Kaeru Batake – Hamura Mukuto

Starting off with Mukuto because we all know tsundere boys are adorable. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He’s voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki, so I keep hearing Boris at first. His frog voice is really cute. ♥

Classmates with Fuu, though they have never talked until the frog incident. Mukuto is blunt and has a bad mouth, often picking up fights with people with his sarcasm. He also has zero patience and doesn’t take opinions from anyone, not realizing that he’s often the cause of arguments with other people. In other words, a tsundere. Despite this attitude, Mukuto isn’t a bad person and will tell everyone his opinion when necessary.

Right from the beginning, Mukuto’s bad mouth often resulted in fights with the other guys, especially with Hirose. He doesn’t have any ill intentions, but he couldn’t read the situation as well. Once it got resolved they get along just fine though, and Ren also gave Mukuto the nickname “Hamuo / ハム男” lol. He got dragged into the eco club and eventually joined the activities despite being all grumpy about it. He also loves Kaerina-tan, Tsukiyado’s frog mascot, though he tries to hide this from everyone else. According to Touya, Mukuto’s body is the same as the earth itself. They absorb everything negative from people, and that’s why he’s always so irritated most of the time.

Mukuto hates socializing and always spends time alone in the rooftop. He slowly opens up to Fuu though, who shared her lunch and fed him an octopus sausage. (*´∀`*) One morning Mukuto accidentally walked in to Fuu taking off her pants before bath. Of course this made him blush like mad and ran out apologizing, but she greeted him as if nothing happened lol. Later on Fuu asked him to join her for a walk, and they went to a game center together. Mukuto tried to get a Kaerina-tan doll in a crane game, but since he failed until the end.. he asked Fuu to go out again next week for a “revenge match”. (*´ω`*)

The next day Mukuto skipped class and Fuu went looking for him. She found him in the rooftop as usual, and he told her about his busy childhood. His family forced him to learn everything ranging from piano to table manner, though in the end they’re all not really useful in life. Fuu is interested when he mentioned formal dance, so Mukuto taught her how to waltz even though she stepped on his foot countless times. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ On their way home Mukuto told Fuu he wants to know more about their dormmates, and when she asked why he told her this, he admits it’s because he trusts her.

Two weeks after Fuu and the guys started living together, they all decided to throw a party since they get along really well lately. Fuu went shopping for the ingredients and Mukuto came along to help her, since he can’t let a girl carry all the stuff alone. She also made a fruit cake for the party by herself, surprising everyone when she said Mukuto was the one who chose and bought all the fruits. Mukuto hates sweets and usually refuses to eat cakes, but he ate the one Fuu made and said it’s delicious. (*´∀`*)

On their way to school, Fuu and Masaomi met a panicked Mukuto. He didn’t want to tell her the reason, but soon Fuu heard about people seeing Kaeru-baa recently. It’s a mysterious woman who flashes her panties everywhere she goes. The discussion somehow leads to Fuu concluding that “sexy” and “skinship” are the keys to get to know someone better. She tested this on Mukuto by telling him “Mukuto-kun, let’s get closer. Let’s stick to each other.” which made him go (〃ノノ)キャー lol. He later explained that she shouldn’t do this unless she wants to date the guy, and Fuu replied “So it’s okay if I want to date you right? I’ll keep that in mind.” That made him blush and turn speechless lol.

That night before bed, Fuu overheard Mukuto and Misaki arguing in the livingroom. Apparently Mukuto’s parents want him to return home, and they asked Misaki to convince Mukuto as well. He told Fuu that he doesn’t have any intentions of returning. His parents don’t care about him and keep doing whatever they want, so he doesn’t wanna listen to them either. Mukuto asked Fuu to keep quiet about this since he’s planning to ignore his parents anyway.

Mukuto was on shopping duty the next day, and he asked Fuu to come with him after school. They went to the game center again to get that Kaerina-tan doll Mukuto wants. This time Fuu also gave it a shot, and he called her 男らしい for yelling よしっ!! after charging her focus lol. Since Fuu is awesome she was able to get a rare Kaerina-tan doll on her first try, but she gave it to Mukuto as a present. (人´∀`)゚・。・☆ They also played other games for a while, and Mukuto also gave Fuu a cat keyholder when they left the game center.

Before they went back to the dorm, they noticed a crowd nearby. Mukuto got a bad feeling and wanted to go home already, especially when they heard a kid saying “this brown thing is so sticky”. He dragged Fuu and ran off, but something was chasing them. Fuu was pretty calm though, and when she turned around she found that something was.. a chocolate man. Σ(・ω・;) Mukuto protected her when the creature threw chocolates at them, but Fuu also did the same thing for him. So in the end they bot goth dirty from chocolates and had to wash their uniforms later. Unfortunately for Mukuto, that night they had chocolates for dessert too. He turned blue upon seeing it lol.

