S.Y.K Renshouden – Gokuu

I was wondering if I should save Gokuu for later since I loved his route in S.Y.K, but I couldn’t wait and did his route anyway. This route is similar to Gojou’s, peaceful and slow-paced.

Gokuu and Genjou are now living a peaceful life in the orphanage for six months now. He’s in charge of cooking, but that morning Gokuu is busy sleeping in his room instead. He refused to wake up unless Genjou gives him a kiss, but he’s surprised when she really climbed on top of him. As she leans closer, Gokuu pulled her and kissed her saying she’s so bold today. If she does this everyday he’ll surely wake up in time.

Everyone in the neighborhood thinks that they’re a young couple, even though they’re not married yet. Gokuu makes medicines until late hours and Genjou thinks that he does have a father-like image, that’s why the children love him. Genjou wants to get better at cooking too since she’s a woman after all, but Gokuu said there’s no need to do that. He’ll always be with her from now on, so he’ll do the cooking for them. Though he quickly adds that a clumsy person like her can’t possibly do that lol. 素直じゃないね♡(。→ˇ艸←)

Gokuu went back to work in his room after lunch, and Genjou lulled the children to sleep. She felt sleepy too after that and took a nap, seeing a dream about their journey and their meeting in the previous life. Soon she heard Gokuu’s voice and woke up to find him beside her. He puts her jacket on her so she won’t catch a cold, telling her to treasure herself more. Then he held her closer, putting her head on his shoulder. (*´ω`*) She’s always busy taking care of the kids, so sometimes he wants to spend time with her too. Or else he’ll sulk lol.

When Genjou asked about Youzen, surprisingly Gokuu said it’s better if he doesn’t come. The reason is because Gokuu realized Genjou cares about his best friend too, which means he’s jealous. (。-∀-)ニヒッ Genjou admits that she got jealous of their friendship too back then, and Gokuu said that’s so stupid lol. He said he loves her more, but Genjou said she’s the one who confessed first. Before he could reply, there are voices from behind saying he’s so pathetic to have Genjou confess to him first even though he’s a man. It turns out that the kids are peeking at their raburabu time LOL.

Though Gokuu said he’s satisfied with his happy life right now, Genjou thought it’s not enough. Gokuu was an ex-hermit and ex-youkai, so there’s still a lot of happiness in the human world that he doesn’t know yet. She wants him to experience more happiness. Gokuu is going to the capital the next day to deliver some medicines, and Genjou wants to plan a surprise to make him happy.

The next day, Genjou and the children went to see Gokuu off. Before returning to the orphanage, they asked Genjou when will she marry Gokuu lol. Genjou was panicking when suddenly Kisa appeared saying they should get married as soon as possible so everyone can stop worrying about them. He only came here to see how they’re doing, and he was surprised to hear that Gokuu’s working as a popular medicine maker lol. But he understands since unlike a very certain someone, Gokuu isn’t a person who loves troubling others. In fact, he knows that Gokuu will work if it’s for someone important to him. While that certain someone is still skipping work and pulling pranks as usual, he’s now a lot calmer thanks to them.

After talking for a while, Genjou asked Kisa if hermits have birthdays like humans. Most of them have been living for so long they forget about it, but they actually do. Genjou then asked for Kisa’s help in her plan. That evening Gokuu came home to find Kisa and Genjou playing hide and seek with the children, and he wasn’t happy about it. They forced him to join in, so in the end he played tag with Kisa with the children watching them happily lol. Before Kisa went back to the heavens, Gokuu asked if Youzen is still alive. He’s clearly worried about his best friend, though he tried to hide it.

Since Gokuu rarely moves around, he was exhausted after his trip to the capital. Genjou asked if there’s anything he wants. She was talking about stuff they can buy with money, but Gokuu hugged her and pulled her to his bed saying he already got what he wants the most. (*ノωノ) Gokuu noticed Genjou had a slight fever after running around with the kids all day, so he made her drink a medicine he made. She said he’s such a worrywart, and he said it’s only because his work would increase if she’s sick lol.

