S.Y.K Renshouden – Gojou

While Hakkai’s route was too dramatic for me, Gojou’s route provides the peaceful slice of life feel I was looking for. Honestly, my brain needs laid-back routes like this sometimes. (p・Д・;)

Genjou has been married to Gojou for six months now. They live a happy life, with Genjou cooking and making bentou for him every morning. She helped combing his hair before he goes to work, and Gojou said he’ll keep it short from now on. Sometimes she goes to visit the orphanage, but most of the time she stays at home at cooks dinner for him. One day after Gojou goes to work, someone came and brought a bad news for Genjou…

Gojou was teased at work since he’s now happily married. One of his workmates said happiness only lasts when you’re newlyweds, but Gojou believes they can be happy forever. He came home early that evening and found Genjou gone, even though she said she’s not going out that day. There’s only a letter on the table saying “実家に帰らせていただきます” signed by Genjou. That’s a phrase a wife says when she fights with her husband, so Gojou was shocked and panicked in an instant LOL.

Meanwhile, Genjou was at the orphanage. She was about to go home when the kids said there’s someone suspicious in the entrance, who turned out to be.. her husband. Gojou flew to the orphanage after reading her letter and begged her to go home. He asked her to tell him directly if he makes any mistakes. They’re married now, and he wants them to support each other because he loves her. Genjou was all (?´・ω・`)? but he stopped him since the kids are watching lol. She quickly realized what’s going on and explained that she came here because the priest collapsed due to back pain. That was the “bad news” she heard earlier. xD

Gojou apologized for the misunderstanding, and they walked home holding hands. He thinks he became more selfish now that the past isn’t haunting him anymore, and Genjou said it’s not a bad thing. She’s already happy right now, but he wants to make her even happier from now on. He also has another wish, though for now he doesn’t know if he can get it. This makes Genjou think that Gojou’s worried about something. Gojou rarely relies on other people, but she wants him to tell her if he has any worries.

The next day, Genjou surprised Gojou by coming to the castle bringing some food for him and his friends. They can only watch in jealousy as the married couple created their own world, but they understand why Gojou keeps praising his wife lol. From her visit, Genjou learned that Gojou received a promotion from the emperor himself. She was surprised since he never told her, but Gojou said he was waiting for a chance to report tell her.. and end up forgetting it. Naturally Genjou was happy with the news.

That night Genjou prepared a feast to celebrate his promotion. Things went wrong when Gojou brought home a bottle of drink from his friend. He was told that it’s not alcohol, so he thought it should be fine. They shared the drink and Genjou panicked when she realized that it is alcoholic. When she tried to stop Gojou, he was already in his silent drunk state with the bottle half-empty lol. He eventually pushed her down to the bed, saying it pissed him off whenever she speaks with other guys.. like his workmates.

Before Gojou could do anything dangerous to her, suddenly Kisa appeared and poured water on them lol. This opened Gojou’s eyes and he returned to normal. He was shocked upon learning that he tried to attack Genjou. Just as she expected, Gojou thought he had to commit seppuku because of this, but she stopped him. She finally heard how he really feels earlier and it makes her happy, though she wants to hear it from him directly next time. Gojou swore that he would never ever touch alcohols ever again lol.

Kisa pulled them out of their rainbow world since he came here for a reason. It turns out that Gojou has been praying for Kisa to come and see them all this time, and he finally found the time to visit them. Now that he’s here, Gojou told him his wish: to meet Kannon. The Jade Emperor already asked Nyorai to release Kannon from his seal, since Kannon’s power is important for the heavens. They’re still putting some restrictions on him because the heavens are still unstable. Kannon can’t come down to the human world easily now, but Kisa will try to ask him to see Gojou.

After Kisa left, Genjou asked why Gojou wants to see Kannon. He tried to kill them after all. Gojou said he can’t hate Kannon no matter what, since he was the one who saved his life. Kannon only gave him the options, and he was the one who made the decision. He always looked back at his past and felt guilty for what he did, but again it was because he was weak. He never blamed Kannon for all that happened. Now he only wants to know Kannon’s real intention, though he doesn’t expect any answer.

