S.Y.K Renshouden – Jirou Shinkun

Youzen キタ━━☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆━━━!! I love him a lot and was disappointed that he’s not available in S.Y.K, so I’ve been waiting to do this route. Morikawa Toshiyuki’s voice… ♥

Youzen’s route starts in the middle of the journey to Tenjiku, right after Kougaiji introduced himself in town. The party were resting when Youzen came down. Gokuu’s sleeping and the others are away gathering materials, but he actually came ask Genjou about Gokuu’s recent conditions. Youzen knows Genjou’s worried about Gokuu’s seal.. but still, it’s a punishment for his sin 500 years ago. A sin she can never imagine.

Soon Gokuu woke up and apologized for making them worry, causing both Youzen and Genjou to go エッ(゚_゚;) lol. Youzen soon disappeared and returned to the heavens, and Genjou thinks it’s weird that he left before Gokuu told him to go home. Gokuu noticed that she held a curiosity about what he did 500 years ago, so he told everyone that he betrayed the heavens to defend the human world. Only Gyokuryuu noticed the difference between Gokuu and Taisei, but he didn’t say anything.

A few days later, Genjou got lost on her way back from the spring. She was walking around in the forest when Youzen appeared, asking if she’s lost. He teased her saying how unreliable that priest Sanzo doesn’t have a sense of direction, but he took her back to her followers. Youzen smiled when she thanked him, and that was the first time she ever saw him smile that way. He also caught her when she stumbled, joking that they should hold hands instead. He was surprised when she really did took his hand, but he didn’t mind and holds her hand back. (*´ω`*)

Now you haven’t forgotten something from Konzenshi’s arc, have you? (。-∀-)ニヒッ An hour passed and they’re still walking around in circles ROFL. Genjou asked if they’re lost, and Youzen replied forests always change their layout whenever people enter. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚)゚。ヒャヒャ He doesn’t like getting lost either. You’ll get worried upon thinking you can’t go back home, and you need courage to keep walking too. Kisa will eventually come to look for him, but Youzen said that’s only because it’s his job to do so. Nobody else will come when he gets lost.

Youzen then revealed that they’re already near the forest entrance. He was only pretending to get lost so he can talk to her like this LOL. After telling Genjou not to walk around alone anymore, Youzen said goodbye and disappeared. She thought Youzen actually knew the way, but Gokuu told her Youzen’s sense of direction is absolutely zero. They probably really got lost, and he said he’s “only pretending” just because he already found the exit. xD

Genjou keeps seeing dreams about her past after that. Shaka Nyorai telling her to save a trapped soul, the result of Taisei and Enmaou’s fight, Youzen’s feelings — she saw it all. One night she came outside and sent her prayers to the heavens, and Youzen came down to answer her call. He knew she found out about what happened, saying that it’s all like a nightmare to him too. It doesn’t bother him though. If she found out about his plan, then he just have to change it. Genjou said she’s taking the kyouten to save the world, and she won’t allow anyone to get in the way.. including him. Youzen only laughed saying he doesn’t like that pure side of her.

Youzen then asked Genjou to make a bet. If she wins, he’ll help their quest and won’t disturb Gokuu and her anymore. But if he wins, everything becomes his toy: Gokuu, Genjou, and the human world. He’ll kill Gokuu, but he can play around with Genjou a little bit more. The bet itself is about Gokuu’s trust in Genjou. Youzen told her to tell everything she found out to Gokuu, knowing Taisei’s memories will make it hard for him to trust her. Genjou wins if Gokuu believes in her, because it means Youzen’s deception isn’t good enough. If she wants Youzen to forget his hatred and revenge, then she should entertain and make him crazy about her. Genjou was scared to death but she accepted the bet, knowing she doesn’t have a choice in this situation.

Of course Genjou couldn’t understand Youzen’s feelings just by seeing those dreams, so she won’t say anything much. However, there’s only one thing Genjou can say to Youzen right now: what he’s doing is wrong. Youzen laughed and told her to try and stop him, then he disappeared leaving his feathers around her. Enmaou was the one who killed Taisei, but Konzenshi was the trigger. For Youzen, their sins are equally heavy.