The moment Genjou got up to drink the medicine, she felt dizzy and collapsed with a high fever. She woke up the next morning in Gokuu’s room, with him telling her to take care of herself better. This is the complete opposite of what happened during their journey lol. He was grumpy and kept complaining, but his hands were really gentle and made her feel calm. Genjou accidentally slipped out that she needs to go to the capital, because she’s secretly planning to make a birthday party for Gokuu. He doesn’t know his own birthday, so she set the date on her own.

Gokuu was suspicious and got a little mad when she tried to hide it, but he didn’t ask further. Somehow they end up having an argument and Genjou threw a bunch of complaints to him, pissing him off even more. But before Gokuu could get angry, the kids came busting through the door and told him not to make Genjou angry. She’s a patient after all, and they can have their lover’s fight after she’s healthy lol. This put an end to their fight and Gokuu kindly told Genjou to just rest for now.

Genjou woke up that evening and found Gokuu asleep in a chair next to her. She realized that he’s really protective of her, and he took care of her without resting since last night. When Genjou moved his book so it won’t fall, Gokuu held her hand and revealed that he’s actually awake. He doesn’t mind not sleeping for a day or two to take care of her. (*´ω`*) Gokuu didn’t want to disturb Genjou, so he went to work and sleep in her room instead.

That night Genjou thought there’s someone outside and went to check, but she only found a single feather falling from the sky. Genjou went back to sleep, but later she heard a sound and woke up. She found more feathers falling into the room, with a familiar voice apologizing for waking her up. Youzen heard from Kisa that she’s planning a birthday party for Gokuu, and he asked why she wants to do that. Genjou said Gokuu never seeks happiness because of his past, still blaming himself for the deaths he caused as Enmaou. She doesn’t want him to be tied to that past and wants him to know that there are people who are thankful to him for being here — like her and the orphanage children.

Youzen said only humans would seek for such happiness, because their lives are limited. Genjou replied everyone can seek for happiness. Hermits don’t have short lives like humans, and it’d be a waste to give up while they can always look for happiness as long as they’re alive. Youzen laughed saying it’s foolish but he doesn’t hate it. He can’t give his blessings to Gokuu after what happened to Taisei, but he can pray for his happiness as a human. He can’t really hate Gokuu after all. Genjou said Gokuu will be happy to hear that, and asked for Youzen’s birthday before he left. He only said she’s really foolish before Genjou fell back asleep, thinking it’s all just a dream.

On the day she sets for Gokuu’s birthday, Genjou managed to convince Gokuu to let her go to the capital. He was really protective of her and didn’t want to let her go alone, but eventually agreed to work while taking care of the kids at home. Genjou bought a lot of presents and stuff for the party, and she was surprised to find Gokuu on her way home. He said he’s only taking a walk and he’s not here to pick her up, but Genjou knows that he’s worried about her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ She told him today is an important day they have to celebrate every year, so tonight she’ll cook dinner for everyone.

Before they entered the orphanage, suddenly feathers started falling from the sky. Youzen appeared saying he’s here to unleash his rage disturb them lol. Gokuu told him to let them know first before coming down, but Youzen said it’s no fun since he can’t surprise them that way. Genjou invited him inside and told Gokuu to keep him company, taking all the stuff she bought into the kitchen. While the kids were busy helping Genjou preparing the party, Gokuu asked Youzen if he knows something about Genjou’s suspicious behavior lol. He admits that he’s so happy now that he’s scared of losing her, and Youzen punched him saying he’s so stupid. To him that only sounds like Gokuu’s bragging about his sweetheart, but Gokuu said only Youzen would listen to his のろけ lol.

Soon one of the kids came to let them know that it’s time for dinner, but Youzen said he’ll pass for today. He won’t disturb them on this day each year, because it’s a special day for both of them. Gokuu was all n(ー_ー?)ン? but Youzen only said he’ll come again. Without any notice, of course. Everyone congratulated Gokuu when he came to the dining room, making him even more confused until Genjou explained that they’re celebrating his birthday. The kids then dragged him to sit beside Genjou and she gave him her present: a garnet necklace, symbolizing true love. He hugged her and thanked her for the present. When Genjou told him the kids are watching, Gokuu blushed saying it can’t be helped since he’s happy.

