S.Y.K Renshouden – Suou

Suou’s route in S.Y.K made me go 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ all the way, so I had a lot of expectations in this route. I want to see the continuation of his relationship with Genjou.

The long-distance relationship between Suou and Genjou continues. He visits her whenever he comes to the human world, but Genjou keeps missing him when they’re apart. One night she called his name while watching the moon, and suddenly Suou appeared in her room. He came to surprise her, happy that she’s thinking of him that much. It’s been months since their last meeting, but Suou’s working hard in the underworld so he can meet Genjou again.

Suou is going to the capital the next day and asked Genjou to come with him. He has some things to take care of in the morning, but he can spend the rest of the day with her. Genjou said she’ll ask one of her neighbors to take care of the kids so she can go with him. She noticed something seems wrong with Suou but he said he’s only tired, asking if she’s “inviting” him when she sulked lol. Though he hides things so she won’t be worried, Genjou thanked him since he always comes to see her even when he’s busy. They’re going out for a date tomorrow, but tonight he wants to drown in her. (*ノωノ)イヤン

Just as they promised, the following day Genjou went to the capital to meet Suou there. They didn’t get enough time for love with all the fighting back then, so now he wants to enjoy their time together. Since Genjou never goes shopping for anything other than household stuff, Suou took her to a clothing store. He had fun choosing and buying some clothes for Genjou, though at first she thought it’s for Ranfan lol. After Genjou changed into the clothes he gave her, Suou took her around the capital so he can show his cute girlfriend to everyone — holding hands. (*´ω`*)

When Suou asked her if there’s a place she wants to visit, Genjou said she wants to see the theatre. Because she went there with Ranfan once. The way she treats Ranfan is different since a part of her still thinks of “her” as a different person, and Suou said he’ll come as Ranfan later if Genjou wants to meet “her” that much lol. Being an ex-actor himself, Suou always gets hot over watching theatrical plays. He’s worried that Genjou might hate it if he gets too excited, but Genjou told him she’ll probably fall in love with him all over again. ♥

They returned to Genjou’s room at night, and Suou apologized saying it’s time for him to go. Genjou wanted to ask when they can meet again, but she swallowed the words and asked him to take her out again next time. There are still lots of places they haven’t visited yet. Suou noticed that she’s forcing herself to smile, but Genjou said she won’t cry and told him to do his best in the underworld. Feeling the warmth Suou left on her hands, she went to bed and spent the night alone again.

A few days after Suou returned to the underworld, he finally reached his limits. Kinkaku and Ginkaku were surprised to hear him complaining about work, but Suou said he’ll die at this rate lol. Kougaiji used to push his work to other youkai, so now that they’re no longer around Suou’s work is piling up like a mountain. But he doesn’t hate working for the underworld.. he just needs Genjou here. He needs her so bad he wants to burn all of his work here lol. Though Suou said he just want to complain, the siblings were worried about him. They asked what he’s going to do about Genjou, since he can’t keep this long-distance relationship forever. Suou has been looking away from this matter, and they want him to face it.

Meanwhile, Genjou wasn’t doing well either. The children were worried about her since she keeps missing Suou, and she thought she just need to get used to this loneliness. Then she realized it. Does she have to get used to it.. forever? As she was thinking about it, one of the children said a flashy big sister came to visit her. Yes, it’s Kinkaku LOL. They came with Suou, who had an urgent issue in the human world, but he had to return to the underworld as soon as it’s over. She came here to ask what Genjou wants to do about her relationship with Suou from now on.

Genjou couldn’t bring herself to say she’s satisfied with this condition, but she said she understands that Suou is busy with work. This is the conclusion they reached together and she didn’t want to complain. Kinkaku said she doesn’t want that answer. She wants to know what Genjou really thinks, not mixed with her understanding for Suou. It’s okay to be selfish, they’re friends after all. Genjou was touched and finally admits that she doesn’t like this at all. She wants to stay with Suou and support him. Her feelings grow stronger even when they couldn’t meet, so their current relationship feels more like a one-sided love to her.

