TYB Honey Milk – Momose Ayumu

I have to admit that Ayumu isn’t my type, so I wasn’t really excited to do his route.. but he’s manly. Probably the manliest among the Honey Milk trio, though he’s prettier than Chihiro.

Momose Ayumu is the representative from Sugamo. This pretty forest boy is the idol of the old people there, and he gets along really great with them. He even formed a local vocal unit with one of them — MomoMago. Ayumu is currently a first year student at Shirakame High School. He’s 16 years old, a year younger than Chihiro. Since he spends most of his time with old people, Ayumu prefers traditional stuff rather than the modern ones.

4th Day

Chihiro picked Ayumu and went to Sugamo today. There’s a festival going on, so first Ayumu took her to fish some water yoyos, where he fished FIVE yoyos at once and taught her to do the same. Σ(・ロ・*)スゲッ! They also tried a fortunetelling machine nearby. When Chihiro tsukkomi‘d the results, Ayumu said he feels nostalgic since he used to live in Osaka when he was small. Hence the slight kansai-ben when he speaks.

Soon they met the old people in the shopping district, who fought over Ayumu since they all wanna play with him. Chihiro suggests Ayumu playing with all of them one by one, and they went to the park and played together: shogi, igo and gateball. Of course Ayumu can’t play with all of them at the same time, so Chihiro played shogi with Kaku-jii when Ayumu was busy playing with Geto-baa. Chihiro thought she’s going to lose, but Ayumu came back to help her play. She said shogi is difficult, and Ayumu replied he’ll teach her. He will stay with her until she gets better at shogi, no matter how long it takes. Chihiro went all ドキドキ since it sounds like a confession. xD

The old guys are happy when Chihiro calls them “ojii-chan“, and Geto-baa passed her title as “the shopping district’s madonna” to her LOL. Ayumu’s impressed that Chihiro can get along with the old people so fast, saying he can marry her without worries now. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Ayumu first moved to Sugamo from Osaka, he had no friends. The old people keep him company during those lonely days, so he grew attached to them. He really loves Sugamo and thinks of the old people here as his own grandparents. He wants them to always be happy, and his brother Susumu is doing his best too for the same reason.

After that Ayumu took Chihiro to a famous dango shop, Happy Dango. The owner is an old lady who built the shop with her husband more than 50 years ago, but he already passed away so she runs the shop alone. She gave them extra dangos to celebrate Ayumu bringing his bride here LOL. As he walked her back to the station, Ayumu apologized since they spent the day playing with the old people instead of dating. Chihiro said it was fun, and Ayumu added it will be more fun if she choose him again the next day. He wants to know her more.

5th Day

Today Ayumu’s doing a show as MomoMago, and he introduced Chihiro to his partner: Noro-jii! He speaks real slow, but Ayumu said he’s really great. They’re going to sing and perform a manzai today, and there Chihiro saw Noro-jii’s personality completely changes when he’s standing on stage LOL. Unfortunately he injured his arm when he tried to throw a bandanna to their fans. Ayumu wanted to stop the show so he can go to the hospital, but Noro-jii asked Chihiro to replace him instead. They eventually agreed thinking of the fans who came all the way here just to watch them.

Chihiro was nervous at first, but she actually makes a very nice boke with Ayumu tsukkomi-ing her. The show was successful thanks to their entertaining manzai. On the way to the backstage, Chihiro slipped and Ayumu caught her. (*´∀`*) He offered to carry her to the backstage hime-dakko style, and again Chihiro goes ドキドキ at how manly and reliable he is. ♥ Ayumu then realized that Chihiro’s actually really nervous, so he lets her hold his hand until she calmed down.

When Chihiro said she wants everyone to be happy too, Ayumu told her his heart feels warm whenever she’s around. He wants to stay with her even after the tournament ends, and this is the first time he ever feels this way towards someone else. Ayumu won’t rush her into answering his feelings, but Chihiro’s starting to realize how she really feels towards him.

They visited Noro-jii in the hospital before going home.

6th Day

Today’s first date spot is a shrine near Kagurazaka, famous for matchmaking / tying love knots. This is where Ayumu bought the charm he gave to Chihiro, which is now hanging on her phone. When Chihiro said she prayed for everyone’s happiness in the shrine, Ayumu hugged her saying he’s really happy they share the same wish. But he also made a second wish: to make her happy with his own hands.

They also went to eat some sweets at a famous shop called Fujimiya, and drank matcha latte in a nearby cafe. Ayumu likes slow and relaxing life like this, saying his dream is to live in Sugamo with the person he loves. He wants to grow old with that person and always be together for the rest of their lives. Ayumu then confessed that he really fell in love with her after spending time together during the last few days, thanking her for the warmth she gave him. Today is the last day of the dates, and Chihiro feels lonely thinking TYB will end tomorrow.

