Kaeru Batake – Hirose Yuuki

I know I referred to Yuuki by his family name before, but starting from this post I’ll just use his first name. Why? Because Touya’s nickname for everyone stuck, and because I like his name.

The honor student. Yuuki has good influence on people and makes quite a good leader too. He’s the type who can do anything and is pretty mature for his age, having the most stable personality compared to everyone around him. He’s also in the broadcasting club with Fuu, and often throws merciless sarcasm to stop Misaki from going wild. Since he’s such a good person with a straight personality, Ren and Chigira gave him the nickname “Jimi” / plain.

Despite his reputation, Yuuki actually didn’t like the word “honor student”. He didn’t know which part of him that makes people brand him with such title. At first he often fought with Mukuto too since the latter kept calling him that, but thankfully they came to understand each other as they spend more time together. He told Fuu he didn’t know how to treat her, since he’s the type who change roles depending on people around him. If he’s talking to a talkative person then he’ll be the listener and vice versa, and he’s doing it so people will see him as a good person. Fuu said he should just be himself around her, since Yuuki is Yuuki regardless of how he behaves.

While Mukuto and Masaomi met the angry blue frog at Tsukiyado pond, Yuuki and Ren actually went past the gate and saw a small temple there. They noticed it’s actually the shrine for Amano-Tsukiyadori Hime, complete with her frog messenger statues. Yuuki dropped his pencil box when they tried to copy the text on the shrine’s signboard, and Fuu noticed he has the same pencil as herself. He said it’s an important pencil, but apparently it’s only sold in a temple in Fuu’s hometown.

Fuu heard something inside the temple, so they opened the door and found a big frog inside. It has a moustache and dressed up really well.. for a frog, and Ren asked Yuuki to touch it. Nothing happened at first, but then he collapsed saying it feels like something has just pierced his chest. It’s not the first time such thing has ever happened though, so he told everyone it’s okay and they went back to the dorm.

On Saturday Fuu helped Souichi carrying some books and met Yuuki after that. It started raining hard before they could go home, so they decided to wait in the classroom and played shiritori instead. Until Fuu admits defeat lol. Yuuki joked by saying maybe they should spend the night at school, laughing when Fuu took it seriously and wanted to borrow some futon for them. He said he hates the rain because it’s so gloomy, similar to himself in a way. This subject ended when Togami came to their classroom for no particular reason at all, but he lent them his umbrella.

Since Souichi couldn’t find an important document at school, Fuu came to help him along with Yuuki and Ren. When they were alone in the reference room, somehow Fuu asked Yuuki about love. He doesn’t seem to be interested in romance, but Fuu said she wants to see him getting all fired up if he falls in love. Yuuki told her there’s one way to see that happens, which is to make him fall in love with her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ They were interrupted by Ren before she could ask any further, and she doesn’t think he was serious.

Fuu started to get more interested in Yuuki since that day. They went to check the shrine at school again, and she blushed when he brushed off a spider web stuck on her head. She also stayed back with him when Souichi invited everyone to eat sushi, since Yuuki felt that pain again in his chest. The lights suddenly went out as they were talking in her room, so they went to check the breaker. They heard some scratching sound in the living room, and when they opened the door.. they saw the sakura tree spirit. They chased after it outside, but it disappeared.

Rather than going back inside, Fuu and Yuuki decided to take a little walk to Tsukiyado pond. They met the angry blue frog there. It asked what are they doing here and Fuu calmly replied with “taking a walk”, and it went back into the pond without saying anything lol. When they returned to the dorm, they saw that Togami has caught the sakura tree spirit again. How fast. (´・ω・`A;)

One night Masaomi remembered he left a report at school, and he went to get it with everyone. Suddenly Ren wanted to do a courage test, and so Fuu was paired up with Yuuki. As they were resting in the rooftop, somehow the conversation leads to Fuu trying to blush.. by holding her breath until her face turned red. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Yuuki then said he’s not excited at all even though they’re alone in the dark like this, since Fuu doesn’t have something that normal girls have. While she’s a charming person, he just doesn’t see her as a girl. Fuu remained calm, but she admits that she’s a little pissed lol. She wondered if it’d be better for Yuuki to join the other group since they had fun teasing Mukuto, but Yuuki said he’s glad to have paired up with her. Because he loves teasing her.

