TYB Honey Milk – Misaki Koutarou

Since this is my first run through all the endings, this post contains most of the spoilers and explanations. I went for Koutarou first just because I like Morikubo, but he’s a funny character.

Misaki Koutarou is the representative of Ikebukuro. He has a lot of friends and is very famous there, earning the title “Love Tiger” since he often hits on girls. He’s currently a second year student in Akagane High School, 17 years old. Koutarou is a very cheerful and positive person who likes street dancing, and he’s also a member of soccer club at school. Most girls see him as a fun person to be around with, but not a boyfriend material.

4th Day

Starting from the fourth day the boys will be waiting in their respective areas for the private dates, so Chihiro chose Koutarou and went to Ikebukuro. He was really happy since she chose him, not “Prince Nino” nor “Idol Momo”. Koutarou took her to his house, which is a fruits shop located in the other part of Ikebukuro. When Chihiro said she loves fruits, he took it as a proposal confession. (。→∀←。) Koutarou introduced her to his mother Shouko, who doesn’t get why Chihiro likes her stupid son LOL.

Shouko wants him to help out in their shop that day, telling him to work hard so he can feed Chihiro in the future. At first Koutarou didn’t want to do it since they’re still in the middle of TYB, but he eventually agreed when Chihiro said she’s okay with that. Since Koutarou got a way with words, he can easily raise their sales by praising their potential customers and talks them into buying their fruits. After a while Jesus (whom Koutarou calls “kami-sama” LOL) came to buy some fruits for his dog, taking all the watermelons and melons in the shop. Koutarou is scared of him, so he lets Jesus do whatever he wants. xD

Thanks to Koutarou many people came to buy fruits, and Chihiro helped him out in the shop. Seeing her doing great, Koutarou asked if they should get married after graduation and run the shop together. Chihiro’s embarassed, but she thinks Koutarou will be a great husband. ♥ When Shouko said nobody will ever marry his stupid son, Chihiro said it’s not true.. which resulted in him running off to get a marriage certificate. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

That evening Koutarou apologized since their “date” became a part-time job day, and he admits that he’s not that popular with the girls. It’s true that he plays with them but they all put him into the friend zone, so he’s really happy that Chihiro chose him today. He also gave her some fruits to thank her for helping out in the shop, and they hold hands as he walked her to the station.

From the news Chihiro learned that the murder demon didn’t appear recently, but there’s a new virus that causes sudden headache and sharp pain in the chest.

5th Day

Today Koutarou took Chihiro to his favorite ramen shop, Tonchinken. The owner loves his pigs a lot, so whenever he saw his customers eating the pork in their ramen.. he’ll cry saying his beloved pigs can be happy in heaven lol. Soon they saw Lucy ordering Chou Buhi-mori, a mega ramen ten times the usual portion. It’s expensive but if you can finish it in 10 minutes, then it’s on the house. This isn’t a problem for Lucy since he eats like a vacuum cleaner, and Koutarou decided to take the challenge too. He asked for Chihiro’s cheering words, so she said “Do your best for me?” and he fired up immediately lol. Koutarou didn’t wanna lose to Lucy, but in the end he fainted before he could finish the ramen. xD

After leaving the ramen shop, they took a rest in a park nearby, where Koutarou lied down on Chihiro’s lap. This is the first time a girl ever treated him so kindly, and he started stroking her lap before she hits him lol. Slight perversion aside, Chihiro feels calm around him too and wants to stay like this forever.

Their raburabu time was interrupted when a fight breaks out between two gang members. Chihiro was worried that someone might get hurt, so Koutarou picked a helmet from the trash bin and kicked it towards the gang members. Naturally they got angry and chased him, but they couldn’t match his speed — he’s a star of the soccer club after all. They didn’t see his face either, so he can resume his date with Chihiro after getting away. Chihiro feels bad about what she said, but Koutarou said he only wanted to fulfill her wish.

All that Koutarou wants to do is to protect the girl he likes, but up until now nobody believes him even though he’s always serious whenever he said it. He asked if Chihiro can’t believe his words like everyone else, but Chihiro said she believes what he said is true. He’s willing to go as far as stopping the fight for her, it should be enough proof. Koutarou blushed and couldn’t believe his ears. He says sweet words so lightly that nobody takes him seriously, so this is the first time a girl really believes in his words. His head went blank and he couldn’t say anything except “I’m really happy, thanks for saying you believe in me.”

Now to resume their date, Koutarou took her to see a zombie kung fu movie — Dynamite Bomber LOL. They also ate some karaage together, and Koutarou feed Chihiro with his hands. ♥ When he walked her to the station at night, he said he wants to always be with her from now on.