Gojou had a day off a few days later. He was relaxing at home with Genjou when Kisa suddenly came to see them. He already got the permission for Gojou to see Kannon. Since Kannon’s not allowed to go to the human world, Gojou had to come and see him in the heavens. He wants to take Genjou along, and Kisa agreed to guide them both to the heavens. Both of them got busy preparing some gifts for the hermits, with Kisa sighing at the background at how similar this married couple are. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Kisa warped them to the heavens, but he can’t accompany them since he’s got work to do. They were nervous, but soon Kannon came to greet them himself.. by being a tsundere and asked if they came here just to spread their raburabu aura to another world lol. Despite Kannon’s sarcastic remarks, Gojou said that he’s really grateful and can never hate him. He didn’t know and never tried to find out what Kannon really wants, but he wants Kannon to know that he’s not blaming him for everything. Kannon laughed and said he’s really stupid, but that’s why he likes Gojou.. as a toy.

Kannon explained that his role is to hear “voices” of humans and guide them. He can hear all voices, including the ones containing negative emotions. All this time he’s been guiding and helping people as much as possible, but even so humans are never satisfied and will keep asking for more. There are even those who got angry because Kannon saved them. He’s not doing this because he wants to be thanked, but eventually he got pissed after facing those kind of people over and over again. He only gave them a way, and humans make their own decisions — just like what Gojou said. Kannon told Gojou to be proud, for without fools like him the human world would never be able to prosper.

That’s probably the best compliment considering it’s coming from Kannon, but the dense Gojou didn’t get what he was trying to say lol. Before Kannon leaves, Gojou said he doesn’t hate him and probably never will. But if he hurts Genjou, it’d be a different story. Both Kannon and Genjou went Σ(゚д゚ ) for a while, then Kannon said he doesn’t have any plans mess around with his toys. He wished them to get old and die of natural death, which they translated as Kannon’s way of telling them to be happy LOL.

Now that Gojou’s wish has been fulfilled, Kisa sent them back to the human world. He didn’t choose the location, so they were warped to a completely random area. The sun was already down by the time they see the capital from afar. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Genjou sprained her anke while walking and Gojou noticed this. He carried her on his back, and he refused to hear any excuse. Gojou said he still have two more wishes, and one of them is to go to his hometown with Genjou. He wants to visit his sister’s grave with her. Genjou agreed, but she didn’t get to ask about his second wish.

When Gojou got a day off again, he finally took Genjou to his sister’s grave. There he introduced Genjou as his most precious person. His lingering regrets and doubts have vanished after talking to Kannon, so now he can properly bring Genjou here. He can move forward thanks to Genjou, and he wants to live a happy life with her from now on. Gojou asked his sister to watch over them from heaven. Genjou also prayed for Gojou’s sister, thanking her since she can meet Gojou because of her too.

After Genjou’s done praying, Gojou held her hand and told her about his second wish. Now that they’re here, he believes this is the right time to tell her. It’s a wish only Genjou can fulfill: he wants her to call his real name. “Gojou” is the name given by Kannon, and he sealed his real name ever since he was small. But now he’s already free from his past, so he wants her to call him by that name — Kahaku. Genjou said it’s a nice name, and she asked him to always stay with her from now on. She wants to come back and tell his sister that they’re living a happy life together. Gojou said she loves her, and Genjou said she loves him too.

..then she wondered if it’s okay to be all raburabu in front of his sister’s grave lol. Gojou realized they’re creating their own rainbow world again, but he said it’s okay. His sister will surely be happy.

Some days after they returned to the capital, Genjou was caught by some flirty tourists. They forced her to guide them around, and that’s when the guards on patrol found them. Genjou was afraid that Gojou would slash the tourists on the spot, but surprisingly he was calm and chased the tourists away. When Gojou walked her back home, Genjou asked him what happened since he’s so different. Gojou said he’s trying to control his jealousy. He doesn’t want Genjou to hate him if he keeps going out of control. Genjou said it’s okay to get jealous as long as he doesn’t do anything crazy, since it makes her happy.

