Kaeru Batake – Norizuki Ren

Sorry I’ve been slacking off on otome games again, but finally I’ve finished Ren’s route today. I’m glad I left Ren for last since his route is the best in Kaeru Batake, even more than Yuuki’s.

Head of the broadcasting club, and also Fuu’s senior despite looking younger than everyone else. Ren has a fluffy personality and image, but he’s doing his best to be a good senior for Fuu and her friends. He also calls Chigira “Chii-chan” and is actually pretty close to him. From time to time he’d also say weird, rude things that doesn’t go well with the situation around him. He really loves cats and unlike Masaomi, the cats love him too.

Besides doing all the investigations for the broadcasting club, Ren is also busy working part-time in a pet shop. He couldn’t participate in the eco club because of his job, causing an argument with Mukuto at first. After the boys settled their own issues and started to get along with each other, Ren was the one who gave the nickname “Hamuo” to Mukuto. He also called Fuu “Suga-chan” based on her surname, and followed Chigira in calling Yuuki “Jimi” lol. Since both Masaomi and him love cats, they’d stick to Touya and play with his tail when he comes to visit the dorm. xD

One morning before they go to school, Fuu went to wake Ren up in his room. She couldn’t bring herself to leave when she saw him crying in his sleep, and soon Ren woke up asking if it’s all a dream. Kust like in Yuuki’s route, Fuu went with Ren and Yuuki to the shrine beyond Tsukiyado pond. They found the frog inside, except this time it was Fuu who touched it. She also collapsed like Yuuki, but she thought she just fell asleep while standing. Ren wanted to copy the text on the shrine’s signboard, but he gave up for today since it was too dark already.

Even though Ren loves cute things he found it hard to enter a sweets shop alone, so he asked Fuu to come with him after school. Surprisingly she agreed, even though she tried so hard not to eat the senbei she got from Souichi on the way home lol. Ren was staring at her parfait with glittering eyes, so Fuu fed him with her spoon. (*´ω`*) He tried to do the same to her, and when Fuu said it’s embarassing.. Ren asked if she doesn’t feel anything even when it’s just the two of them like this. He said he wants to be someone special to her, but quickly laughed it off saying he’s just joking.

On Sunday Fuu and Ren went to school, helping Yuuki looking for a document for Souichi. Ren was jealous upon hearing that Yuuki saved Fuu from the falling books before, and Ren eventually confessed that he loves her. He feels happy whenever he’s with her and asked her to answer clearly. Sadly while Fuu doesn’t think his confession is a nuisance, she wasn’t sure if she likes him either. Somehow her questions made Ren unsure if he’s really in love with her, but when Fuu said she respects him, he realized his feelings are real.

Some days later Fuu was the first to wake up in the morning, so she decided to hide under the table and surprise whoever comes in next. Ren saw through her ambush though lol. He said he couldn’t sleep and asked what kind of situation can make her heart beat faster. Fuu didn’t know how to answer that, so she made it a “homework” to think about. That night she noticed the black circles under Ren’s eyes, and Ren said he’s been having weird dreams lately. He always forgot them when he woke up, but it still left a weird feeling inside of him. Fuu offered to sleep with him so that he’ll feel better, and Ren couldn’t hide how happy he feels.. though Fuu still didn’t understand.

From then Ren would show his feelings to Fuu whenever he gets the chance to do so. He tried carrying her princess-style, but soon gave up hoping for her to show any emotions. They stopped by a park after walking Souichi home one night, where Ren told her that he often feels lonely since both of his parents are working. When she heard that sometimes he still feels like that even until now, Fuu held his hand saying she’s always here with him. Ren then asked if she did her “homework” and gave her a surprise kiss, as well as telling her that he’s really in love with her. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Fuu blushed and went ドキドキ, but she asked for some time to properly think about it. She doesn’t wanna answer him just because she got carried away by this situation.

Since they didn’t make any progress ever since, Ren eventually confessed to her again some days later and asked her to go out with him. Fuu still didn’t understand how she feels towards him, but she eventually agreed because she wants to know more about him. He was really happy and told her that he’s been in love with her since they first met. It was love at the first sight, and so he invited her to join the broadcasting club. He also tried his best to act like a good senior in front of her, even though he never really thought about it before. Fuu is still shy right now, but Ren said he’ll make her fall in love with him so much she won’t be able to worry about their surroundings anymore. (。→∀←。) ♡