Genjou has been thinking about it ever since, but she eventually got a chance to talk to Gokuu. Just as expected, his first reaction was “Did you hit your head?” He was calm the whole time, but then he called Youzen to come down and told him not to tease Genjou with such lies. Which means that he doesn’t believe what she told him earlier. Youzen laughed and apologized for “lying” to her, but Genjou was scared and asked him to stop. She became scared of arriving in Tenjiku after all of this, knowing their bet would end there. But when Youzen came to visit her again, Genjou said she won’t give up.

Somehow Genjou’s words remind Youzen of the conversation he had with Konzenshi. He asked what she thinks of Gokuu now that she found out about his real identity, but Genjou said she doesn’t know. She’s Genjou, not Konzenshi. The Gokuu she knows is the one who journeys with her, and she doesn’t care if they’re enemies in her previous life. Youzen said Gokuu might think of her as his enemy after finding out the truth, but Genjou said Gokuu will be the one who decides that. Youzen suggested that she kills him instead as an alternative, and Genjou thought that’s a really stupid idea.

Youzen wants Genjou to suffer and feel despair, but lately another feeling starts to grow inside of him. Even though he came down to disturb Genjou, eventually he told her about his childhood with Taisei and Kisa. Genjou said she couldn’t imagine him as a kid. She could only think of him as an 恐ろしい子 lol. Which is probably true, since he used to force Taisei to swim and get rid of his fear of water. Youzen said the lake’s shallow, making Taisei jump into the deep part.. and he drowned that way. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Taisei was a straight person who had a strong faith. In the end he died for that faith, and Youzen thinks that was a really foolish thing to do. Genjou was surprised to hear his real feelings, since Youzen never let it show before.

Meanwhile, Hakkai was wondering if Youzen fell in love with Genjou LOL. Before he would come and bug Gokuu instead, but he’s been visiting Genjou a lot lately. Even though Gokuu acts like usual, he started to notice that what Genjou said might be true. He called Kisa to confirm, saying he knows he’s not Seiten Taisei.. but he wants to stop Youzen. Kisa was surprised that he knew, and it proved that Genjou was telling the truth. The seal they placed on him was still there, but Enmaou’s memories were starting to come back to him. Kisa said Youzen himself doesn’t want to do this either. Everytime Youzen starts to trust them, the hatred inside of him also increased. He’s suffering because of this, and Kisa couldn’t easily stop him.

When Kisa asked if he’s not hurt knowing his memories are fake, Gokuu said he’s not hurt because Youzen deceived him. What hurts him is the fact that he’s hurting Youzen up until now and not knowing anything about it at all. He thinks of Youzen as a friend, and that’s why he wants to stop him.

Genjou went to a nearby spring when they took another rest in a forest, and Youzen came down to see her again. She asked him to stop already, because she couldn’t stand seeing him laughing when deep inside he’s not enjoying what he’s doing. With Tenjiku being so close, this might be her last chance to stop him. When Genjou said he’s about to destroy the world Taisei tried to protect, Youzen pulled her hair saying she shouldn’t do this since he doesn’t want to kill her yet. He left after pushing her down, telling her that it’s already over and she can’t do anything about it.

After a while, Gokuu came to talk to Genjou. He noticed that the reason behind Genjou’s recent worry must be Youzen, and he apologized for not believing in her back then. Even if Youzen placed fake memories in him, Gokuu couldn’t hate him after all. He wants to stop Youzen, and he asked what Genjou wants to do from here. Genjou replied just stopping Youzen is not enough to save him. If they stop him then he’ll lose his place in the heavens too. Youzen is just another victim of what happened 500 years ago, and she doesn’t want him to give up on the future. Gokuu agreed to help her.

