Kago no Naka no Alicis – Harvey

Thankfully Harvey brings back the motivation I lost in Darren’s route. He can be a bit annoying at first, but he has really cute moments too. Especially when the romance starts. (*´∀`*)♪

Roachrist no. 1 and also the leader. Cheerful, easygoing and nice to everyone. Harvey’s way of speaking and attitude may seem rough, but he can be a calm tactician as well. Though he might not look like it, Harvey takes pride in being a Roachrist and takes his job very seriously. He was 24 when the gods stopped his time. His assistant is Gerald.

Being the leader of Roachrist, Harvey’s busy with his job and patrols. Gerald asked Runa to go along with Harvey so he won’t go out of control, just in case something happens. From their first patrol together, Runa found out that Harvey gets along great with the citizens.. and that he absolutely loves cute animals. Especially puppies. He tried to keep this a secret though since it doesn’t fit his image. xD He also has a bad sleeping habit and often falls off the bed without waking up lol.

Harvey initially wanted to take advantage of Runa’s kindness. He wants to make her love this world so she can’t refuse to take Alicis’ role, but she also reminds him of the time he spent with the previous Alicis too. Including those days where he protected Alicis with Maximillian. When Runa went to wake him up one morning, he hugged her whispering “don’t leave me” in his sleep. Of course this makes her curious, but she didn’t want to ask further thinking it’ll only make him sad.

After the tree of Gemut acknowledged Runa worthy of becoming the next Alicis, Harvey ordered the Roachrist members to tighten the castle’s guard. Max knows Roachrist aren’t allowed to hurt people, so he would attack using normal people from outside. All this fighting will end if Runa becomes Alicis and restores the tree, but Runa couldn’t give up on her original world so easily. Harvey apologized since he will still ask her to become Alicis even if she hates him, though he understands Runa’s feelings. They’re both equally stubborn and won’t give up on their goals, but they also respect each other’s opinion.

Harvey got a day off the next day and asked Runa out on a date, which turns out to be a mission to look for a thief in town. He sells all of the stolen jewels to a certain shop that can only be entered by a couple, so today Harvey and Runa will pretend to be a loving couple. (。・艸・)ウフフ In the end the thief escaped, but they managed to catch his gang along with most of the stolen jewels. Even though Runa feels bad for getting hurt and dragging his feet, Harvey said he’ll ask for her help again in the future.

The next morning, Runa heard from the twins that Harvey got hurt during their patrol last night. She panicked and ran to Harvey’s room, which eventually resulted in her falling on top of him in bed. (*ノωノ) He decided to play around by pushing her down, but then he burst out laughing and told her it’s dangerous to enter a guy’s room so easily. Runa was relieved that he’s okay, and Harvey apologized for making her worried. She doesn’t want him to put himself in danger, but he only told her not to worry since the Roachrist members will take care of everything.

Later on Runa heard from the twins that the Roachrist members are busy handling the angry mob outside lately. People are starting to blame them for the darkness of Noir, so this is the result. Runa met Max outside and tried asking him to tone down his power, and Harvey saw them on his way back to the castle. Max and Harvey are childhood friends who protected Alicis together. Back then Harvey knew that Max and Alicis were in love. He wanted to support them so he did nothing to stop them, but this resulted in Alicis’ death. Harvey didn’t want to repeat the same mistake and told Max not to approach Runa anymore, unaware that Runa’s starting to realize her feelings for Harvey.

After Max left, Harvey got mad at Runa for meeting Max directly. She snapped back at him because she wants to help everyone too, and Harvey told her “Then make up your mind and become Alicis. That’s the only thing you can do.” Runa was shocked since she can’t give up her life so easily, even if it’s for saving the world.. but Harvey continued by saying they need to sacrifice a thing or two for Luce’s peace. ナヌー!?Σ(゚ロ゚|||) Runa realized that all this time Harvey was being kind to her because it’s his job to protect the new Alicis. She’s really in love with him, but his words earlier are just like a rejection.

Runa ran away holding her tears, while Harvey got pissed since it feels painful for him too. Then suddenly he noticed something sparkling on the ground: a red, teardrop-shaped jewel. He didn’t know where it came from, but he decided to keep it for now.

After spending a few days avoiding Harvey, Runa had to work with him again to catch the jewel thief from last time. Harvey was really cold towards her, but she decided to help anyway. They managed to catch the thief this time thanks to Runa’s acting. Harvey also returned to his normal, kind self after that.. but his words that day still haunted her, so the atmosphere remained awkward between them. They eventually made up when Runa tried to go to Max’s castle during Noir time. She was attacked by an angry mob in the forest and Harvey was the one who saved her.

They went back to Harvey’s room, where she learned that he actually came to her room earlier. He wanted to apologize for forcing his opinion on her, and he promised that he won’t ignore her feelings again. If she wants to talk to Max then he’ll go with her, but he also wants her to face the role of Alicis seriously. Luce’s fate depends on her decision, even though it sounds cruel. When Harvey patted her head, Runa confessed that she loves him. Harvey was surprised, but Runa said she doesn’t need an answer. She only wanted to tell him how she feels.

Soon another wave of angry mobs came to attack the castle. Runa doesn’t want to see Harvey get hurt again, so finally she decided to be Alicis and stop all of this fighting. Her clothes suddenly changed into the Alicis dress, marking the birth of a new Alicis. Everyone including Harvey told her to do her best, and the twins took her inside the cage immediately. The cage provides everything she wants, but she can’t talk to anyone other than the twins — who secretly erased a part of Runa’s memories along with her feelings for Harvey. They warned Harvey not to make the same mistake as Max, but Gerald told him not to let his duty as a Roachrist kill his real feelings. He will realize his own feelings sooner or later, and he should face it properly as a man.