The next day Fuu decided to borrow a dictionary from Masaomi instead of Yuuki. He thought she’s angry with what happened last night, and Fuu said she’ll borrow stuff from him again if he stopped being evil lol. She can still sense that evilness even when he kindly offered to go home together, since she didn’t bring an umbrella and it was raining outside. Since Fuu hesitated so much, Yuuki gave her the umbrella and told her to go back without him. She felt back and rushed outside hoping to catch him in the rain, but she found him back in the dorm all dry. Apparently he had another small umbrella lol.

When Yuuki gave her some warm milk, Fuu apologized for treating him like a bad person. He said it’s okay though because it’s true. He thinks being with people who can’t give him any advantage is only a waste of time, something that Fuu denied right away. He’d listen if his friends want to talk, no matter how boring it is, because he thinks people must have thought the same way about him. He knows telling Fuu about this would only worsen her impression of him, but he can’t lie whenever he looks at her eyes. Fuu said she doesn’t hate this kind of Yuuki though, and he blushed saying she’s really weird.

That night Touya came to visit the dorm with Souichi in his frog form. They noticed someone touched the frog inside Tsukiyado Shrine, and it means bad news. Before leaving, the “master” sealed all of its power inside the shrine. If any human touched that frog, their body won’t be able to endure all the power and they’ll die. There are rare cases when they stay alive because they have similar power to the “master”, but it’s different with Yuuki. His body apparently absorbs the impurities around the land, which resulted in him having an extremely bad luck. This, powered up by the “master”‘s power, is really dangerous for Yuuki himself and everyone around him.

Now that they know it’s Yuuki and not Mukuto, Touya asked Fuu to stay near him as much as possible. She stayed behind on Sunday while everyone went out, helping Yuuki sorting the seven wonders data they have. He also let her use that pencil from before, which made her confused since it’s supposed to be an important thing. He refused to tell her anything though. Yuuki felt that pain on his chest again, and Fuu apologized since she couldn’t do anything other than patting his back. She also cooked lunch for him, which resulted in the guys cornering him asking if it’s delicious lol.

The next day, all the guys except Yuuki and Misaki caught a cold. Not to mention Masaomi tripped on their way to school and a car passed by with high speed, spraying them with water from a puddle nearby. There was a fight too when they arrived at school, though Togami already put an end to it. During lunch, Yuuki called Fuu saying he wants to talk. They went to the roof and discussed about the dream they saw last night, since Souichi appeared on it in his frog form and called the angry blue frog “Kazuhi”.

There’s another thing Yuuki wanted to try. He asked Fuu to make him happy, but since he rejected all of her suggestions (praise / hug / flip skirt) Fuu asked him to make her happy instead. Based on her own idea, Yuuki hugged her and said it pissed him off when people said “too bad” about her personality. It’s not like they know her that well, and he thinks she’s cute even though she’s a bit weird. This completed the “praise” stage too lol. Since he obviously can’t flip her skirt, he put his arms around her back. He was happy about his victory over Fuu when suddenly they heard the sound of a soccer ball breaking a window below. It gives Yuuki the answer he was looking for, but for now they’re going to see Souichi first.

From Souichi, they learned about Kazuhi’s true identity. Most likely it was him too who turned all of them into frogs, since he really hates humans. Kazuhi left the pond once, but he came back upon noticing that the “master”‘s power was gone from the shrine. He’s now planning to stream the land’s impurities on Yuuki’s body instead since he was the one who took it, and obviously his life would be in danger. Souichi wants him to run should he met Kazuhi, at least until Touya came back. Togami couldn’t help them directly even though he really wants to, so he asked Souichi to gave them a rope which will act like an anti-youkai barrier, telling them to put it around their dorm.

Misfortunes continued to spread around Tsukiyado. First the electricity went out in Kaeru Batake, and there’s another fight at school. Yuuki went to stop this, but they called him annoying for always acting like a good person. They said everyone in their class also think he’s just an honor student who avoids trouble. This caused Yuuki to snap and punched one of the students. He was about to fight them too when luckily Souichi came to stop them. However, he fainted on the way to the staff office and was taken to the infirmary. Fuu was worried and went to see him with Souichi, but they saw him with Kazuhi instead. Yuuki said he was asked to join the youkai’s side, but he refused.

