Kago no Naka no Alicis – Darren

Why start with Darren? Because I like him the least out of all the guys. He’s a standard Yusa character, flirty and a little bit dangerous. This route only worsened my impression though..

Roachrist no. 8. A feminist gentleman who is kind to the ladies, but he loves seducing and touching them as well. Runa thinks he’s dangerous from the very first time they met. He loves all beautiful things, thinking Alicis is the most beautiful and innocent existence in the whole world. Darren was 22 when he was taken to Luce, and his assistant is Gerald.

Just as expected, Darren moves really fast and kissed Runa during their first lesson together. Of course she panicked, but Darren just laughed and asked if she has never dated a guy before. Despite sensing danger from Darren, Runa keeps coming back to see him everyday.. which only resulted in her receiving more sexual harassment from him. Her innocence made him happy, thinking that he’s got the pure “bird” he’s been looking for. He wants to put her in the cage as soon as possible.

On her seventh day in Luce, the twins told Runa that today will be the last lesson she’ll have with the Roachrist. They don’t have much time left as the tree of Gemut is getting weaker, so they have to act fast and confirm if she’s ready to be Alicis. By this time Runa already heard from Max that the twins and the Roachrist are actually brainwashing her, trying to make her the next Alicis and imprison her in the cage. She should forget about going home since she’ll have to stay inside the cage for the rest of her life. Runa didn’t know if what Max said is true, but now she’s scared of the twins’ smile.

Runa went to see Darren after the twins left, and the guy just hugged her saying don’t worry. He acknowledged her, so her soul will surely become pure and innocent enough to be Alicis. Later on the tree of Gemut also confirmed her worthy to be Alicis now, but she needs to accept her fate first before taking the role. As he walked Runa back to her room, Darren said he’ll replace her family and friends here. He’ll stay close to her at all times. So close that their faces almost touch. ಠ_ಠ

The next day Darren took Runa out on a picnic, bringing the bentou Gerald made for them. He also prepared some tea for them, and Runa was enjoying herself.. until Darren told her this beautiful scenery will disappear if she doesn’t become Alicis. They’re still waiting for her decision now, and that decision will determine the fate of this world. He doesn’t hate her strong feelings about going home, but the current her isn’t beautiful. After that he took back his words right away and continued his usual harrassment by licking her cheek. WTF.

Runa later heard from Gerald that Darren is sick, so she went to see him in his room. Well of course his “fever” was a lie, and he hugged her again when she gets closer. Despite him warning Runa to be a little more careful around men, Runa just asked him if he has any problems. Somehow she sensed that he’s worried about something, and she’s willing to help. Darren was more than happy to hear this, asking her to always stay with him from now on. He’ll tell her when he needs her help.. and our smart girl Runa agreed.

After Runa woke up in the morning, Darren asked her to go see the cage with him. She’ll spend her time there if she becomes Alicis. It looks like a pretty bird cage, but there’s a different dimension inside and everything she wishes for will magically appear too. His explanation convinced Runa, so she eventually agreed to see the cage. On the way there she learned that Alicis won’t be able to see nor speak with anyone other than the twins, but instead of realizing how cruel that fate is.. all she could think of was Darren.

While Runa was busy admiring the beautiful cage, Darren suddenly kissed her non-stop. He said it’s a present for Runa since she doesn’t have this kind of experience with guys before, but then he opened the cage’s door and pushed her inside. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ She quickly realized that he was tricking her just to lock her in, and her voice won’t reach him anymore. She can’t hear his voice either, but she could read him saying “The bird in a cage is more beautiful than I imagined. Goodbye, Runa.” Then he left the room just like that.

Even the twins weren’t sure about this, but Darren only said she looks beautiful when she realized he betrayed her. WTF Darren, WTF. Harvey and Gerald also came to ask him about this, but Darren doesn’t give a crap. Everyone needs Alicis to save Luce, so why bother looking for another way if you can do this? It’s faster and easier. All they need is a trapped Alicis in a cage, even if it means ignoring Runa’s feelings. ´`ァ!?(`д´ ╬ )

Time passed and Runa tries to break out of the cage everyday, even though it’s useless. The twins asked her to give up already, but Runa said she can’t do it. The moment she said she wants to be Alicis on her own will, her pendant started to shine. The stone pendant, liebe, was restored and took the shape of a full heart now. This marked the birth of Runa as the new Alicis, and she’s now wearing the Alicis dress. She tried to protest and asked them to listen to what she said earlier, but the twins didn’t care about her opinion.

