Tokyo Yamanote Boys HONEY MILK

I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I played the prologue CD. Sadly my copy got stuck in the customs office for almost two weeks, so I played RPGs instead. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a confession tournament held in Tokyo. This year Chihiro is chosen to be the princess, which means that she gets to spend a fateful dreamlike week with the boys. There are nine participants, each representing an area on the Yamanote Line, but Honey Milk focuses on three of them: Ninomiya Yuuto from Shinjuku, Misaki Koutarou from Ikebukuro, and Momose Ayumu from Sugamo. Which one of them will win Chihiro’s heart?

Chihiro will spend the first three days with all the guys on a “group date”, and starting from the fourth day she can go on private dates with one of them. On the seventh day Chihiro will pick the winner in the TYB Dome, and he will become this year’s prince.

I named my heroine “Okita Rin” since there’s no default name in the game, but I will refer to her by her real name Chihiro here lol. Also, nobody calls her family name.. so it’s kinda pointless actually. You can name her whatever you want since everyone will still call her “ohime-sama” or “princess” anyway. xD


Today is the start of TYB, so everyone came to the TYB Dome for the opening. Chihiro first met Ninomiya Yuuto in front of the dome. He’s the rich heir to Ninomiya Zaibatsu, and also everyone’s favorite candidate. Yuuto doesn’t like the entrance’s red carpet, so he ordered his MIB to make it better: a new carpet, Italian lighting and orchestra from Vienna. Of course he didn’t forget about the “romantic” falling rose petals and sweet words for the princess.

The next guy who comes is Momose Ayumu, the pretty forest boy and idol of the old folks in Sugamo. He took Chihiro’s hand right away even though Yuuto’s still escorting her, saying he doesn’t need Yuuto’s permission to hold her hands LOL. Last comes Misaki Koutarou, the love tiger who loves soccer and street-dancing. He’s very cheerful and started dancing when he saw the crowd in front of the dome. Also the self-declared No. 1 High School Mote King. xD

TYB is sponsored by a company called WoodLink, and the president himself was the one who runs the event. After the introduction, he announced a confession battle to narrow down the number of participants from nine to three. The guys are split up into three groups, and each group is given a confession theme. Chihiro will then pick a winner from each group.

The battle basically goes like this:

  • Yuuto, Tetsu and Lucy’s theme is “romantic”. Tetsu is a sporty guy, so he doesn’t know how to do a romantic confession. Here, Yuuto tricked him (with an evil face) into making a lively festival-themed confession instead. He also told Lucy to express his view on the world, resulting in Lucy singing a very dark song that doesn’t fit the theme. With romantic petals and orchestra, Yuuto won the battle by confessing while dancing with Chihiro. 計算通り!Σd(☆ω☆)
  • Ayumu, Takumi and Jesus’ theme is “stimulating maternal instincts”. Takumi’s direct marriage proposal isn’t exactly what they’re looking for, and Jesus doesn’t give a damn about the theme. His confession is very him: “おい、女。てめぇ俺のものになれよ?” LOL. After thinking hard for a while, Ayumu gave Chihiro a marriage charm while confessing. His cuteness leads him to win the battle.
  • Koutarou, Iori and Hammer’s theme is “sexy”. Iori’s cool confession makes Chihiro goes ドキドキ but Hammer’s is just too erotic even for this theme. He told her he wants to “swim” naked with her in bed, causing her to slap him and called him “hentai!” LOL. xD Koutarou realized he’s not sexy at all, but he tried hard and ran to hug her after confessing. He slipped and fell on top of her. ♥ It wasn’t intentional and he apologized, but in the end he won the battle.

With this, the remaining participants are Yuuto, Koutarou and Ayumu. From here they’ll go on group dates until the third day. The location of their dates are determined by the staff, and they mailed it to her everyday.

1st Day: Tomashien

Note: this is the TYB version of Toshimaen located in Nerima, Tokyo.

Today’s location is Tomashien, a famous theme park in Tokyo. Koutarou and Ayumu think it’s big enough, but Ninomiya family owns bigger theme parks overseas. Yuuto said he can take them there with his private jet if Tomashien isn’t enough to satisfy them, but of course only rich people like him can say such things lol. They can go to Tomashien with Yuuto’s limousine, but there’s another option to ride the train like normal students do.

