TYB Honey Milk – Ninomiya Yuuto

The prince of Honey Milk. I saved his route for the last hoping it’d be the most interesting, but all I can say is this route’s different from the other two. Well, maybe it is interesting in a way.

Ninomiya Yuuto is the representative from Shinjuku. He comes from an incredibly rich family and is the heir to Ninomiya Zaibatsu. He has his own MIB: Satou, Suzuki and Tanaka who all serve him wherever he goes. Yuuto is 18 years old, a year older than Chihiro. He’s currently a 3rd year student in St. George Academy, an elite school filled with rich students. Yuuto loves collecting expensive cars and rides, naming them all with his poor naming sense.

4th Day

Chihiro chose Yuuto and went to Shinjuku for their private date. Yuuto already prepared a “small” helicopter for them, even though it only takes 10 minutes if they walk. Satou, one of his MIB, is so skilled at piloting he can even do acrobatic maneuvers. Σ(゚ロ゚;)コワッ! Of course Yuuto can pilot helicopters too, as well as driving cars and steering ships. He provided everything just for Chihiro, but from time to time he muttered “you should become mine quickly” to himself.

Yuuto took Chihiro to an expensive restaurant he made just for her, complete with a diamond chandelier and a Persian rug. He also invited a famous singer named KELLY for entertainment. Chihiro is a fan of hers and asked if she can get an autograph, but Yuuto mistook it for his autograph instead. It’s hard for Chihiro to say since he signed her notebook so happily, so she thanked him anyway. xD

Yuuto also hates losing and admitting he doesn’t know something, so when Chihiro mentioned Dokkiri Donkey, a famous hamburger chain shop, he claimed that he knows it too. But later on he called it Bonyari (!?) Donkey, and said the name wrong once again when he asked Satou to get information about Sunnari (!?) Donkey. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

After they’re done eating, Yuuto told Chihiro that his parents are busy working all over the world and he often spends time alone at home. They feel bad for always leaving him alone, so they give him everything he wants.. but Yuuto feels there’s something missing in his heart, which drove him to join TYB. He was surprised when Chihiro said that to obtain something people needs to give out something else in return, but he ended the subject quickly and showed her the night illumination instead.

Today’s date was perfect and nobody can provide such luxury except Yuuto, but Chihiro couldn’t stop thinking about his lonely expression. It might be the real him, and all she wanted was to know more about him. Even though she told him she doesn’t need luxury, Yuuto didn’t get it and said he’ll prepare a better date plan for tomorrow.

5th Day

Yuuto came to Chihiro’s house to pick her up in the morning. Lately it’s dangerous with the murder demon on the loose, plus he believes she’ll choose him anyway. Today he’s taking her to Ebisu Grand Garden, promising that he’ll satisfy her. Chihiro tried to say that she wants to talk to him instead, but Yuuto was too excited about his date plan to notice. He already bought the whole place just for her, making her feel even more complicated. They had lunch outside and Chihiro asked about his father. It turns out that Yuuto haven’t seen him in the last 5 years, but he denied it when she asked if he’s lonely. He asked her to stay with him instead so he won’t feel lonely. Ninomiya Yuuto is perfect and flawless, and that’s all she needs to know.

In the evening Yuuto took her to Shinjuku Shin Gyoen. His family already bought the place too. He showed her a huge castle that used to be Shinshu Takato’s mansion, saying it’s now hers. He prepared fireworks too and wrote her name in the sky with them. Nobody else can do these things except him, but Chihiro still doesn’t understand how he really feels. She told him the things he said are just like the lines from movies.. but they’re just empty lines with no feelings in them.

Yuuto said that’s foolish since he can get whatever he wants with money, so she should just be quiet and follow his plan by becoming his. He said falling in love in a week is impossible after all, and Chihiro was shocked since it means the things he said up until now are all lies. She snapped saying she doesn’t want all of this, and Yuuto didn’t get what went wrong. “I’m Ninomiya Yuuto. I’m perfect and I can give you everything, so why won’t you become mine!” This caused Chihiro to reply with “Yuuto-kun, you can’t buy people’s hearts with money.” and she feels sorry for him for not understanding such a simple thing.

Yuuto got mad too saying he’s really disappointed in her. She said foolish things that didn’t even make sense, and now he wants to quit TYB since he can’t stand her anymore. He got in his car and left her alone in front of the castle. Chihiro was sad that he ran away without facing his own feelings, realizing that she’s actually in love with him.

6th Day

After what happened yesterday, obviously Yuuto didn’t come for today’s date. Chihiro waited for a while and eventually Yuuto’s MIB came saying they’ve got a problem: Yuuto refused to see anyone, including banning them from getting close to him. Chihiro managed to talk them into letting her meet Yuuto, and they took her to the restaurant Yuuto made for their first date.

