Tokyo Yamanote Boys SUPER MINT

It’s really troublesome to type up a new introduction for each TYB game since they share the same story.. so I’ll just use the one I made for Honey Milk. More details after the cut. (*´∀`*)♪

Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a confession tournament held in Tokyo. This year Chihiro is chosen to be the princess, which means that she gets to spend a fateful dreamlike week with the boys. There are nine participants, each one of them representing an area on the Yamanote Line. The main highlights in Super Mint are Kirishima Iori from Shibuya, Lucy from Akihabara, and Kujou Takumi from Meguro. Who will end up as Chihiro’s prince this time?

Just like in Honey Milk, Chihiro will spend three days on a “group date” with all the guys. From the fourth day she gets to pick one guy to have a “private date” with, and on the seventh day she’s going to choose her prince in the TYB Dome. I named my heroine “Okita Rin” again, but I will still refer to her by her real name Chihiro.. so please excuse my Souji love. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪


The game started with Iori telling his hospitalized sister, Itsuki, that he’s leaving to attend the opening of TYB. Itsuki asked him to be careful, and Iori told her to rest well before he leaves.

Chihiro was swarmed by the press when she arrived at the dome, but soon everyone’s attention moved away as Lucy made his entrance. He ignored most of the girls screaming around him, and instead stopped the reporter from saying his real name lol. Lucy thinks Chihiro is a really PLAIN princess, but he believes there must be something inside of her since they chose her as this year’s princess. He doesn’t believe in coincidence, thinking all that happens must be fate.

The next to arrive was Kujou Takumi, who made the fangirls scream to the max since he’s such a gentleman. While Lucy joined TYB to express himself, Takumi actually joined in order to look for his future bride lol. He also keeps calling Lucy “Isono” much to the latter’s chagrin. However, everyone’s favorite participant is actually Kirishima Iori, who came on a scooter that fits his “wild rookie” image perfectly. He worked as a model before, so naturally the girls around them went gaga over him. Iori made it clear that he only belongs to Chihiro though.

After introducing the boys, WoodLink’s president announced that they’re going to cut down the numbers of participants from nine to three with a confession battle. They were put into groups of three, and each group is given a confession theme. Again, Chihiro is the one who gets to pick the winner from each group.

So to sum up the battle results:

  • Iori, Hammer and Ayumu’s theme is “heatbeat”. Ayumu doesn’t really know how to make Chihiro go ドキドキ, but his confession was so straight and adorable. Hammer, on the other hand, totally took it the wrong way and starts stripping on stage. This caused him to get a red card and was forced to retire on the spot LOL. Iori didn’t know what to do either, so he told Chihiro that he’ll always treasure her. He’s not interested in anyone other than the girl he loves, and he will never betray her. This pierced Chihiro’s heart instantly, so Iori won the battle.
  • Lucy, Yuuto and Tetsu’s theme is “personality”. They have to use their own unique charms to win Chihiro’s heart. Tetsu demonstrated his awesome baseball skill, but that’s not exactly a confession. Yuuto naturally used his wealth and bought everything within 10 km radius from her house. Of course that didn’t make her happy, and she asked him to return the land to their owners instead. Since Lucy joined TYB to express himself, naturally he won the battle with the black rose petals poetic song he made just for Chihiro.
  • Takumi, Jesus and Koutarou’s theme is “comedy”. This theme doesn’t suit Jesus AT ALL. Not that he cares though, since he confessed with his usual forceful-threatening style. Koutarou was being his usual dorky self and tried to make Chihiro laugh, but in the end his confession was so long the president had to stop him lol. Takumi isn’t exactly comedic either, but his attempt to slip “ふとんがふっとんだ” in the middle of his serious confession actually made her laugh. Needless to say he won the battle.

Now that Chihiro has narrowed down the number of participants, it’s time for the group dates. The staff determined the location of their dates, mailing it to her every morning. From here Chihiro will spend time with Iori, Lucy and Takumi until the third day.

1st Day: Galaxy Land

Note: The mascot is a mouse, so I’m pretty sure this is a parody of Disneyland.

Normally people will take trains to reach Galaxy Land, but Takumi was worried that Lucy’s appearance might attract too much attention. Lucy said he always goes to Akihabara looking like this and never got any problems before. He even goes to school wearing those clothes. (; ゚д゚ )エッ… As an alternative, Takumi told them they can go to Galaxy Land with a ferry too, but then again it’s up to Chihiro to decide. By this point Lucy’s starting to give up getting Takumi to call him “Lucy” instead of his surname LOL.

Apparently only Lucy and Chihiro take the train to school everyday. Iori has a bike and Takumi walks since his house’s located near his school. At first the conversation between this guys won’t connect since Lucy’s only interested in music, Takumi uses heavy terms that was too much for Iori’s head, and Iori speaks with various kinds of slang Takumi doesn’t understand lol. Both Iori and Takumi wants to talk to Chihiro privately, while Lucy said he’ll stay here just in case Chihiro feels tired talking to the other two. But even though he remains cool most of the time, Lucy also whispered that he wants to protect Chihiro from all the “noise” in Tokyo.

