S.Y.K Renshouden – Kougaiji

This ore-sama KY youkai prince is so awesome he deserves to have his own post.. though his chapter is short. I wish they’d make a Kougaiji route with Genjou being his youkai bride lol.

Kougaiji’s chapter took place a few days after his first teatime with Genjou. For some reason Kougaiji suddenly appeared in front of the party and kidnapped Genjou to the underworld. He doesn’t want to hurt her nor stop her journey, because he’s only interested in the strength he saw in her eyes. Since Kougaiji is a devoted son, he’s taking Genjou to see Gyuumaou. This is her first time meeting the ruler of the underworld, and Genjou is scared to death.

Gyuumaou isn’t interested in the weak human strength, but Kougaiji wants him to see the strength in Genjou’s eyes too. Genjou was scared when Gyuumaou stared into her eyes, but he was impressed when she glared back at him. Even after Gyuumaou said he can kill her easily right now, Genjou said she can’t die here.. but she won’t run either. Gyuumaou understands what Kougaiji meant, and he told his son to take Genjou back here after she unseals the kyouten.

After they leave the palace, Kougaiji said he’s returning her to the human world. Of course Genjou doesn’t get what’s going on, and she was thinking about it on their way to the gate. She slipped on the stairs, but when she opened her eyes she found Kougaiji holding her in his arms — princess-style. (*ノωノ) Genjou apologized, but Kougaiji just stared into her eyes saying he can’t understand why he’s so attracted to her LOL. Genjou is just a human, so he doesn’t know why she’s not scared whenever she looks at him.

Genjou feels Kougaiji has said embarassing things, but she replied humans have a certain power that youkai don’t have — their hearts. There are many kinds of power, though the underworld might not need this kind of power. This reminds him of what Enmaou said a long time ago, and he knows it’s true since the proof is right there in Genjou’s eyes. Kougaiji thinks Genjou’s power will make a nice addition for the underworld, leading him to one conclusion: have her stay here.

Of course Genjou told him not to make decisions on his own, but Kougaiji said she doesn’t have a choice. He promised that Genjou won’t get bored here in the underworld, completely ignoring her protests lol. After the underworld takes the kyouten, he’s going to pick her up and make her his bride. Then they can control the human world together too. Genjou refused his “proposal”, but said she wants to learn more about the underworld and its residents.

Kougaiji said he doesn’t hate that side of her and told her to go back to the human world. Just as Genjou was walking towards the gate, Kougaiji told her he’s going to bring her to the underworld in the near future. He’s going to take the kyouten for the underworld, but he’s taking her for himself. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

I think only Kougaiji could be so KY and so hot at the same time. He can say such embarassing things with a serious look on his face, and I like it. (。-∀-)ニヒッ If he gets his own route it’d probably be like Suou’s and Youzen’s combined into one, since Genjou’s pretty stubborn about becoming anything other than a human / leaving the human world. Though I don’t think Kougaiji would listen lol. Oh well, this chapter’s really short but I really like it. It feels better than Mirinda Hakkai’s route, though maybe it’s just me.


9 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Kougaiji

  1. Wow…..Kougaiji ia such a straight person……..i do like him because of that……..but it’s a pity that his route is too short…….They must lengthen his route since he is interesting ^^……..

    • Yeah, he’s KY instead of straight though lol. He’ll say anything he wants to say anywhere anytime regardless of TPO. xD Too bad he only got this short chapter though.. Genjou as a youkai bride would be cool.

  2. wow…its just wow, this route is so short but so satisfying ^^ if it was longer than it will be even better =D Kougaiji is now listed on the top after Gokuu and Youzen \(^o^)/ he is so cool with his straight forwardness
    ths again for the review and cant wait to read the next one =D

    • Actually I’m afraid the story would feel draggy if it’s longer lol. But yeah Kougaiji is an awesome character, I wonder why he’s not capturable. xD

      I’m taking a break after Renshouden since my TYB got stuck in the customs office.. and I don’t feel like playing anything else until it comes.

  3. Why so short? T.T
    It was short yet fun to read. Indeed, Kougaji’s hot. XD

    Uhm, I know noob question but what is KY? :3

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