Kisa was actually there too listening to their conversation. Genjou couldn’t ask for his help without knowing what he really wants, so she asked him to put his own wish on top of everything else. This reminds him of what Konzenshi said to him before, and he finally admits that he wants to support Youzen. He didn’t have the courage to move up until now, but he knows Youzen will only hurt himself if this continues. She was the one who guided him, both in the past and in the present. He doesn’t wanna see her sad either, and so he decided to stop Youzen as well. Kisa admits that while he thinks of Konzenshi as a wonderful person, he feels closer to Genjou. ♥

When they finally reached Tenjiku, their friends already knew what happened with Youzen. Both Gokuu and Genjou didn’t want to involve them in Youzen’s personal grudge, but they want to help. They’re friends, and Gokuu’s past doesn’t change anything. Genjou opened the door and released the kyouten from its seal. It didn’t take long until Kougaiji appeared and asked Genjou to come to the underworld with the kyouten. What happened next is the same as in Gokuu’s route, but Genjou also remembers Konzenshi’s past with the hermits during the flashback. Including Youzen’s sadness and anger she saw in her dreams.

Now that Gokuu’s back in his Enmaou form, Youzen came down to see them. Just as they expected. He revealed everything to Gokuu thinking he doesn’t believe what Genjou said, but Gokuu only asked him if he’s satisfied now. Youzen’s plan with the fake memories went well, but Gokuu said no one feels despair. Not him, not Genjou nor their friends, and definitely not the world. Youzen didn’t get what went wrong until he realized Genjou won their bet, but then he started laughing and said he doesn’t remember any promises. He’s not a pure person like her after all, and he’s still got many ways to get his revenge on them. Hoping that he’ll forget his grudge is just a foolish wish.

Youzen’s initial plan was to hurt Enmaou as much as he wants, but he changed his mind. He summoned his feathers and started attacking Genjou instead. She didn’t give up and told him to think about the things he needs to protect, but he refused to listen saying they already took away everything from him. When he was about to fight her friends, Genjou got incredibly pissed and yelled at him for trying to destroy what Taisei died to protect. That pissed him off as well, so he used the kyouten to summon Koutenken. The beast knocked down Genjou’s followers, and Youzen ordered it to destroy both the human world and the underworld.

Gokuu was enraged at what Youzen just did. While Genjou chanted the spell to get the kyouten back, he called out to Kisa in the heavens and the seal on his real power was released. They got into a fistfight while throwing insults at each other, just like what close friends would do when they fight. Eventually Gokuu knocked Youzen down and summoned black flames to finish him off, but Genjou stopped him before Enmaou took over his mind. Youzen was surprised and asked Gokuu to kill him already, but none of them wanted his death. Kisa then appeared to take him home, as the hermits already took care of Koutenken before it could cause any harm.

It pissed Genjou even more when Youzen refused saying he doesn’t need Kisa anymore. She told him to open his eyes already. There are people who cares about him, and yet he ignored them all thinking he’s always alone. She knows he actually wants to be kind to people, so she wants him to stop this childish obstinacy. He still refused to listen, though he admits that Taisei died because he’s that powerless. Then he disappeared before anyone could stop him. They didn’t know where he goes, but Genjou chased after him after returning the kyouten’s power to Nyorai. Her followers will wait here while she lectures Youzen until she’s satisfied.

After searching around for awhile, Genjou eventually found Youzen sitting on a rock in the nearby forest. She asked him to go back, but he refused saying he doesn’t have a place to return to.. and nobody cares about him. Genjou told him it’s okay even if he gets lost, she will look around until she finds him. She will stay with him until they found a way out, just like what he did when she got lost in the forest. Genjou realized that he’s still lost, so she hugged him. Youzen thinks Genjou will leave him just like everyone else, and she said she can’t leave a troublesome person like him. He gets lost easily, so she will always stay with him.

Youzen still doesn’t get why both Gokuu and Genjou forgive him after all of this. Genjou said Gokuu thinks of him as a friend, though their friendship is different from what he had with Taisei. Youzen laughed saying Taisei isn’t a sloth like Gokuu, and Konzenshi isn’t as reckless as Genjou. They’re different from the people he respected, but their kindness are just the same. Everytime Youzen told himself that he hates her, he always remembers the moment he held her hand that day. Youzen finally decided to return to the heavens and receive any punishment they’ll give him.

Before he leaves, Genjou asked him to come and see her once he’s done with his work up there. She wants to help him think about what to do from now on. Youzen might lose his title as Kensei Jirou Shinkun after causing so much trouble, so the next time they meet again he wants her to call his real name. 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ↑↑ After he left Genjou said he’s really similar to Gokuu, since he’s not honest with his feelings either.

