Kago no Naka no Alicis – Maximillian

Finally! This is the last route of Alicis. Max looks awesome with all the black and purple, but honestly I didn’t expect anything. Alicis has too many disappointing routes, so.. (´・ω・`A;)

The king of Noir. A cool and collected young man who rarely shows any signs of panic. Max was the lover of the previous Alicis. Her death caused him to hate the Alicis system, and now he’s planning to destroy it. He will do anything to reach his goal, even if it means killing people in the process. He’s always followed around by his leopards, Orthros and Cerberus.

When the heart lessons started, Runa decided to read a book in her room instead. It was already dark when she’s done, and soon Orthros and Kerberos came before she goes to bed. Runa knows they want to take her to see Max, so she rode on Cerberus’ back and was taken to Max’s castle. From then Runa would go out to visit him at night, hoping to find out more about the “truth” he told her to seek. She also found out that Luce’s taking away all the negative emotions from people. The tree of Gemut has been taking and erasing these emotions all this time, and that’s why it’d wither without Alicis’ love.

Max knows sacrificing a girl for such purpose is wrong, and he’s determined to send Runa back to her world. Right now his Noir power isn’t enough, but he will definitely save her from the evil twins. Runa should just wait in the castle until then, since it’s the safest place in Luce. When she told Max she believes in him, his red eye suddenly started hurting. He was surprised too since the previous Alicis said the same thing before.

Max was telling Runa not to trust the twins and Roachrist when suddenly his leopards started pulling his sleeves. Apparently it’s brushing time for them, and as Max was busy grooming Cerberus.. Orthros keeps sticking to Runa lol. So in the end she helped Max brushing his big cats until they’re satisfied. xD It didn’t take long for Runa to realize that Max is actually a kind person, and she started going all ドキドキ around him.

However since our heroine is really SMART, she was unsure if she should just abandon this world even though Max is really devoted to save her. She was like “it might be an act, but the twins and the Roachrist members are really kind!” Sigh. The tree of Gemut aside, why should you give a crap about a world that’s trying to imprison you? ( ಠ_ಠ ) This continues until the heart lessons came to an end and the tree of Gemut approved her heart. Max tried to tell her that at this rate they’ll put her into the cage, but Runa’s still “no! the twins aren’t that evil!” and ignored his warning. Really, Runa? ┐(´~`;)┌

Here Max told Runa that she will only get hurt if she trusts them and the gods, and the game forced you to pick “そんなことない!” or else you’ll go towards the bad ending. WTF I don’t wanna pick that option. Not after seeing how annoying the twins are. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ LOL by this point I was really annoyed by Runa’s stupidity. Before leaving, Max stole a kiss from Runa and told her to be more careful around people.

From Darren Runa learned that a long time ago, Harvey and Max had a fight over a girl they loved. So Harvey was indeed in love with the previous Alicis! Σ(゚ロ゚;) Runa was curious and tried asking for more information about this matter, but it only made both Darren and Harvey suspicious. Darren thought Runa’s interested in Max as a man, and she ran away since it hits the spot. During a picnic with Vivi, Runa met Max in the forest and found out that he actually loves ice creams. A lot. She was embarrassed when he fed her some bites, but the real reason was because he doesn’t want her to get addicted and took all of his beloved ice creams lol.

The next day, Harvey and Darren came to get Runa after breakfast. The stupid twins gathered everyone in the cage room, and they were asked to bring Runa there. Since Runa has been ignoring Max’s warning, she went along without suspicion.. and they pushed her into the cage because the tree of Gemut’s in a pinch. The twins doesn’t give a crap about Runa’s decision anymore, they’ll just make her Alicis by force. The Roachrist members were there to make sure Runa won’t be able to escape. Her clothes changed into the Alicis dress, and it’s far too late for her to realize that the twins and the Roachrist members are by no means “kind”. See, Runa? This is what you get for ignoring Max’s warning. She regrets not believing in Max, but whatever Runa. Too late. ( ´_ゝ` )

Thankfully Max noticed that Runa’s now inside the cage, so that night he brought a lot of angry mob and attacked the castle. As if imprisoning Runa wasn’t enough, the stupid twins also ordered Harvey to fight Max.. knowing they’re childhood friends. But since Max is awesome, he knocked Harvey out and went to free Runa from the cage. Runa was really glad he came, and Max destroyed the cage before taking her to his castle. As long as she doesn’t touch Luce’s sunlight, Runa will be fine even if she gets out of the cage. When Runa stepped into Max’s castle, her Alicis dress turned white — a proof that she’s now separated from the tree of Gemut.

