S.Y.K Renshouden – Gyokuryuu

Gyokuryuu is still my favorite in Renshouden. One thing I’m curious about after finishing S.Y.K is when will Gyokuryuu call Genjou by her name.. and this route grants my wish! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

A year has passed since their journey came to an end. Gyokuryuu and Genjou are now traveling around the world to help people. He can’t use his water magic anymore, but he’s still as strong as ever and protects her from any robbers. Gyokuryuu loves it when Genjou lets him sleep on her lap, and he likes doing the same to her when she’s tired He still calls her “oshisou-sama”, but Genjou patiently waits until he can call her name.

They’ve been camping for a while now, so they decided to stay a little longer in the next town. After putting their belongings in their room at the inn, they went shopping together. Gyokuryuu left to buy something while Genjou was shopping for supplies, saying what he bought is a secret though he’ll show it to her eventually. As Gyokuryuu’s master, Genjou was touched that he can go shopping alone. She’s happy to see Gyokuryuu grow up, as he can interact with other people and see more things now. He even told her to eat her carrots during dinner, feeding her himself since Genjou hates carrots. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

On their way back to the inn, Genjou bumped into a young man. He looks surprised and asked if she’s a traveller before leaving. The man doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, but Gyokuryuu doesn’t like him for some reason — an emotion he rarely shows up until now. The next day, something surprising happened. The young man went to see Genjou at the inn and asked her to marry him. He introduced himself a Ryuzen, the son of a rich merchant in this town. He fell in love with her at first sight and now thinks of her as his destined one. While Genjou was busy trying to refuse, Gyokuryuu was standing on the background looking shaken.

Genjou knows that there must be something behind Ryuzen’s sudden proposal, and he admits that his family forced him to marry someone he doesn’t like. Ryuzen eventually asked about Gyokuryuu since he followed them around, and Genjou said they’re traveling together. She had a complex feelings since Gyokuryuu normally would chase away all the men bugging her, but now he’s drinking tea quietly beside her. Since he calls her “oshisou-sama”, Ryuzen knows that he’s her apprentice.. and they don’t look like lovers no matter how you look at it.

Gyokuryuu said their relationship has nothing to do with Ryuzen, and there’s no need to put it into words. But Ryuzen said he needs to refuse the arranged marriage as soon as possible, and he doesn’t mind if it’s just an act. The most important thing is he can’t marry a person he doesn’t love. He doesn’t have the confidence to make his wife happy if he doesn’t love her. Being the kind soul that she is, Genjou can’t ignore those in trouble and eventually agreed to talk to his parents. She stressed that it’s impossible for her to marry him, but Ryuzen was happy and said they need to start from knowing each other more, completely ignoring the pissed Gyokuryuu beside her.

Even though they’re not lovers, Ryuzen asked Gyokuryuu to leave them alone during their “date”. Genjou didn’t like the idea, but surprisingly Gyokuryuu said he understands. He doesn’t trust Ryuzen, but he’ll leave them alone as long as he doesn’t harm Genjou. She was shocked since Gyokuryuu treasured her more than anything.. and yet now he’s leaving her with a man he doesn’t even trust. She feels sad thinking Gyokuryuu doesn’t feel anything even if she gets a boyfriend, wondering if he’d give his blessings and support like he’s doing to Ryuzen now.

Genjou doesn’t know that Gyokuryuu only wants her to be happy, even if it’s not with him. If Genjou likes someone else and wants to travel with that person, he’s willing to leave for her sake. However, there’s another part of him that wants to have her for himself, and deep inside he wants to stay with her forever. This made him confused, wondering if Genjou needs him as much as he needs her. He needs her more than anyone else in the world. No, maybe even more than the world itself.

After he left Genjou with Ryuzen, his head was full of what should he do so he can stay with her forever — something he had never thought before. He wants to work harder so Genjou will choose him, and a passing fortuneteller heard him mumbling to himself. He told Gyokuryuu to be careful, or else he’ll lose his precious person. He asked the fortuneteller what he should do, and he told Gyokuryuu to take action rather than worrying about losing her. Gyokuryuu doesn’t know what “love” means, but the fortuneteller agreed to explain everything and help him out. He said their meeting must be fate too, and Gyokuryuu feels nostalgic even though he never met this fortuneteller before.

