Kago no Naka no Alicis – William

William has two things I can never resist. First is that princely looks, and second is Namikawa Daisuke’s voice. He’s a prince on a white horse and I was hoping his route would be good.

Roachrist no. 10. Innocent and straight with nothing to hide. Also a little airheaded and has a relaxing atmosphere around him. William was a 18 years old third prince before he came to Luce, so he has good faith and treats everyone kindly. He’s smart and perfectly educated, even though he might not look like it. His assistant is Alastair, his servant back in their world.

Since William is a prince charming who came out straight from your fairy tale book, he’s really gentle and kind towards Runa. Sometimes you can even hear the sound of sparkles whenever he speaks. Everyday he handles requests to import stuff from other worlds along with Alastair, who loves his master a lot and praises him whenever he’s got the chance to do so. Though the one who makes the decision is actually Alastair. William just signs the documents he chose LOL.

Unlike the other guys, William wants to stay as Runa’s ally no matter what decision she takes. If she wants to return to her own world, then he’ll try talking the twins into letting her go. Runa was sad when they went to a beautiful flower field, thinking this pretty scenery will vanish if she decides to go home. William made a flower crown to make her feel better, asking her to smile since he doesn’t wanna see her sad. Unfortunately Runa has zero immunity against guys and ran away whenever WIlliam does his prince-style approach, with him going “how cute~” in the background.

The next day William asked Runa to go out together along with Alastair. He’s being kind and princely to everyone, so he was surrounded by girls in no time.. and Runa doesn’t like it. She hates herself for being so childish and was about to follow Alastair when William stopped her. Runa went all ドキドキ when he said he’s not letting her go to Alastair, but then he added “Don’t leave me alone, I’d feel lonely.” (。♋ฺ‸♋ฺ。) lol. He wants to stay with her even though his fangirls were there staring at them, so eventually Runa gave up and let him do what he wants.

On the seventh day, Runa came to see him since the heart lessons are coming to an end. She was worried and wanted to talk to William so she can calm down, but instead she got pissed when she remembers him being so kind to everyone. Including those girls in town. Runa can never refuse William’s invitation though, so in the end she cried saying she wants to go home and meet her family. When William kissed her hair she told him not to do things like that to any girl so easily, but he was just happy that she doesn’t look sad anymore.

After the tree of Gemut approved Runa’s heart, William walked her back to her room. He apologized since he couldn’t find a way to send her back and save the tree at the same time, but those feelings were enough to make her happy. Runa will have to face the role as Alicis sooner or later, so William won’t give up until the end. He was surprised and blushed when Runa said she will help too, clearly happy with her response. Runa then invited him to have tea in her room, and he was all nervous at first. So cute~ (*´∀`*)

William wants to have Runa pouring tea for him everyday, and he kissed Runa’s cheek saying “You’re so cute, Runa. I like you.” ε-(*´∀`|萌| But then again, our Runa panicked and asked him not to tease her like that.

Runa then decided to start asking around for a way to save Luce without her becoming Alicis. She asked Gerald about it, who told her that Max might know something. Soon William also came and after Gerald left, he sulked since Runa looked like she was having so much fun talking to the old man. His mood changed instantly when she told him that she wants to help him looking for a way to save everyone. He admits that he was jealous earlier and apologized. (❤ฺ→艸←) William wants to be the only one who makes her happy.

Noir’s power was slowly taking over Luce. The darkness were staying longer as time passed, and the tree of Gemut was withering faster too. The twins gathered the Roachrist members that night, telling everyone to convince Runa to be Alicis as soon as possible. William couldn’t agree to this. The reason Runa couldn’t make a decision is because she treasures her family and friends, and they shouldn’t rush her like that since she’s going spend the rest of her life in the cage. He asked the twins if there’s another way, but sadly only the gods know. For now they can only rely on Runa.

Before they leave, Darren told William not to do anything weird. (`Д´*)qダマレ!

The next day Runa wanted to go and see Max alone. Since William found her and wanted to come along, Runa had to cancel her plan. They took a walk in the forest instead, where she found the way to Max’s castle. William left the castle without telling Alistair, so soon enough he came looking for them in tears. When Runa handed her handkerchief to Alastair, suddenly William snatched it from her hands. He was surprised at what he just did, though he admits that he doesn’t like it if Alastair uses her handkerchief. Sadly Alastair interrupted this moment by apologizing to his beloved prince.

Later on that day Alastair was going out to town, and Runa thought she might be able to use this chance to go see Max. William came to stop them before they leave though.. and he doesn’t look pleased. He wanted to go shopping with them, so Runa had to cancel her plan again. While Alastair was busy getting some tea leaves, William bought a cute toy ring for Runa and put in on her finger.

