Kaeru Batake – Togami Akimori

This took longer than I expected since Togami is seriously annoying me with that laugh of his. I had to stop playing several times because it keeps resonating in my head. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

The loud and outrageous ore-sama president of the student council, though he’s rarely seen doing any work for the student council. He’s a natural airhead whose head works slowly, and he’s really bad at remembering people’s names. Togami defines his own sense of aesthetic and is brimming with baseless confidence, but he’s also generous and brave. He loves birds as well as small kids, and he often plays with them in the park.

During their first meeting Togami called Sakiko “Saitou” and Yoshiko “Kawata Yatsuko”, but strangely he remembers Fuu’s name properly. Though he almost called her THE ☆ Miracle Antenna. He also called Souichi “Kotatou-sensei” since it’s another way of reading the kanji used in his family name “Odajima” lol. After Fuu and Mukuto started seeing the sakura tree spirit floating around, Togami also started running around looking for it. He eventually caught the spirit and keeps it with him, believing his room would be the safest place for the spirit. One day after school he also took Fuu to the rooftop and called many birds, ranging from the small ones to the big, colorful ones.

One night Fuu saw Togami heading out and decided to go with him. They visited the sakura tree stump at the park, where Togami told her the pollutions are spreading so quickly they can’t keep up. When they heard frog sounds nearby, Fuu asked why Togami knows a lot about these things. He said he can’t tell her now, and he couldn’t say the reason either. Ever since Togami started living with them in the dorm, both Fuu and Misaki noticed that he never dries his hair. He always gets out of the bath with his hair dripping wet, so eventually Misaki told him to use a hairdryer and asked Fuu to help. Sadly Fuu doesn’t really know how to use one either, so in the end Misaki could only stare at them from afar with a sad look on his face lol.

Misaki needs someone to deliver a document for the student council, and so Fuu volunteered to go. It was during club time and everyone was too busy bickering on their own anyway. She met Togami on the hallway, but being the playful 訳分からん type, Togami asked Fuu if they should have a match. Fuu agreed on having an arm wrestling game, but Togami had a better idea: pinning her onto a wall and see if she can escape from his arms. He guards all of the possible escape routes tightly though, so eventually she gave up and handed him the document from Misaki. Fuu soon noticed Misaki was looking a bit sad that day, but he said it’s nothing.

So just like in Misaki’s route, it suddenly started raining frogs and everyone found out Misaki can see it too. Togami tried to get him to spill the beans, but Misaki just apologized and fell into silence. This disappointed Togami since he thought he can trust Misaki, and he asked everyone about who gave them their haraedamas. Somehow he knew that it must be Touya since everyone in the dorm can see youkai and spirits, but he didn’t have any proof until now. Togami then knocked Fuu out and brought her out of the dorm to lure Touya out.

When Fuu woke up later, Togami explained the role of the “master” and revealed his identity as a Karasu-Tengu. He doesn’t have any ulterior motives though, because he only wants to know why Touya is doing this. He said it to Fuu before, but Togami loves Tsukiyado and wants to protect it no matter what happens. Since he compared his love to romance, the conversation strayed off when he told Fuu she’s cute and interesting. Right after Fuu said Togami is cool, Kazuhi appeared and joined them. He was acting all cute like usual, until suddenly he grabbed Fuu saying her weakness is that she trusts people too easily. Then he escaped.

Fuu suddenly lost all her strength and said her neck hurts. After examining the wound, Togami found out that Kazuhi poisoned her earlier. Fuu collapsed before he can do anything to help, so eventually Togami sucked the poison out of her body. He also went to get a very suspicious-looking mushroom and puts its juice onto her wound, revealing that it’s actually an antidote for the poison. Togami himself was fine even after sucking the poison since his teacher often feeds him poisonous plants for training lol. Fuu felt bad about this, but in the end she thanked him and said she’ll return the debt someday.

Now that Fuu has recovered, they decided to go after Kazuhi. However, Kazuhi already put up a barrier that trapped them in that area. Fuu didn’t have a phone to contact the others, and Togami’s power was sealed by his teacher. He still had some amulets that allow him to return to his Karasu-Tengu form temporarily, but the power ran out before he could break the barrier. Fuu apologized since she couldn’t help, even though the haraedama will connect her feelings to everyone else if they’re close enough. They keep walking around until it was dark, and eventually Togami said they might be able to get out if she lent him her haraedama. Fuu wanted to help him, so she let him take out her haraedama through kissing, even though it was really painful.

