Kaeru Batake – Maibara Misaki

Yuuki’s pair is Ren and I was thinking of doing him next.. but everyone told me to do him last, so I did Misaki first. He’s a funny character, though I have mixed feelings about this route.

A teacher in Tsukiyado High School, and also the caretaker of Kaeru Batake dorm. Misaki lives by feeling, but he’s not popular at all thanks to his goofy personality. He’s an M who gets excited over misfortunes that fall upon himself though. Most female students in the school think his personality is “disgusting” even though he has good looks. Misaki is good at cooking and cooks delicious meals for everyone in the dorm daily. He also hates spoilers to death.

At first Souichi was the one taking care of the dorm and everyone living there, but since his condition was getting worse Misaki took over that position. Souichi called him senpai because Misaki was his senior back in college, and he’s also cousins with Mukuto. Since there’s only one girl in the dorm, Misaki wants to see love events happening and would go きゃっ☆ if something happens between Fuu and the guys. Like Mukuto’s peeking accident, for example. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Since his personality is like this he often gets ignored or tsukkomi‘d instead. They also left him out of discussions most of the time because he’s the only one not involved in that frog incident.

During their seven wonders investigation, Fuu was surprised when Misaki mentioned he often played in the park during his childhood. Somehow she imagined him as the indoor type who received daily lectures. Misaki said while it’s true his family has the money, it’s not like he’s rich himself. He also grew out his hair because the person he admired had long hair, and before he told everyone he became a teacher for his childhood friend. That friend’s dream was to become a teacher, but since he couldn’t do it Misaki did it for him.

Fuu came along with Misaki during his neighborhood patrol that night, chatting about festivals and his childhood friend on the way. They saw a small shrine similar to the one at school, though Fuu couldn’t open the door. Misaki told her to leave it alone though since it couldn’t be opened anyway. At Tsukiyado pond Misaki said that huge gate feels like a gate to another world, though to Fuu it looks like the gate is protecting the island beyond.

The next night Misaki helped Fuu drying off her hair after bath, and she felt “itchy” when he said she’s a cute girl lol. The teachers at school found out about the broadcasting club’s seven wonders investigation, and they asked Misaki to stop them since it’s dangerous. He told everyone to stop doing more investigation when they got back to the dorm, even though they believed Misaki will understand. Fuu asked if he will still stop them if he’s not their teacher and he said yes, but this conversation is interrupted by Mukuto and Yuuki — who came glaring at Misaki for wiping Fuu’s head with a towel lol. He said Fuu’s outside his strike zone though, and this will never change no matter what happens.

On Sunday, Misaki suddenly wanted to clean up the dorm.. starting with cleaning porn books from the guys’ rooms lol. He didn’t find anything though since Masaomi hinted that they might be hiding their collection in their PCs instead. Mukuto was complaining over Misaki’s sudden cleaning plan that evening, so Fuu asked if he hates Misaki. Apparently his parents praised Misaki a lot when Mukuto was small, and so he got jealous since they never praised him at all. Later on Fuu helped him cook dinner as usual. He went to get his apron and she noticed he dropped his hair tie, so she braided his hair instead. xD She blushed when he called her “cute”, and Misaki said she’s a girl after all. Even though this is the first time he ever saw a girl like her.

For some reason, that night Togami ate the tempura and miso Misaki made for dinner. Usually he only eats beans saying he’s on training, so everyone was surprised. Togami said it tastes “nostalgic”, like he has eaten Misaki’s cooking before. Misaki looked really sad upon hearing this, but he went back to normal almost instantly.

When Fuu went to school the next day, she found almost everyone in the school were talking about the seven wonders. During homeroom Odajima informed them that two junior high students got into a fight during their own investigation, and he asked everyone to stop researching since it’s mostly baseless rumors anyway. This doesn’t stop the broadcasting club though, and so Misaki got chased out when he tried to stop them. He told Fuu he used to do reckless things too when he was small, even though there’s always another way if only you’d stop and think about your surroundings carefully.

The subject of Misaki’s childhood friend came up again one night, when he was telling everyone to treasure their friends. He said a true friend will always come whenever you’re in trouble, and Masaomi asked him to give an example. Once Misaki’s childhood friend told him “if you find it hard to walk, i’ll cut open the path for you”. They’ve been together since they were small until high school. That friend was loud and stupid, but even though he had a lot of friends he’d always stay with Misaki, who was rather quiet back then. Everyone suggested him calling or mailing that friend, but Misaki said he can’t do it easily and avoided the subject.