For some reason, Mukuto keeps seeing dreams about Tsukiyado’s seven wonders lately. Of course it’s just like nightmares everyday for him, and he was spacing out at school. When Fuu invited him to have lunch together, Mukuto asked if Fuu looks at him as a person called Hamura Mukuto. The girls around him love his good looks but find his personality a shame, but Fuu is different because she accepts everything about him. She knows his personality since they’re living together, yet she still invites him to have lunch like this. It makes him happy and he feels better after talking to her.

Since Fuu was worried about Mukuto and his parents, that night he told her more about his family. Mukuto’s father is a council member and his family is very rich, but nobody in that house actually cares about him. He feels like he’s just a pawn for his family, and when he asked his father about this.. he only answered “yeah” lazily. Mukuto refused to learn anything ever since, not changing his mind even though his parents got angry. His friends used to ask him to play after school, but they started treating him differently since he was always busy with his lessons. He didn’t have any friends and was really lonely, so now he’d rather stay in this dorm rather than going home.

Mukuto’s parents weren’t pleased when they learned he’s starting to make friends lately, and they want him back so his friends won’t disturb his studies. ( ´_ゝ`) Fuu looks really sad after hearing all of this, so Mukuto decided that he’ll go talk to his parents tomorrow. He’s going to tell them directly that he won’t go back home.

Kazuhi has always been interested in Fuu up until now, but the next day she finally got Fuu to go with her. She showed Fuu a big stump which used to be a sakura tree. It’s been there from a long time ago, but recently it got cut down for construction plans. Kazuhi then explained that the pink old man Fuu saw with Mukuto is actually the spirit of that tree, saying that she wants Fuu to “awaken” quickly because she’s her “master”. Fuu didn’t get what she was talking about, and Mukuto came before Kazuhi could drag her somewhere else.

They had a fight over Fuu, pulling her arms until she said it hurts. Mukuto hugged her saying he won’t hand her to Kazuhi, and Kazuhi left since she already saw something good today. Which is Fuu’s purification power. Mukuto was really pissed and acted all thorny towards everyone when they got back, but Fuu decided to leave him alone for now.

When Togami got back to the dorm, Fuu directly asked him about the old man he captured a few days ago. He told everyone that the old man is indeed the spirit of the sakura tree, who has the power to heal and keep people’s mind at peace. Now that the tree’s been cut down, the spirit isn’t doing well either. Togami’s keeping him in his room, believing that it’s the safest place he can provide. He was surprised when Fuu told him about Kazuhi, and he left immediately saying he needs to do some research.

After Togami left, Mukuto told everyone that he might have to leave this dorm. He went to talk to his parents earlier, and they didn’t listen to him as expected. Everyone understands since Mukuto is an only child with high expectations on his shoulders, but he took it as them trying to chase him out. Luckily Fuu managed to calm them down before it turns into a fight, and Mukuto admits he loves staying in this dorm. He told everyone about his family and how everyone at school started talking behind his back as he grew up.

Mukuto used to have a friend back then, but later on he found out his friend actually doesn’t like him as well, befriending him only to fill the role of an “honor student”. This is why he doesn’t like making friends, believing that everyone wears a mask to hide how they really feel. He didn’t like living in this dorm at first, but slowly he started to enjoy his life with everyone here. He told them he thinks of them as his friends, apologizing for letting his anger take control earlier.

Later on that night Mukuto came to Fuu’s room and asked her what she thinks of him. Fuu answered she wants to support him, and Mukuto told her he loves her. Since Fuu isn’t like a normal girl, she froze for a while before answering that she loves him too. Mukuto didn’t want her to accept his confession just because of the mood, but Fuu asked him to go out with her to prove that her feelings are real. They had their first kiss after that, plus another one when she’s done with her 心の準備. (*´ω`*)

The next day, Togami returned to the dorm bringing the sakura tree spirit. Apparently the spirit loves humans, and Togami can sense it because he’s a youkai himself — a karasu-tengu who watches over Tsukiyado. Upon hearing more details about Kazuhi’s sudden advances towards Fuu lately, Togami told them that Kazuhi must thinks Fuu’s the “master” of Tsukiyado who keeps the land clean. It was then when Kazuhi, now in his real form, appeared to get Fuu. Kazuhi told Fuu that they’re not human, they’re frog youkai who used to live in Tsukiyado pond. Now he wants Fuu to come to the shrine so she’ll remember everything.