6th Day

In front of the Ikebukuro station, they met two high school girls who are friends with Koutarou. From them Chihiro learned that Koutarou is a legend since he’s been rejected 90 times consecutively. Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)マジ!? They nominated him for TYB just for laughs, predicting that he’ll get rejected on TV. To them it’s a miracle that Koutarou managed to go this far, and they asked what Chihiro likes from him. Chihiro told them even though he looks easy, Koutarou always puts his heart on the words he say. From her answer the girls knew that they’re just disturbing their date, and they left after saying they’re glad for Koutarou, who was so happy he cried lol. Before they leave, Koutarou called Chihiro’s name instead of the usual “Berry-chan”.

Their date spot for today is Honja Town. They rode merry-go-round together and Chihiro caught a bouquet presented to the most loving couple. After done playing and eating ice creams together, Koutarou took her to Sunshine 60 Observatory at night. When Chihiro used the telescope, Koutarou suddenly hugged her from behind and called her name again. He’s been thinking about his feeling lately. Even though it all started from the love royale, he really fell in love and wants to know more about her. Koutarou then screamed “Chihiro, I really love youuu—!! Please choose meee—!!” into the night sky, marking his 100th confession. She was embarrassed since people are looking, but it can’t be helped since he loves her that much.

7th Day

The last, fateful day of TYB takes place in the TYB Dome. After Yuuto, Koutarou and Ayumu each confessed to her, Chihiro chose Koutarou as her prince. He believed she’ll pick him, but he’s still happy when she took his hand. When Koutarou once again said he loves her, Chihiro finally replied that she loves him too. They went out of the dome and paraded through Tokyo on a carriage. A lot of people congratulated them, and Koutarou apologized to all the girls in Japan — he’s now taken and devoted. ♥ He graduated from the title “Ikebukuro’s Love Tiger” since he now belongs to Chihiro alone.

In the epilogue, Chihiro helps out in Misaki Fruits on weekends and holidays. Shouko joked and told her son to marry her already since they’re always so raburabu, and she already told their neighbors about “Koutarou’s bride” LOL. (❤ฺ→艸←) As he walked her to the station that night, Koutarou told her that he’s been thinking about their future lately. He wants her to think about that too after they graduate, because he’s really serious about her. After saying he wants a lot of kids, Koutarou kissed Chihiro.. and also kissed her ears saying they’re sweet. (*ノωノ)イヤン They promised to always love each other from now on.


The true ending route is where they give more explanation about the murder demon and his connection to the whole love royale event. It unlocks after you get the love and normal endings for a guy. The normal ending is really similar to the love ending, so I won’t write them here. A new prologue about “the other TYB” also unlocks.

2nd Day

On her way home after the group date in Harajuku, Chihiro was stopped by Marin. This time she brought a knife to kill Chihiro since “a princess like her is so annoying”. However, the moment she touched Chihiro, Marin suddenly stopped due to a sharp pain in her chest. Soon TYB’s SP came and Marin escaped with them chasing after her. When they caught up to her, they also found the murder demon there.. and that’s where he killed Marin.

3rd Day

During the morning attack, the murder demon recognized Chihiro and said that she’s his. He exists just for her, and so she’s everything to him. Sadly that means he needs to kill her no matter what. The guys think he must be Chihiro’s stalker or something, but suddenly TYB’s SP came and the murder demon was captured. Chihiro and the guys didn’t know that WoodLink put the murder demon inside a barried, and they also examined the corpses of his victims. All of them have a heart mark on their chests, including Marin. Eventually Yuuto found out about this from his MIB, and he asked them to do more research on the president’s background. Something’s terribly wrong with TYB, and he doesn’t like it.

4th Day

In the morning Chihiro felt a sharp pain on her left arm, and she remembered the staff injected a vaccine on exactly the same spot during the Eve Festival. The pain quickly goes away, though she didn’t get what’s going on. That night, the murder demon managed to escape after breaking through the barried. TYB’s SP wanted to capture him since Chihiro’s life is in danger, but the president stopped them. Experiencing danger together makes people fall in love more easily, so this might be necessary to obtain “true love”.

5th Day

During the date with Koutarou, Chihiro noticed a lot of black birds nearby and went away quickly because she’s scared. They appeared again when Koutarou was walking her to the station at night, and this time there’s a LOT of them. The birds all gathered in one place and formed into the murder demon. He keeps saying the word “kill” so Koutarou took Chihiro’s hand and escaped, with the murder demon chasing them with super speed. Chihiro asked Koutarou to let go of her hand and run away, but he doesn’t want to leave her behind.