Runa was thinking of going to Max’s castle again when suddenly William’s fangirls came to approach them. This made her jealous again, but William had to make it worse by buying rings for them too. エーΣ(゚ロ゚;)ーッ!! Runa was really sad, realizing that it was so stupid of her to think she’s special to him. William treats everyone kindly without exception, and she hates herself for getting jealous of his fangirls. Runa realized that she’s actually in love with him, and she can’t get him out of her head.

Luckily for Runa, Max can hear her voice. That night he came to see her in her room, and Runa asked if there’s a way to save Luce without Alicis. It can be done using the power of “tear”, and since it’d be difficult to obtain Max asked her to come with him instead. William came knocking on the door before Runa could answer though. He was worried since they saw Max in the castle earlier, but she was still haunted by the sight of William buying rings for other girls. She avoided him when he tried to touch her face, and this clearly made him sad.

William was upset since Runa kept running away from him since then. He tried asking for her reason, but Runa hides behind Francis and Kaito’s back instead.. which made him even more upset since she’s fine around other guys. Runa eventually told Alistair what happened, and from him she learned that a similar thing has happened in the past. William had an fiancee back then. He treated her kindly, but soon she got jealous since he’s really kind to everyone too. She cancelled their engagement, leaving William in shock because he wanted to love her. It’s just hard to see his feelings because of his kindness.

That made Runa feel a lot better, but sadly William saw them talking from afar. She’s not ready to face him right away, so Runa ran away with the jealous William chasing after her. He pinned her against the wall, asking “Why are you avoiding me even though you’re fine around other guys?” After asking her to only look at him, William eventually kissed her. Despite him begging her not to reject him, our smart SMART heroine Runa cried and pushed him away. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ Sadly William didn’t understand why he did that either, and so he ran away.

..and what did Runa do? “I’ll just think that kiss doesn’t mean anything!” Great. ( ಠ_ಠ ) William doesn’t want to worry Alastair, so he behaved like usual when Runa joined their teatime. In the end both Runa and William wondered why the other are behaving as if nothing happened.

That night the Noir angry mob came to attack their castle. The twins ordered the Roachrist members to hide Runa in the cage room to keep her safe, since the door won’t open without the key. William was the one who took her to the room along with Alastair. On the way they met some people who managed to get inside the castle, so Alastair stayed behind to take care of them. The twins then unlocked the cage’s door as well, but this should be used as the last resort just in case the angry mob managed to break through the door. Suddenly William hugged Runa saying he’s becoming weird with her around. “Please.. go far far away so I can stay as myself!” ..then he pushed her into the cage. WTF MAN. ヾ(`Д´ #)ノ

As soon as she realized what just happened, Runa’s clothes changed into the Alicis dress. She tried calling out to him, but William left without even looking back at her. Of course this only made William feel worse, and now he hates himself for doing that even though he promised to help Runa. He was all “嫌だー!” over these negative emotions inside of him, and that’s when Alastair gave him a good slap in the face. It’s natural for him to have those feelings since he’s really in love with Runa. He didn’t know because he never really loved somebody before, but thank GOD Alastair’s slap finally opened his eyes cause I’m getting tired of all this crap.

Since William has realized his feelings, the jewel he got after kissing Runa that day turned into a key. When he went to see Runa in the cage, they found out that the “tear” allows them to hear each other’s voice. William apologized for trying to erase Runa along with his feelings, finally telling her that she’s special to him. He’s planning to get her out of the cage and look for a way to keep the tree of Gemut alive, so Runa told him about Max. The twins are not pleased when William told everyone he wants to release Runa with Max’s help. He was removed from the Roachrist and got chased out of the castle, and the twins wanted to erase Runa’s memories of William.

The Roachrist members wanted Runa to hear their discussion first, so the twins allowed Runa to hear their voices. While Francis, Effy and Alastair were against them erasing her memories, Harvey, Darren and Kaito said they have to sacrifice her for Luce. Luckily this was just an act since they know the twins will get tired and leave. They couldn’t agree with the twins’ way except maybe Darren the fag, so they’re here to buy some time until William returns.

Since Max is actually a pretty understanding person, William eventually managed to bring him into the cage room. They found out that Runa can actually go outside without dying during Noir time, so she can spend time with William while continuing her role as Alicis. Max and William will use their “tears” to stabilize Noir time, so it’d be like a regular nighttime with fixed hours. William finally said he loves her and asked her to stay with him from now on.

The twins soon found out that they were deceived. They were pissed and wanted to erase her memories right away, but thankfully they stopped upon learning that Runa will still do her job as Alicis. Everyone asked them to stop being stubborn and accept this already, so finally they gave up and let William and Runa be together. Since it’s Noir time right now, the twins unlocked the cage and let Runa out. William hugged Runa and after confessing his love again, he kissed her.