Yuuto never rides any train before, so naturally he doesn’t know that he needs tickets to pass through the gates. He wondered why the gates are blocking his way, trying to pay the fee with his credit card. ヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ He was about to protest to the station manager when Chihiro dragged him away. It turns out that he actually knows about tickets, he just doesn’t know how to buy them.. which caused Koutarou and Ayumu to go Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)マジ!? When Chihiro taught him how to buy tickets from the machines, he asked if 1 million yen is enough to pay for it LOL. Yuuto was shocked when everyone used their pass cards instead of tickets like him, so he decided to make one too even if he usually travels with private cars. They had to stop him from making a private seat in the train too. xD

Before entering Tomashien, Koutarou was attacked by some black birds. They noticed it’s the suspicious black birds that keep appearing in the news lately. Yuuto and Ayumu joked saying Koutarou’s stands out beacuse he’s so yellow lol. Koutarou often came to play here too, including the dates he had with many girls before this. He insisted that they’re just friends, but Ayumu revealed that he bragged about the girls he played around with before. Chihiro doesn’t look pleased, but she said it can’t be helped since he’s popular. It’s all in the past now, so they decided to stop picking on Koutarou and went to play with him guiding them around.

When Chihiro said it’d be nice if they can go to the pool, Yuuto ordered his MIB to book the park and alter the weather to be as hot as summer (!?). He also prepared a cute swimsuit for Chihiro, but only Koutarou noticed how perverted that was lol. In the end they all went to the pool together.. and I was shocked upon seeing Yuuto’s swimsuit here. (´・ω・`A;)

Since Yuuto booked the whole place, they can play on the water slider and ride the famous rides too. Ayumu loves thrilling rides and Yuuto’s fine with them (because he wears a parachute for extra safety lol), but Koutarou’s actually scared of heights and scary rides. They dragged him to the famous jet coaster “Ultra Cyclone” and he was traumatized when they got off, especially since Yuuto keeps changing the rail so it’d be more thrilling lol.

The group said goodbye in front of Tomashien that evening. Yuuto wants to send Chihiro home with his car, but he knows it won’t be fair for the other two. On her way home, Chihiro got a mail from the president and that brought her back to reality. TYB is only an event, and everyone’s being so kind to her because it’s a tournament. But she pushed the thought aside for now, and she decided to just have fun.

Meanwhile, the news talks about a serial killer on the loose. He keeps killing high school girls, leaving a heart mark on their chest. This serial killer is called the “murder demon”.

2nd Day: Harajuku

On her way to the dome, Chihiro was attacked by Kitano Marin, a fan of Yuuto’s who is engaged to him.. in her head. When Chihiro said Yuuto isn’t hers, Marin got pissed and called her friend — Mikiya, the ace of the wrestling club. Luckily Iori came to the rescue before Mikiya could beat her into a pulp. It turns out that the remaining six participants who got eliminated now have a new duty, which is to guard her until the event ends. Today is Iori’s turn to guard her.

The Honey Milk guys are angry when they learned about the attack, but Chihiro realized there must be people who hate her as the princess too. In order to avoid something like that from happening again (and also to avoid traffic jam), Yuuto already took care of today’s transportation: a hot air balloon! The other option is to ride a bus like any normal person would do. If you choose the bus, they nearly got trampled by a sea of passengers riding the bus at the next stop. xD

When they arrived in Harajuku, they saw the black birds again. Koutarou wants to get revenge, but Yuuto said animal violence is forbidden.. though Misaki Koutarou violence isn’t LOL. While walking in Omotesando they met Ayumu’s big brother, Momose Susumu, a district council member who was too busy working to notice Ayumu’s participation in the love royale. Susumu’s here for work too, so he left after telling the group to take care of Ayumu.

They went to Omotesando Hills after that, where everyone except Yuuto is impressed by the luxury atmosphere. Both Koutarou and Chihiro thought about buying some clothes, but they were shocked upon seeing a 60,000 yen brand tank top lol. Of course Yuuto’s ready to satisfy the princess, so he bought ALL the clothes in the shop for her. The total is 4,800,000 yen including the tank top Koutarou wants, though Yuuto said he should just use it as a room wear at home. xD

Yuuto already told his MIB to deliver everything to her house, but before that they had a coordinate competition by dressing up the princess!

  • Yuuto: an expensive, beautiful party dress
  • Ayumu: ecology-themed comfortable one-piece and cardigan
  • Koutarou: simple white T-shirt and jeans (lol) to show that the most important thing is Chihiro herself, not the clothes

As usual, Chihiro was the one who gets to pick the winner.