Eventually Chihiro fell due to a sharp pain in her chest, and Koutarou hugged her despite her pleading him to escape alone. Suddenly the murder demon stopped, and Chihiro felt a twinge of pain on her left arm. When she rolled up her sleeves, they saw a strange heart mark there. She also heard voices and saw images of people writhing in pain. Those people can see her as well, asking her why she’s doing this and begging her to stop torturing them. Here, the murder demon dropped a big hint: “You kill everything so I’ll kill you. You’re the world’s enemy.”

Thankfully Yuuto, who already knew what’s going on from his research, came to the rescue. Koutarou brought Chihiro inside his car and they escaped.

6th Day

Chihiro woke up in Koutarou’s room surrounded by the guys and Shouko. She still doesn’t know what’s wrong with her body, so Yuuto told her the truth: Chihiro is the mother / source of a powerful killing virus called Creeping VI. The reason why she saw and heard people in pain is because those virus are her children, and in the end all those people will die. This virus grows based on people’s feelings and spreads really quickly, which means that all the participants of TYB have contacted the virus as well. They’re still fine for now because the pain only occurs when the virus reaches an acute stage.

The president is the one behind all of this, and Chihiro was chosen to be the princess simply because her body can hold and spread the virus. TYB is an event made the complete the virus, since Creeping VI will die in seven days if it couldn’t grow inside her body. The thing they injected to her during the Eve Festival is, by no doubt, the virus itself. The feeling needed to complete the virus is “true love”, and the reason why something like this only happened recently must be because the previous princesses all failed to reach that feeling.

Once completed, Creeping VI will wipe out 99.999% of the human race. The remaining 0.001% are those who have “true love” in their hearts. The president’s goal is to purify mankind, allowing only those knowing “true love” to exist. The wipeout will occur when Chihiro found “true love”, but since it already reached an acute stage earlier.. the virus will complete itself in one day without waiting for her. Chihiro herself can’t die (which explains why her wound heals so fast), so after the wipeout she’ll become an immortal empty shell who can’t feel anything. A living corpse who continues to produce the virus.

However, there’s an organization who noticed the president’s motive. They tried to stop him by making a vaccine for the virus — Killer Nightingale. This vaccine also reacts to people’s feelings and takes the shape of a human. It continues to look for people who have contacted the virus and tried to erase them. Sounds familiar? Yes, the murder demon is the vaccine. He was created to save people, but it all went wrong since he’s killing them instead.

Since the victims of the virus can see Chihiro too, Tokyo was in chaos as people came to attack WoodLink’s office. They want them to do something about Chihiro since everyone’s suffering because of her.

7th Day

Chihiro feels bad for everyone and wants to kill herself, but Koutarou stopped her saying he’ll do something about it. He’s been running around looking for a way to stop the virus, and he did all of this just because Chihiro said she believes in him. He found nothing so far, but he’s not giving up on her. Chihiro knows it’s wrong to prioritize her safety over everyone’s, and yet she can’t help but feel happy with Koutarou’s feelings. He hugged her saying she shouldn’t give up too. It makes him sad since it feels like a one-sided love. Chihiro thanked him, and suddenly a heart mark appeared on Koutarou’s arm. Their feelings activated the virus inside of him too.

Soon Chihiro got a call from Hina’s phone. Apparently some hero-wannabes captured her friend and told Chihiro to come to Ikebukuro station’s east entrance, saying they’ll kill her there. She went there with Koutarou and received harsh insults from everyone, but before anyone could harm her.. black birds and the murder demon appeared.

One of the youngsters tried to attack the murder demon, but none of his attacks have effect on him. Koutarou punched the murder demon before he killed the guy, and surprisingly the murder demon took damage. According to Yuuto the vaccine kills the virus, but it also goes the other way around. Koutarou activated the virus after receiving Chihiro’s feelings, so he can attack the vaccine now. The heart mark on his arm is the proof of their bond. Creeping VI will also be destroyed if Chihiro drinks Killer Nightingale’s blood.

Sensing danger, the murder demon turned into black birds and flew away in separate directions. Koutarou can attack them with soccer balls, but there’s nothing to kick around them. The guy Koutarou saved earlier then lent him his Marucchi (a round, big and heavy popular mascot everyone puts on their phones), and soon everyone including Yuuto gave theirs too so Koutarou can attack the birds. With superb accuracy, Koutarou kicked the mascots towards all the flying black birds. This brought back the murder demon, and Koutarou stabbed him with a knife Yuuto gave him.