On Sunday, Ren asked Fuu to go for a walk together. They held hands along the way, and finally Fuu realized that she’s in love with Ren too. This whole scene is just so cute I was 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ-ing the whole time lol. When they came to Tsukiyado pond, they saw that it was filled with lotus pads.. even though it was empty three days ago. They also met Togami and Chigira at the shrine, but both left not too long after that. Since they decided to examine the shrine again, Fuu opened the door and this time checked the frog itself. They found a strange mark when she flipped the frog over, and Ren took a picture of it with his phone. He asked if they should go back now and ask everyone about the mark, but Fuu wanted to stay here with him a little bit longer. (*´ω`*)

That night Touya came to visit them, so Ren and Fuu showed him the clock. It was green the day before, so they were shocked to see that it’s now red. Actually Touya came to inform them that their task to cleanse the land almost came to an end, though the clock showed this kind of result. For now Touya will take the clock to see if it’s broken. Ren and Fuu were sad to hear that the land will get dirty again eventually, but the atmosphere lightened up almost instantly when Touya said he’ll grant them one wish each. Ren was so excited about it that he forgot to ask Touya about the strange mark they found on the frog.

The next day Ren gave his phone to Fuu, so she can ask Sakiko and Souichi about the mark. From Sakiko she found out that it might be a god’s crest, but apparently Souichi’s condition has worsened so much he had to take a break from work. Both Sakiko and Yoshiko had to clean up the classroom after school, so when Kazuhi came to bug her as usual, Fuu decided to go home with him instead. They stopped by a park on the way home, where Kazuhi suddenly asked Fuu to break up with Ren because he wants Fuu for himself. It turns out that Kazuhi was stalking Fuu the whole time, since he knows that Fuu started going out with Ren to know him more. He refused to listen when Fuu said she’s now in love with Ren, saying that he won’t hand Fuu to anyone else.

Everyone in the dorm was shocked to see a big, blue, angry frog sitting in their living room the next morning. He introduced himself as Kazuhi and turned into his human form, saying he’s here to pick up Fuu — his “master”. Thankfully Togami and Touya came before he could kidnap Fuu, and so Kazuhi escaped for today. Everyone was fine after Kazuhi’s attack though, especially Masaomi who wondered why a frog used wind-elemental attack instead of water above anything else. アヒャヒャヽ(゚∀゚*)ノアヒャヒャ

Fuu started feeling dizzy after that, so everyone told her to rest before going to school. Touya were explaining to Ren and Fuu about the haraedamas when suddenly the black magadama Touya showed them started smoking. He didn’t tell them what’s happening though, and instead took them to see the sakura tree stump. The land gets dirty faster because it’s been cut down, and the sakura tree spirit couldn’t heal the land anymore. Ren realized that the seven wonders they’re looking for might actually be the youkai who are looking for help, since humans keep attacking them. He felt really bad about it, but the human-loving sakura tree spirit told him not to worry about it.

When they arrived at school Ren was really down. Fuu said she wants to stay with him, so they went to the roof.. where Kazuhi was waiting to ambush them. Since Fuu wants to hear his reason, Kazuhi finally told them it’s because Fuu’s body has purifyng power like his “master”. He wants her to go to Tsukiyado pond, and he’ll lock her up there forever so the frogs won’t lose their “master” anymore. Kazuhi then raised the water level in the air, suffocating Ren until he fainted. He also tried to attack Fuu since she refused to come along, and that’s when Ren woke up — controlling the impurities in the air.

Kazuhi was surprised, especially when Ren’s eyes changed colors and the crest of his “master” appeared in his face. Togami soon came to see what’s happening and Kazuhi escaped, but Ren still tried to protect Fuu from everything until he eventually collapsed. Ren was confused about what happened when he woke up later, but Fuu told him to just get some rest for now. When Souichi eventually came to see them, they learned that it’s true the frogs’ “master” is now residing inside of Ren’s body. For some reason both Kazuhi and him couldn’t sense it at all, which is weird since normally they’d recognize their “master”.

After school Ren saw Fuu walking home with her friends, and she went after him. They end up having their first kiss and went home together holding hands, but it was already dark by the time they came back to the dorm.

They were welcomed with the angry (read: worried) Yuuki and Mukuto, since Misaki has explained the situation to everyone else. Ren didn’t want to tell anyone except Fuu because he doesn’t want to drag them into this mess, but they still want to help despite knowing the danger. He was touched by their feelings and eventually accepted their help. Misaki also decided to assist them and revealed that he’s been keeping his haraedama all this time, even though it means he’ll lose the memories he treasured up until now.

That night Fuu had a dream about the “master” leaving Tsukiyado pond. He became Norizuki Ren in the human world and grew up there, and Fuu saw everything up until the moment he invited her to join the broadcast club. She woke up really late the next day with Touya watching over her, since everyone else had gone to school. When they had lunch together, Touya told her that actually he was a human. When he died and became a wandering soul, the cat he used to keep, Hansuke, shared its body with him.. and so Touya became a huge nekomata ever since. They figured maybe it’s like that too for the “master” and Ren. It’s been a long time and maybe the “master” himself has changed so much the frogs couldn’t sense him anymore.

