Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete

The only Takuyo game I’ve ever played so far was Panic Palette, and I didn’t finish it because my PS2 died. But I’ve heard good things about their games, so now I decided to do a Takuyo marathon starting with this title. Don’t forget to check the lovely banner on the sidebar. (*´∀`*)

For their school radio program, Sugano Fuu and her friends are searching for the seven wonders of their school. They find an old shrine at school and accidentally broke it, splitting the small frog statue nearby in half. They also noticed a broken ancient relic lying nearby, which then started blowing thick purple smoke. When they opened their eyes, Fuu and her friends found that they have all turned into frogs!

In the middle of such confusion, suddenly a cat youkai named Tokunami Touya appeared. He can turn them back into humans, but on one condition: they have to take care of the environment and keep it clean. Besides turning them back into humans, the potion Touya gives them also acted as a contract. If one of them breaks this promise, everyone will turn back into frogs. Since Fuu and the boys all live in the dorms, Touya also arranged things so they all can stay together.

The next day, the water pipes in their dorms broke. Fuu and her friends have to move into another dorm in a place called Kaeru Batake, and that’s where they learn about the eco club. Apparently the potion gave them power to keep the environment clean, and that power will grow stronger as they grow closer to each other. This is why Touya wants them to start living together. Later on they also learned that reading letters on their school radio program helps healing the land, and participating in the eco club has the same effect. Not all the boys can join both clubs though, so they basically split up into two groups while Fuu joined both. From today Fuu will spend her days with the boys in Kaeru Batake. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

What’s interesting about this game is that our heroine Fuu isn’t a standard typical otome game heroine. She’s calm and composed most of the time, and she speaks more like a boy, though she’s mostly polite to everyone. The idea of staying in a dorm with some guys doesn’t bother her at all, and she even sleeps without locking her room. With such a different heroine, Kaeru Batake offers a refreshing otome gaming experience.


14 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete

  1. If you play Little Aid, play the PS2 or PSP versions so you can get the 2 added on routes. I plan to try playing Kaito Apricot again on the PS2 since the PC one refused to save lol

    • Alright~
      LOL maybe I should really marathon ALL Takuyo games I can find then. I’m planning to do Hoshiiro no Okurimono after Kaerubatake + FD, so I’ll be stuck in Takuyo land for a while. 8D

    • You mean Sorayume was that boring? o_o;
      Well Kaerubatake is really simple. Sure it has mini-games, but that’s about it? The rest are classic visual novel. :3

      • I just played Luuen, got so bored, then didn’t play other. I don’t know if it’s just Luuen’s part or every routes… But the story goes really slow, it’s not fill up my interest for it, then just leave it.

        • Takuyo’s games are mostly VNs. Luuen’s route is the most boring out of SoraYume…but if you have to play it play for Suzushi…but it’s really best if you leave him for last…since he really is the “prince” for that game. ^^;

          • Oh then I’ll play Luuen first to get him outta the way lol. Then I’ll save Suzushi for the last. Thanks for the tips Hazuki! :D

          • I find it better to do the boring one first, so that you can enjoy the rest of the game without getting bored / falling asleep. :)

          • I mean, he’s the one makes me unable to continue the game. I didn’t know that he was the most “one”. I thought every routes are like that.!

            I guess I was judging from one point about this game since forever ’til now. My bad. It’s Luuen’s fault (no, it’s my fault^^)! *sorry, the other chara*

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I love the heroine, so different from the other games. I don’t mind the ditsy and cute ones but Fuu definitely made the game better.

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