S.Y.K Renshouden – Tenjiku Family

This is the parallel world chapter set on the current world. If you see the guys wearing normal clothes in the official site, they’re wearing them here. Gojou’s chicken apron is so cute. (*´艸`)

Once upon a time in the 21st century, there lived a poor family of four. The first son is a NEET, the third son is a player, and the youngest son is an idol. Surrounded by these brothers, the reliable second son is working hard everyday to take care of the household. What will happen today in the Tenjiku family house?

You should be able to guess just by reading the description, but.. the first son is Gokuu, the second son is Gojou, the third is Hakkai, and the youngest is Gyokuryuu. Gokuu spends everyday sleeping or sitting by his PC. Since they’re poor, Hakkai’s busy planning to date women who are willing to treat him. Currently he’s a 3rd year university student and prefers to hit on girls rather than working part-time. Gyokuryuu’s attending school properly.. but he has no friends. Not that he cares though.

Poor Gojou has to take care of their family finances, flipping tables everyday since Gokuu and Hakkai keep wasting their money. He swore to their parents in heaven to raise Gyokuryuu to be a good person lol. Gojou himself can’t work full-time in an office, or else Gokuu and Hakkai will destroy the house when he’s away.

Christmas is coming, and Gojou wants to give presents to his brothers. Every year they only celebrated the holy night with a cake and chicken, so this year he wants to do something different. With Gyokuryuu, he took out an old box containing their wishes written on a card. The contents are as following:

Gokuu: I want an era where NEET is acknowledged as a job \( ^o^)/

Hakkai: HAREM ♥

Gyokuryuu: Nothing

Gojou: Warm food for everyone in the family

Stupid wishes (Gojou excluded) aside, they found a document that turns out to be a loan agreement signed by their father a long time ago. This is where Suou comes into the story as a debt collector lol.

The next day, Gojou was deceived by a fraud who used Gyokuryuu’s name to get money from him. He was worried sick that his little brother got into an “accident”, but then Gyokuryuu came home going n(ー_ー?)ン? at the questions he asked him. Before Gojou could figure out what’s happening, Hakkai came home with Suou.. who’s here to collect money from them. Their parents already paid most of the debt, but the remaining amount has increased with all the interest rates. How much? 6,837,203 yen Let’s just go with what Gyokuryuu said here: “Ah.. so many numbers.”

Gojou had some savings for times like this, but he already gave all of them to pay for “Gyokuryuu’s accident” earlier. With the keywords given by Gyokuryuu, the brothers figured out that Gojou was swindled. Conclusion: they can’t pay off the debt unless they do something about it.

Suou gave them one week to collect money. If they can’t make it by the deadline, he’ll take away everything from them. Including their house. Before leaving he told Hakkai that dating girls when his big brother’s busy collecting money is 最☆悪 as a man. Gojou is now broken thanks to the shock he received, but his brothers are ready to earn money for different reasons. Hakkai’s pissed off by Suou’s words, and Gokuu wants to save their house since.. well, he needs it to resume his rose-colored NEET life.

Of course they need to do what they do best. Gokuu searched the phone number calling Gojou that day and hacked the police’s data to track down the fraud. Hakkai starts working, as well as selling whatever he can make to the pawnshop. He’s working in Kabuki-chou, but let’s put that aside for now. Gyokuryuu will also do his best, so Gojou shouldn’t weep all day waiting for the world to end. Gojou was touched and got back on his feet, taking off to work immediately.

Even after working day and night for a week, the brothers haven’t collected enough money when Suou came to visit them again. Gojou was ready to sacrifice himself as long as his brothers can live in the house, but they stopped him from doing anything stupid. Gokuu already found the swindler and it’s just a matter of time before he got caught. Not only that, he already took care of all the loan sharks in this area too. He doesn’t know which one is Suou’s boss, so he blackmailed them all lol.

While he was busy dealing with the brothers, Suou suddenly received a phone call. He was surprised, but then he apologized to the brothers because the debt is actually just a big misunderstanding ROFL. Their debt was erased, and they received the money back from the swindler the next day.

Thanks to the money they gathered together, the brothers can celebrate Christmas properly this year. Gojou bought a new PC for Gokuu, a new watch for Hakkai, and a cellphone plus a bike for Gyokuryuu. In return, they bought a new kitchen set for Gojou.

..and they went back to their previous life. Hakkai wasted their money to buy useless stuff again, and Gokuu needs money to repair his new PC lol. Gyokuryuu also destroyed something at school, so Gojou had to pay for the repair fee. That brings the total to 10,000 yen, shocking the crap out of poor Gojou. Fight, Gojou! Don’t lose, Gojou! Everything’s on your shoulders.. just like how it was before.

LOL. Maybe it’s because I’m doing this part after Youzen’s route, but I couldn’t help but think that their parents in heaven = Youzen and Genjou. (❤ฺ→艸←) Poor Gojou. I feel sorry for him for having brothers like Gokuu and Hakkai. Gyokuryuu’s personality is.. like that, but at least he does his best. Rose-colored NEET life. LOL. But Gokuu’s awesome, so just let him do what he wants. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ 頑張れ悟浄!負けないで悟浄! I love it when Gojou gets mad and scolds his brothers lol.


5 thoughts on “S.Y.K Renshouden – Tenjiku Family

  1. OMG……i can’t believe that there are another route like this……..Can’t LOL when i read the part that Gokuu is hacker and my beloved Suou was debt collector LOL Gojou is always a responsible man and Gyokuryuu is so cute in that CG ><

    • Gyokuryuu is an adorable little brother ♥
      LOL yea Gokuu is a NEET here. I guess without Genjou he doesn’t have any motivation to work? xD ..and Gojou is just a victim lol.

  2. Aw…..i love this game…….must play it….very funny and in the end i can not hate anyone in this game…..i love them all (^__^)

  3. LOL. It’s good seeing them in a modern day clothes. Gojou’s >////////////< with his apron. XD
    Their chibi look is so cute especially Gyokuryuu. :D

    • That chicken apron is just too cute. xD
      Gyokuryuu is such a loving little brother lol. Maybe he’s the only one who cares about Gojou, unlike Gokuu and Hakkai who worked for the sake of convenience lol.

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