But nooo it’s not over yet. Runa still wants to be a saint and save Luce, even though Max already told her to wait until he’s ready to send her home. She doesn’t wanna leave the tree of Gemut to wither and die, even after everyone in that castle betrayed her. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Max said he’ll send her back home no matter what, and Runa replied with “that’s just the same as the twins who pushed me into the cage by force!” (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ A guy’s trying to save you and you replied with that? How grateful.

A few days later, Orthros and Cerberus came to visit Runa in her room. They took Runa to another room and wanted her to go inside. The clumsy Runa tripped and landed on someone who was sleeping on the bed.. and of course that someone was Max since nobody else lives in that castle anyway. Apparently his big cats wanted to wake him up since it’s almost time for breakfast lol, so they also joined in and jumped towards the bed. Which also pushed Runa closer to Max. Later on they also went to the flower field, where they did some moon-viewing and played around with the leopards.

This happy moments continued until one day Runa found Max sleeping in the library. At first he mumbled about “chocolate ice cream” in his sleep, but when Runa poked his cheeks he said “Mana.. I miss you. Please stay with me forever.” That’s obviously his deceased girlfriend, the former Alicis’ name. This made Runa really sad and she ran out crying. She realized that she’s in love with Max, but he still loves his dead girlfriend even until now. All the things he did isn’t for Runa, it’s for her.

Things got even worse when Harvey came as Runa was crying alone outside. She refused to go back saying she trusts Max more than the Roachrist members, and Harvey told her that to Max she’s nothing more than a replacement for the girl he loved. He’s only using her to get his revenge on the twins and the gods. Max soon came and Harvey escaped, but Runa snapped saying he’s only doing all of this for the former Alicis’ sake. She started crying again and ran off after saying she’s not a replacement, even though Max never saw her in that way. All he wants to do is to prevent Runa from getting the same fate as the former Alicis.

Max then noticed something sparkling on the ground, and he noticed it’s a “tear” jewel. He knows what it means, and he realized Runa will make his time starts moving again. It’s time for him to say goodbye to the shadow of his dead lover. She was the first person he ever loved, but he’s still alive and will continue walking forward. Right now it’s only Runa on his mind.

Meanwhile, Runa’s walking around in the forest alone thinking she should just become Alicis. She wants to save this world since Max is living here. Don’t you realize it’s just putting Max’s effort into waste? She fell asleep on the way and saw the dream about Max’s past again, but thankfully this sort of opened her eyes a little. It’s her choice to become Alicis and sacrifice her life for Luce, but she should also think about those people she left behind. Runa woke up with Orthros and Cerberus next to her, and soon some guys suddenly came to surround her. They’re clearly savages thieves who were on their way to steal things from town.

Runa was thinking of getting Max’s help while the leopards were busy fighting the thieves, but they stopped him before she could leave. They snatched her liebe pendant and pushed her down to the ground, groping her body and eventually licking her neck. Max soon came to the rescue, but Runa was still panicking and screaming “Nooo! Don’t touch me!” even though he already knocked the thieves out. She tried to run away too, so Max kissed her in order to calm her down. Runa apologized for freaking out and finally told Max she loves him. After that she lost her consciousness.

When she opened her eyes, Runa was floating in the sky. She heard a girl’s voice saying finally they can meet. The voice said Runa is the hope she wished to the gods, and Runa saw memories of the former Alicis with Max. She knew she’ll die if she gets out of the cage, so she promised Max that she will fall in love with him again after reincarnating. Runa is her reincarnation, but she fell in love with him not because of that. She loves him as Sumeragi Runa. The voice asked her to make Max happy.

After Runa woke up, Max told her that he never saw her as a replacement. He didn’t think he can love anyone other than his deceased girlfriend.. until he met Runa. He loves her even more than the former Alicis.