After her journey came to an end, Genjou went back to her peaceful life in the orphanage. It’s almost a year since she said goodbye to everyone. She was looking at the sky when suddenly white feathers started falling down. After a blinding light, Genjou realized that Youzen was hugging her from behind. Genjou was happy since it means he’s ready to walk forward. When she said “Welcome home, Youzen” he replied with “I’m home, Genjou” 。・゜+.。・(*´ω`*)・。.+゜・。

Youzen never thought of anything other than getting his revenge, so he didn’t know how to treat her now. He’s afraid she’d break if he touches her, yet he can’t stop touching her.. then he bites her neck. (*ノωノ)イヤン He gets so scared at the thought of losing her, so he asked her to stay with him forever. Genjou said she can’t stay with him for eternity since she’s a human, though she’ll stay with him until the day she dies.

Youzen can’t deny his celestial heritage and becomes a human, but he doesn’t want Genjou to die first and leave him alone. However, Genjou said he can live like a human. It might feel short for a hermit like him, but she wants him to love her and live with her.. so when she dies he can cry until his tears run dry, then he should learn to get up again. A human’s life is short, that’s why they should treasure every moment. Genjou believes they can be happy together, so when goodbye comes Youzen will still have happy memories with her. It might be cruel, but it’s the punishment she gave for the mistakes he did up until now. She asked for his answer and Youzen said yes.

Youzen was blushing when Genjou turned around to look at him, and she laughed upon hearing him whispering it seems like he’s drowning in her. He was always alone, but from now on he’ll learn more about the people around him. Whenever he needs someone to talk to, Genjou will be there to hear about anything. Youzen then blushed and thanked Genjou, surprising her since he rarely shows this honest side of him. He asked her to forget it, but Genjou was happy and held his hands — so none of them will never get lost again.

In the ending, Youzen keeps taking Genjou to the heavens despite her protests. She wants him to let her know first before teleporting her here, but Youzen thinks it’s more amusing if he surprised her. She’s always busy taking care of the kids whenever he came to visit too, though he keeps touching her in front of them lol. Youzen’s still as mischievous as ever, but Genjou already got used to him. He called her and made her sit on his lap, asking her to be a hermit since he can’t be a human.

Genjou said she wants to keep living as a human, but Youzen won’t give up and will continue to persuade her. He won’t let her go from now on, and that includes not letting her die leaving him alone. She will still live for another 60 years or more, so he’ll use those years to convince her everyday. Until one day she’ll ask him to make her a hermit too. Genjou gave up saying she’s looking forward for that day, and Youzen carried out his first plan immediately. He whispered “I love you, Genjou” into her ear. (*ノωノ)キャー♡ Genjou said she hates him, knowing she can’t get away from his arms anymore lol.

In the after story, Youzen takes Genjou to the heavens as usual. He suddenly wants to play tag and managed to force talk her into it. She’s free to run and hide anywhere in the heavens, and she wins if he couldn’t catch her before the sun sets. If she wins he’ll give up trying to convince her to be a hermit, but if he wins.. he wants to continue their いちゃいちゃ time ← he said this while stroking her neck. ドキ(〃ω〃)ドキ Genjou had mixed feelings about this, but she went along with his game anyway. Even if Youzen always gets lost, he can always use his spell to teleport everywhere. Genjou bumped into Kisa in the hallways, but eventually he told her to just give up and let Youzen capture her LOL.

Genjou escaped to the flower field, and not too long after that feathers are falling down from the sky. She knew it’s the sign that Youzen wins their game, but he didn’t show up. Genjou went to look for him and eventually found him near the lake, sulking because she really ran away from him with all her might lol. She admits that she was embarassed. If she doesn’t run it’s just the same as asking him to touch her, though she doesn’t hate it. Genjou doesn’t want him to stop convincing her just because he lost the game, but Youzen said he won’t stop even if she wins. He will stop persuading her.. for today LOL.

Since Genjou doesn’t like the game, Youzen decided that he’ll attack her from the front by kissing her. This is their first kiss too. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え He asked her to become a hermit for him, because he wants her to stay with him for eternity. He wants her to stay like this forever, without forgetting nor leaving him alone. Sadly Genjou still refused here, though she wants him to keep persuading her before her time runs out. They will continue to live their lives to the fullest in this beautiful world.