Soon Ren joined them in the living room and revealed that he saw the same dream as Fuu. He asked Touya if he can’t purify the land as a human, but Touya said it’s impossible for him to turn Ren into a youkai. A long time ago someone asked for the same thing and turned into a Karasu-Tengu at the cost of losing everything in his human life. Touya then left to discuss this with the crows, and Ren told Fuu that he’s really confused about what to do. Things might get better if he gave up his humanity and become the “master”, but Fuu said she won’t be happy if he sacrificed himself like that.

When Fuu said she wants both Ren and the land to be safe, Ren said he loves her smile the most. She remained expressionless most of the time, so at first he was worried that she’s not enjoying their club activities. He tried his best to make things interesting, even though it all end up in failures.. but Fuu said after seeing many sides of him, she thinks Ren is a really wonderful person. Ren was really happy to hear this, but soon their raburabu time was interrupted by a sound beyond the door. Which was the other guys listening to their conversation. Plus, Togami was actually there the whole time too. He just erased his aura so nobody noticed him at all lol.

Now that everyone’s here, Togami brought them to the shrine at Tsukiyado pond. On the way they saw that the lotus flowers are blooming now, and they met Touya at the shrine. He asked what took them so long, so Togami said it’s because these youngsters started being all raburabu and he had to wait until they’re done. For some reason Touya was staring at Mukuto, Masaomi and Yuuki instead of Ren and Fuu LOL. Touya and Togami brought the mirror as well, but now they’re not using it to turn Ren into a youkai. They’re using it to take out the “master”‘s spirit residing in Ren’s body. Someone had took his power from the shrine, so now his spirit will move to that certain someone’s body instead.

Just in case you don’t remember after reading all these long paragraphs, that someone was Fuu. She was the one who touched the frog at the shrine that night, and so she has the “master”‘s power in her body now.

To make things worse, Kazuhi appeared at the pond and Souichi stayed behind to convince him. Ren felt bad about this, so he ran off to stop Kazuhi from going berserk. Of course Kazuhi refused to listen to anything and started yelling at Ren to return his “master” instead. Fuu was worried that he might attack Ren and tried to stop him, but Kazuhi brushed her off easily — which made Ren felt even more guilty. The others tried to tell Kazuhi that he’s only trying to ease his own guilt for being unable to help Souichi, even though Souichi himself doesn’t want all of this. But that obviously only made Kazuhi mad, and he threw a black magadama into the pond.. poisoning the land even more.

Since the land’s directly linked to Souichi’s body, that means Kazuhi was trying to kill him instead. Luckily Togami managed to cut off the link before anything happened to Souichi, but that doesn’t stop Kazuhi’s madness. Since they had no choice, Mukuto, Masaomi and Yuuki gave their haraedamas to Touya so he can use his power to erase the impurities piling up here before it’s too late. Someone had to stop Kazuhi from going wild though, so Ren said he’ll do something about the impurities in Touya’s place. He released the “master” inside of him, and the crest appeared again on his face. He didn’t recognize anyone at all including Fuu and Kazuhi, calling them the land’s enemies and started attacking them instead.

With his power, Ren threw everyone except Fuu into the pond. However when he said he refused to cleanse the land for them, Fuu realized that it’s all an act. She doesn’t know why he did that, but the person standing before her is by no doubt Ren himself. If he really tried to stop cleaning the land they’d turn into frogs because of the curse, so she figured out it’s not what he really feels. The “master”‘s power somehow leaked from Fuu’s body to Ren’s, but after absorbing all the impurities he revealed that actually he can’t purify them. The one who cleansed the magadama that time was actually Fuu and not him. He does have the “master”‘s memories though, and he explained to Kazuhi that the “master” lost all of his memories upon arriving in the human world. He married the woman who took care of him, and Ren is his descendant.

Because Ren had absorbed so many impurities without purifying them, his body became a magadama instead. The “master”‘s power amplified Fuu’s cleansing power, and she purified Ren when she touched him.. which will lead to him disappearing like a normal magadama when purified. Fuu was shocked and tried to get away from Ren, but he held her hands saying he won’t allow it. Finally he vanished as he apologized to everyone, and Fuu could only watch while calling his name. It was then when Chigira appeared in his Karasu-Tengu form, revealing that he’s actually Togami’s teacher. He told Fuu there’s a way to save Ren, but there’s one condition that she had to fulfill. Fuu had no doubt. She accepted the deal right away.

