Kago no Naka no Alicis – Kaito

Since I’m a big fan of Suwabe Junichi, I had high expectations for Kaito’s route. Not to mention that I absolutely love his looks. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Too bad this route and Kaito himself disappointed me.

Roachrist no. 2. Playful, simple-minded, and never thinks too deeply about things. He says things lightly and often has unfortunate slips of the tongue. Kaito lives in the moment and hates unnecessary effort. As long as his life is good and easy, he’ll be satisfied. Kaito isn’t honest with his feelings, but he always helps those in trouble. Best friends with his support, Effy.

Both Kaito and Effy love having fun. They would rather play around, hitting on girls in town instead of doing their job seriously like Harvey does. When Runa went to scold them about this, she found out that Kaito actually came from Japan too. He’s 18 when the twins brought him to Luce, a 3rd year student in a famous high school back then. His real name is Shinjou Kaito, and Runa remembered him because they went to the same middle school. Kaito is the only student who got accepted to that high school, so he was quite famous. She’s happy to meet such a legendary student, but Kaito seems to hate the subject.

The current Kaito is nothing like the hardworking, smart senior from Runa’s memories. Despite them not taking their jobs seriously, both Kaito and Effy do care about the people of Luce. He also bought ice creams for the three of them when they went to town, and Runa actually had a good time. She also helped them take care of their overflowing work, finding out that Kaito can actually finish everything really fast if he wants to.. it’s just that he doesn’t want to do it and keeps pushing back his work.

Kaito even goes as far as playing hide and seek with Effy as a “training” to hide from Gerald, and he hides up on a tree together with Runa. (*´∀`*) When she becomes the devil, Kaito out of his hiding place to help dojikko Runa before she tripped. She caught him thanks to this, and Kaito said he doesn’t hate this side of her. Obviously all these events make their feelings grow. Kaito can deny it all he wants, but he starts to think of her every night before he goes to bed.

On the seventh day, Runa went to look for Kaito in the library. She found him sleeping near the deepest bookshelves, and he hugged her before revealing that he’s actually awake. Kaito won’t admit it, but he was trying to comfort her since today they will see if she’s worthy to become Alicis. After she passed the tree of Gemut’s judgement, Kaito was happy since they don’t have to go through all those troublesome heart lessons anymore. But he also congratulated her later, as well as asking her out the next day.

Runa was nervous at first, but she enjoyed their date a lot. She tripped in the middle of the street and Kaito carried her on his back. Later on Runa also found out that unlike her, Kaito doesn’t miss his family and friends. He said they’ve got nothing to do with him, and Runa dropped the subject quickly knowing Kaito doesn’t wanna talk about it. Sadly their happy time together came to an end when the twins asked the Roachrist members to make Runa the new Alicis as soon as possible.

Since the tree of Gemut already approved Runa’s heart, it means she’s ready to become Alicis if she wants to. The problem is, one of the heart lessons haven’t come to an end yet — yes, Kaito’s. The twins said Kaito didn’t guide Runa towards the light, and this pissed him off since he’s the only one who failed to do so. Of course the stupid twins are blaming him now, threatening to remove him from Roachrist if Runa doesn’t become Alicis soon enough. So now Kaito needs to convince Runa to accept the role, or else he’ll lose his job.

The next day, Kaito took Runa to the town again. But this time the air was heavy and people were fighting over trivial stuff, all of this because of Noir’s effect. It destroys Luce gradually while Runa was busy thinking about being Alicis, and this is exactly what he wanted her to see. He later saw Runa having a relaxing teatime with William and the twins, which pissed him off even more. He yelled at her for having fun instead of making a decision, throwing her teacup onto the floor.. breaking it and scratching Runa’s face in the process. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Despite what he just did, Runa still chased after him when he went out. Kaito apologized after he calmed down and told Runa what happened with the twins. He also told her that his family’s full of people with impressive jobs: CEOs, lawyers, police officers, you name it. Kaito was raised in a strict environment ever since he was small, and he did his best to answer their expectations. However, he failed his university entrance exam once. This one failure was enough to make his parents abandon him, chasing him out of their house. They don’t give a crap even if he tries his best. All that matters is the end result.

