Kaeru Batake – Kuga Masaomi

Next up is Masaomi, because he shared some events with Mukuto. This is probably my first time seeing Kishio Daisuke doing this kind of role, but I think he did a great job. Σd(・ω・*)

A first year student just like Fuu, though in a different class. Masaomi has nice grades, good at sports and has good looks.. but he’s gloomy. He’s passive, timid and doesn’t have any friends, though he’s trying to do something about it. Masaomi likes electronic gadgets and anime, and he gets excited if those subjects come up. He also loves cats, but sadly they’d hiss and bite him instead. Despite his weak personality, Masaomi actually has a strong will.

Right from the start, Fuu noticed that Masaomi seems scared of her. He would freak out if she gets too close, and Fuu thinks he hates her. Later on he admits that he’s actually scared of women. When he was small, Masaomi went shopping with his mother and got lost. But no matter how hard he cried, all the women nearby was so caught up in the bargain and ignored him. He couldn’t breath thanks to the smell of their make-up and perfume, two things that he hates up until now. Not to mention that he has five older sisters who always do whatever they like back at home, which is why he decided to stay in the dorm instead.

After Masaomi told Fuu all of this, he asked if she wants to be friends with him. She listened to him without laughing, and he’s not scared of her since she’s not girly at all lol. Fuu told him they’re already friends even before he asked. Everyone in the dorm must be thinking of the same thing too. Masaomi was really happy since this is the first time he ever made friends with anyone, and he sticks to Fuu ever since that day. How adorable. (*´ω`*)

A few days later he baked some cookies during class, asking her to eat them together with everyone in the dorm later. Fuu’s friends thought they’re just like lovers.. with Masaomi being the girlfriend lol. On Sunday, Masaomi and Fuu went to school to do some research about the seven wonders of Tsukiyado. After spending two hours reading through the documents in the resource room, they finally found some information about Amano-Tsukiyadori Hime. It’s not exactly what they were looking for, but Fuu noticed Masaomi loves reading stories like this. Before they went back to the dorm, Masaomi whispered “It’s great to spend a relaxing time with you..” in a really small voice.

Masaomi asked Fuu to go home together the next day, and they played around with a cat on their way back to the dorm.. though it hissed at Masaomi and walked away. He was happy that he didn’t get bitten as usual though lol. Since they’re having a party soon, Masaomi said it’d be nice if they can celebrate birthdays together. At first he was really worried about living with people he doesn’t know, thinking that he might annoy them. But now he can see that everyone actually listen to what he has to say, and he’s really thankful to have such friends. Fuu will always hold a special place in his heart though, since she’s his first friend.

Since Masaomi often helps his sisters back at home, he’s actually quite good at cooking too. He felt bad about not going shopping with Fuu, so the next day she found him in the kitchen trying to cook something for the party. They decided to bake a cake together, and Fuu thought Masaomi gives better explanation than the book. Apparently Fuu also cooks back at home, though she often helps Misaki too in the dorm. Masaomi said the dishes she makes must be delicious, and Fuu said she’ll cook for him next time. (*´∀`*)

On the day when Mukuto saw Kaeru-baa, Fuu came to the living room hoping to watch the news. She found Masaomi there and they watched a romance drama instead. He asked her if she admires romance, and Fuu said she doesn’t understand.. but that might change if she has found someone she loves. There’s one thing that she admires though: lap pillow. Since Fuu seems to love lap pillows a lot, Masaomi said she can lie on his lap if she wants to.. and that’s what she did lol. He was stroking her head gently when Togami came home, asking what they’re doing. Masaomi blushed and panicked, but Fuu answered “膝枕です” calmly lol. Togami laughed saying they’re really close, and he left so they can continue their ラブラブ time together. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

Ever since they heard the story about Amano-Tsukiyadori Hime, Masaomi has been thinking of the concept of protecting something with all your life. He went to ask Souichi if he ever had such thoughts before, and Souichi said yes. Masaomi didn’t understand the reason, and Souichi said it’s because he loves that “something” a lot. Even though he couldn’t understand it now, he’ll find his own answer eventually. For now Masaomi wants to help everyone by continuing his research on the seven wonders, and when he told Fuu about this she said he’s really cool. He blushed and said she’s probably the only one who thinks so.

Fuu helped him look for materials in the resource room, but in the end they couldn’t find anything. She told him everyone will be happy just by his feelings, so Masaomi asked what he can do to make her happy. Fuu didn’t get what he’s trying to say and said she’s really happy when she received her alpaca fur pajama, and Masaomi decided to give a present for her. He tried to give her a hairpin the next day, though Fuu was still being Fuu and didn’t get what it means. She thought it’s an important item to Masaomi, so in the end he didn’t give the hairpin to her.