Yuuto was all thorny towards Chihiro, saying “love” is just something people made up. Chihiro replied by saying he’s a fool, causing him to get angry and told her to stop fooling around before he loses patience. She didn’t give up though, refusing to run until her words reach the real Ninomiya Yuuto. She won’t go this far if it’s only for the tournament, and she called him stupid for not understanding a girl’s feeling. Yuuto’s words yesterday shocked her, but she’s happy to hear how he really feels no matter how harsh it is. Up until now Yuuto’s always looks at the world from above, but Chihiro wants him to stand beside her from now on. That way she might be able to see the same view as him.

Yuuto calmed down after hearing her words. They decided to change locations and went to talk in a small park. Yuuto already realized his mistake, so this is a chance to change himself. When Chihiro holds his hands, Yuuto admits that he’s been holding sadness all this time. He has everything and yet he feels that something’s missing. Chihiro is the only person who moved against his plan, and he never thought he can talk honestly to other people like this. Yuuto feels a lot better and wants her to hear more of his true feelings from now on. He needs her to stay true to himself.

Yuuto complained about the small park, but he enjoyed their simple date today. They got thirsty after talking, so Chihiro took him to the nearest vending machine and taught him how to use it. He got a free juice for her, blushing when she thanked him happily. It’s just a cheap juice, but this is the first time he really meant the present he gave to her. Yuuto thanked Chihiro for opening his eyes.

7th Day

In the TYB Dome, the first one to confess was Yuuto. Unlike the other two, this is the first time Yuuto actually confessed to Chihiro. She’s the one who changed his world, and he wants her because he loves her. ♥ After they all confess to her, Chihiro took Yuuto’s hand and chose him as her prince. He was really happy and thanked her, this time not saying “計算どおり” because it really comes from his heart. Chihiro answered that she loves him too.

They rode a carriage together and went on a parade through Tokyo. As people congratulated them, Yuuto asked her to go out with him. He wants to know about her too. He’ll make her happy for sure, so he asked her to never let go of his hands.

In the epilogue, a month has passed since TYB came to an end. Yuuto can say his feelings honestly without problems now, which makes Chihiro happy even though he easily gets jealous and a scheming 腹黒 on top of that LOL. That night he took her to his restaurant and presented the beautiful night view to her, preparing everything himself because he knows she doesn’t like luxury. He was worried that she might not like it, but Chihiro was really happy.

Yuuto then hugged her saying he never knew love could make your heart feels warm like this. He told her he wants her tonight, and kissed her saying she’s his treasure. Chihiro apologized for all the things she said to him back then, but Yuuto said it’s okay. However, he hates losing so he’ll get his revenge tonight.. in bed. (*ノωノ)イヤン He loves her and wants to know everything about her, up to the deepest part.


The explanation about the virus and vaccine are here. It’s the same for every route.

5th Day

During their lunch in Ebisu Grand Garden, Yuuto and Chihiro noticed a lot of black birds nearby. The birds suddenly surrounded them and formed into the murder demon, but this is actually Yuuto’s plan to lure hum out. Chihiro realized that she’s been used and got angry, though Yuuto hates the murder demon for sticking to the person he wants. Especially since the murder demon keeps saying that Chihiro is his.

Yuuto summoned his SP and tried to attack the murder demon with guns, which didn’t really work. Chihiro didn’t want him to do dangerous things like this, and when she asked him to stop.. a heart mark appeared on her arm. This stopped the murder demon’s attacks, but Chihiro saw images of people crying in pain. Yuuto asked Satou to take her to the hospital, and that’s when the latter told him there’s a powerful killing virus on Chihiro’s body.

5th Day

Based on Yuuto’s order, his MIB did a research on WoodLink’s president. However, they found the truth about Creeping VI instead. They were worried about Yuuto staying so close to Chihiro, but Yuuto said there’s no need to avoid her now. They all should already contracted the virus anyway. Since they can’t show this to a regular doctor, Yuuto took Chihiro to his mansion. She could only cry upon hearing the truth, but she accepted their explanation.

Creeping VI connected Chihiro to the victims, including Yuuto. That night she caught a glimpse of Yuuto’s mind and learned about his true feelings. He’s perfect and has everything, but because of that there’s something missing in his heart: the desire to obtain something. That’s why he’s jealous of the murder demon who goes to extreme length just to hunt Chihiro, even though he knows it’s only because the murder demon is a vaccine made to kill her. All Yuuto wanted to do was just to get in the murder demon’s way, but Chihiro thanked him for saving her. She’s happy that he told her about this, because she’s been wanting to know the real him. Yuuto said she’s an interesting person before telling her to get some rest.