Gojou admits that he wants to keep her for himself, and Genjou said she’s only his. She’s his wife, so naturally he’d be the one who gets to monopolize her all the time. Gojou then kissed her saying he wants to touch her like this everytime, and Genjou drowns in the sea of happiness. He’s in the middle of work, but seems like he won’t be able to go back anytime soon since he can’t stop here. Genjou hopes his workmates understand. They’re newlyweds after all. (*ノωノ)イヤン

In the ending, Genjou learned to cook Gojou’s favorite food from his mother. That day they’re having a celebration with his friends, since Gojou received a medal at work. He said it’s enough if she’s happy, but Genjou wants everyone to know that her husband is a great man. They promised to celebrate it with just the two of them.. at night. (。→∀←。) They’re still as raburabu as usual, so much that Genjou forgot that she was cooking lol. Their happy days as a married couple will continue forever.

Two years has passed since Gojou and Genjou got married. They’re still living their happy and peaceful life.. until one day. Gojou was worried about Genjou during work. The team leader asked him what happened and he told them Genjou didn’t look so well this morning. She said it’s okay, but some days has passed and Genjou eats less everyday. Before he can bring her to a doctor, one of his neighbors came and reported that Genjou fainted at home.

Gojou rushed back home and found Genjou resting. His mother also came upon hearing the news, but she’s currently out to buy the “necessary things”. Gojou was afraid that he’d lose Genjou to an incurable disease, and he was ready to search for a doctor who can cure her. Genjou said it’s not a sickness and he won’t lose her. In fact, a new life is going to join their family. She’s pregnant with their child. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Gojou froze and blushed at the news. He’s afraid of causing any burden on her body, but Genjou asked if he won’t hug her until she gives birth lol.

One year later, Gojou and Genjou are now living happily with their son. He took care of the housework after she gave birth, and they thought of their son’s name together. Genjou said if it’s a girl Gojou probably won’t let her get married and chased away all the bugs around her, and Gojou replied he won’t do that.. maybe lol. Genjou asked if they can name their son Kahaku, since it’s an important name for both of them. Gojou agreed, happy with her suggestion.

Gojou I LOVE YOU ♡.。.:*(萌´∀`萌).。.:*♡ This route increased my love for him by tenfold. There are no unnecessary conflicts here, and I like it that way. I’d rather watch Gojou and Genjou’s happy married life rather than a draggy drama. If I have to describe this route in one word, it’d be のろけ lol. Everytime they create their own world, I can sort of see sparkly shoujo bubbles and flowers around them. (❤ฺ→艸←) The after story is so much love! God, I love baby endings way too much. ♥ Overall I love this route. Gojou is cute and I like how he secretly gets jealous inside. (。→∀←。)


6 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Gojou

  1. such a nice route =D really easy on the eyes to read (without all the fights n all that nonsense royal dispute >.>) the baby end ismore than wat i thought at the beginning >.< its sooooo cuteeeee, n the part about if the baby was a girl Gojou wouldnt let her marry is very possible lol, with a father who holds the mother in such ways theres no way its not possible
    ths for the review =D, cant wait for the next one

    • The baby end is exactly what I expected from the beginning. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪
      I think a peaceful happily-married route won’t be complete without it lol.

  2. Gojou is really a responsible man……i love him because of this ><………..This route is so peaceful………and the baby is so ardorable too ^^

    • Yes he is, and that’s what I like from him. Serious and responsible.. and dense, Gojou is so cute. (*´ω`*) This peaceful route is like an oasis to the brain after going through Hakkai’s LOL.

  3. I love this!! My expression changes from XD to ^/////////////^ every now and then. Now, I’m liking Gojou more. :3 But I’ll still wait for Gyokuyuu’s route.

    • LOL yea I couldn’t help but go all ニヤニヤ whenever something cute happened.. and almost all the scenes are cute. xD Gyokuryuu will be up next.

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