Kago no Naka no Alicis – Francis

Sorry it took quite a while to post this. I was busy taking care of my foot during the weekend. I’ve been eyeing Francis ever since Alicis got announced, and he has the best route so far.

Roachrist no. 5. Francis is serious, polite and sincere to everyone regardless of age and gender. He’s a perfect example of an honor student. His support is his own older sister Vivi, who loves beating him up whenever she gets the chance, but he’s always smiling despite the constant abuse. Francis is 19 years old and originally comes from Luce, unlike everyone else.

Right from the beginning, the twins warned Runa to “be careful of the glasses”. She didn’t know why at first, so she thinks Francis drops his glasses a lot and she should be careful not to step on it lol. Francis and Vivi’s job is to manage Luce’s population data for the twins, just like a city hall. It’s not an easy job, but Francis loves doing detailed works like this. Runa laughed upon hearing Vivi’s scariness in the past, and Francis was charmed by her smile. He was like ホー(*゜д゜*)ーッ until she asked him what’s wrong lol.

Lately crimes are occuring everywhere in Luce because of Noir’s influence, so the Roachrist members go on patrols everyday to maintain safety. Runa went along with Vivi and Francis to the lake the next day, where she stumbled and fell into the water.. along with Francis who tried to help her. They laughed and kept apologizing to each other until Vivi told them to get out of the lake already lol. Vivi lectured them for a long time after that, but both Francis and Runa were so happy they had to hide their laughter.

Francis always goes to the library after work, and Runa found him getting absorbed in the book he’s reading. He was surprised when he found her standing there, blushing when Runa said she didn’t wanna disturb because he looked so cute. ( *‘´艸`)クスッ♪ His blush only makes the “cute” image stronger, so Francis sulked and went off to get some books to hide it lol. Runa also came to help him deliver some flowers the next day, with Vivi telling her to run away if the “glasses wolf” attacks her on the way. She didn’t get what it means, though Francis was blushing madly. xD

When they were walking through the forest, some drunk guys suddenly came out to attack them. Francis told Runa to go back to the castle and inform the others without looking back, but some of the guys eventually managed to catch her. For some reason they were really scared of Francis, and they ran away as soon as he came to rescue Runa. In the end they went back to the castle. Only God and Francis knows what happened to the other two guys who stayed back to fight him. He’s glad Runa wasn’t there since he can’t show that side of him to her.

On the seventh day, Runa came to water Vivi’s flowers with Francis. She was worried about the lessons ending today, but Francis kindly pats her head telling her not to worry. He asked her to depend on him since he’ll protect her no matter what happens. After the tree of Gemut approved Runa’s heart, Francis also walked her back to her room. Runa got mad when he said he wants her to be Alicis as soon as possible, but she can express her feelings honestly this way. Francis treasures Luce as much as Runa does about her original world, and he’s well aware that they’re sacrificing her life for Luce. He knows it’d be hard for her to endure everything, so he wants to hear her honest thoughts from now on.

The next day Runa went to the library hoping to learn something, and she found Francis there reading a magazine from her world. So in the end she told him a lot of things about fashion, and he absorbed everything with great interest lol. When he heard that Runa came here to learn more about Luce, Francis said he loves her straight personality. This made her go ドキドキ, but since Francis only smiled she thought it doesn’t mean anything special. Later on they also went to the flower field together, where Francis told Runa she’s the most suitable person to be Alicis. She might not be ready to take the role, but she really does care for Luce.

Runa and Francis went to town with Vivi a few days later. They were stopped by yet another Noir angry mob, but Francis and Vivi decided to just ignore them and walk away. Of course they’re not amused and tried to attack, so Vivi took care of them while Francis protected Runa. One of the guys managed to sneak behind them and tried to attack, so our SMART Runa tried stopping him.. which eventually resulted in her cheek getting slashed. The guy then punched Francis, knocking his glasses down. Runa still tried to stop him from attacking Francis any further, when suddenly a low voice was heard.