One night during dinner, Togami suddenly came into the living room and shoved the sakura tree spirit towards Misaki. He’s been pretending not to see anything up until now, but when he looked towards the spirit.. it’s revealed that actually Misaki can see it too. Togami asked him to just say it if he can see the spirit. After the sakura tree got cut down it’s been in a weak state and Togami wants everyone who can see it to help. Misaki didn’t say anything though, so Togami gave up for now. But when it was raining frog the next day, Misaki couldn’t run away anymore. It looks like a normal rain for normal people, but everyone in the dorm saw it as a frog rain. Including Misaki himself.

Misaki still refused to say anything though, so in the end Togami left to report this frog rain to his teacher. After a while the frog rain stopped and turned into a normal rain instead, but it was so hard the school is closed for today. However, later on they saw Kazuhi on TV saying he’s gonna do a recital at school. As his homeroom teacher, Misaki went to school to check up on this and everyone followed him. It suddenly stopped raining when they arrived at school, but for some reason the teachers didn’t allow the students to come in. That didn’t stop Fuu and friends though, so they climbed a tree and sneaked into the school that way. To make it easier they split up and went to search for Misaki all around the school.

Fuu met Kazuhi on the way, and the latter asked her to play chase. She followed him all the way to a classroom, where she saw her friends lying around on the floor. Kazuhi told Fuu at first he thought she’s the “master”, and it pissed him off when he found out he’s wrong. After telling her to disappear, Kazuhi turned everyone into frogs. He keeps acting even after Misaki came, but Misaki can tell he’s a frog youkai. He also noticed the colorful frogs on the floor are his students and tried to save them, but Kazuhi managed to escape carrying Ren and Mukuto. Touya also came soon, though he can’t turn them back to humans since Kazuhi used a special spell. From him Fuu and friends learned that Misaki is their senior in purifying the land, which means that he actually knows what they’re doing up until now.

Kazuhi also turned all the students gathering outside into frogs, so Touya then told everyone to gather the copper mirror pieces hidden in small shrines all over Tsukiyado. He asked Fuu to go with Misaki, while he took Masaomi and Yuuki himself. They managed to gather two pieces, but the third piece was missing from its shrine. Togami also came in his Karasu-Tengu form asking them to hand the pieces over, and Touya explained that the mirror originally belongs to them. The mirror is used to seal all the impurities in Tsukiyado pond, preventing them from spreading outside.

After handing the mirror pieces to Touya, Misaki went to take a rest in the reference room with Fuu. There he mentioned his childhood friend’s name: Akimori. Why yes, Misaki’s friend is actually Togami. Ten years ago they were scouted by Touya and took care of the land together. It was successful, but they were shocked that a small ignorance can actually hurt someone else — Souichi. Especially Togami, who became a Karasu-Tengu after asking Touya to erase his existence from everyone’s memories. His dream was to become a teacher, and so Misaki became one for him. Someone might have erased Togami’s memories too since he didn’t remember anything at all, and Misaki kept quiet all this time so it won’t confuse Togami.

The next day the saw Kazuhi on TV again, this time from the shopping district. A familiar pink frog tried to stop whatever he was trying to do, but it was too late as Kazuhi asked every single human being to disappear.. and turned everyone into frogs, including those who saw her through their TVs. Misaki is an exception though because he’s been keeping his haraedama inside his body for a long time. He even promised to Touya that he will keep this a secret from everyone else, as long as he can keep his haraedama. Because he wants to keep his memories about Togami.

They went to the shopping district and found Odajima among the green frogs scattered around, crying in his frog form. But before anything, Togami appeared raging at them saying this happened because they took the mirror pieces. Misaki asked Togami if he loves humans, but Togami only said he came here for work and left.

As if there weren’t enough chaos already, a giant frog appeared and started eating all the small frogs lying around. Everyone ran back to the dorm, and that night Misaki prepared a bath for Fuu the frog. They talked about how normally a girl would react when she finds out a guy is peeking at her, and so Fuu tried it by screaming “キャー!ミサキくんのえっちー!!” and splashed water to him lol. She told him to watch where he’s touching when he picked her up, which resulted in him blushing and nearly dropping her to the floor. xD He returned this by pulling her antenna, and they were having fun until frog Souichi came staring at them mumbling “セクハラ…” LOL.