After watching the news, Chihiro got a call from Hina informing that Mai’s in hospital right now. Mai has a weak body, so the virus is causing her pain right now. Hina doesn’t want Mai to die, and Chihiro understands what she’s trying to say. Basically she wants Chihiro to die in her place. ಠ_ಠ Chihiro apologized and said she loves Hina too, making her cry. She was about to go out and sacrifice herself, but Yuuto stopped her.

Yuuto knew that Chihiro’s going to do this, and he won’t let her die. Chihiro admits that she’s scared and doesn’t wanna die, but there’s no other way. Yuuto then hugged her and told her to stay by his side. He doesn’t understand his own feelings, but he doesn’t want to let her go no matter what happens. Right after he said that, a similar heart mark appeared on Yuuto’s wrist. There’s no more time left.

7th Day

Yuuto used his power to do a live broadcast aired all over Tokyo. He told everyone that he’s got the virus and is scared too, but he can’t let the girl he loves die for everyone. Chihiro is the one who taught him the feeling of wanting someone, as well as the fear of losing her. He wants to save her. After doing some research Yuuto has found a way to attack the murder demon, and he needs everyone’s help to do it. That is, by capturing all the black birds in Tokyo and put them into a special cage he placed in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho. By this time Yuuto already learned that he can kill the murder demon, since he has the proof of “true love” that connects him to Chihiro. Also, the fact that the virus can be destroyed if she drinks the vaccine’s blood.

Chihiro was unsure if people will really help, but when they went to Kabuki-cho they found the cage is full with black birds. Everyone’s helping them, including Chihiro’s friends and the other TYB participants. Though Hammer caught crows instead LOL. The birds soon formed into the murder demon, and Yuuto delivered a blow straight to his heart. Yuuto was stabbed in the arm, but he quickly passed the blood to Chihiro mouth to mouth.

The virus is now erased from Chihiro’s body, but there’s still something Yuuto needs to do: ask for her answer. The tournament was stopped, but today is the fateful seventh day. He already said his feelings earlier through the broadcast, but now he’s telling her directly. Yuuto said he loves her, and Chihiro answered that she loves him too.

After everything’s over, Yuuto used Ninomiya Zaibatsu’s power to take care of everything. They didn’t want to stop running TYB each year, so his company now watches over WoodLink as they continue sponsoring the event. Obviously with a new president. Everyone in Tokyo gradually forgets about the incident, and all the victims recovered including Mai. Yuuto took Chihiro to his house and showed her his childhood album. He was surrounded with lots of toys, which caused him to forget how it feels to want something. But she brought back the missing piece into his heart.

Even now that Chihiro’s staying by his side, Yuuto can never get enough of her. He wants everything from her — body and soul. (*ノωノ) イヤン After saying he wants to sleep with her tonight, Yuuto asked her to be his princess forever. He will give everything to her. That night they become one, writing their own love story from now on. (*゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ

Meanwhile in another place, the organization that created the vaccine was talking about the incident. They managed to retrieve their Killer Nightingale, but the test subject has died — Kurusu Kyouhei.

My expression during the normal route: (。・_・。) → ( ಠ_ಠ ) → Σ(・ロ・〃) I never really liked rich kids unless they’re interesting, and Yuuto is being your typical rich obocchama in the beginning. He turns into a spoiled little brat by the end of day 5, and I wanted to slap him until he blushed in day 6. But since he’s cute and clueless about vending machines, I’ll forgive him for that LOL. His endings are hot though, by no doubt the most ero endings in TYB. Especially his true ending since he said it straight out: “お前を抱きたい” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン I totally didn’t saw that coming lol. Koutarou’s and Ayumu’s are somewhat naughty too, but not at this level. xD

..and I can never look at Yuuto the same way again after seeing his golden thong.

At this point, I’m more intrigued about this Kurusu Kyouhei rather than the TYB participants. Except for Jesus in Dark Cherry since he’s hawt and I’m starting to love Namikawa Daisuke.

12 thoughts on “TYB Honey Milk – Ninomiya Yuuto

  1. Haha, yeah about Yuuto’s swimsuit. My brother’s expression when he walked into my room when Yuuto was in his swimsuit was priceless XD I actually thought there was quite a drama going on in his route and I also thought that he was quite possessive of Chihiro.

    That all changed when he smiled a real smile though XD He really needs to smile like that more often >.<

    • LOL I swear Rejet loves making their characters wear thong mankinis. My friends warned me about this before I started playing, but that still surprised me. xD Yea he’s quite possessive and gets jealous easily. I think his jealousy to the murder demon partly comes from Chihiro too, though he didn’t understand it.