Both Runa and the guy were shocked to see that it’s actually Francis, who is now speaking roughly like a yankee. After telling Runa to move since she’s on the way, he knocked out the guy in one blow. Francis started beating down the other guys without mercy even though Roachrist aren’t allowed to hurt people.. until Vivi finally puts the glasses back onto his face. She also asked Runa not to tell anyone about this, and Runa promised she’ll keep it a secret.

They all went back to the castle, where Francis explained everything to Runa. Francis and Vivi were born and grew up in Luce, but their ancestor actually came from another world. They’re a different race who possess high battle skills, but they also have violent tendencies. They would attack any moving things ferociously until there’s nothing left to attack. Vivi has superb physical strength, but Francis inherited their ancestor’s blood even more than she does. The glasses was actually made for his training to suppress violence, but he still goes back to his real personality if it’s removed. So now it acts like a limiter for Francis.

Up until now everyone who saw his real self got scared and ran away, but Runa doesn’t. Francis is still Francis even though he gets violent without glasses, so she accepts both sides of him. She’s the first person other than Vivi who can accept him, and Francis was really happy that she doesn’t run away from him. Vivi warned him not to let this happen again since it’s dangerous for Runa, but Francis already swore to himself that he won’t let anyone hurt Runa again. By this time Francis goes ドキドキ too whenever Runa smiles at him.

Some days later Runa went to the library to find Francis at work. She thought of going back to her room so she won’t disturb him, but Francis wants her around and asked her to bring some tea from the kitchen. When she gets back, he has switched from the cute Francis to the hawt Francis. ♡(*´∀`*) He still does his Roachrist work seriously though, since he can live normally even without his glasses. But it’d be dangerous if something triggered that violent side of him, so normally he puts it on just in case. He knows it’s okay to take it off around Runa though since he won’t hurt her no matter what.

Since they got some sweets from Gerald, Francis stuffed one into her mouth. He teased her when she blushed, so Runa tried doing the same to him.. and he licked her fingers afterwards. ε-(*´∀`|萌| When she panicked, Francis got away with it by putting on his glasses lol.

Runa was surprised when she found yankee Francis talking to Kaito and Effy later. He bumped into them earlier and dropped his glasses somewhere, so Runa also joined in the search. She realized that both Kaito and Effy knew about Francis’ real self too. Their heads bumped when they were looking for his glasses in the bushes, and Francis licked her forehead so it’ll heal soon. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー

During their patrol he also snatched Runa before Vivi could get her hands on her, which actually impressed the latter lol. Francis was irked when Runa said she wants to look for a way to save Luce without Alicis, since that means she can go back to her world. He told her there’s no such thing, though later on he admits he only wants to stay with her. Our clumsy Runa was ドキドキ-ing so bad she almost fell into the lake again, but this time Francis managed to keep her dry.. though he fell into the water himself. She felt bad about it and said she’ll be more careful next time, but Francis said it’s okay to stay the way she is now. He will always help her. They looked into each other’s eyes and were getting closer when Vivi came to see what’s happening. (´・ω・`)

The Noir angry mob were causing troubles everywhere around Luce. One night Vivi came asking for Gerald’s help to take care of the angry mob in the forest nearby. Runa was worried about Francis, who stayed behind to fight them, so she asked them to take her along. Francis was really angry to see Runa coming out of the castle, and Runa said she’s worried about him. She only wanted to see him okay, even though it’s just for a glance. Seeing Runa holding back her tears, Francis hugged her saying he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She thought it’s only because she’s Alicis, but Francis clearly said that’s not the only reason.

Runa couldn’t stop thinking about Francis, so that night she came to his room. She asked about what he said earlier, and Francis told her she has become an important person to him. It all started when she accepted his real self, Francis found himself thinking about her before he knew it. He then took his glasses off and hugged Runa, telling her that he loves her. However, he knew that this kind of feelings won’t be allowed since he’s a Roachrist member and she’s Alicis. All he wants to do is to protect her, and he doesn’t expect an answer from her.