Soon Darren came to see Runa. The twins already gave their permission for Darren to enter the room freely, and he can actually talk to Runa. Now that he’s here the twins left, having fun talking about throwing a party to celebrate the new Alicis.. while Runa is all alone in the cage. ಠ_ಠ She asked Darren why he did this and he answered because he loves her, but Runa knows that’s not true. No matter what she said to him, Darren just enjoyed her reaction saying he never gets bored talking to her. He even had the nerve to LAUGH at her when she said she’s won’t give up trying to get out. Sadly this made Runa happy since it’s his real laugh, and she wants to know more about him. どんだけMなんだよお前は…

However, a few days later Runa found out something the twins had been hiding: even though the cage is really strong for Roachrist, to a normal person it’s just like a normal bird cage. Normal people can destroy the cage easily and Alicis will die if that happens. They didn’t tell her because she will definitely refuse the role if she knew. Soon Darren came and asked what she talked about with the twins, so Runa honestly answered they were talking about Max. He got angry and told her not to mention Max’s name ever again, but they were interrupted by Gerald before she could ask further.

It turns out that Max was attacking their castle, and he already made it all the way inside. Darren fought Max in front of the cage room, the latter asking if he knows that he’s just hurting Runa this way. Darren said he’s well aware of that, but a beautiful bird needs to stay inside the cage. That way it can stay beautiful forever, even if it gets hurt. He’s not letting Runa out, and he won’t let Max touch her like he did to the previous Alicis. Max escaped when the other Roachrist members came, but Darren started visiting Runa everyday after that.

Darren told Runa that they’re so different. She’s really bright when he’s drowning in darkness, and there’s one thing he regrets after locking her in the cage — he can’t touch her anymore. But he can’t hold back the urge to kiss her, so in the end he told her to close her eyes and imagine he’s there kissing her. It really feels like cyber / phone sex since he keeps asking “can you feel me?” (´・ω・`A;)フキフキ Runa likes it though.

Eventually Max managed to get into the room to get Runa out of the cage. He has a key called “tear” which allows him to talk to her, as well as sending her back to her world. Max opened the cage’s door and asked Runa to go out, but she hesitated thinking of what will happen to this world and Darren. Before she could make a decision, Darren came into the room yelling at Max for touching his stuff. Max said he’ll hurt Runa too if he starts a fight here, but Darren replied with “Sometimes it’s necessary to clip a bird’s wings so it won’t be able to fly.” Needless to say he doesn’t give a crap about Runa. ಠ_ಠ But Max does, so he’ll give up for today.

Runa didn’t give up trying to get out, especially since she knows Max can get her out. When she said this in front of Darren, he threatened to shut her up forever if she says Max’s name again. He doesn’t need a bird who sings other guy’s name.

Of course they can’t let Darren be a jerk without a good reason. When Max came again to check up on Runa, she asked him if he knows why Darren hides his true feelings like this. Apparently Max was friends with him in the past, and he told Runa that Darren used to live in another world before he became a Roachrist. He was thrown away by his parents and lived deep underground, all alone in the dark. This is why he admires the light so much. The twins were the ones who saved him from that world, taking him to Luce and making him a Roachrist member.

Darren soon came to interrupt them, getting mad at Runa for talking to Max who’s trying to “drag her into darkness.” Runa told him Max is worried about him too, and there’s no way he’d do such a thing. Darren was shocked and started yelling at her, asking if she’s going to throw him back into that dark, dirty place. He refused to listen, but Runa said this world is precious to her too.. even though she’s not giving up on her original world. Instead of answering her feelings, Darren left to chase Max. He didn’t come to see Runa again.

Some days later Max came to free Runa again, with Darren came chasing after him. He told Max not to touch his “beloved bird”, and Max said what he really loves is only himself. It’s true, which enraged Darren. They started fighting until some people, completely taken by darkness, came attacking the cage along with Runa in it. She was scared since she’s going to die if the cage is destroyed, but then she saw Darren shielding the cage from their attacks. He didn’t want to move despite her begging him to run. The moment Runa realized she’s in love with Darren, suddenly she received Alicis’ power and blew away everything — the cage and people around it.