Meanwhile, Genjou couldn’t enjoy the “date” and wanted to go back to the inn as soon as possible. Ryuzen was an interesting person, but she couldn’t read him. He asked if she’s priest Sanzo since she’s traveling to help people and Genjou said it’s true. Genjou can finally relax when she went back to the inn and had tea with Gyokuryuu, but then suddenly Gyokuryuu held her hand and moved closer. She thought he’s going to kiss her and panicked, but Gyokuryuu apologized for making her bored. Σ(@д@;) He’ll work hard to make her happy from now on, asking her not to go anywhere and leave him alone.

Genjou noticed that there’s passion in his innocent eyes, and this is the first time she looks at Gyokuryuu as a man. He was told that Genjou turned to another man because he’s boring, so all they need to do now is to confirm their feelings without words. (*ノωノ) Genjou didn’t know who told Gyokuryuu about these stuff, but she realized that he must be worried. She told Gyokuryuu that she won’t ever leave him no matter what, so he doesn’t have to force himself. However, Gyokuryuu didn’t say anything other than “Please stay by my side.”

The next morning, Ryuzen came to see Genjou again with a huge bouquet. When Genjou went to get a vase, Ryuzen asked Gyokuryuu to leave them alone for today. When he refused, Ryuzen said he’s a disturbance to Genjou and that he doesn’t know how she feels. The air was tense when Genjou got back to her room, but Gyokuryuu said it’s nothing. Ryuzen then asked Genjou to meet his parents today. Genjou didn’t want him to lie to his parents, so he said he’ll introduce her as the person he loves. He just wants her to be there and give her courage.

After he ran off to tell his family, Gyokuryuu told Genjou that Ryuzen doesn’t look like someone who’s in trouble. He’s only pretending to take advantage of Genjou, though Gyokuryuu doesn’t know the reason. He took Genjou to the back alley before Ryuzen comes back, where he asked her if she likes Ryuzen more than him. Genjou realized that Gyokuryuu is jealous, so she told him she’s only trying to help Ryuzen. The most precious person to her is Gyokuryuu himself, and this would never change. Gyokuryuu asked her in what way does she think of him as being precious, but Genjou said she can’t answer it. Love is something you have to learn yourself, and she doesn’t want Gyokuryuu to understand love from her words. For now she wants him to face his own feelings properly.

Soon Ryuzen came back looking for Genjou. She was going to leave the back alley, but suddenly Gyokuryuu hugged her from behind and asked her not to go. He quickly realized what he just said and told her to forget it, as it was something he shouldn’t have said. Genjou noticed that he’s holding back and trying not to be selfish, so she said she won’t go if Gyokuryuu asked her not to leave. Helping people is her role, but that day she already swore to live with Gyokuryuu. She doesn’t wanna do things he doesn’t like, because his happiness is her happiness to. However, Gyokuryuu only apologized for troubling her.

When Ryuzen eventually found her, Genjou quickly brushed Gyokuryuu’s hands away. She feels bad for doing it, but Gyokuryuu already erased any emotions from his face. He told Genjou to go with Ryuzen, and he’ll be waiting until she’s done. Gyokuryuu met the fortuneteller from before after she’s gone, asking him what he should do now. He doesn’t want to disturb Genjou’s job, but he doesn’t want to hand her to anyone else either. The fortuneteller told him to stop worrying. If he doesn’t wanna lose her then he should strike and take her back, telling her how he really feels. Gyokuryuu thanked him and wanted to pay the fee, but the fortuneteller said seeing his happy face is enough.

After Gyokuryuu left, the fortuneteller mumbles about how their relationship’s still stuck at that point. He then revealed who he really is — Ginkaku. He’s doing this fortuneteller job to earn money, and he never expected that his first customer would be his old friend. xD

Just as expected, Ryuzen was lying and introduced Genjou to his parents as his lover. He told them that she’s priest Sanzo, and he wants to join her journey. Ryuzen’s father was excited over his son’s wonderful decision, completely ignoring Genjou when she tried to explain that this is all wrong. He agreed to cancel the engagement and wanted to announce Ryuzen’s engagement to Genjou instead. Genjou realized that she’s been tricked indeed and she was pissed. But before she can unleash her rage, the door slammed open and Gyokuryuu came to take her back.

Ryuzen tried to stop them from ruining his plan, but Gyokuryuu pushed him back and told him “僕の玄奘に、触るな / Don’t touch my Genjou” ♡.。.:*(萌´∀`萌).。.:*♡ Ryuzen protested saying they’re not lovers, and Gyokuryuu said it doesn’t matter. They might not be lovers, but she’s the most important person to him. Genjou told him the same thing before, so he won’t give Genjou to anyone. Their relationship is far beyond the word “lovers”. Genjou didn’t know what happened, but she’s satisfied with those words.