Everyone decided to visit Momo River the next day. They were planning to do the seven wonders interview, but that river seems to be really popular lately. Because Kazuhi’s been promoting it on TV. They split up to check various locations after that, and Fuu went with Masaomi because he won the rock-paper-scissors game lol. Masaomi bought some crepes for them, accidentally saying “It makes me happy to see the girl I love smile.” Fuu blushed at first, but then she said “So I’m on the list of the people you love? That makes me happy” and Masaomi realized what he just said. He choked on his crepe and the subject came to an end, though he does admit he sees her as a girl.

They went back to the dorm right after that, mailing everyone since Masaomi couldn’t reach them. Misaki also came back soon, but everyone else didn’t return until it’s really late at night. When Togami finally returned with Touya, they learned that their friends have been turned into frogs by Kazuhi. They’re now in his possession as well, since it’d be easier to cleanse the land by sacrificing them — just like what Amano-Tsukiyadori Hime did to herself. Touya told them that Kazuhi is a frog youkai, and he explained the role of the “master” as well. Kazuhi’s hatred towards humans must have exploded since they cut down the sakura tree. The spirit who used to live there puts people at peace and heals the land, but since the tree’s gone.. the impurities have increased significantly.

At first Touya, Togami and Misaki wanted to leave Masaomi and Fuu in the dorm since it’s dangerous, but they wanted to save their friends too. Masaomi managed to convince them, and so they took Fuu and him along. They found Kazuhi at Tsukiyado pond, but he only took Masaomi and Fuu to a different world — leaving out those who might disturb his plan. Masaomi asked him to let go of their friends, but Kazuhi pinned himself to him instead. He’s still dressed as a girl, so he’s doing it on purpose to make Masaomi give up. When he finally pushed him away, Kazuhi revealed his true form saying he can’t give up on Tsukiyado either.

Masaomi and Fuu were shocked to hear that the only Moon Lotus Frog left beside Kazuhi is their teacher, Souichi. The reason he’s been coughing up blood all this time is because of the land’s impurities piling up in his body, but he continues to cleanse Tsukiyado despite almost reaching his limits. Masaomi realized this is the thing Souichi’s trying to protect with all his life, and he felt really bad for this. He started to think that he’s only causing trouble for his friends all this time, but Fuu asked him to stop saying such things. She’s happy to have him as a friend, and she really enjoyed the time she spent with everyone.

Kazuhi was being stubborn and refused to listen to anything. Despite Masaomi and Fuu’s attempts to make friends with him, in the end he told them to shut up and threw their frog friends into the pond instead. Luckily a giant, pink frog (who turns out to be Souichi) saved them before it’s too late. They learned that Kazuhi’s really worried about Souichi’s condition, and both Masaomi and Fuu promised to help them keep Tsukiyado clean. Thankfully that finally convinced Kazuhi, and he turned their friends back into humans. He also decided to leave for a while, training hard so he can be the next “master” and keep Tsukiyado clean. Until then he’s leaving Souichi and the land in their care.

Before returning to the dorm, Masaomi took Fuu to the park saying he wants to talk about something. He gave her the hairpin he couldn’t give back then, and Fuu feels happy when he put it on her hair. After thanking her for her words earlier, Masaomi finally told Fuu he loves her. Fuu answered that she loves him too. She told him she wants to stay with him forever, and Masaomi kissed her.

The next day, Togami explained that while Fuu has cleansing power in her body, Masaomi has amplification power. Both of them affected everyone’s power, so that’s why they can help keep Tsukiyado clean up until now. Now that it’s all over, it’s time for Touya to take all the haraedama in their bodies.. except for Masaomi and Fuu. They already promised the frogs to help taking care of the land, so they can keep their haraedama for now. Mukuto, Hirose and Ren all made the same wish, which was to spread more eco activities in this town.

In the epilogue, lotus pads are starting to grow in Tsukiyado pond. Masaomi and Souichi also moved the sakura tree stump, and recently it grew a sprout too. The sakura tree spirit is getting healthier too now that his tree is revived. They quickly became friends with everyone again despite their erased memories, and they often help with their eco club activities. After they’re done cleansing the land one Sunday, Masaomi asked Fuu out on a date.

Fuu puts the hairpins on her head everytime they go on a date, and she told Masaomi that she bought a cellphone yesterday. Masaomi gets really excited upon seeing her new phone, and they exchanged numbers right away. It’s her first phone ever, so Masaomi taught her how to use it as well. For her first mail for Masaomi, Fuu typed “よろしくお願いします” (*´ω`*)

Masaomi is really adorable when he’s being shy around Fuu, especially after they become friends. But sadly I found his route kinda boring.. so it’s really cute at the beginning and ending, but I sort of fell asleep in the middle. Sorry. (´;ω;`) I do like his character though, which is surprising since usually I’m not into weak guys who cries a lot. Kazuhi was really annoying in this route, but I think they wrap up things really nicely with his “master” training. Though to be honest.. I always thought the angry blue frog was Souichi instead. (´・ω・`A;)


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