Runa walked up to the heavily wounded Darren and started crying, saying she doesn’t want to lose him. He’s afraid of getting her dirty, but Runa told him it’s okay because all she wants to do is to touch him. This finally made him realize that he’s been wrong this whole time. He was seeking for beautiful things, not realizing that he can be happy just by having her return his feelings. He finally said he loves her, begging her not to leave him alone in the dark. They kissed, and Darren closed his eyes. Runa cried and asked him to open his eyes, but then her pendant glowed and they were enveloped by a blinding light.

Luce Ending
Runa’s tears formed two “tears”. By combining their power with Max’s “tear” and the tree of Gemut’s, Runa can now stay alive even after the cage was destroyed. The tree of Gemut turned rainbow colored, and they don’t need the cage anymore now. Max also accepted this world and went back to become a Roachrist. The power also healed Darren’s wounds, but he’s been sleeping ever since. Runa is now doing her job as Alicis while waiting for him to wake up.

Runa comes to talk to Darren everyday, and today she kissed him because she wants him to wake up.. which magically wakes up the sleeping Darren. Runa was so relieved and hugged him, saying she won’t let him go ever again. It makes him happy since he feels the same, and he’ll live to make her happy from now on — fulfilling her wish.

Present Ending
When she opened her eyes, Runa found herself back in her original world. She cried her eyes out thinking she can never see Darren anymore, but when she came into the living room she found him there drinking tea. In normal clothes too. Runa knew it’s not a dream when Darren kissed her, though she didn’t get what happened. He didn’t understand either, but probably he was saved by the power of love since he’s holding the “tear” from her. Probably the tree of Gemut won’t wither even without Alicis now, so Luce can finally be peaceful again.

Darren apologized for always making Runa cry, both back then and right now. But he won’t make the same mistake again. Now he knows that the most beautiful thing is when she’s right by his side, not locked up with him gazing at her from outside. He will always stay with her from now on, continuously telling her how much he loves her.

God, even those supposedly “sweet” endings failed to make me like Darren. He’s such a jerk the whole route, and I don’t get why Runa could fall in love with a guy like this. Wait, scratch that. I don’t get Runa AT ALL. She knows he’s dangerous yet she still follows him around. ಠ_ಠ Instead of feeling the romance what romance? in this route, I was busy thinking “For God’s sake Darren, I am not your bird!” the whole time LOL. It took me like 3-4 days to finish Darren’s route, but that’s probably my own fault for starting out with him. xD

So far I can only play for an hour or two before falling asleep, then I have to play Tartaros or something just to keep myself awake. But now that I got Darren outta the way, I hope the remaining routes aren’t like this.. or it’ll take me forever to finish the game lol.


17 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – Darren

  1. OMG……this guy is really sick……i hate him and i enven didn’t read the whole preview =”= (and Yusa Kouji always voice this type of guy )……..And i hate Runa, stupid girl and fall in love easily =”=…..she is defenitely different form Futaba…
    I have a bad impression about this game……can’t believe this from icingCandy since their Bloody Call was really good that made me vote it 10
    I will consider playing this game!

  2. Btw….this guy make me think of the blondie creepy guy from Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi about ” you are beautiful when you became my doll” blah blah…….something like this ಠ_ಠ

    • ROFL that’s Tomoomi! xD
      I didn’t hate him in Kurokin, but he scared the crap outta me.
      Yeah Runa is so different from Futaba since she can’t do anything on her own. I heard she changes in every route though, so I hope we’ll get to see a stronger side of her.. or else she’ll just be another damsel in distress.

      Anyway, if you don’t like this type of characters like me then most likely you’ll hate Darren too. Dunno if those endings will make up for his attitude though. In my case, they didn’t. xD

  3. no no no rin its the right choice to finish darren and get him over with, hes a *coughjackasscough* hmm excuse me i just had to do that =_= i didnt like him at all even from before i say the playthrough well we know y now >.>
    francis should be better, a twist compared to the others but the endings are still somewat cookie cutter styled
    o a piece of advice from watching hina’s broadcast, do the misc. endings first before doing max since it seems to flow a little better =D
    hope the next one will be better so that u dont fall asleep ^^

    • LOL hopefully nobody else in Alicis is as annoying as Darren, because this seriously threw my motivation out the window. xD Actually I don’t mind cookie cutter endings as long as the characters are likeable. With Darren’s attitude towards Runa during the whole route, those endings are just not enough to make up for it.