Okay, complaints first. WTF Genjou, how could you refuse! (#ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ Even after that romantic mood in the after story.. why Genjou, why. Judging from her reactions I think Youzen will be able to convince her eventually. Or at least that’s what I want to happen. Heck, I’d turn into anything if that means I can be with him forever lol. Youzen’s story is mainly the same as Gokuu’s route in S.Y.K, so for me the main part of his route starts after the fight ends. That’s when the ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ moments start and Youzen sticks to Genjou like a glue. Youzen’s ero level is probably higher than Suou’s, combined with that looks and that voice.. ♥ I absolutely LOVE Gyokuryuu, but I love Youzen more. His CGs are beautiful too.

For those of you wondering, Youzen is actually the lost / trapped soul Nyorai told Konzenshi about. At first I thought it’s Gokuu, but this route clarified that it’s Youzen instead.


12 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Jirou Shinkun

  1. I’m really impressed by the effort the creators (Shima-san!<3) put into this fandisk.. Like, a route for characters who were left out in the main game, and a really good one too, and the routes look really good. *Can't help wishing CZ will get one just as good* *Shot for off-topic* I'm still nowhere in Renshouden but Youzen's route is something I'm really really looking forward to. *CURIOUSITY BURST because you say you love him more than Gyokuryuu and Gyokuryuu is TOTALLY LOVE already *o* おおおお〜*

    • LOL maybe I’m a bit biased since I LOVE his voice and looks, but yeah Youzen’s route is good even though the first half is just like Gokuu’s route seen from his side. Somehow I feel that they’re actually planning to create a fandisk with Youzen’s route as the main highlight. xD

      Just like what you said on MNR.. CZ seems complete even without a fandisk, but I still wanna see more of Madoka and Takato. :3

  2. YOUZEEEEEN <3<3<3

    omg i wanted to sock him in the face so bad at first but in the end…cannot resist dere youzen xD

    • OMG I know what you mean, he was so ヾ(`д´#)ノ and thorny at the beginning but after he goes dere I just can’t resist that blushing face. His reactions in omake are amusing too, so different from all the other guys. xD


    I loveeee his character, he is such an adorable troll lol. I seriously cannot understand why Genjou will not become a sennin for him, esp after that confession TAT, but I believe Youzen will be able to convince her one day. XD Ganbatte Youzen!

    • That confession made go 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ and melted into a puddle of goo, so I don’t know why Genjou insisted to stay as human.. even after he begged her not to leave him.. ;_; Fight Youzen! Make her a sennin! xD

  4. kyaaaaa this route is great, i love this route its so cute >.< ya i think he will get her to be a hermit one day but who knows how long will it take lol, but i want to see more of Youzen D=< just a fandisk for him would be good
    cant wait to read the next review =D

    • Because he doesn’t have a route in S.Y.K, this would be the best that Otomate gives for Youzen lol. Knowing Youzen he’ll probably be able to convince Genjou eventually, especially since Genjou herself wants him to keep persuading her. xD

  5. I have a feeling that Genjou will not be a sennin because she plans on carrying on the punishment but her reincarnation will be with him forever… but I bet she’ll eventually give in.

    That kiss CG made me heart explode…I’ll put it off playing SYK because I know I’ll feel a bit lonely when I finish it. LOL I know I have the fan disk too but when I finish that it’ll make me feel lonelier. LOL

    • I thought so too, but then again Genjou said she wants him to know that they can still be together and enjoy life even if her time’s limited. Or maybe because she doesn’t wanna leave the kids.. but she left them in Suou’s route. >_>; Whatever Genjou, just give in and live forever with Youzen lol.

      That kiss CG is a killer isn’t it? I had a good fangirling moment over it. xD
      ..and I know what you mean, I feel sad after marathoning S.Y.K and Renshouden.. orz

  6. Why won’t she become a hermit? WHY?! <– sorry for the capitalization. ^^;;
    If it were me, I would looooooove to be a hermit for Youzen but I also love it if he persuade me more. XDDDD
    That last 3 CGs are <3 <3<3! I love Youzen now. He too stubborn yet adorable, impossible not to like.. :D

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