Kago no Naka no Alicis

Bloody Call was awesome, so I was really looking forward to play Alicis. This game is really different from icingCandy’s first work, in a sense that it’s really pink and gives off fairytale-like vibes. To be honest I don’t really like the art style, but I’m giving this game a chance. ♪(´∀` *)

The story takes place in a kingdom called Luce created by the gods. It’s connected to the big tree of Gemut that provides peace for the kingdom. One day the gods left the land and the tree began to wilt. During that time, a girl called Alicis came to the tree and shed her tears there. The tree was revived upon receiving her love, and so Alicis locked herself up in a pretty cage. She continued providing energy for the tree until one day, she fell in love with a man. The man decided to free her from the cage, but sadly Alicis died the moment she stepped outside.

The man was heartbroken, and his hatred created a dark existence called “Noir” in this world. Luce used to be bright all day long, but when Noir comes the kingdom suddenly becomes dark. Just like what we call “night” in the normal world. Without Alicis, the tree of Gemut continues to wilt and eventually Luce will be destroyed as well. They need a girl who can fill the role of Alicis, giving her love and energy to heal the tree. So the twin keepers of this world decided to look for this girl in many different worlds.

Meanwhile in Japan, Sumeragi Runa has been seeing dreams of a big tree ever since she was small. She grew attached to the tree as she grows up, not realizing the meaning behind it at all. One day on her way to school, Runa heard a voice and she lost her consciousness after a blinding light. She woke up in an entirely different world, with the tree from her dreams standing before her. The twins who abducted her explained that they just took her to Luce, where they need her to be the next Alicis.

Since night exists in Runa’s world, her heart holds fragments of darkness too. They need her to purify her heart before she becomes Alicis, and soon she was introduced to the Roachrist — guardians of the kingdom. By talking and interacting with them everyday, her heart will be affected by the lights in their hearts. So in order to become Alicis, Runa has to spend time with them until she’s ready. She eventually agreed to be Alicis so she can return to her own world once her task here is done.

The Roachrist members aren’t necessarily the people from Luce. With the exception of Francis and Vivi, everyone else were taken from different worlds. There used to be a rotation for the members, but one day the gods decided to stop doing that since it’s a pain to look for new members. They stopped the time in their bodies instead, so the Roachrist members never age ever since.

Two days after Runa’s arrival in Luce, she was suddenly taken to the tree of Gemut during Noir time. There she first met the man who created this darkness, Maximillian. The Roachrist members quickly rescued her from the man, but strangely Runa feels close to him. However, she doesn’t have time to think too deeply about this because her training to be Alicis is about to start!


3 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis

  1. i thought this game would be quite interesting from the art and stuff from the site but in the end it turned out to be quite disappointing >.> they could have done alot with some of the guys’ background but nooo =_= all i can say is the endings are cookie cutter styled *sigh*
    well anyways that aside, hope to read the reviews of each chara soon ^^

    • Yeah.. I heard mixed opinions about Alicis too. Some people says they story is really moving and made them cry, while others say the game is disappointing compared to Bloody Call. I’m starting to think I’m in the latter group.. it took me days to finish a single route because I can only play for an hour or two before getting bored. ;_;

  2. Must finish before I even…. *slowly reaches out to Alice game the quickly drops it* I am going to die if I don’t play my Alice game so I’m just going to use ur stuff to cheat and get though it quickly *evily rubbes hands together at thought*

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