Kinkaku sighed and said both Suou and her are so stupid. She told Genjou to remember what she said to them during their journey: to walk the same path together, not to spend their lives separately like this. Genjou apologized for making her worry, saying she’ll talk to Suou when they meet again. She’ll tell him how she really feels, as well as asking what he really thinks about this. Before leaving, Kinkaku said both Suou and Genjou are precious to her. She wants them to be happy.. and her dream is to hug their child LOL.

The next day, Genjou went to the capital to do some shopping. On her way home she bumped into someone who turned out to be.. her boyfriend dressed up as Ranfan. He met an old acquaintance in the capital and was asked to be a replacement in a play that day, so he was planning to surprise her as Ranfan afterwards. Genjou’s nervous around Ranfan, so he teased her asking if she likes “her” better than Suou. Ranfan then said she should just dump a pathetic guy like Suou, and Genjou slapped him. She won’t allow anyone to speak badly of her boyfriend, even if it’s Suou himself.

Ranfan apologized and admits that he was thinking if Genjou would be happier with Ranfan instead, but Genjou said her happiness comes from loving Suou. Even if there’s hard times, she will still be happy. He walked her back to the orphanage, though he refused when Genjou asked him to come in. He’ll come back to see her again since he’s still staying in the human world for a few more days.

When Suou came back to the inn, he got into an argument with Kinkaku. He heard from Genjou about her visit, but Kinkaku refused to tell him what she talked about with Genjou. Eventually she asked Suou to open his eyes. He keeps saying that he’ll do something about them after the underworld is more stable, but what will he do after that? He doesn’t wanna leave the underworld, and at the same time he doesn’t wanna give up on Genjou either. All this time he’s been pushing this issue away, but he needs to make a decision. Suou knew that Kinkaku’s right, so he apologized and said he’ll go to bed for tonight.

Suou came to the orphanage the next day, and they had a talk about their relationship. Suou knows she’s still holding back her feelings and asked her to tell him the truth, and finally Genjou said she can’t.. or Suou will leave her. She knew well that Suou won’t leave the underworld nor take her there, though deep inside she’s wishing for him to take her away. If she tells him how she feels, she knew that Suou will leave for her own sake. It’s better to wait for months rather than not seeing him again. Suou apologized since he really can’t abandon the underworld, though there’s something he needs to tell her. Genjou said she will wait until he can say those words to her. That evening Suou went back with the siblings, and Genjou couldn’t stop her tears.

Back in the underworld, Kinkaku screamed at Suou for being so pathetic. The siblings didn’t get why Suou won’t take Genjou here, but he can’t do it even if Genjou said it’s okay. He doesn’t want to take everything away from her, since she won’t be able to return to the human world again. He admits that honestly, he wants to take her here and keep her all to himself.. but he can’t do it. The siblings said it’s because he’s so in love with Genjou, and they never thought they’d get to hear such のろけ from him lol.

Kinkaku then told him that Genjou actually has a serious disease. Her condition’s worsening lately, and she couldn’t tell Suou since it’d make him sad. Kinkaku told him to think carefully about his feelings before he lost everything. That’s obviously a lie, but love makes people blind. After Suou ran off to see Genjou, Kinkaku told her brother that it’s not a lie. Genjou is really sick — lovesick lol.

Genjou was both surprised and confused when Suou came to the orphanage, worrying about her conditions. She said she’s okay and didn’t catch a cold.. and Suou realized he was tricked lol. Now that he knows that he’s really afraid of losing her forever, Suou hugged her and said he loves her. He wants her so much he doesn’t know what to do, because he doesn’t want to take her away from everything she treasures. They both have something they want to protect in both worlds, and he knows someday he’ll have to say goodbye to her eventually. But he doesn’t wanna give up on her. He wants to take her away right now, finally asking her to choose him and live in the underworld with him forever.

Those were the words Genjou has been waiting for ever since their journey came to an end. She doesn’t mind what people would say or what would happen. Genjou chose Suou, telling him to take her away to the underworld. Suou promised he’ll come to pick her up when the underworld is stable enough for her to live in, and he asked her to wait for a little while until he comes. However, Genjou refused to wait for a long time. If he doesn’t come in a year or two, she doesn’t care and will open the underworld’s gate by herself. Suou laughed and said he will definitely come to pick her up before then.