So once again Luce is saved by the power of £ονё゚:。(*-ω-)-ω-*)。:゚£ονё

Luce Ending
Runa continues her job as Alicis in the cage during daytime, and when night comes she gets out and spends her time with William. People got used to night as well. They started to come out even at night, while previously they were too scared to do so. That night after she’s done providing liebe for the tree of Gemut, Runa and William went to the lake together. He has something important to tell her today.

William then pulled out a ring and asked Runa to marry him. He wants to be her number one, even more than the tree of Gemut, but Runa said he’s always been her number one all along. She accepted his proposal happily and they kissed.

Present Ending
The tree of Gemut is becoming much healthier thanks to Runa’s liebe, so she can go out too from time to time. The twins gave their permission too, and she went with William to visit his hometown before. They asked for some souvenirs too upon hearing that William and Runa want to go on another trip soon. This time William wants to introduce her to his family, so Runa was really nervous when they went to his world a few days later.

William’s parents, the king and queen, are happy to meet Runa and welcomed her warmly. He then told them that he’s going to marry Runa, who was surprised at first.. but of course she accepts his proposal happily. A few days later they get married in his world, and they live happily ever after.

LOL I don’t even know anymore. William has an adorable blush and his scenes were cute, but my tension went down so fast after Runa started running around like a fool.. and it’s pretty much gone when William turned into Darren and Kaito combined into one. (´・ω・`) Which is sad since I really want to love William. His endings are a bit different from the others, but still the same old power of love type. They feel much shorter too since both endings are similar. Doing William’s route after Kaito is like getting hit by a chain combo of disappointment, but since I was well-prepared this time I only went ( ಠ_ಠ ) instead of raging lol. I do like Alastair though, but only when he’s not ε-(*´∀`|萌|-ing over William.

Heal me, Francis.. *rolls around on the ground*

12 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – William

  1. seriously dude Alastair x William BL end :lol: xDDD
    I hope you enjoy Francis roflmao. At least you saved the best one for later unlike me who played him 3rd so the game just kinda went downhill after that lol XD

    • LOL the heck was that BL ending. xDDD
      While you lose tension after you’re done with the best route, I have a hard time finding my motivation here lol. I guess the only saving grace so far was that little bit of joy in Harvey’s route.. other than that it’s all meh. xD

  2. I thought I wanted to try it at first (espc, WIlliam). But reading your review about William (who, in the most anticipated, is voiced by Namikawa-san), I guessed it kind of get me to remembered about Starry Sky in Winter (that I have finished it just a day ago). This kind of want to kiss but don’t know the feeling, then pushes the heroine remind me of Hayato and Shirogane’s route. I hate it. Just makes the story longer, but at the same time makes me mad. And you’re right. The two endings didn’t make much of differences.

    Okay, thank you for your review. It’s really help me wondering about this character.

    • You’re welcome~
      OMG Shirogane’s route is like that too? Man I sort of wanna avoid Winter portable now lol. But yea Hayato’s route was like that too and I hated it. I dunno if a couple dragging dramas out by avoiding each other is popular in Japan, but for me.. I just want it to end quickly. xD

  3. This route is not so bad but still boring, till more 2 character to go and i still couldn’t find any interesting in this game…….Well, i hope Max route will be good since i fell that he is the main char in this game……..I will play this game or not depend on his route ( ಠ_ಠ )

    • It is boring indeed. I think the only route that didn’t put me to sleep was Harvey and the first half of Kaito’s. I heard Max’s route is not the best either but still good compared to.. to this. >_> The “bad” guy being the actual main guy is kinda similar to Bloody Call though lol.

  4. LOL maybe I’m the only one who wants to play this after reading this post… I think I’ve started to develop a voice fetish thing. *is obviously blinded by NMKW love*I had fun just by imagining William’s voice and the sparkles<3 Though I did go WTF =[]=?! when he pushed Runa into the cage.. why are all the guys in this game like this? =_=;a …The conflicts were too silly. But the CGs look really great (loves his looks <- yes I'm cheap too XD)

    • Oh even though the route was meh, Namikawa’s voice is really great here. I love how gentle he sounds as the princely William! Don’t worry about it since I’m also forgiving Kaito just because he’s voiced by Suwabe, so we’re in the same boat. xD ..and I asked myself that question too. Why are the guys in Alicis like this? Can’t we have someone who’s actually likeable and not annoying during his whole route? But I hope Francis will be the answer.

  5. Francis is going to be great =D hes probably the only one where u wouldnt rage. William is too princely for me >.> he has sparkle background sounds half the time ._.””’ he was cute and all but the BL with Alastair was a bit much for me >.<
    this game is taking alot longer than normal D= but its ok its almost over

    • LOL it’s taking me more than a week because I keep quitting in the middle. It can’t be helped since I can only take so much bs at a time ._. That, and because the game puts me to sleep at some points. Alicis is just not interesting enough to keep me playing all the time, so instead of getting distracted and not getting what happened I ditched it to play something else.

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