Kazuhi pulled Fuu and warped them to Tsukiyado pond in a different world, but he was surprised to see that he teleported Mukuto along with them. Apparently these frog youkai are called “Moon Lotus Frogs / 月蓮蛙”. They absorb the land’s impurity and let it out in the form of magatamas. The “master” used to live here with all of them, purifying those magatamas. Of course doing such a heavy task makes the “master” feel tired, so one day the frogs let their “master” go to the human world to relax.

However, the “master” never returned no matter how long they waited. The frogs tried to protect Tsukiyado in her absence, but they don’t have the purification power. They continued to absorb the impurity even though they couldn’t make magatamas anymore, storing all of those dirt inside their bodies. In the end the frogs all disappeared one by one, leaving Kazuhi behind because he’s a special frog who exists to protect their “master”. He’s not alone though since there’s another frog who’s still around: Odajima Souichi, Fuu’s homeroom teacher. Souichi has been absorbing the land’s impurity as well, and lately it seems that he’s reaching his limits.

Kazuhi also explained that Mukuto’s body attracts spirits easily. He feels good near Fuu because her power chases those spirits away. Mukuto told them he chose Fuu because he loves her and not for such reasons, but Kazuhi got pissed saying Fuu won’t awaken because of humans like him. He started attacking Mukuto, eventually pushing him into the pond to “erase the 邪魔者” (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ He tried asking Fuu to come with him, but she apologized and jumped into the pond instead. Mukuto’s leg was trapped between the branches inside the pond, so Fuu gave him air mouth to mouth. Their consciousness were slowly fading, but luckily Souichi came to save them soon.

Souichi told Kazuhi that Fuu isn’t their “master” after all. She’s just a human who’s living a happy life with her friends. It’s been a long time since their “master” left, and it’s hard to tell if she’s still here in Tsukiyado. They can’t keep doing this forever, so it might be the time to choose a new “master”. Kazuhi finally accepted the fact that their “master” is gone.

After they woke up in the dorm, Mukuto told Fuu that he tried talking to his mother. This time she actually heard him out and suggested they meet up in a restaurant soon. That way his father won’t be able to do as he please, and there would be noone to disturb them. Mukuto is determined to talk to his parents until they approved him staying in the dorm.

Two days after it’s all over, Touya came to visit the dorm at night. He’s here to give them a present he promised back at the beginning: fulfilling everyone’s wishes. They have been carrying a haraedama in their bodies after they drank the potion that day, and that’s where their recent memories are stored. They will lose their haraedama along with their memories now that the land purification is over, but it will also grant them one wish per person. Since they’ll forget about their friendship up until now, Fuu wished for everyone to be friends again. The guys all wished for the same thing except for Mukuto, because he wished to be lovers with Fuu again. (*´∀`*)

In the epilogue, everyone’s back to their daily lives. Masaomi also re-created the eco club, and Mukuto sends letters everyday to the broadcasting club — filled with criticism lol. A year passed by and Fuu started going out with Mukuto again, fulfilling the wish he made to Touya. He takes her to his house one day, with Fuu bringing a huge bag full of manjuu for his family lol. Fuu likes how everyone calls him “Waka” there, but Mukuto told her to call him by his name as usual.. so she called him “Mukuto-kun”. (*´pq`)クスッ

Before going inside, he showed her the sakura tree stump from the park. He asked his people to move the stump to their garden, and now it already grows a sprout. This means the sakura tree spirit will be able to stay in Tsukiyado, once again living in the revived tree.

Such an adorable route. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) Mukuto annoyed me at first since he keeps picking fights with everyone, and Sugiyama’s voice sort of echoed in my head.. but it was really cute after he gets all red around Fuu. (*´ω`*) She’s really calm at all times, which complements Mukuto’s panicky personality. They make a really cute couple. ♥ I like how they explained the reason behind Mukuto’s lonely antisocial attitude too, and I think they developed his character really well. Actually Mukuto sort of reminds me of myself, though I’m not that tsun towards people lol.


6 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake – Hamura Mukuto

  1. Cute route~~!
    I’m liking Fuu. She isn’t the usual damsel-in-distress heroine. ^^
    Mukuto kinda reminded me of Jin (TMGS) though he’s not a tsundere. ^^;;

  2. Ooh, this game seems interesting. Which platform is it on? If it’s PC then I might be able play it, if not then, oh well.
    Finally! Another heroine that isn’t pathetic! Ha! I love how Fuu’s in control in this route. And Mukuto is definitely adorable. Most tsunderes are anways. Can’t change that XD

    • For PSP and PS2. I’m doing the PSP version. :)
      To be honest I’ve had enough of damsel in distress heroines, and the last game I played (Alicis) wasn’t exactly a good experience lol. So Fuu’s manly attitude brings my otome gaming mood back. xD

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