Soon after that the barrier broke and they heard frog sounds around them. Togami asked if Fuu enjoyed their time together since she was laughing, and Fuu told him before that she can only laugh when she enjoys it. They went back to the dorm together, where everyone laid some traps around and ambushed Togami when he entered the kitchen lol. Touya finally appeared too, and they explained what happened to everyone.. including their kiss earlier. Fuu said “it was really painful” and Togami said she “cried but did really well”, which resulted in Touya asking if they really didn’t do anything other than a simple kiss. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

The next day Misaki cooked paella for breakfast. Everyone was wondering why Misaki is really good at cooking paella even though it’s a foreign recipe, and Misaki said it’s because he lost a bet in junior high. His childhood friend wanted to participate in the sports festival even though the weather forecast said it’ll rain tomorrow, and so they made a bet over the weather. Surprisingly it was sunny the next day, so Misaki lost the bet and had to listen to what his childhood friend had to say. He said he wanted to eat paella, even though Misaki knew he doesn’t really care as long as he can join the sports festival. This pissed him off and he kept training until he can make a delicious paella for his friend.

After that Misaki turned to Togami, who was eating paella too instead of his usual beans, and apologized for closing his eyes up until now. Misaki said he doesn’t know if he can be any help to them, but he’ll do everything he can. Togami laughed and said he didn’t make a mistake after all in trusting Misaki. His teacher told him to find the person he can trust the most upon coming to the human world, and he chose Misaki. Fuu comes at the second place, and she feels sad that she lost lol.

..and since only those who have pure hearts can see youkai without haraedamas, the guys were shocked that their hearts are “dirtier” than Misaki’s. アヒャヒャヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

Just before they go to school, Souichi came to visit their dorm. He told Togami and Fuu that he has taken the sakura tree spirit with him, and he wants them to follow him this evening. If they refuse there’s no saying about what he’d do to the spirit and the entire human being. He also told them that he’s their enemy, and he asked them to bring the mirror pieces from the shrines too. Togami has one of the pieces and Touya had the other one. He was reluctant in letting them hand the pieces away, but eventually gave it to Togami. Those pieces are used to keep the impurities from spreading away from Tsukiyado pond.

That day Togami and Fuu stayed at the dorm while everyone else went to school as usual. Here he told Fuu that he’s actually the childhood friend Misaki was talking about, but he gave up his humanity 10 years ago in order to help the land. Touya gave them one wish after they cleansed the land, and Togami chose to become a Karasu-Tengu. Misaki was always there to cover up for any troubles Togami made, so he wanted to make Tsukiyado a safe place for Misaki to live in. He lost his memories when Touya took his haraedama out, but he remembered everything upon drinking Fuu’s haraedama that night. Probably because it’s the same haraedama that he used to keep in his body.

Togami apologized for kissing Fuu that night. She’s a girl after all, and he feels weird too ever since he kissed her. He asked if he can kiss her again, but Fuu said she can’t do that unless it’s with her future husband lol. Sadly this moment was interrupted when Touya came back to see how they’re doing. Togami was relieved to hear that she haven’t found her future husband yet though. xD

Just as promised, that evening Souichi came to pick them up. They followed him to Tsukiyado pond and met Kazuhi there, who said that they’re holding a trial. The frogs decided to trust in humans and waited for a long time, but humans keep dirtying the land instead. Depending on this trial, they’re going to take control of the human minds. Kazuhi ordered Fuu to give a good explanation for this, but she only answered with “nothing”. What the frogs were saying is true, so Fuu has no objections even though she’s here to represent the whole human race. She’s only been alive for 15 years now, there’s no way she can explain everything.

Surprisingly both Togami and Souichi burst out laughing since Fuu’s reaction was really interesting. Souichi asked Kazuhi to let go of the past and accept humans already, but the latter was screaming at him for “betraying” him. He started attacking Fuu while Souichi held Togami back, telling him not to interfere. Fuu still said that she has no explanations, but she wants another chance to purify the land. Of course Kazuhi didn’t wanna hear anything and kicked her towards the pond, but thankfully Togami managed to change into his Karasu-Tengu form and saved her. Kazuhi was pissed and rages at Souichi when he asked him to stop already, and Souichi said he’s not on anybody’s side. He treasures Kazuhi, but he loves humans too.

If that wasn’t enough for Kazuhi, Togami himself is the living proof that not all humans are bad. He threw away his old life and family just to help them in keeping the land clean. It’s not like his family would care either, since he always got in trouble and made his parents sad. He thinks his parents will be happy that he’s gone, but surprisingly Kazuhi said there’s no such thing as a parent who won’t be sad when their child disappears. Their “master” also treasured everyone around him, but now he’s gone and they can’t purify the land without him. Fuu told Kazuhi that she feels the same about her deceased mother. It doesn’t have anything to do with race, everyone will feel that way about someone they love.