When they arrived in Galaxy Land, somehow the conversation strayed off and Takumi said a true man only wears fundoshi. Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)マジ!? Iori was shocked since Takumi learned that from his mother, but for some reason Lucy thinks that’s cool LOL.

Because their personalities are so different, everyone wants to do different things in the amusement park. Lucy wants to watch the show to learn more about performance skills, Iori wants to ride the famous jet coaster “Splash River”, and Takumi thinks it’s a good thing to devise a plan first so they won’t spend most of their time queuing. Fortunately they listen to whatever Chihiro says, so no complaining there. (。-∀-)ニヒッ At night they also watched the parade together before going home.

A mail from TYB’s staff made Chihiro realize that this is only a tournament. Everyone’s being kind to her just because TYB is a competition. She’s just a normal high school student after all, so getting all of these good-looking guys confessing to her like this would never happen in reality. But she had fun today and everyone was really nice, so she decided not to think about it for now.

That night Chihiro and her friends heard about the “murder demon” from the news. It’s the name of a certain serial killer we know who keeps killing high school girls, leaving strange heart marks on their chests. But then again if you play Honey Milk you should already know about these things.

2nd Day: Rounge 1

On her way to the dome, Chihiro sensed that someone was following her. She decided to turn around so suddenly it surprised that someone.. who turns out to be Hammer lol. The six guys who got eliminated now has a new duty, which is to protect Chihiro and keep her safe all the time. Hammer has been guarding her since the night before, watching her room and making sure there’s no danger lurking nearby. So in order to make sure nobody’s stalking Chihiro, Hammer decided to stalk her himself. \(^o^)/ Luckily Jesus came with his dog to make sure Hammer does his job properly, and so they guarded Chihiro to the dome lol.

Today’s group date location is Rounge 1, which is close enough for them to walk from the dome. Takumi’s worried though since lately violent clubbers from Roppongi are hanging around the area, so he suggested they take a detour instead. Lucy and Iori didn’t mind taking care of whoever gets in their way, but Takumi doesn’t want to put Chihiro in danger. If they take the direct path, some random bad guys appeared and surrounded them. They were no match for Iori and Takumi though, the former being excited for some “warming up” before they do some sports at their destination.

The group left to resume their date, completely unaware of some black birds nearby. They also didn’t notice that Jesus was watching them from afar, muttering to himself that things are starting to get crazy in Tokyo.

On the other hand, if you choose taking a detour they also got attack by some hosts. Lucy shooed them away by screaming like a banshee, scratching their ears to the core. Takumi was impressed since Lucy is so manly despite his appearance, so he suggests him wearing a fundoshi to increase his manliness. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They end up talking about their own underwear in front of the blushing Chihiro, and to summarize the whole conversation: Iori → boomerang, Lucy → T-back, Takumi → fundoshi.. lol. Don’t ask.

When they arrived at Rounge 1, a staff told them that they’re going to stop broadcasting for a while. They used this chance to take some rest, and Takumi said that the city’s getting more and more dangerous lately. Problems like the one they encountered earlier are increasing everywhere. There’s also a rumor spreading in Akihabara that TYB might be the cause, since the event gained so much attention that girls are ignoring all the guys around them. Hosts and clubbers are definitely not pleased with this, so they’re creating problems around the city. In other words, jealousy.

The other rumor Lucy learned from the internet is actually about Jesus. He doesn’t seem to care about anything, but his strength impressed the youngsters in Roppongi. These people gathered around him, and so he became the one who controls Roppongi even though he’s just a high school student. However, recently there’s a rumor that Jesus is going on a rampage to the surrounding areas. They don’t know what he’s up to, but people who saw him said it seems like Jesus is searching for something. It’s a mystery too why he appeared this morning, since Hammer alone would be enough to guard Chihiro.

..and what does this have to do with the problems occuring around them? Those people from Roppongi are desperate for Jesus’ attention, so they decided to do the same thing hoping that he’ll approve them that way. This combined with the jealousy created by TYB caused the situation to get even worse. For some reason the youngsters in Shibuya and Shinjuku believes that Jesus is the murder demon, and the people of Roppongi thinks that the murder demon is a host in Shibuya. So what does this mean? Yes, chaos.

There’s nothing they could do to stop all this madness though. When the staff asked them to resume their date, everyone decided to just have fun and entertain those who are watching TYB. That way they might be able to lighten up the mood, even if just for a little bit. They played basketball and tried all the games at Rounge 1, as well as going to the karaoke since Lucy absolutely hates sports. Sadly Chihiro is actually tone deaf and really sucks at singing, her voice completely destroyed everyone’s eardrums until Lucy decided to sing along and saved the day. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

3rd Day: Odaiba Angel Fort

Note: This is the TYB version of Venus Fort, a Venice-themed shopping mall in Odaiba.

