake. Hakkai fell into a short silence, but he answered that he loves this country and it’s enough. Genjou is the most important thing to him. He’ll do whatever he can for the country as a prince. In the end he didn’t tell her what really happened.

One day, Hakkai suddenly took Genjou to the town. She noticed him carrying some travel bags, and he said they’re going to the capital of Tou where Gojou works. The king already gave his permission since Hakkai’s going there for “observation”, but Genjou was worried about Carlos and Alex’s reaction. Hakkai said it’s really important and wants her to come, so eventually she agreed since Hakkai needs her. They camped in the forest at night, and Hakkai noticed she looks really happy. It reminds her of their journey with everyone.

They reached the capital soon and met Gojou right away. Gojou was glad to see that they didn’t change, but Genjou still has her doubts. Gojou offered to help with Hakkai’s observation, and Genjou said she’ll walk around the town alone. She didn’t want to disturb them and assured Hakkai that she’ll be fine. A few days later, they’re leaving the capital to go back to Gandara. Somehow Gojou noticed that Genjou’s worried, so he told her that Hakkai didn’t and will never change. He will always be Hakkai who cares about everyone, though he tends to keep things for himself.

After saying goodbye to Gojou, Hakkai told Genjou that he wants to talk when they’re back in Gandara. She was about to ask further when suddenly they were interrupted by a woman Hakkai used to date in the past. Hakkai panicked and tried to refuse politely, eventually saying “see you later” to the woman. Genjou was jealous and pissed, even though she knows Hakkai was only trying not to be rude.

Hakkai was busy after they returned to Gandara. One day Genjou accidentally saw him talking to a spy, and she remembered about what Litos said. He also assigned a guard to protect Genjou at all times. When he said he won’t tolerate any failure, Genjou was surprised to see him looking so cold.. the look he showed her when he first kidnapped her with the kyouten.

Carlos and Alex eventually attacked Genjou when she was studying alone in the library. They knocked out her guard and she was taken into her room. Alex then told her to ask Hakkai to renounce his right of succession. Genjou didn’t come to Gandara to be the queen, and that position will only bring danger to both Hakkai and her. Moreover, if Hakkai becomes the king he might marry other women to make more children. Genjou already knew that something like this will happen someday, and she was ready to walk forward with him no matter what path ke takes. But Mirinda never tells her anything, making her feel that there’s a distance between them.

Despite her negative thoughts, Genjou refused the offer since she believes Hakkai would make a good king. She knows he’s only holding back so she won’t be in danger. Hakkai soon found them and got mad at his brothers for kidnapping Genjou, so they left for now. Alex told Genjou to give the idea another thought. Before Genjou could explain anything, Hakkai hugged her and she realized that he was shivering. He’s really scared of losing her, and he asked her to understand her position a bit more.

Genjou asked him to tell her everything. Hakkai apologized saying he kept quiet because he didn’t want her to poke her head into danger. She couldn’t answer when he asked what Alex told her, and he asked if she’s scared of Mirinda. He wants to stay as Hakkai in front of her. Their journey gave him a lot of precious things, and his new self “Hakkai” is one of them. However, after returning to Gandara he realized that he can’t show that side alone. She will also see him as “Mirinda”. Genjou was confused about what he’s trying to say, and he left after saying he probably can never be the “Hakkai” she loves.

Litos was worried and visited her at night, and she was surprised to see Genjou crying. She doesn’t hate Mirinda and wants to know more about him, but he never showed that side of him in front of her. In the end he made a decision without thinking of how she really feels. Just like what Gojou said, Hakkai never changed and still keeps all things to himself. She feels better after talking to Litos, who was worried that she’ll dump her brother. Genjou assured her that she won’t do such things, then she went to slap Hakkai in his room.

Naturally Hakkai was surprised, but Genjou didn’t stop there and told him how she really feels. While it’s true that she fell in love with “Hakkai”, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s the person she loves. She’s not scared of Mirinda. She’s scared when she can’t get closer to that side of him, and that’s what has been haunting her all this time. That day he already promised that he won’t ever leave her again, so his words earlier really pissed her off.

This finally opened Hakkai’s eyes and he apologized. He admits that he wants to aim for the throne. He didn’t have the intention to do so. As long as the first prince becomes the king, he can support the country as a prince. However, first prince already renounced his right of succession when Hakkai was away. After returning to Gandara, he found out that Alex was trying to sell Gandara to another country. Hakkai wants to become the king to protect Genjou, his family, and the people of Gandara. He was afraid that Genjou won’t accept his decision because this side of him isn’t like “Hakkai” at all, so he couldn’t tell her. By being the queen, Genjou will also be tied with a lot of rules and people. He didn’t want to force her to get through such experience.

Genjou said he’s really stupid. She already decided to stay with him no matter what path he takes. If he has time to think about whether she loves Mirinda or not, he better use it to show that side to her. She asked him not to run away anymore, and Hakkai said he believes in her. He kissed her saying he can’t be without her after all. He asked her to give her everything to him and stay with him forever.

Since Carlos already found out about Alex’s intention, Hakkai asked for his help to stop Alex. Carlos threw a bunch of complaints and reasons why he doesn’t like Hakkai, but he agreed to help because he knows how much he loves Gandara. To carry out their plan, first Genjou came to tell Alex that she accepts his offer. Alex was delighted and promised that he won’t cause them any harm, completely unaware that it’s just an act. He moved right away and tried to accuse Hakkai of a crime he didn’t do in front of the king, bringing Genjou as the fake witness to support his plan.