Once again, Fuu asked Kazuhi for another chance. A clean land will be better for humans too, and they’re making it dirty just because they don’t realize what they’re doing. Fuu herself realized this upon meeting her friends, so now she will do the same for everyone else. Kazuhi finally gave up and admits he just wanted to see their “master” again, handing the sakura tree spirit back before leaving. Souichi told them everything will be okay with Kazuhi, because he used to love humans too in the past. He’ll grow to accept them again someday. Souichi also gave back the mirror piece, telling them that Kazuhi wanted to show this trial to the other Karasu-Tengu to show how foolish humans are.

Soon Togami turned back into his human form. He used his last amulet to save Fuu earlier, but the effect was way longer than the last time he used it. Souichi said it must be because he wanted to save Fuu, which made both Togami and Fuu blush lol. As they walked back to the dorm, Togami said he was happy to see Fuu show a weaker side of her only to him. She actually feels the same about him saving her, but she didn’t understand why he won’t feel that way to anyone other than her.. so Togami said it’s because he loves her.

After thinking about it for a while, Fuu answered that she loves him too. Her heart grows so attached to him that she’s forgiving him for the kiss. Togami asked if that’s acceptable for her future husband, and Fuu said she has finally met that person. Why it’s the Karasu-Tengu standing before her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Togami laughed and said she’s really cool, and it makes him fall in love with her even more.

Touya and their friends came soon, and Togami showed them the sakura tree spirit. He was so weak he turned into a sakura branch, but thankfully Touya restored him into its spirit form. For the first time here, Fuu and her friends finally heard his voice. Togami was planning to move the sakura tree stump to a safe place, but the spirit had a better idea.. which is for him to be the next “master” for the frogs. He heard what happened to them during the fight with Kazuhi earlier, and he couldn’t abandon them like that. He’s been healing the land for a long time, so there’s no need to worry about his purifying power. If the frogs agree they can move the sakura tree to Tsukiyado pond too.

After Togami left to take care of things, it’s time for Touya to grant everyone’s wishes. Masaomi wished he can be a great person like Souichi, Yuuki wished for freedom in his life, Mukuto wanted to be more honest, and Ren wanted to make friends with more cats. As for Fuu herself…

In the epilogue, both Kazuhi and Souichi “transferred” to another school. The reason why Souichi was really cold to them that day was because he wants them to convince Kazuhi. Everyone is now back to their daily lives, only it’s now better because of the wishes they made to Touya. Fuu still keeps her memories though, but she can’t talk to Togami in front of everyone since it’ll confuse them. One day after school Togami asked her to come to the Tsukiyado shrine after she’s done with club activities, and she found him there waiting in hsi Karasu-Tengu form.

Togami hugged her saying they should have their wedding ceremony right now lol. He wants to make her his wife, then start living together in the mountains. He’s even planning to visit her family. Σ(゚∀゚;) Fuu said she wants to be his bride as soon as possible, but for now she wants to fulfill her promise to Kazuhi first. It’s going to take sometime for them to cleanse the land, but she does want to marry Togami after her job is done. Just as expected, Togami laughed saying she’s a really great woman. He’s going to help her too from now on, so they can start living together as soon as possible.

Togami’s route sort of gave me mixed feelings too. While hearing his laugh over and over again was like a repeating nightmare, Togami’s really adorable when he blushes. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Sadly none of his romantic scenes feel really “complete” to me, because someone will always come and interrupt before they could go any further. His ending is cute, but I was disappointed that the only kiss scene in this route wasn’t exactly romantic. (´・ω・`) This route is really short too since Togami shared A LOT of events with Misaki.. and both of their routes focused a lot more on their relationships instead of the romance with Fuu.


4 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake – Togami Akimori

  1. FD was slightly more romantic but ugh that laugh made me hate Konishi SO FREAKING MUCH AND LIKE AKAZUKIN AND ARMEN NOIR DIDNT MAKE THINGS BETTER (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

    • LOL I didn’t play Akazukin and Armen Noir, but I know what you mean. That laugh OMG. It keeps echoing in my head and won’t go away. Which is sad actually since I loved Konishi ever since he voiced Blood Dupre in the Alice series. ;_;

  2. The laugh actually didn’t bother me that much XD

    Togami was my favorite character in a lot of the routes so I kinda had too high expectations when his route rolled around >_<;;

    However, I still really liked it, so I think that balances it out XD

    MAKE SURE YOU PLAY THE FANDISK *thumbs up* A lot of the plot holes and incomplete routes are fleshed out. I LOVED Togami's portion.

    • It didn’t bother me at first, but then it slowly drilled its way into my head. xD

      I can sort of see why you left Misaki and Togami for last. Their routes didn’t really connect with the entire plot of Kaeru Batake, and instead focused on their past / relationship instead. I do like the story though, I was just disappointed since there’s not enough romance lol.

      Oh and I’ll play the fandisk after I’m done with Ren’s route. :D

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