That night Fuu noticed that Yuuki wanted to say something, so she made him spill the beans. He asked her to stay away from him, since being with her makes him happy.. and that causes bad luck to those around him. Kazuhi also told him that she’s staying with him just because she has cleansing power. Fuu asked what he was talking about with Kazuhi, but Yuuki just said she’ll find out soon. They could also heard their friends having arguments in the living room, and Yuuki told her he brings misfortune to everyone.

The next day Kazuhi told Fuu he wants to talk about Yuuki, and he brought her to Tsukiyado shrine near the pond. There he told Fuu that she’s getting on the way, because Yuuki starts to have “hope” thanks to her and that would only disturb his plan. Fuu asked him not to say such things about Yuuki nor call his first name, and Kazuhi strangled her. He got bored though since she remained calm and didn’t even scream, so he left after cursing her to catch a cold. Fuu returned to the dorm through the heavy rain, and she collapsed upon seeing Yuuki’s face.

Later on Fuu woke up with Yuuki on her bedside. He wanted to leave right away, but Fuu asked him to stay. She held his hands and told him it’s definitely not his fault, eventually admitting that she’s in love with him. At first he wanted to avoid the subject saying he can’t stay with her, but then he said he loves her too — ever since he got that pencil from her. Yes, Fuu was the one who gave him that pencil during their entrance exam. (*´ω`*) She didn’t remember since she gave those pencils to everyone she met, and Yuuki didn’t blame her since he looks so plain. Fuu said she loves his face and thanked him for always treasuring the pencil, to which he replied with “苛めだ” lol.

Fuu asked him to make her happy just like last time, and Yuuki asked her to close her eyes. He was nervous too and said she has long lashes at first, but then they moved closer to kiss.. until Ren and the others came barging through the door. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

Unfortunately, Yuuki went along with Kazuhi’s plan the next day. Souichi and Fuu went after them, and he explained the situation on the way. They found him with Kazuhi at Tsukiyado pond. Sadly Yuuki has given up on everything and agreed to become a youkai, and Kazuhi already prepared the copper mirror needed for the ceremony. He told Fuu he hates himself and just wanted to disappear, but Souichi won’t let that happen. After snatching the mirror from Kazuhi’s hands and threw it to Fuu, Souichi pushed Kazuhi and they fell into the pond together.

Fuu used this chance to talk to Yuuki, who still insists on proceeding with the ceremony. He asked Fuu to take a look at the clock they used to measure the land’s impurity, which is now red thanks to the recent strings of bad luck. His decision was firm even after hearing how Fuu really thinks about him, and they had a fight over the mirror. However since Fuu is awesome, she totally beats him in terms of strength. Eventually they both lost balance and he fell on top of her. (*ノωノ)イヤン Yuuki told her that he really enjoyed the time he spent with everyone, so he wants to help them even if that means sacrificing himself. Fuu replied by saying she loves him, then she pulled him closer and kissed him.

Even after all of this, Yuuki still didn’t change his mind. Touya will grant them one wish after they purified the land, and he’s planning to ask him to erase everyone’s memories. Including Fuu’s. He apologized and said goodbye.. when suddenly Kazuhi and Souichi emerged from the pond, both in their frog form lol. Kazuhi was mad saying it’s Souichi’s fault the ceremony ends in a failure, and the purple sky turned back to blue. It also started raining and lotus flowers were blooming in the pond. The reason was because Fuu touched the copper mirror, which strengthened her power.

When she kissed Yuuki earlier, her power flew into his body and came out through the rain, thus restoring the land. Kazuhi also said since they kissed earlier, Fuu has “defiled” Yuuki and he can no longer be used for the ceremony lol. They also heard frog sounds soon, which are actually the spirit of the Moon Lotus Frogs. Kazuhi told Souichi to take their “master”‘s power from Yuuki before jumping into the pond, finally deciding that they should look for a new “master” after all.

The sky was really sunny as Yuuki and Fuu walked back from the pond. She asked him about the rain he caused, and suggested they should try kissing again to see if it’ll rain again. He told her if she has no doubts about that, blushing when she answered “if it’s with you..” (❤ฺ→艸←) He couldn’t believe that he was about to give up on her earlier. Then he kissed her and asked her to always stay with him. It rained hard right after that lol.