After that he made Chihiro drink the blood by passing it to her mouth to mouth, erasing the virus from her body and ending this nightmare. He collapsed after trying so hard to save the girl he loves, and Yuuto took her to his family’s hospital immediately.

A month after TYB came to an end, everyone in Tokyo is back to their ordinary lives. Koutarou and Chihiro have been going out ever since, so today is their one month anniversary. He called her a sinful woman for making him faint because he loves her too much lol. That night they went to Sunshine 60 Observatory, the place where he first confessed his love to her. Koutarou then gave Chihiro an engagement ring he bought with his own money.

They’re still high school students so he can’t buy an expensive one, but Koutarou is serious about her and wants to make her happy from now on. Chihiro thanked him saying she’ll treasure the ring, and Koutarou puts the ring on her finger. Someday he wants to come here with their children and his mother, so he’ll work hard to make that dream come true.

LOL OMG the normal route and the true route give extremely different feelings. Personally I enjoyed the normal route more, because you know.. I love peaceful and happy stories. But the true route is good too since it gives a nice surprise. The way Koutarou speaks bothered me, but I got used to it as I went through his route. He’s so funny in a stupid way, and that’s really entertaining. (๑◕ฺฺܫฺ←๑ฺ) To sum up this route in one line: a nanpa guy who’s so good with words nobody takes him seriously. Just like what Mai and Haruna said, Koutarou is actually loyal and devoted even though he looks easy. That’s a plus point for me.

9 thoughts on “TYB Honey Milk – Misaki Koutarou

  1. You’re so fast Rin! I trying to go after Ayumu but I’ve only reached the 3rd day.
    Btw, to get the normal end do you have to choose the wrong answers?

    • No, I tried doing that but it still leads me to the love ending.
      What I did was refusing to take his hand on the 7th day, then choose his name from the list instead. But I made sure his affection isn’t maxed, so you might wanna check that. :D

  2. Ah, I knew absolutely nothing about this game before you starting posting lately. I went to check out official website/ your prologue post but still didn’t know what to expect …… I was totally not expecting “True Love pwns Killer Virus” O_o TYBってこういうもんか(意外です)

    There’s a high chance I’ll skip this one because I can’t like any of the characters looks especially the heroine. (どう見ても誰もとても好みじゃない 特に目)Although that interface is the prettiest I’ve ever seen in a game so far and I love the coloring with it’s vibrant colors and stylish brush strokes. *stares at the pictures with very mixed feelings*

    BTW, you’re awesome (for making all these long summaries and so fast!) すごいです>w<b

    • 意外よね、

      I heard mixed opinions about Maeda’s art since his style is so distinctive lol. Though I don’t really like how he draws the guys, I do like his colorful and pop style. It’s SO MUCH BETTER than his Vitamin X days though. :D And OMG yes the interface is really pretty! It looks like a scrapbook with old papers and small embellishments. ♥

      Actually I’m just very bored during work and played TYB on my laptop to pass time.. lol. Nobody cares anyway as long as I got my work done. 8D ← is a very bad employee, but a devoted otome.

  3. damn this game seems way better than i thought’d it’d be! especially the true ending, totally wasn’t expecting any blood anyway haha xD

    koutarou seems friggin adorable <3 kay totally gonna check out this game!

    • I know right, that bloody scene was totally unexpected. xD
      The second prologue introduced the route as “the other TYB” and the true ending fits that perfectly LOL. It gives off an extremely different feeling from the cute / raburabu normal route. I like that. ;D

      If you don’t mind him speaking in modern Rejet-style slang with a couple of “nyaa” here and there, then you’ll love Koutarou. He’s a lovable baka. xD

  4. I was thinking of not finishing reading the true ending. I prefer the normal ending more; light, sweet, and simple. Not as complicated or dramatic as the true ending. ^^;;
    I like Koutarou’s personality, someone who has more to offer than meets the eye. And I think he has a rather normal art than the other two. xD

    • LOl yeah I like him the most out of the Honey Milk trio. xD The way he speaks like “nyaaasu!” or “–teki na?” bothered me at first, and I know there are people who doesn’t like it.. but for me it’s better than having cotton candy hair or a golden thong lol.

      The normal route seems a bit shallow since to fall in love in seven days is.. eh. It’s way better than the true ending if you’re looking for a lighter story since.. yeah, that true ending. xD The surprise only works the first time too since it’s the same for each route. :/

  5. Omg his blush totally makes me faint too lol but I loved his route a lot… My fav is when he does his little perverted lap insident lol

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