Fuu started to fell all ドキドキ towards Misaki at this point, especially when he called her cute. Later on their friends returned, with Masaomi and Yuuki back in their human forms. It turns out that Togami finally listened to what happened, and agreed to help by giving them mushrooms that turned them back into humans. He also gave them the last mirror piece they need, asking them to please save the sakura tree spirit because it heals the land. Of course they all agreed and Misaki also said he’ll go to protect his students.

That night Fuu woke up and found Masaomi and Yuuki in the living room. They both asked if she’s in love with Misaki, since that feeling spread through their haraedamas and they started feeling ドキドキ towards Misaki too lol.

Fuu also heard from Souichi that Misaki still treats him kindly even though he knows Souichi modified his memories, since Souichi isn’t really his junior in college. They first met when Misaki was around 12-13 years old, he helped treating Souichi’s wound even though the latter was in his frog form. Souichi knows Misaki felt really lonely and decided to stay near Misaki ever since Togami left, even though he knows he’s not a human and can’t stay here forever. But now he’s relieved because Fuu will be there for Misaki, and so he asked her to take care of Misaki from now on.

The next morning the adults reported that Kazuhi’s real motive is to erase Tsukiyado’s existence. They turned on the TV and found that none of the channels mentioned Tsukiyado, indicating that people outside the town didn’t even remember that such a town exists. Kazuhi abducted the sakura tree spirit last night and used its power to do this, even though by doing so it puts a heavy pressure on his body. When Fuu and the others went to Tsukiyado pond, Kazuhi already expected them to come. He told them he’s waiting for the Karasu-Tengu to come, and he’s planning to gain control of their minds instead. It’d be better for Tsukiyado itself rather than controlling humans who keep dirtying the land.

Their arguments were interrupted when suddenly that giant frog from before came to the pond. Up until now everyone thought it was Kazuhi who summoned that thing, but Kazuhi was shocked too upon seeing it. It started attacking them, and Misaki shoved Souichi away before the giant frog crushed him. After rescuing Mukuto and Ren, Masaomi and Yuuki helped Misaki got away from underneath the giant frog’s palm.. and Fuu quickly ended the fight by throwing the copper mirror into its mouth. Everything returned to normal immediately, except for the sakura tree spirit who looked incredibly exhausted. It turns out that it was the one controlling the giant frog, “eating” the frog townsfolk to protect them from harm.

Kazuhi was impressed and still planned to use the spirit’s power, so Souichi slapped him saying he should open his eyes already. It’s true that humans are the ones who make the land dirty, but there are also humans who will do anything to save their friends. Souichi wants him to believe in those people too, since by denying them it feels like he’s denying Souichi as well. Since Kazuhi was really stubborn, Misaki also told him not support Souichi’s opinion too. When Togami first said he wants to be a youkai, Misaki was against it. It’s a normal reaction, but now he regrets not supporting what his best friend wanted to do. Up until the last day Misaki didn’t even say “good luck” to Togami, and now he can’t say it since Togami doesn’t remember him anymore.

Misaki doesn’t want Kazuhi to experience the same thing, and so he asked Kazuhi to stay if he feels like he’s going to regret leaving Souichi alone. After hearing all of this Kazuhi finally gave up and told Souichi to do as he likes, crying when Souichi said he understands why Kazuhi was searching for their “master” so desperately. They both apologized and returned to the pond, and Kazuhi thanked the humans for taking care of Souichi all this time. Since Kazuhi and Souichi both came from the same existence, they decided to merge into one again so they can gain the puryfing power needed to take care of the land.

After Souichi said goodbye to everyone that night, Misaki called Togami before he leaves. He apologized for stopping Togami back then, telling him that now he will always support whatever Togami wants to do. Togami might not remember what he’s talking about, but for Misaki they will always be friends no matter what. Misaki was surprised when Togami said he actually remembered everything when Misaki was telling Kazuhi about this earlier. He told Misaki not to mind those things anymore, and that he should stop impersonating Togami’s personality from now on. He should live his own life as Maibara Misaki. Before leaving Togami whispered to Fuu that she’s exactly Misaki’s type, telling her good luck lol.