Soon Harvey and Darren came to see them. They heard from the twins that Runa was attacked, but she’s fine now. Too late! They’re still asking her to come back and do her job as Alicis, and Runa refused saying she doesn’t wanna leave Max. It’s not like she’s throwing away the world just for him, so she’s going to look for a way to save the tree of Gemut too. Her liebe pendant and Max’s “tears” started glowing, and they hold each other’s hands so they can never be apart again. Then a blinding light enveloped them all, and power of love’s here to save the day!

Luce Ending
The tree of Gemut received their love and is revived. The twins explained that it’s because Runa has the soul of Alicis, and the gods treasured her so much. They also apologized for hurting Max in the past, telling him to make Runa happy from now on. Max is now living with Runa and his leopards in his Noir castle, with Harvey and Darren coming over for tea everyday. Most likely to disturb their ラブラブ time lol.

After Max finally gets them to leave, he asked Runa to help chase them away next time. He can spend everyday everytime with Runa, which makes him feel so happy he gets scared. Runa hugged him and told him not to worry, since she will always stay with him forever no matter what happens. Max asked if it’s okay for him to get a proof, and he starts kissing her until he’s satisfied.

Present Ending
The tree of Gemut is revived, and it won’t wither even without Alicis now. Luce is back to its peaceful state, so Max followed Runa back to her own world. Of course her parents were surprised when she brought him as her boyfriend, but they accepted Max easily. Max is now living in Runa’s house along with Orthros and Cerberus, who turned into normal cats now. Runa is back to her high school life, while Max stays at home and cooks together with her mother.

Max brought some donuts when Runa was doing her homework, and she was surprised to see him solving a problem she couldn’t do. Apparently in his free time, Max studies her textbooks when she goes to school. He’s an ex-Roachrist, so of course he understands a lot of things from other worlds. Max gets lonely when she’s at school, and he reads her books hoping he can go to school with her. Runa then asked him to go to university with her, so they can always be together.

Max’s route is okay. I like him as a character since he doesn’t confuse Runa with his dead ex-girlfriend, and his leopards were cute. Especially when they turned into cats in the present ending. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Speaking of which, I love both of his endings too. Though not as much as I loved Francis’. The biggest annoyance of this route actually comes from Runa herself, and it’s really hard to relate to her in any way. My comments are written everywhere in this post, which are basically my thoughts everytime Runa makes a stupid decision. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ The twins were really annoying too.. and the Roachrist members. Ugh. Anyway, I’m glad I’m finally done with this game.

Kago no Naka no Alicis is a really weak game compared to icingCandy’s first work, Bloody Call. I loved every single character in that game, but here I only care about Francis. Maybe Max and Harvey too. There’s just too many disappointing points, even though I think the cast is awesome. If you like girly stuff with fairy-taley aura then you might wanna give it a try, but otherwise I’d rather leave it sitting on the shelf.

7 thoughts on “Kago no Naka no Alicis – Maximillian

  1. lol this post is really emotion-filled, i was expecting quite a bit from maxi too but it was kinda disappointing D= runa was pretty annoying here but i guess the endings kinda makes up for that
    hope the next game u play will be better for u ^^

    • Yea I can’t hold back since Runa’s really getting on my nerves lol. My GOD she’s really stupid here, even more than she was in William’s route. If my desk is flippable it’d fly into the air several times already lol. The endings are cute indeed, especially since Max’s nukos became real cats. xD

  2. Max route sure is good but still not enough………Unlike Jin in BC, he is bad guy from the start but the best guy in the end…..I hope Max like Jin route too but……..*a little dissapointed* T_T
    Thanks for your review and i decided that i won’t play this game……waste of time T_T. this game has a lot of potential from the start but the writer mess all of it *sigh*
    Hope the 3rd game will be good….

    • OMG I know right. Jin’s route in BC was epic, but expecting Max’s route to be like that would only disappoint you. It’s not that he’s a bad character.. I do like him and his cats, but that’s all really. Everything else was annoying, ranging from Runa to the stupid twins. At least Futaba in BC can fight back / deliver killing blows with her bow. Runa is just a fairytale princess in a cage. >_>

      So yea if you don’t like these routes and find them annoying, then you shouldn’t play Alicis. They have a lot of potentials they didn’t develop, and there’s so many annoyance here and there. I hope their next work would be more like BC’s quality.

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