When they returned to Gokuu’s room after the party, they found a present from the heavens: a baby crib, baby clothes and some toys LOL. Kisa won’t send them things like this, so it must be Youzen. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Gokuu admits that he can’t and won’t forget his past, because without it he won’t be the way he is now. He needs her in order to be happy, and he has decided that he will now live so he won’t lose this happiness. Words aren’t enough to express how happy he is now, so he kissed Genjou.. though it’s not enough either. Genjou thanked him for being born into this world, and Gokuu said he loves her.

In the ending, Genjou asked what Gokuu wants for his birthday present next year. She needs some time for preparation after all. After thinking for a while, Gokuu whispered to her ears that he wants a new family member. (*ノωノ)キャー♡ Suddenly feathers started falling from the sky and they were expecting to see Youzen coming down.. but nobody came. Gokuu said Youzen is so awesome he can disturb people even without showing up LOL. As they walked back to the temple holding hands, Genjou wished that happiness will continue to rain down on them. Just like those white feathers.

In the after story, Genjou was busy taking care of the children when suddenly they saw black smoke coming out from Gokuu’s room. She rushed there to find a black Gokuu, and he apologized saying he made a mistake in his experiment. It turns out that he was making something for her, and he gave her a suspicious bottled liquid. He said it’s the successful version, but he’ll drink it with her. Before Genjou could react, Gokuu drank the liquid and passed it to her mouth to mouth.. and he didn’t stop kissing her even though she already drank it. (*ノωノ)

When Genjou asked what the sweet liquid is, Gokuu said it’s a love potion. But actually it’s not, he was just doing it because he remembered doing a similar thing during their journey. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He then said Genjou should have more wariness in her, especially since she’s so dense. She’s friendly towards everyone, including the young man who often helps her taking care of the kids.. and Gokuu doesn’t like it if he thinks Genjou likes her. In other words, Gokuu is jealous LOL. Genjou said it’s better if she’s dense, because she doesn’t want to react to anyone other than Gokuu. Even without the love potion, she’s already in love with him. Gokuu hugged her, hiding his blushing face.

A few days later, Gokuu and Genjou were relaxing in the orphanage as usual. When Gokuu drank the tea she gave him, Genjou asked if he already drank it all. Gokuu said yes and asked her why, and Genjou replied she puts in some love potion in it lol. Gokuu was surprised and choked on his tea, with Genjou thinking it’s nice to have revenge once in a while. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

My only complaint in Gokuu’s route is why don’t they get married? It’s nice that they’re always together and have a happy life, but.. wouldn’t it be much better if they’re officially married like in Gojou’s route? (´・ω・`) But since Gokuu wants a baby in the end, I just assumed that they’re already married by then. Other than that, I loved this route. Gokuu is so cute when he blushes and hides how he feels. (。→∀←。) His reaction during the birthday party is so adorable.. and those presents from Youzen. LOL. Speaking of which, now we know that Gokuu’s actually jealous if Genjou gets too close to Youzen. (❤ฺ→艸←)

6 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Gokuu

  1. the route is very sweet overall, and i cant help but lol when Youzen’s present came up, its very relaxing to read this and ya it kinda disappointing when they said nothing about them getting married D=
    cant wait to read the next review

    • LOL yea but that’s because I love wedding / marriage / baby endings. xD
      Oh well they’re like a married couple already.. so I guess that’s okay? I was expecting them to get married because of Gojou’s route too.

  2. Gokuu is so cute and he get jealous easily. Even though they not married yet but they look like husband and wife already and Gokuu is similar to Gojou, a responsible man :X
    I can not LOL when i saw Youzen’s present, it’s just like he is provoking Gokuu =))

    • He’s so cute when he blushed admitting that he’s jealous lol. I’m sure Youzen’s really trying to tease Gokuu, his hobby is to pull pranks and tease people after all lol. Yeah Gokuu is surprisingly responsible, though he was a sloth during their journey. :3

  3. Gokuu said Youzen is so awesome he can disturb people even without showing up LOL.
    – XDDDDD

    Sweet and protective Gokuu >////////////<. Too bad they didn't get married. Dx I even wanted to see how their baby will look like. :3

    • LOL I wanna see their kid too. Gokuu’s really sweet in this route, though I’m glad to see that he’s still the old lazy him since I like that personality lol. Oh, and Youzen is awesome indeed. 8D

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