Their next stop is Takeshita-doori. It’s very lively and crowded, and Yuuto was shocked that they aren’t here for his welcome festival LOL. Koutarou took them to eat crepes at Blueberry Garden, and Ayumu sang for Chihiro in front of everyone.. though Yuuto was being stubborn and said he doesn’t like the place. xD

Koutarou still wants to play with Chihiro until morning comes, but of course they can’t do that and just went home at night. As Chihiro talked to her best friends about the second group date, they saw yet another murder on the news. The victim is Kitano Marin.

3rd Day: Asakusa

Today’s guard is Takumi, who noticed that something big is going to happen since the murders started occurring when TYB begun. Just before the group departed for Asakusa, they heard a scream and the murder demon appeared to attack a high school girl nearby. He tried to attack Chihiro as well, but for some reason he was surprised when he saw her face. Soon WoodLink’s SP came and seized the murder demon. The president told them he’s just a criminal who loves killing people, but Chihiro and the guys weren’t so sure.. In any case, the murder demon’s captured now so they don’t have to worry. Even though Chihiro was shocked and hurt her hand, the show must go on for the sake of the viewers.

By the time the group arrived in Asakusa, the wound on Chihiro’s hand is completely healed. It’s definitely weird, but she decided not to think about it and just enjoy their last group date. They visited Kaminarimon, where Yuuto said the gate really stands out because of the giant lantern. It stands out more than he does, and he doesn’t like it LOL. He ordered his MIB to write his name on the lantern along with Chihiro’s, replacing the name with Yuuto-mon. Σ(・ω・ ;) They also took memorial pictures with Chihiro in front of Kamina– ..I mean, Yuuto-mon.

Yuuto wanted to take them to an expensive Japanese restaurant, but since they’re in Asakusa.. he made lots of food stands in front of Sensouji Temple instead. He made so many of them it looks like a festival lol. Since he doesn’t know what they normally sell, his stands sell foie gras steak and shark fin soup. It’s still 170,000-180,000 yen even if he said it’s a “service price”, and it still costs 300,000 yen even in a set LOL. Naturally, nobody buys them. xD

Soon they met Tetsu and his pet monkey, Hemingway. He’s a smart monkey and never attacks people, though he bites Koutarou lol. Yuuto said it must be because Koutarou’s lower than monkeys.. poor guy. Ayumu doesn’t think Hemingway will bite nice people too, causing Koutarou to cry on the background lol. After playing with Hemingway and walking around the shops, they met a lot of old people who all know Ayumu. By a lot I mean A LOT since they swarmed the boy like fangirls, but all they wanna do is give pocket money to him. Yuuto is jealous with the attention. xD

Since Ayumu is not Koutarou, he politely refused the money one by one. It’s already evening when they’re done, which means it’s now time for them to go home. It’s their last group date, and from tomorrow Chihiro will go on private dates with one of them. They said goodbye and went home after asking her to choose them tomorrow.

That night Chihiro was surprised when the news said the police haven’t caught the murder demon yet. WoodLink didn’t hand him to the police.. but why?


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Yamanote Boys HONEY MILK

  1. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this~~~ I was extermely dissapointed this wasn’t portable, but I’ve (kind of) gotten over that lol I haven’t started since my cousin “borrowed” my copy, but from what she says, this game is “ALL THE AWESUM OF THE OTHER GAMES IN ONE” orz (I mean murders and otome don’t go that much together…)

    So yeah, Honey Milk. Soooo, truth to be told, I’m not like, really that fond of the guys in this game. Rich, blondie princes = no. Ayumu looks prettier than the heroine. Koutarou is nice, but the voice…gah (no, I like Morikubo, just the way he talks as Koutarou irks me). Just give me Iori, Jesus and Tetsu (tries to stick Iori into dark cherry)

    So like, I’m looking forward your reviews, darling~~

    • At first I don’t really like the guys here too. Yuuto looks evil, Koutarou’s way of speaking bothers me, and Ayumu’s prettier than Chihiro lol. I’m interested in Jesus, Hammer and Iori.. so it’s similar to your favorites lol. But after going through one route, I think Honey Milk isn’t so bad. I never expect Koutarou to make me go dokidoki, but he did. xD

      I’m planning to go play the true route tomorrow, and this is where they explain everything about the murder demon. After that I’ll post Koutarou’s route. :)

  2. daaaamn been waiting to see this one, awesome can’t wait to see your review on this since im not bothered to play pc otome games unless they’re 18+ LOL XD

    crossing my fingers that this won’t be utter poop and will be friggin epic ;D

    • LOL you don’t play all ages PC games? xD
      It’s good and full of LOL moments, exceeding my expectations so far. But let’s see what I think about the true route / ending tomorrow. :D

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