A few days later, Darren was being an ass and invited Harvey to see Runa in the cage. He eventually agreed since Darren keeps poking at his relationship with her. They saw her spending her time peacefully in the cage, but Harvey was incredibly pissed when she smiled and waved at him. This Runa isn’t the girl he used to know. He wants the old Runa, who’s in love with him, to come back.. and that’s when he realized he loves her too.

The red jewel he picked up that night started glowing, allowing him to talk telepathically to Runa. The jewel is a “tear”, just like the one Max owns. Somehow he knows that the twins won’t be pleased about this, so he asked Runa to keep it a secret too. Harvey told her that he’ll answer her confession once he gets her out of the cage, and Runa feels happy even though her feelings for him were erased.

Harvey has made his decision, and so he went to ask for Max’s help. Of course Max was surprised since all Harvey did was getting in his way up until now, but eventually he agreed. They’re childhood friends after all, and Max always feels thankful to Harvey all this time. Max also explained that a “tear” formed when Alicis sheds a tear for a man she loves, and the “tear” turns into a key when the man returns her love. Alicis will die when the cage is broken, but they can prevent that from happening as long as Luce is enveloped in darkness. They’re going to use both “tear”s to do that, and send Runa back to her own world before the twins can do anything.

With Max’s help, Harvey managed to get into the cage room and destroyed the cage. The barrier they set up blocked the light, and Runa’s still alive even though the cage is broken. Harvey pulled her into his arms and finally told her he loves her. The “tear” he has then restored all of Runa’s memories with him, so he hugged him and re-confessed. Runa was worried that Harvey will be treated like a criminal after doing all this, but Harvey said he doesn’t need anything but her. He asked her to always stay with him, and they kissed.

Runa’s feelings for Harvey was overflowing, and she dropped the third “tear”. It started glowing, reacting to the one Harvey has. Here comes the power of £ονё..+。゚φ(・ω・*)+。゚

Luce Ending
A few days has passed after Harvey destroyed the cage. Both Runa and him are staying in the castle, despite the “crime” that he did. He’s an excellent Roachrist member, so the twins forgive what he did. Harvey also gets to keep his job thanks to Francis and Gerald, though it’s because their work are piling up like a mountain LOL. Harvey and Runa were staying in Max’s castle when they came begging for Harvey to come back, since Gerald hadn’t slept for 10 days. Σ(゚ロ゚;) The tree of Gemut won’t wither even without Alicis’ love now, so Runa can live freely with Harvey.

Eventually Harvey explodes and takes a break from his endless work. When Runa came to sit next to him, Harvey made her sit on his lap instead. He asked her to marry him since they’re living together, and because he’s jealous when the other Roachrist members are hitting on her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He started kissing her saying he won’t stop until she said yes, and he was about to take them to a more private place (。-∀-)ニヒッ when she finally answered she wants to become his bride.

Present Ending
Harvey and Runa went to her world. She continues attending high school while Harvey starts working in a company. He was living in her house for a while, but now he can rent an apartment for himself. Lately Harvey is busy with work so they can’t see each other that often, but she has no worries. Today she’s going on a date with him. When Runa told him he can’t kiss her in public, Harvey said he saw a couple kissing fiercely in the station earlier LOL.

When Harvey wondered about everyone in Luce, Runa told him she can go see the tree of Gemut in her dreams. Not only that, but now she can talk to everyone in Luce as well. She talked to Max last night and told Harvey that he’s now back as a Roachrist member. Harvey gets so jealous since she keeps talking about Max, so he kissed her her in the middle of the street. (❤ฺ→艸←) He asked her to only think of him, wanting him as much as he wants her.

Let’s admit it. I was pissed before Harvey realized he’s in love with Runa, especially when he told her to go sacrifice herself for Luce. 冗談じゃねーよ!(ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ It really feels like a shoujo manga when Runa and him are avoiding each other, but I guess it doesn’t bother me that much. Some points are never explained though.. like when he muttered “don’t leave me” in his sleep. Why do I think that he’s referring to Max instead of Alicis? (´・ω・`A;) But anyway, I love it when he’s all raburabu around Runa and gets jealous of his friends LOL. That’s enough to make me go 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ over Harvey. Plus I can’t hate guys who love dogs. xD


7 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – Harvey

  1. lol i guess harvey bought ur spirit back from where ever it went in darren’s route =D great to see that. harvey is an ok chara, cant hate him in the end >.> hes cute overall but still not the best
    i hope the next route will be even better for u to play =D

  2. d’aaaw harvey seems so adorable! unlike…rapist…darren…xD guess i’ll have to wait till u review this whole game to decide whether to play it or not =P

    • At first I was worried they might do the same thing since Harvey’s also trying to get Runa to be Alicis, but fortunately no. xD LOL I’ll try to finish this as soon as possible then, hopefully there’s only one Darren in the game. ;D

  3. wow you’re right I totally forgot about him mumbling that in his sleep. I think at the time I thought maybe Harvey was also in love with the original Alicis or something….lol so much for that

    • See, with him reminiscing about Alicis and that “don’t leave me” I thought he was in love with Alicis too rofl.. but seeing the events after that, I guess he’s referring to Max instead. They never really developed that point, why bother making it in the first place lol.

  4. i think it was a cute/bittersweet route and really he couldn’t have noticed his feelings sooner? but i forgave him for his adorable ending

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