Gyokuryuu took Genjou back to the inn, where he told her what Gokuu said to him before: Genjou is dense LOL. He finally understand what it means now, since Genjou is indeed dense and gullible. He can’t leave her alone or else she’ll get deceived by bad guys. He admits he hates it if she goes with another man, and he asked her not to do it again. She smells like the flowers Ryuzen gave her that morning, so Gyokuryuu wants to erase the smell. Genjou panicked and asked him where did he learn such words from, and he replied it’s from.. Genjou herself. (❤ฺ→艸←) Deep inside she’s always looking at him as a man, and that feeling must have reached him.

After what happened, they couldn’t just leave Ryuzen to face his parents’ wrath. Genjou went along with the plan to help him refuse the arranged marriage after all. Plus, they didn’t know the reason behind Ryuzen’s lie. They decided to go back to Ryuzen’s house, but they were surprised when Ryuzen apologized to them. After seeing the bond between Gyokuryuu and Genjou yesterday, Ryuzen decided that he won’t give up on his love. Gyokuryuu said he won’t give Genjou to him, but Ryuzen said he can relax since he’s not talking about Genjou.

Since both Genjou and Gyokuryuu were like n(ー_ー?)ン?Ryuzen explained everything to them. It turns out that he has someone he loves, and the girl loves him back.. but she’s the daughter of his father’s business rival. Of course his father was against their relationship and forced him to marry someone else, so he wanted to join Genjou’s journey hoping for a chance to elope with his girlfriend. He apologized for causing trouble for them, especially since he behaved like that to Gyokuryuu. He won’t give up until his father approved their relationship, and he’ll work hard so he can introduce them to his girlfriend if they visit this town again.

Before they leave, Gyokuryuu asked Genjou to go back first. There’s something he wants to talk about with Ryuzen man-to-man. He came back to the inn at night with a present for Genjou: a beautiful handmade ring. He already bought the materials when they first came to this town, but he didn’t know how to make it. He asked Ryuzen about it earlier since he’s a merchant and should know something like this, so Ryuzen introduced him to a craftsman. Genjou thanked him and happily accepts the present, and Gyokuryuu puts the ring onto her finger.

But that’s not all. Gyokuryuu asked if she knows the meaning behind the ring. Genjou said it’s the proof of love, but Gyokuryuu said it actually to show the desire to possess. He pulled her closer and kissed her, asking her to always be his from now on. Of course Genjou is happy with his feelings and said she’s always been his ever since he became a human. This feeling would never change, and they will always stay together til the end of time.

A few days later, Gyokuryuu and Genjou were ready to continue their journey. This time they’re heading east towards her hometown, so they can visit the orphanage and Gojou. Ryuzen went to see them off, smiling when he saw the ring on Genjou’s finger. Genjou’s virtue might have dropped because of what happened here, but they’re glad to have met Ryuzen. It’s a bit late, but Gyokuryuu asked if he can call her “Genjou”. She’s still her master, but he wants to call her name. Genjou said of course it’s fine, she’s been waiting for him to call her name after all. They continued their journey holding hands.

In the ending, five years has passed since that day. Gyokuryuu has grown up physically and their relationship is by no doubt, lovers. She was resting in a forest while he took some water for them. He doesn’t wanna leave her alone for too long since she doesn’t have any sense of danger lol. They resumed their journey, with Gyokuryuu holding her hand through the forest so she won’t fall like yesterday. But even if the path isn’t dangerous, he still wants to hold hands with her.

Gyokuryuu asked where they’re going now, and Genjou said they’ll probably continue their journey until the end of the world. Their relationship isn’t like usual lovers since they’re like a family and master-pupil too, but they treasure each other more than anything. As long as they’re together they don’t need anything else. Gyokuryuu then whispered “I love you” into her ears, and Genjou said she loves him too. (*´ω`*)

The after story takes place not too long after the incident with Ryuzen. Gyokuryuu is more possessive after that and Genjou is happy. One morning, Gyokuryuu came saying they’re leaving right now. They need to get away from this place as soon as possible. He’s back to calling her “oshishou-sama”, and she was confused when another Gyokuryuu appeared.. and this one calls her “Genjou”. Yes, there were two Gyokuryuu in front of her. Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ

The first Gyokuryuu took her outside and said the other Gyokuryuu is a fake, this time calling her “Genjou” properly. He said it’s a youkai who came to kidnap her, but soon the second Gyokuryuu came and said the same thing. They started fighting over her with poor, confused Genjou trapped in the middle. Then she suddenly realized something and asked him to let go. One of them was about to let her go, but Genjou hugged him knowing it’s the real Gyokuryuu. She asked the fake one why he’s imposing as Gyokuryuu, and he apologized before returning to his real form — a fox youkai.