Since he knows holding back would only hurt Genjou, Suou decided to stop doing it. He started kissing her neck, asking if she loves him. (*ノωノ)キャー♡ He wants to know how much she thinks of him everyday, and he doesn’t want her to think of any other guy. He wants to know more about her. He wants to see more of her. From now on he’ll bring more surprises for her, so she should be prepared.

In the ending, Suou finally came to pick Genjou up. She already found a person who wants to take care of the orphanage too, so now she can go to the underworld without any worries. The children were sad, but they said goodbye to her with smiles on their faces. Everyone has a future.. and her future is staying by Suou’s side. He’s been working hard too, and now the underworld is far more stable than how it used to be. Youkai are different from humans, but Suou will protect his wife all the time. He will also work hard to satisfy her as her husband, loving her day and night. (*´ω`*)

Genjou knows that Suou’s teasing her, so she lets go of his hand and pretends to be angry. When he chased after her, she suddenly turns around and kisses him. (❤ฺ→艸←) It feels good to surprise him every once in a while, but Suou won’t lose to her in that area. They held hands and start walking towards the future together.

In the after story, Genjou is now living in the underworld with Suou. He’s still busy with work, but he would come to visit her when he has the chance. She also had a great time with the siblings, so she’s not lonely. They’re in the same world now and she can always go and see him whenever she wants to. They were planning to go out that day, but he prefers hugging her in bed all day. He wants her to take responsibility since she’s so cute. (*ノωノ)

After that Suou takes Genjou on a tour around the underworld, with the siblings joining their “honeymoon” lol. For Genjou, Kinkaku and Ginkaku are important people too since they’re Suou’s family. Suou and Genjou aren’t actually married since weddings are really rare in the underworld, but they think of each other as their spouse. The siblings also announced to everyone that Genjou is Suou’s wife, and she received warm welcome from a lot friendly youkai on their way. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ Surrounded by these lively youkai, Genjou starts to enjoy her new life in the underworld.

Done with their tour, Suou took Genjou to his throne in the castle. He told her a part of him was always blaming his previous life. The current him never did anything wrong, yet he was taken to the underworld just to lure Sanzo out. He thought Sanzo must feel the same way about the mark on her palm, so he didn’t get why Genjou easily accepts everything as her role. He had those feelings when they first met, but now he’s really glad to have met and fell in love with her. He’s going to protect her and the underworld forever, believing that everything in their previous lives must have happened for the present.

Genjou was really touched by Suou’s love and started crying. She’s already happy, but his words gave her even more happiness. Her mind is full of him, she doesn’t know what to do. Suou asked if that’s a new way of attacking him lol. He licked her tears saying he’s happy even though he doesn’t want to make her cry. Genjou received a lot of things from him too: courage, strength, happiness, love.. including being appalled at how much she drowns in him. From now on she’ll live a happy life with him here in the underworld. She wants him to call her name instead of 奥さん, so Suou whispered “I love you, Genjou.”

The first three chapter felt really long, though Suou doesn’t lose his charm as a character. I do like this route, but I feel like it could be better. Surprisingly I still found Suou 男前 even after seeing his weak side. He’s still as hawt as ever too.. it feels like the ero level increased in this route. I had a nice ε-(*´∀`|萌| moments towards the ending lol. They don’t get married either in the end, but I guess it’s okay since Suou called Genjou his waifu. (❤ฺ→艸←) This route wraps up Suou’s story nicely, and it’s really nice to see Genjou likes her new life in the after story.

Kinkaku is awesome in this route. Also.. 銀閣、結婚して下さい(。→∀←。)キャハ♡


2 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Suou

  1. Suou is so cute……i can’t resist his charm ><…….But why did only Gojou has a kid with Genjou and only him got married with her legally…….I want to see more baby ending T^T

    • LOL see, that’s what I’m talking about. I love wedding / marriage endings, so I was expecting the guys marrying Genjou legally. None of them did that except Gojou.. and maybe Hakkai in the near future. But I like it when Suou calls Genjou his wife. :3

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