Sadly, since the truth about what happened in Misaki’s past was revealed to Fuu and her friends, it means he already broke the promise with Touya. The haraedama inside Misaki’s body will be taken out along with all his memories stored in it, which means he’ll forget everything about Togami and his students. Touya told Fuu to tell Misaki her feelings now, since this is her only chance before he wipes Misaki’s memories. She found him at the park nearby, and she asked him to be honest with his feelings without holding back. Misaki said he’s really sad about his memories, but at least he has no regrets.

Misaki also told her that his memories will be gone right at 12 o’clock midnight, thanking Fuu for chasing him all the way here. A few seconds before then, Fuu hugged Misaki and kissed him. She asked him not to forget her.. but their time ran out before she could tell him she loves him. Misaki still recognized Fuu after his memories got wiped, but he had no idea why they were alone outside at this hour. She was about to cry at first, but when Misaki kindly asked her what happened, Fuu realized that Misaki is still the same person after all.

In the epilogue, Fuu and her friends are still taking care of the environment. The frogs finally gain the power to cleanse the land by themselves, so now it’s time for Touya to take the haraedamas out. He gave them one wish, and everyone wished for the same thing as what Misaki asked for back then. They want to keep their memories and keep cleaning the land. The sakura tree spirit recovered after eating Togami’s mysterious beans, and the sakura tree stump was replanted. Misaki also recreated the eco club, this time with everyone joining to keep Tsukiyado clean.

Soon the boys all left to do some shopping, leaving Fuu and Misaki alone at the dorm. He asked her what was that big cat they were talking to earlier, and Fuu was surprised that he can still see Touya after losing his haraedama. Touya mentioned this before, but apparently Misaki’s body allows him to see all kinds of youkai ever since he was small. Fuu was hoping he remembers what she said to him that night, and Misaki told her he keeps seeing his “past” through his dreams. He didn’t remember experiencing those things in the past, but the land keeps reminding him through those dreams. The last part of those dream sequence was Fuu kissing him at the park that night. He asked Fuu if it’s all reality, and she told him it’s true.

Misaki laughed since he’s been thinking hard about that part lately. He though he fell in love with Fuu subconsciously, so he didn’t expect that she was the one who fell in love with him first. Misaki asked Fuu to keep sticking to him until she becomes an adult, but Fuu said it’s okay as long as they don’t do dirty things lol. When she said she’s going to work hard so Misaki will look her way, he kissed her forehead saying it’s okay as long as they don’t have “weird” feelings. xD

Somehow I couldn’t sense much romance growing during Misaki’s route, so to me it feels like Fuu suddenly fell in love with him. Σ(-ω- ;) His background story with Togami was touching, and that midnight scene at the park was really sad.. but the ending feels sort of hanging to me. Since I never really feel that Misaki looks at Fuu as a girl and not a student, that feels more like a “their romance will start from now on!” type of ending instead. ヽ(;´Д`ヽ) They focus a whole lot more on Misaki-Togami and Kazuhi-Souichi instead of the romance between Misaki and Fuu too. I don’t hate this route though, I just feel that there’s not enough romance.


2 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake – Maibara Misaki

  1. Huh, I did Misaki last and it felt better that way since his route explains more about Togami and Kazuhi and Souichi while the other routes fill out all the main characters stories, so it felt more like wrapping things up.

    A funny thing I noticed, you know how the haraedamas connect the group and Yuuki and Masaomi are complaining that it affects their feelings about Misaki because of Fuu? I like to imagine that in all the other routes, all the guys have some sort of small crush on Fuu since one of the guys fall in love with her XD

    By the way, have you seen this?


    I’m trying to get it around to all the otome blogs.

    • Oh yes I’ve done that survey some months ago :)

      I want to save the best for the last, and my friends recommended doing Ren last since his route wraps the game nicely. Now that I think of it I should have saved Yuuki until later, but it couldn’t be helped since I’m curious about him. xD

      About the haraedamas, I thought so too.. but since Fuu’s body is special, it might be because of her power spreading the feelings instead. It’s cute though to imagine all of them going dokidoki upon seeing Fuu lol. But then again Yuuki is in love with him from the start, Masaomi blushes when they’re together, and Mukuto.. is a tsundere. Haven’t played Ren yet so I don’t know about him lol.

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