      His real smile is ♥ indeed combined with that blush. xD

  2. Holy crap, Yuuto wtf is wrong with that swimsuit (LOL Rejet and your ideas. As if Sexy Banchou’s swimsuit wasn’t enough. That gave me nightmares for weeks)

    Baw I hate rich obocchamas so much. I can’t stand them orz damn you, Yuuto and your sexy voice (Suffers from Suzuken bias). At least he looked cute when he smiled…and yeah, he’s clueless with vending machines orz I was smiling like an idiot after that.

    BTW do you usually save the CGs of your playthroughs? Would you mind sharing them with me? I want to make some icons orz. With all credits to you, of course!

    • You forgot Shun’s thong too from Vitamin X. I was wondering if someone wears a mankini too in Vitamin Z / Lucian Bee’s. xD

      I don’t like rich obocchamas too, especially when they’re arrogant or didn’t listen to anyone like Yuuto did during the first few days.. but I guess that blush made me forgive anything lol. He’s clueless about the machines at the station too, including the gates. xD

      Yeah I usually save CGs, but for TYB I haven’t done it yet. I’ll mail it to you when I’m done. Is the mail you use for this comment okay?

      • NOOOO WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME ABOUT THAT…THING!? Poor Torikou, he has already voiced two charas with questionable fashion sense…

        Oh yeah, and this email is fine! Thanks for your hard work <3

  3. “お前を抱きたい” ;D

    lol golden thong totally needa see that. and yeah im more interested in Jesus and c’mon, the dude is called fuggin JESUS – das some messiah proportioned EPIC rite there xD

    • TYB is all ages, but definitely not innocent. xD

      LOL that golden thong.. I posted the pic here if you wanna see, but I bet it’d be nicer to see it in game. xDDD LOL IKR his name is Jesus, they have to make an epic route for him. Even Koutarou and Hammer call him Kami-sama and Jesus-sama. ;D

  4. The part you crossed out is what I love the most about this post. NMKW love is spreading! ♥ \^-^/ ♥

    I’m so jealous of Chihiro for getting this super rich guy XD *is bricked*Yuuto reminded me of Ouran’s Tamaki at first, even though the rich boy story was rather predictable but it turns out that I liked him most out of the Honey milk guys. I’ll be looking forward to your post on Dark Charry when it comes out. I wonder what they’ll have next as the surprise plot device is now expecting nuclear bombs or viruses which make you immortal etc

    *choked at sight of the golden thong*

    • I was charmed by Takato, but it’s all thanks to you and Hinano LOL.

      Yuuto has the biggest story / development among the Honey Milk trio, so I know what you mean. :D After finishing all three I have to say Koutarou is still my favorite though since he’s so stupid, but after that comes Yuuto because I can’t resist his blush. xD I can’t wait for Dark Cherry! But before that I’ll have to do Super Mint first lol.

      ..and about the golden thong, don’t worry we all had the same reaction.

  5. zomg your post is so detailed I woulda been spoiled like hell lolol
    Anyway now that I finished the game I can read it safely!

    Overall though for some reason まったく萌えない!
    I don’t know what it is. Maybe the afro hair on Yuuto and Ayumu, or maybe me getting sick of the virus plot by route 3 XD
    I might have きゅんed during Kotaro’s route but I dunno lmfao…over all I was like ( ´_ゝ`)

    Maybe it woulda been different if I played Yuuto last? LOL somehow not even his hotel scene did it for me. LIke I shoulda been moeeing theoretically but I think I was more (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ during Francis’ route in Alicis now that I think back lmfao.

    I’m looking fwd to Jesus too and that Hammer Time guy lmfao. I also love the dude with the Hemingway monkey (Tetsu??) so I think Dark Cherry will be the best disk of them all lol.

    • Sadly I didn’t go 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ either in any of the routes. Koutarou is my favorite out of the Honey Milk trio, but yea even though he’s cute there’s nothing that raised my tension LOL. Yuuto’s endings are eroi and I was like (*゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ but I saw better, so.. xD

      Yuuto and Ayumu’s hair look like cotton candies, especially Ayumu’s. I keep thinking he’s a fairy from the land of sweets, so I can’t take him seriously. I don’t think the game’s that great either, which is sad since I had high expectations. ;_;

      Jesus is hot, Tetsu is cute (Toriumi ♥) and Hammer is hilarious LOL. Dark Cherry better be awesome or I’ll be really disappointed. xD Oh, and I hope Yusa’s character Takumi won’t be a hidden emo or something. ಠ_ಠ

  6. I can never look at him the same cuz that swimsuit scared me for life… Why did they do that!?!?!? Oh well I laughed my head off at the vending machine part lol

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