That evening Ayumu walked her back home, but he was reluctant to leave. It’s his first love and he’s worried someone else might take her away, but Chihiro held his hand saying he’s really strong because he can face his own feelings. Those words made Ayumu realize that he chose the right person to fall in love with. He then hugged her and said “Princess, you’re my madonna!” Chihiro was happy with his feelings, but Ayumu asked her to follow the rules and give her answer tomorrow.

Before Ayumu leaves, they saw a shooting star. It’s really rare to be able to see them in Tokyo. Both Ayumu and Chihiro made a wish to the shooting star that night.

Chihiro later told her best friends about today’s date, and they were surprised since “I want to grow old with you” is more like a proposal instead of a confession lol. Chihiro said she’s happy with that though, thinking it would be nice to marry Ayumu and have a relaxing life together. Hina replied by saying that’s so perverted LOL. She’s ready for the final day!

7th Day

After Yuuto, Koutarou and Ayumu each confessed to her, Chihiro took Ayumu’s hand. The wish he made to last night’s shooting star is fulfilled, and Ayumu promised he’ll make her happy from now on. Chihiro finally answered that she loves him too. Ayumu is crowned this year’s prince and they went out of the TYB dome on a parade, riding a carriage together. As the crowd congratulated them, they heard Hina’s voice saying “この年下キラーめ!” アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ That love charm Ayumu gave her on the first day works really well indeed. ♥ He’ll always love her even until she becomes a granny.

In the epilogue, Ayumu and Chihiro are going on an evening date in Sugamo. The shops are closed and it’s really quiet, but they can enjoy their private time this way. Ayumu’s love for her has grown so much and he wants to know more everything about her, hugging her when Chihiro said she feels the same. She’s embarrassed since they’re in public, but Ayumu said everyone should already be asleep at this hour.. then he kissed her saying he wants to become one with her. (*ノωノ) Ayumu wants to marry her as soon as possible and grow old with her, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. ♥ Ayumu asked Chihiro to think about it after she graduates, giving her a new charm to protect their love.


The explanation about the virus and vaccine are here. It’s the same for every route.

6th Day

Instead of going to Kagurazaka, Ayumu and Chihiro spent the day in Sugamo instead. There are black birds nearby, but they ignored it for now because there’s a crowd gathering in front of Happy Dango. They were shocked to see that the shop got demolished, and they found the old lady there looking sad.

The government took the land by force and there’s nothing she could do except to sell her shop, but she kept quiet because she didn’t want Ayumu to worry. The other reason was because it’s hard for her to say it. The shop is a treasure she made with her husband, but now it’s gone. She’s scared because she can’t keep the promise she made to him, which was to continue running the shop even after he’s gone. Chihiro cried and Ayumu thanked her for crying in the old lady’s place, he’s happy that they share the same feelings about the old people in Sugamo.

However, Geto-baa was really pissed and lets out that the one behind this demolition is none other than Ayumu’s own brother — Momose Susumu. Since Ayumu appeared on TYB, Susumu has been trying to increase Sugamo’s charm by building new, expensive shopping malls at the cost of closing small shops like Happy Dango. Everyone’s angry including Ayumu himself, who decided to talk to Susumu. Chihiro wants to help too and Ayumu asked her to come along.

They went to Susumu’s office and Ayumu asked his brother why he did this, but Susumu doesn’t give a crap even though the old lady was really sad. Ayumu got mad saying he can’t take away people’s happiness like that, and Susumu said he’s still a foolish kid. There’s no such thing as a world where everyone can be happy, as there are always people who gets hurt behind someone’s happiness. That’s just how the world goes, and Ayumu’s ideals are nothing but a dream.

Sugamo’s shopping district isn’t doing that well, so Susumu took the necessary actions to save the town: destroy all the old, unprofitable shops and replace them with modern, expensive shops. He was happy when Ayumu was chosen for TYB since WoodLink gave him the money he needs to reform Sugamo. Susumu yelled at Ayumu saying he should see that this is reality, and Ayumu ran outside crying with Chihiro chasing after him.

The brothers both love this town, so Ayumu was shocked that Susumu could came up with such an answer to save Sugamo. He asked Chihiro if it’s wrong for him to wish that everyone can be happy. Chihiro said she doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong, but his wish is a wonderful thing even if it’s impossible in the end. She lets Ayumu cry in her arms until he’s satisfied.