In the epilogue, Fuu sneaks into Yuuki’s bed at night just because “it’s warm” lol. He was all embarassed at first, but asked Fuu to sleep with him everyday when Ren tried to get her to come into his room instead. It’s been raining hard recently since he’s getting all ドキドキ over Fuu. They haven’t find a way to take that power out of him yet, and so everyone still keeps their haraedama and memories. Everyone was curious about Moon Lotus Frogs and asked what they could do since they’re still frogs right now, and Yuuki answered “get eaten by predators” with a really evil look on his face. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Souichi quits his job at school and Kazuhi transfers, since they need to focus on taking care of the land. After saying goodbye to Souichi, Yuuki said he’s a bit sleepy and wanted to use his “honor student” status to skip class a little. Fuu held his hand asking him to go back to class.. and it starts raining lol. From time to time the power inside caused pain to his body, but it always goes away when Fuu touches him. Before Yuuki didn’t want to tell Fuu why he joined the broadcasting club, but now he tells her it’s because he saw her joining.

Fuu also asked if Yuuki still hates rain even until now, and he said he doesn’t hate it anymore. He still doesn’t like it though, so Fuu said it’d be nice if she can be his umbrella forever. He blushed and the rain outside got even harder. When he said he can’t be without her anymore, Fuu replied she will always stay as long as he needs her. A thunder outside struck a tree in the school ground, and in her heart Fuu apologized to everyone in Tsukiyado LOL.

At first I thought the nickname “Jimi” is so perfect for Yuuki, since you know.. good honor student-type characters are usually boring. That impression changed instantly upon seeing his teasing 意地悪 side, and I like that side of him a lot. (*´艸`)クスッ♪ So far this is the only route where Fuu is actually doing the confession first. I think that sort of shows that she has some girly points too. Even though Yuuki was quite stubborn towards the end, I was actually more amused rather than annoyed. His ending is really cute too even though it feels unfinished.

9 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake – Hirose Yuuki

  1. Yeah the ending stills kind of unfinished… What goes on with the rain and thunder everytime they are together? How about, if it turns to flood instead? Haha… Just a joke.

    But I’m really surprised upon reading that Fuu’s strenght wins over Yuuki. She’s too cool!

    • Well I bet he’d create a flood in Tsukiyado if Fuu makes him go dokidoki nonstop. xD
      I think it’s really cute how Yuuki’s feelings instantly show through the weather outside.

      Yeah Fuu isn’t only cool personality-wise, she’s really strong and has a good pair of ears too. :3

  2. XDDD I love Fuu. She’s weird yet so adorable. XDD I was about to skip reading this one when I first read that he is the honor student type. ^^;; But glad I didn’t since I find him cute especially when he’s teasing Fuu. :D

    • I didn’t wanna put any spoilers in the first paragraph, so I translated his profile from the official site lol. But yeah who would’ve thought that Yuuki is such a teasing ijiwaru character, especially since he’s the good (and plain) honor student. You can tell I love this route a lot. xD

  3. lol i swear wen i played this, the only thing running through ma mind was “FUU I TAKE U AS WAIFU” cuz she’s so frickin cute xDxD

    hirose totally surprised me cuz i thought he was gonna be srsly, 地味 but thank god they made that all out to be a facade – pretty refreshing but im still all for ma fuu <3

    • LOL yesss Fuu is so cute. xD I didn’t play this game earlier cause she’s looking kinda boyish, but darn I regret not doing it sooner lol. She can be so awesome and adorable at the same time. ♥

      I think Yuuki and Fuu makes a really cute couple with all that teasing attempts, but when she said adorable things it suddenly starts raining hard outside lol.

  4. Yuuki and his ridiculous back luck inducing happiness.

    PERSONALLY, I thought it was hilarious, cause in the other routes whenever there’s GOOD luck when Fuu gets closer to another guy, I always joked that it was because Yuuki was moping.

    I mean, if being happy causes bad luck, being sulky causes good luck??? *bricked*


    • LOL that’s a nice logic there. 8D
      So let’s say the day Fuu got that rare Kaerina for Mukuto, it must be because Yuuki was crying since she’s going on a date with another guy? xD

  5. My first thoughts when I played his route was for Ren to stop walking in on them but Fuu is awesome and kissed him before Ren could stop them lol

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