An explosion was heard as Francis was walking Runa back to her room. Yes, the angry mob is now attacking the castle. They met up with Vivi and tried to get Runa to a safe place, but they were surrounded. Vivi soon used up all her energy and collapsed, so Francis eventually took off his glasses to protect both Runa and his sister. He completely went out of control and was raging like a bloodthirsty beast, and Runa went to stop him before he killed somebody. She ends up taking the blow instead, losing consciousness as Francis was screaming her name.

A few days later Runa’s wound was completely healed. If it’s not for Francis the angry mob would have already taken her to Max’s castle, but Francis was confined in his room ever since. The stupid twins couldn’t forgive him for hurting people and especially Runa on top of that, so they’re locking him there for the rest of his life. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ From Vivi Runa heard that Francis released his blood’s power to protect their parents in the past, but he end up hurting their parents as well. Now that something similar happened to Runa, Francis felt bad and said it’s better for him be locked up like this. He’s dangerous and he doesn’t wanna hurt Runa.

Being apart from Francis makes Runa realize that actually she loves him as well. She went to tell Francis about her feelings through the door, and she said she’s not giving up trying to get him out. Runa doesn’t think he’s dangerous and the decision he made that night isn’t wrong. However, the stupid twins soon decided to execute Francis. They couldn’t ignore such a dangerous existence in Luce, but they’re willing to forget all this if Runa becomes Alicis. The other Roachrist members except Darren the fag were against this idea, but Runa would do anything to save Francis. She accepted the role, and her clothes changed into the Alicis dress instantly.

Vivi came to Francis’ room raging about what happened, and he was shocked by the news. Runa accepted all sides of him and loves him the way he is, so finally Francis decided to accept his ancestor’s blood as well. He threw away his glasses and blew up the door in one blow.

Since the cage’s room haven’t been used for so long, it turned into.. a jungle. They need sometime to clean the place, so Runa will have to wait until then. When Francis came to stop them, the twins ordered Harvey and Darren to fight him. They even allowed them to kill Francis if it’s necessary, which made Runa angry since that’s not a part of their deal. The fight with Harvey was only an act since he’s actually on their side, but Francis had to fight Darren for real since he’s a jerk. Runa had to fight back too since the twins were dragging her inside the cage room, and that’s when her pendant started glowing. She got away from them and ran off to stop Darren from attacking Francis. Yeah right, like that’s gonna stop him. In the end both Francis and Runa fell to the floor below.

Thankfully they’re both okay, and Francis was glad he made it in time to get Runa back. He also told her he won’t fear his ancestor’s blood, and he will use this power to protect her. Francis said he loves her and will love only her from now on. Runa cried and said she loves him too. Her tears formed a red jewel that instantly turned into a key.

The twins knew that the “tear” will grant Francis a power like Max’s, and they can’t let it happen. They ordered Harvey and Darren to take Runa back and steal the “tear” from Francis, but thankfully Max came to help at the right time! Vivi was the one who called him here, but he wants to support their relationship too. He took care of Harvey and Darren while Francis took Runa to escape from the castle. They took a rest near the lake, and Runa told Francis she’s worried about the tree of Gemut. She still wants to look for a way to provide liebe for the tree without becoming Alicis. Francis said she’s really stubborn, but he’ll help since he loves her.

Right after they kissed, Runa’s pendant started glowing and reacted to the “tear” Francis had. Which means it’s time for the power of £ονё..+。゚φ(・ω・*)+。゚ to save the world.

Luce Ending
Runa and Francis went back to talk to the twins. They were nervous, but the twins were really happy since the tree of Gemut was revived. Everyone is satisfied with the result, including Vivi who hugged his brother so tight he almost fainted lol. They put Runa’s pendant and Francis’ “tear” beside the tree so it can stay healthy forever. To show their gratitude, the twins made a love nest just for Francis and Runa. So now she’s staying at home cooking for Francis while he does his Roachrist job at the castle.