      I hope the next routes won’t be like this lol. xD

  4. wow you actually made it through his route lol. well I’m kinda slacking off on Vitamin Z but I love Ten-chan a lot so its just cause I’m also tartarosing for like 5 hours a day lmfao.

    Ugh Darren. Who are you playing next? XD Maybe get that Harvey idiot out of the way or that Kaito dumbass while you’re at it lol

    • Yeah, really slowly but eventually I got him outta the way lol.
      Ten-chan is so stupid he’s cute! He’s the only character I finished in Z. I’ll be dropping by your broadcast from time to time to see if the others are fun too. xD

      I’m in Harvey’s route right now since you suggested so lol. After this maybe I’ll do Kaito and William so I can leave Francis and Max for the last. Let’s just hope I have enough motivation to go through all of this quickly rofl.

  5. geh…and I thought Alvaro from WoF was bad… but Darren just takes the cake. Long flowing pink hair, fine. Yusa Kouji character, fine. Perving 24/7 on heroine, fine. Betrayal, fine, if the heroine shows some backbone. But WTF is with this route??? This guy is so demented, and the developement–where the heck did it go!? So when the finale is here, all of a sudden he gets it through his warped skull that he has issues…? What?
    …what happened icingcandy? There was so much potential, but I feel like it was all thrown out the window…the only redeeming parts are probably the music and Francis’s route (not buying the love solves everything crack) I really would’ve rather had a follow-up of Bloody Call instead…sigh…

    • ROFL. That’s exactly my reaction. xD
      Darren’s just like a stereotypical Yusa character, complete with a dark past that supposedly is traumatic enough to make him messed up in the head.. and yeah, instead of developing him they just make him suddenly go OOC in the ending. ಠ_ಠ Runa’s sort of determined too in this route, but when the mob attacks all she did was “Nooo! I’m scared! Darren-san help me!” ..what.

      I agree with you there. A Bloody Call fandisk would be much better than this.

  6. Urgh. I thought I’m going to like him somehow when I read the ending. >_> Why does she even like him in the first place? O.O
    I hope the other characters are better than him. :3

    • That’s it, she likes him for no reason at all. During this “Alicis lessons” all he did was harassing her all the time, and suddenly Runa’s all “OMG I love him, I wanna know more about him” lol. Why is Runa such a do M. xD

  7. He definitely seems like the worst guy in the bunch! Sounds like an asshole and his stupid pink hair doesn’t make it any better ಠ_ಠ

    • He is an asshole, and I’m really glad I did his route first. Now I don’t have to deal with him anymore lol. His appearance really doesn’t make it any better. Pink long, flowing shampoo hair + red nose = no thanks ಠ_ಠ

      • ^^;; I wonder if I should help bash Darren around here.. I guess the part I like least about him is he doesn’t care about Runa’s feelings at all. セクハラも最低です If I were Runa I’d fall for Max instead. The suddenly realize she’s in love and then Alicis’s power solves everything part is so lame too. (何考えてるの?IcingCandyそれ甘すぎて何も考えてないような。。)

        *relieved I didn’t order this game* Will be looking forward to your posts! Even if the character is a jerk, you’re posts are great as usual!
        *Prays William’s route will be better*

        • Yeah.. he’s like you can hate me all you want, I’ll still keep you in a cage so you can stay beautiful forever and ever. ಠ_ಠ Roachrist isn’t exactly “good” since they’re trying to imprison you, so yeah if I were Runa I’d fall for a man who tries to get me out instead. xD

          William’s route will be up after Harvey and Kaito. :D
          I’m progressing VERY slowly in this game.. orz

          • YES i so agree i find him a total creeper and he kind of scares me *shiver* sexual-harassment…. yes i would so go for the man that gets me out.

  8. ……………. :/ I have no words for this man……. She looked cute when she saw he betrayed her!!!!!! WTF???? Now players I can handle but him? He puts a new word in low

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