When he was taken to Luce, Kaito found a place to belong and a new objective in life. He doesn’t want to be thrown away again because he’s “useless”. That night Runa thought seriously about being Alicis, and that’s when she realized she’s actually in love with Kaito. She ran off to Kaito’s room and told him she’d feel really lonely if she enters the cage, since she can’t talk to him again. Sadly when Runa asked him how he feels about that, Kaito answered “I’m fine even if I can’t talk to you” Σ( ̄□ ̄|||) Runa was shocked and tried to laugh it off, but she couldn’t hold back the tears and ran out of his room.

Though her love was one-sided, eventually Runa decided to become Alicis for the people in Luce. Especially for Kaito. She told the twins about this the next morning, and after a blinding light she was wearing the Alicis dress. She also made sure they won’t remove Kaito from Roachrist, or else she won’t do her job properly. The Roachrist members all congratulated her, but Kaito wasn’t there.. and Effy asked if she’s really okay with this.

Since Effy said Kaito’s still sleeping in his room, Runa decided to see him before she enters the cage. She found him on the hallway and they walked to the cage room together, with him telling her to do her best in the cage from now on. This is the last time she can talk to him, so Runa gathered her courage and kissed Kaito on the lips. She told him she loved him and thanked him for everything, but before she could leave.. Kaito kissed her too. He only said it’s to pay back her hard work though. Then he walked her to the cage room.

With Runa inside the cage providing liebe for the tree of Gemut, Luce is now peaceful again. Noir still exists because Runa accepts Max’s existence, it just doesn’t affect people anymore. The twins praised Kaito for doing a good job, but he wasn’t happy about all of this. He didn’t feel like doing anything and would rather gaze at the “tear” Runa dropped that night. He wants to see her and hear her voice, but sadly he denied it because it reminds him of his old, pathetic self. So instead of facing his own feelings, Kaito ran up to the twins and asked them to erase his memories with Runa. オワタ\(^o^)/

Meanwhile, Runa was bored in the cage since she can only talk to the twins. Later on they granted Effy a special permission since he’s “harmless”, so now she can talk to him too. From him Runa heard about what’s going on outside, and she also asked him about Kaito. It turns out that Effy didn’t meet Kaito lately, since he’s busy working in his own room. When he came to see Kaito later, Effy can tell that Kaito erased his memory since he keeps referring to Runa as “Alicis” instead of her name. Effy was really mad, but he can’t do anything about Kaito’s lost memories. He can’t possibly bring Kaito to meet Runa.

Eventually Max managed to get inside the cage room, trying to get Runa out as usual. The Roachrist members were busy taking care of the angry mob outside, but Kaito ran off to the cage room instead.. though he didn’t know why. Max said he can see the hole in his memories, and since Kaito keeps calling her “Alicis” it didn’t take long until Runa realized what happened. Max then used his “tear” to create a barrier so Runa can come out, and she asked Kaito if he knows her name. Obviously he didn’t. Runa was shocked, but she didn’t have time to cry.

Kaito tried to fight Max though he only ends up getting beaten. Runa didn’t wanna see him get hurt, so she asked Max to stop attacking Kaito. Here, Kaito suddenly said “I won’t hand Runa to you!” even though he just called her “Alicis” a few minutes earlier. She was wondering what happened when suddenly her pendant reacted to the “tear” Kaito has. His memories were restored, and Max just left after telling Kaito to be honest with his own feelings. When Runa helped him stand, Kaito was about to tell her how he feels.. but instead, he held back and told her he’s glad she’s okay. That’s all. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Runa also went back inside the cage since she doesn’t know how long Max’s barrier can hold out.

Unfortunately, Kaito went back to how he was before. He had to beg to the twins and have his memories erased, yet it all came back to him so easily. He was thinking of asking them to erase his memories again when Effy came barging into his room, raging at him for running away from his own feelings. Kaito got mad too saying he feels unstable and pathetic, and there’s nothing he could do. Finally Effy replied with “Of course you can’t do anything about it. Isn’t that what happens when you’re in love?” which thankfully opened Kaito’s eyes.

But no it’s not over yet. Kaito was thinking of giving up instead, until Effy told him to be a man and take control of his own life. He’ll regret it later if he doesn’t make his own path. Then FINALLY he decided to go and see Runa, and the “tear” he has turned into a key.

When he came to the cage room, Kaito finally confessed his feelings to Runa. He loves her not as a Roachrist member, but as a man named Shinjou Kaito. They can hear each other’s voice thanks to the “tears” now, so Runa answered that she loves him too. Kaito won’t stop loving her even if they can’t directly touch, and they kissed through the cage.