Even though everyone already knows about his real self, Francis puts on his glasses whenever he goes to work. He speaks politely whenever he does that, but he still loves teasing Runa. He hugs her from behind when he gets home that day, and he starts kissing her after taking his glasses off. He asked her if she likes it when he kisses her, and he won’t stop until he’s satisfied. (*ノωノ)イヤン From now on they will always be together and they lived happily ever after.

Present Ending
The tree of Gemut is restored, and Francis went with Runa to her world. She told him she won’t let him down and will definitely make her happy, with Francis going “Isn’t that my line?” lol. Runa resumed her high school life and Francis is currently living in her house until he can afford to rent his own place. Since Francis is serious and polite, her parents approved their relationship right away. He’s now working as a waiter in a cafe, and he’s really popular with the girls.

When Runa goes to visit him at his workplace before their date, she gets jealous of all the girls staring at Francis there. She can’t tell Francis about this since the last time she did so, he wanted to tell her how much he loves her so she won’t doubt him again. As Runa waited alone, some guys suddenly came to hit on her.. until Francis snaps at them saying “俺の女に手を出してんじゃねぇよ!” and told them to get out before he beats them into a pulp, yankee-style lol. Francis then asked Runa to wait until his shift’s over and kissed her in front of everyone. (*´ω`*)

OH MY GOD FRANCIS IS SO HOT. ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ Francis was really cute when he keeps blushing around Runa, but damn that yankee side of him was so sexy. ♥ I totally didn’t expect that I’d love him this much LOL. When icingCandy started a banner campaign I picked Francis because Sakurai Takahiro is awesome, but seems like I made the right choice. Both of Francis’ endings are really good, especially his Luce ending. When he starts speaking with his low voice I went 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ so many times I lost count. Finally a route that’s really worth playing!


10 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – Francis

  1. lol his Luce route was so hot I had to rewatch that ending like 3 times (*´д`*)ハァハァ
    Sigh its like the only route worth it in the whole game I’m afraid! Good luck finishing up the rest of this mess lol

    • LOL I.. actually spent the whole afternoon fangirling over Francis and rewatched his endings multiple times. xD Now I only got Max left, but after finishing the best route of the game my motivation’s starting to go down the drain again. A “mess” is such a nice word to describe this game lol.

  2. First thought was he reminds me of Bishop? XD Those CGs
    The take off glasses and personality change isn’t unheard of, but its an interesting thing to see in an otome game. It’s great that finally there’s a good route in this game\^_^/ (if I get the chance to play this game I’ll add this as a must play route too)

    • Now that you mention it I can sort of see the resemblance. Must be that sexy expression of his. xD Glasses-limiter is so overused in otome games, but if the character is as hot as Francis then I don’t mind at all. It’s way better than let’s say.. Kaito. Because Darren is out of the question.

  3. i am so glad u liked it so much ^^ this route was one of the best definitely, i cant pick between the endings cause they were both so much good =D
    Maxi’s shouldnt be too bad minus the long internal struggle of himself >.> and the ‘look at ME’ kinda plot lol

    • Which other routes are considered the “best” aside from Francis’? xD
      Because so far all of them are pretty much fail aside from Harvey’s, but even Harvey annoyed me during the first half of his route lol. That doesn’t sound too good about Max’s route, but I’ll plow through it starting from tomorrow. xD

  4. Now that I think about it…Francis also reminds me of Natsuki from UtaPuri. LOL But Satsuki was made to protect Natsuki. LOL
    I wondered why icingCandy chose Sakurai for bookworm like Francis until I heard his voice sample and saw Hinano squeal over him LOL

    • Yeah it’s the same glasses-limiter theme. While Natsuki wears glasses to keep his bodyguard from going berserk, Francis needs them to hold back his violent blood. Kinda similar but different. xD

      I was expecting more actually since, well.. they can’t let Sakurai voice a simple bookworm. They just can’t. Though they let Suwabe voice Kaito. But the Noir PV answered everything lol.

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