When Alex asked Genjou to reveal Hakkai’s crime according to their plan, Genjou told the king that the things Alex said earlier were all a lie. He was only deceiving her, using her to provide a false testimony. She’s Hakkai’s fiancee, and there’s no way she can betray him for a crime he didn’t do. Carlos also supported this by revealing that Alex’s planning to sell the country, and Hakkai already found all of the fake evidence he prepared. The king put the case on hold for further examination, but it won’t be long until he found out about Alex’s plan. Alex won’t give up that easily, so Hakkai made sure the guards won’t let him cause any troubles.

Now that everything’s over, Carlos’ attitude towards Genjou becomes softer. He still thinks that Hakkai’s a cheeky brother though. Hakkai was tired after working so hard to cancel Alex’s plan lately, and he asked Genjou to return to their room. He needs her to keep going, saying that he feels sick whenever she’s not around. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

In the ending, Alex was temporarily divested of his succession right. He’s under observation as well, so now everything’s peaceful for Gandara. Hakkai promised Carlos to fight for the throne fair and square, and this is the first time Hakkai saw him as his big brother. Genjou and him are having tea with Litos in the garden, where she asked if they made up already. They thanked Litos for helping them make up, and they were about to enter their own world when Litos dragged them back to reality lol. She lets them have their own raburabu time, but she wants to borrow Genjou the next day. She even calls her nee-sama even though she’s not married to Hakkai yet. (*´ω`*)

After Litos left, Hakkai kissed Genjou’s hand and promised that he will never let her go again. He will be the king for her sake. Genjou said she’s not expecting anything from him since he’ll probably keep his problems to himself again, but she will always stay with him. Even if he keeps repeating the same mistake, she wants to believe in him. Hakkai can stay strong because Genjou’s always there for him, and he asked her to stay and make him happy. Genjou said she will, because that makes her happy too.

In the after story, Genjou already got used to Gandara. Before her wedding with Hakkai, Genjou heard about his childhood from Yuuri, her tutor. He was bullied by his brothers, but he never told the king because he knows his brothers are only scared. Yuuri told him he’s a kind person, but he should remember that there are people who feels sad upon seeing him holding all the pain to himself. Like Yuuri himself, who always thought of Hakkai as the king ever since they were small. Yuuri’s probably the vassal Hakkai trusts the most, which is why he asked him to teach Genjou the things she needs to learn.

Genjou noticed that Hakkai’s hiding something from her recently. He was surprised that she knows, because even Yuuri didn’t notice. He apologized to Genjou and said that he’ll tell her that night, but Genjou noticed that Hakkai had a small cut on his finger. Just as he promised, that night Hakkai called her to his room and showed her a pretty dress. It looks similar to the dress he chose for her during their journey. From the wound on his finger, Genjou figured out that Hakkai actually sew the dress himself. He asked her to try it on.

He always thought that the Hakkai who journeyed with her is a fake. He didn’t wanna lie to them since he had to betray them later, so his heart remained true. It hurt him when he had to lie to them to hide his real intentions, but he’s okay now. He’s got Genjou by his side, who makes sure that he won’t carry all burdens by himself. Hakkai then pushed her to his bed to prove his love for her. (*ノωノ) He wants her to know how much he loves her, asking her to love him back as much as he does.

So much royal drama here. I guess it can’t be helped since Hakkai is a prince.. and princes fighting over the throne is a popular theme in otome games. I do like the serious and devoted Hakkai, but somehow I miss the old Hakkai too. (´・ω・`) Maybe that’s because he’s the source of LOL in the previous game, and there’s not so much funny moments in this route… I keep having Ace Attorney flashbacks during that last scene with Alex lol. But I like Litos, she’s so adorable. (。→∀←。) I love it when little sisters are sticking to their future sister-in-law like that.


8 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Hakkai

  1. i got a moujuutsukai flashback with all the drama >.> its nice to see wats after the main story and see how every1 is living their lives out =D i actually like Hakkai in this one
    ths for the review =) cant wait for the next one

    • Well BM&P’s main theme is royal dispute, so.. xD
      While it’s nice to see the continuation of their lives, seriously this route has too much drama than necessary. >_> I do like Hakkai as a character, but lol @ those Ace Attorney moments.

  2. LMAO i know wot u mean abt thhe Mirinda bs – I’m writin up a post on this and i’ve had to keep refraining from making OJ jokes LOL xD

    anyway yeah I still don’t like Hakkai. Period. xD

    • Great, you’re writing a post for Renshouden too. :D
      Yeah this Mirinda-Hakkai thing was dragged on for too long LOL. Why do people like royal dramas so much.. I was expecting more routes like Gojou’s actually. xD

  3. I really like Hakkai in his prince appearance……i mean Mirinda LOL really hot……..but i don’t like the life Genjou spend in palace…….i still prefer the journey’s life outside
    Btw….i don’t like royal drama……it’s so typical and not funny at all…..Really look forward to your next preview……..can’t wait to see Gokuu and Suou ^^

    • I can’t help but LOL everytime the name “Mirinda” is mentioned, but yeah he’s really hot in his prince attire. xD I know what you mean.. I miss their old journey life too. When they went to visit Gojou I was like OMG so nostalgic. ;_;

      I’ll be posting the routes in the same order as S.Y.K. :D

  4. Gaaah. So dramatic and his carefree look suites him more. ^^;; But I’ll let it go because he looks good in his prince attire. XD

    I just noticed that Genjou’s hair is short on the back side. I was fooled by those two long ponytails. XD

    • Exactly. I liked him the least in S.Y.K, but I missed the old him.. ;_;
      LOL yeah I thought her hair’s long too until I saw the back of her head. We never really get to see it with her headdress. xD

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