In the epilogue, Fuu became the new “master”. This is the condition Chigira asked her to fulfill in order to save Ren’s life. Touya also left Misaki’s haraedama inside his body so he’ll be able to help Fuu take care of the land, and the frogs also came back to resume their roles at school. Speaking of which, Kazuhi told them that he traced the cute Kaerina-tan’s looks since everyone listens to whatever he said this way lol. Every once in a while Fuu holds meetings with the frogs, Misaki and Togami to discuss about how to protect their land. Kazuhi still won’t acknowledge her as his new “master” yet, but he’s impressed at how she threw away everything just to save Ren.

Ren lost all of his memories when they brought him back, but Fuu said it’s enough as he’s alive. Since then he has confessed to her and they started dating again, even though Fuu couldn’t tell him that she’s been cleansing the land behind the curtains. Everyone also became friends again even after losing their memories, and from Touya Fuu learned that they wished for her to be happy with Ren. For her just staying with Ren is enough though, so in the end she gave them the things they need the most: honesty for Mukuto, freedom for Yuuki, and healing Masaomi’s fear of women. The lost memories won’t come back, but Fuu is happy with her life.

Well.. Fuu thinks she’s the only one who remembers everything, but apparently that’s not the case. Ren actually has his memories, he’s just pretending to lost them because he feels really guilty that Fuu gave up her humanity just to save him. For some reason Touya also left the haraedama inside of him, so when his power fully returns Ren will give up his humanity too in order to stay with Fuu. The reason he’s been asking her to go on dates lately is because he wants her to take some rest from her duty sometimes. Chigira saw through his act though, so for now he’s the only one who knows about this.

When Fuu came to see Ren at the rooftop that afternoon, she asked what he will do if something precious to him breaks. Ren said he’ll try to fix it then. Losing something precious feels sad, but you won’t be able to move on if you keep looking back. He asked her to make the seven wonders again with everyone, since he wants to get along with them too. Fuu doesn’t know the truth about him, but she knows Ren will still be Ren no matter what happens.

Definitely my favorite route in the game. It feels like Ren is the main guy of Kaeru Batake since his route closed the main plot nicely. Not to mention Fuu and him makes an extremely adorable couple. After they start dating everything they did together were just so cute I thought I was going to die from too much ε-(*´∀`|萌|-ing lol. The ending feels sort of hanging too like Yuuki’s, but I guess that’s for the fandisk to cover? I hope the fandisk will be more romantic though since I absolutely loved all of those cute ラブラブヽ(*´∀`*)ノいちゃいちゃ moments. Oh and while I didn’t like Yonaga Tsubasa’s shota voice, I actually didn’t mind Ren’s voice at all.

…and to be honest, I think the most attractive guy in this game is Chigira. 壁∥ω・。)ジィー


6 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake – Norizuki Ren

  1. へえ〜That was a cute confession scene. *checked out your 萌 points* かわいい萌えるゲームだなー 知らなかった。

    This game is so underrated I hardly knew of its existence so it’s good to hear you enjoyed it. The story and Fuuchan is pretty unique too.

    • So true! Takuyo’s games are all so underrated, especially if you compare them to how popular Otomate’s titles are. Which is too bad since they have charming characters and nice stories.. Kaeru Batake exceeed my expectations too. You’re right about that, the story is rather unique and the whole game gives off a very 不思議 vibe which is really hard to explain. xD

      You should do Takuyo’s games someday, Yukiru~

      • I love mysterious vibes! Actually I can’t play without them most of the time. Actually I’ve heard very good things about Sorayume which convinced me to get the game already. I heard it’s very mysterious (scary?) and can also make you cry. (Cry games take priority XD) If you play Sorayume, I’ll be looking forward to your My Thoughts at the bottom. :)

        I’ll definitely play Shinigami to Shoujo (most likely as soon as I can get my hands on it) so it’ll be my first Takuyo game.

        • Sorayume is on my to-play list, but I’ll have to do Hoshiiro no Okurimono first before getting to that game. Hinano’s doing Sorayume now, so you can read her review after she’s done. :D I heard mixed reviews about the game though.. some said it’s really great, the others said it’s boring. I guess we won’t know until we try lol.

          Shinigami to Shoujo’s looking good, so I’m planning to play it too. xD

  2. They’re soo cute together~! >///////< imo, Ren is both manly and cute. :D I'm really glad this game has Fuu as the heroine or other heroine might have swoon already even before he confess. ^^;; Thanks again! ^_^

    • Aren’t they? ε-(*´∀`|萌|
      Ren has cute looks and voice, but his personality is manly indeed. I love how he works hard to impress Fuu ever since she joined the club. Her expressionless reaction at his confession made me go “Aww why~? (´;ω;`)” but what she did by the end of the game was so awesome it totally made up for her lack of emotions. xD

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