Soon the twins came into the cage room, obviously not pleased at how things turned out. They ordered Kaito to get away from Runa, but they were shocked when Kaito replied with a loud “断る!” He’s not listening to their orders anymore, and he’s getting Runa out of the cage. If she dies then he’ll kill himself too, but Runa told him not to do such a thing. She feels the same way, but everything would be over if they die. She asked him not to give up, because she wants to live with him in the same world. Kaito realized his mistake and finally told the twins he won’t give up as long as he’s got Runa with him.

Suddenly everyone including Max came in and clapped after seeing such a wundarful love declaration. Max and Kaito can use their “tears” to free Runa from her role as Alicis, but she didn’t want to abandon the tree of Gemut. Then she heard a gentle voice, which most likely belongs to the tree itself, thanking her for loving this world too. Now the tree will answer her love too, and a blinding light enveloped everyone.

Which means it’s time for the power of £ονё゚:。(*-ω-)-ω-*)。:゚£ονё

Luce Ending
The power of love changed the world, and now the tree of Gemut turned rainbow color won’t wither even without Runa in a cage. Today she’s having a picnic with Kaito after she’s done giving energy for the tree. She made a bentou for him, as well as some bancha (coarse tea) Alastair gave them. Runa’s happy since she can always stay with Kaito day and night, except when they’re working.

As they enjoyed their picnic beneath the tree of Gemut, Runa said they look like a married couple this way. This caused Kaito to blush madly and choked on his tea. (❤ฺ→艸←) Runa pouted and said she really wants to make him her husband. Kaito then puts a ring on her finger, saying he was planning to propose to her after they’re done eating — she beats him to it lol. He asked Runa to marry him because he wants her as his wife. (*´∀`*) She accepts his proposal and they promised to always live together forever.

Present Ending
Luce and the tree of Gemut will be okay even without Alicis. Runa and Kaito returned to their original world, with everyone sending them off. Effy was really sad because he loves both of them, but he asked Runa to take care of his best friend.. as well as telling Kaito not to make Runa cry again. They thanked Max too, who is now back as a Roachrist member. After that they were sent back to Japan.

Time passed and Runa is back to her ordinary high school life. Kaito started living alone, working part-time while maintaining his studies at the same time. He’s busy and they don’t see each other that often, but Runa wants to support him. They’re finally going on a date today and met up in a park, where she told him she’s been studying too thanks to him. Runa noticed Kaitou looks nervous, and it turns out because he wants to give her a key to his apartment. Now she can come and see him anytime she wants. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ They kissed at the park and made a promise that they’ll always be together from now on.

OMG Kaito, are you kidding me? Why do you have to be that pathetic for like 90% of the route? Kaito was cute and I liked his relationship with Runa, but that’s only until the twins decided to mess up with them. What disappointed me the most is that Kaito keeps running away from his feelings instead of facing it. I don’t like pathetic guys so I was like ( ಠ_ಠ ) the whole time. But I will forgive him just because he’s voice by Suwabe, and his endings were sweet. Oh, and the twins are really annoying in this route, but I get the feeling that this isn’t the worse. Effy is a nice character though, I like him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Too bad we can’t go for him LOL.

…but I still love Kaito’s looks. *is shallow*

5 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – Kaito

  1. lol hot, voiced by suwabe junichi but ball-less. guess we can’t have everything in a guy eh? shame though cuz kaito’s prolly the onli reason i’d ever go near this game (a bit too…peppy and happy fo me xD) but whooops he turned out to be a huge disappointment.

    but yes he’s still very pretty <3

    • IKR such a big disappointment lol. Since he’s hot and voiced by Suwabe I’d tolerate small flaws like in Harvey’s route, but no this is just too much. ;_; The game is very pink, girly and fairy-taley even for me.. the BGMs make me think of Cinderella or any Disney movies, so yeah. xD

  2. yes he is very disappointing =_= the developers could have done soooo much with the setting of him being from Japan and all but nooooo *sigh* i think i could have came up with better ideas than wat they have here =_=
    this route most likely caused ur spirit to fly somewhere again, but i am sure it will be a bit better from here aside from some stupid points here and there =P cant wait to read the next review

    • Yeah they didn’t develop that point. They can change his setting and it won’t make any difference, but I guess those kind of families mostly exist in Japan LOL. They didn’t develop some points in Harvey’s too.. I was sort of expecting this, so it wasn’t much of a let down. More disappointed at how pathetic he was lol. But at least his looks keep my spirits up. xD

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