The fox started crying saying he’s jealous of them. A long time ago he went to see priest Sanzo, but Gyokuryuu exterminated him along with the ones aiming for her life. Genjou was the one who saved him by asking Gyokuryuu to stop before he got killed. He can’t go back to the underworld because the kyouten already set up the limits between the worlds, but he likes it here since all the bad youkai aren’t around anymore. He continues to live a relaxing life in the human world. That’s when he saw Genjou in this town.. and got jealous of Gyokuryuu since he wants to travel with Genjou too.

Since the fox is a weak youkai, he’s afraid of both other youkai. Gyokuryuu said humans probably will accept him easier since he’s so cute, but Genjou is his.. so he can’t hand her to him. The fox sadly said he understands and left since he’s been rejected. Gyokuryuu asked Genjou if this is karma, and she replied it’s a good experience. He can understand the fox’s loneliness, but still he’s pissed since the fox touched his Genjou lol. She told him not to worry because her Gyokuryuu is only him.

They later told Ginkaku about this story when they meet him. Ginkaku was worried about their relationship, but Gyokuryuu said everything’s going fine because Genjou and him belong to each other. Ginkaku went Σ( ̄ロ ̄〃) upon hearing such a remark coming from him, and Genjou told him not to say such embarassing things in public LOL.

There’s so much 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ↑↑ moments in this route, I’m surprised I’m still alive after going through all of them lol. I couldn’t stand seeing Gyokuryuu looking so sad during the whole thing with Ryuzen, but the latter half is so good it erased all the もやもや feeling in my head. Finally Gyokuryuu called her “Genjou”, not to mention he said it in the best way possible. Don’t touch my Genjou. ε-(*´∀`|萌| His increasing possessiveness is so cute, and OMG that ending CG. Grown-up Gyokuryuu looks so good. ♥ Ginkaku’s appearance in this route is a plus point since I like him too.

14 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Gyokuryuu

  1. holy hell YES FINALLY they advanced their relationship further than “Genjou and pokemon” – srsly man this fandisk grants all my wishes. cept for killing off Mirinda LOL XD

    • IKR his ending in S.Y.K was good, but finally their relationship really changed from Genjou + pokemon to lovers lol. Mirinda’s royal soap opera aside, I loved everyone’s route too — including Kougaiji’s super short chapter. :D

  2. kyaaaaaa Gyokuryuu looks soooo cool in the ending cg >.< its amazing how far their relationship has come since the time every1 journeyed together…in fact i was fangirling through the whole thing lol
    cant wait to read Gokuu's review =D

    • This fandisk gives a nice closure for everyone’s ending, and Gyokuryuu’s one of my favorites here too. ♥ The emo moments was quite long, but we get to see him call Genjou’s name AND see that hawt grown-up Gyokuryuu CG. xD

    • OMG you should play this especially if you loved S.Y.K. xD
      You’ll go (*´艸`)゚+。*゚+。萌え~。+゚*。+゚↑↑ so many times like I did lol.

  3. OMG……Gyokuryuu adult is really really hot *nosebleeds*……..
    I want too play this but i don’t understand japanese even though i got this game T^T

    • YES Gyokuryuu looks really hot 5 years later. Genjou is so lucky. xD
      Maybe you should start with easier games to help improve your Japanese? Historical games are heavy with terms and difficult kanji, but the ones set in modern era / high school romance are lighter and easier to understand. :3

  4. I am so thankful for your posts!I’ve been waiting for someone to finally put up nice,detailed summaries in english!(especially for Renshouden xD) I rly like your way of writing too~!

    Fufufu,I wonder if Gyokuryu and Genjou experimented “new stuff” in those 5 years loool

    • Glad to hear that my writings help you to understand the games better. :D
      It was hinted that they already did those “new stuff” in the ending, so yeah most likely Gyokuryuu has grown up that much lol.

  5. Aww so sweet! Possessive Gyokuryuu is soooo adorable. >///////////////< It's good to see their relationship going smooth and less drama. And yes, Ginkaku's appearance is a plus in this route. :D
    Gyokuryuu's grown up look is <3 <3 <3! Haha!

    • YES I knew from the start that the fortuneteller is Ginkaku LOL. I love Gyokuryuu to bits, but Ginkaku is ♥ too. Too bad we can’t go for him.. I know I totally would. (❤ฺ→艸←)

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