That night Ayumu walked her back to the station and apologized for what happened today, but he’s happy with her words earlier. He was about to ask her something when suddenly the black birds started gathering.. and a heart mark appeared on Chihiro’s arm. She started seeing images of people crying out in pain, and soon the murder demon appeared before them. Ayumu tried to protect her though the murder demon took no damage from his attacks. Soon they heard gunshots as Yuuto came to the rescue. The guns didn’t hurt the murder demon, but they managed to escape to Yuuto’s mansion. That’s where he explained everything about the virus to them.

Later on Chihiro felt a twinge of pain and got another vision.. of her best friend Mai writhing in pain. Chihiro feels bad and went out to let the murder demon kill her, or else there will be more victims. She met Ayumu outside, and he stopped her saying it doesn’t mean she have to die for everyone.. though Chihiro told him she’ll destroy everyone’s smile if this continues, including the people of Sugamo that he loves. Everyone will be happy if she dies, even though she will be the one crying behind their happiness.

Ayumu grabbed Chihiro’s arm before she ran away. He knows he’ll regret it if he gives up here, because he loves her. It doesn’t mean anything if everyone’s happy but he lost her instead, so he wants her to stay no matter how hard it is. Chihiro was happy with his feelings, and suddenly a heart mark appeared on Ayumu’s arm. He has activated the virus upon receiving Chihiro’s feelings.

7th Day

From Yuuto they learned that they can fight the murder demon now. The heart mark on Ayumu’s arm is the proof that Chihiro and him are connected through their love, so now he can use Creeping VI’s power to fight Killer Nightingale. By drinking the vaccine’s blood the virus in Chihiro’s body can be destroyed, and nobody will have to die.

The murder demon’s main target is Chihiro, so they all went to lure him out in Sugamo. The old people of the shopping district were all there too to support Ayumu. With their assistance, Ayumu fought the murder demon and eventually delivered the final blow screaming “Don’t destroy our dreams!!”

Ayumu quickly gave the blood to Chihiro and she drank it, but then she collapsed and Ayumu lets out a scream as Yuuto rushed her to the hospital. Everyone panicked, but luckily nothing happened to Chihiro. She just fell asleep after all that happened.

Time passed and Ninomiya Zaibatsu took care of everything. This incident was labeled as a simple terror and everyone in Tokyo are back to their ordinary lives. Ayumu went to see Susumu with Chihiro, telling his brother that he’s not giving up on Sugamo. He still thinks that what Susumu did is wrong, and he won’t let something like that happen again. Ayumu knows he probably won’t win against Susumu, but Sugamo won’t lose to him. Before Ayumu left Susumu said they should have meal together next time, implying that he’s taking Ayumu’s thoughts into consideration.

Outside, Ayumu said this is the first time he ever goes against his brother. He loves Susumu a lot, but he won’t let him make anyone sad.. especially Chihiro. Ayumu asked her to always stay with him and kissed her there. He doesn’t care if people see them, but soon the old folks came to tease them. (。→∀←。) Despite her giving the “madonna” title to Chihiro that day, the high-spirited Geto-baa said she won’t lose LOL. It will be a long road ahead, but they’ll walk together from now on.

I’m sorry to all Ayumu fans out there, but I couldn’t enjoy this route as much as I enjoyed Koutarou’s. While I do like the traditional feel and relaxing mood, this route feels pretty dull to me. (´・ω・`) The old people of Sugamo are funny though, especially Noro-jii and Geto-baa lol. Ayumu himself is really manly and I love it when he lowered his voice, but I can’t take that appearance seriously. I keep thinking cotton candies whenever I see his hair. (´・ω・`A;)フキフキ I’m not saying this route is bad though, it just pales in comparison. Maybe it would be more enjoyable if I did this before Koutarou’s.


4 thoughts on “TYB Honey Milk – Momose Ayumu

  1. Hi there! I see you have a copy of HONEY MILK Disc as well. I just completed his route too and yeah, I will admit that Ayumu’s route is a little dull, I mean, compared to Kotarou’s, there wasn’t anything that really made me show emotions or react. But he’s a cute and sweet guy.

    I can only hope that Yuuto’s route can satisfy me XD

    • Yeah appearance aside, I do like him as a character. He’s sweet and reliable, not to mention that he can get Yuuto to do what he wants. It’s really too bad that his route is rather lacking. ;_;

      I’m saving Yuuto for the last seeing he plays quite a big role in the true ending route. I hope his route won’t disappoint me. xD

  2. lol definitely doesn’t seem as cute as koutarou but i swear all dat murder demon stuff is really intriguing xD

    awesome job again u ;D

    • Thanks xD
      IDK there must be people out there who likes this type, you know.. cute appearance but manly inside LOL. Too bad I’m not the type who can enjoy mattari yuttari routes if they don’t make it interesting enough. xD

      IKR the murder demon scared me at first, but he makes me curious lol. Apparently he has a real name too.. I’ll post that in Yuuto’s route later. :D

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