Today’s guard is Tetsu. As he walked her to the dome, Chihiro told him about her doubts and worries since TYB might be the cause of people going wild in Tokyo recently. Tetsu told her to just enjoy her princess days if she wants to continue, since they can’t do anything about those people even if they stopped the event. He soon noticed that someone’s following them, so they decided to hide in a corner and ambushed that person.. who turned out to be Hammer stalking Chihiro again. Σ(゚ロ゚;)

Meanwhile in a dark alley somewhere, Jesus sensed that “he” is here.

Since Tetsu can see spirits and ghosts, he can hear their voices saying it’s dangerous. They soon know what it means as the murder demon appeared before them, but Tetsu can hear that the murder demon is suffering because of his own desire. He knocked away Tetsu and Hammer (who tried to bribe him lol) easily, but before he could attack Chihiro.. blood splashed as Jesus stabbed the murder demon on the chest. Jesus said he doesn’t know the murder demon, because he’s not the person he used to know. The murder demon screamed “the virus…!!” before he vanished into thin air, and Chihiro fainted due to a sharp pain in her chest.

Chihiro woke up in the hospital with Tetsu and Hammer watching over her, and soon Iori, Lucy and Takumi all came to see her. The president also wanted to stop TYB since it’s getting too dangerous lately, not to mention that Jesus is labeled a “murderer” now, but Chihiro refused. She wants to make more memories with everyone, and she’s doing it for the viewers too. Everyday she receives supporting comments about how TYB is putting people’s hearts in peace during these hard times, and so she wants to do her best for them too. Eventually the president let them continue as long as Iori, Lucy and Takumi keep their promise to protect Chihiro by themselves. WoodLink also reduced the number of guards around her, so she needs to be responsible and protect herself.

Soon after that Chihiro received a mail containing today’s date spot: Odaiba. She was still shocked after what happened, but by the time they arrived at Angel Fort the mood was much more cheerful thanks to all the bickering between Iori and Takumi.. with Lucy throwing various kinds of sarcastic comments at them lol. They lost so many time thanks to the murder demon’s attack, so by the time they finished eating lunch it was already dark. The date is not over yet though, since they decided to ride the giant ferris wheel before going home. Apparently Takumi is scared of heights too. xD

The guys sent Chihiro straight back to her house that night. She couldn’t meet her friends at the usual place, so she logged in to chat with them instead. There were no further news about the murder demon today, but everyone knows that the youngsters rampage all around Tokyo isn’t really over yet.


11 thoughts on “Tokyo Yamanote Boys SUPER MINT

  1. Whoa so fast Rin!
    This time it gets to the core faster…you don’t have to start all over again? I’m surprised that the president is actually concerned this time or…is it an act? ^^;

    • Because this is only up to the 3rd day lol. I’m sure I’ll update slower from here since I need to go through the true ending as well. xD

      Yeah this time it gets to the main issue really fast, with Jesus thrown into all of these chaos. After seeing what happened between him and the murder demon, doesn’t it make you think that Jesus might be the main guy out of all nine? He completely took the spotlight in the 3rd day!

      I don’t think the president’s concerned about Chihiro’s safety, it’s more like he’s doing it for the sake of WoodLink instead. You know, TYB being the reason of this chaos is like putting dirt on their company image. :/ Since this is my first run, he did say the path towards true love is closed.. which means Chihiro failed and the president doesn’t give a crap about continuing the event anymore. Or at least that’s how I interpreted the whole scene.

  2. RIN RIN AKSYS IS BRINGING HAKUOUKI OVER ON THE PSP IN ENGLISH!!! Can you spread the word and encourage people to buy it? I don’t have that many contacts in the otome community. I’m at Anime Expo right now where they just announced it.

    …sorry this post doesn’t actually have anything to do with Tokyo Boys XD

  3. >.< Really trying not to read this. Since I ordered Beastmaster, Miyako and TYB to ship at the same time I have to wait patiently and battle out which to start first.
    Personally I'm really interested in Lucy (Kaji Yuuki!) and Iori. I hope Kujou won't end up like pretty much every Yusa Kouji chara.

    Btw, have you been ordering the limited edition ones for TYB? I was struggling with whether to get limited for Mint (though I decided not to). If it's worth it I'll get the limited ed. for Cherry Black.

    • You should totally play Beastmaster first. I didn’t play Miyako since I’m waiting for the PC version, but people said it’s not THAT awesome.. and TYB couldn’t even compare with Beastmaster. xD

      Yes I bought them just for the sake of completion. It might be better to stay with the regular, but I already bought the LE for Honey Milk so I thought I’ll just order everything LE.

      So far Takumi doesn’t show any traits like the usual Yusa character, but I’m not dropping my guard down lol. I hope he stays that adorable until the end though…

  4. Rin-channnn~~~ it’s been a while since I’ve come here! LOL I’ve been traveling for the last month and I was internet-deprived…I’ve missed reading your reviews so much lol

    Ok so like, back to the topic! I usually like the quiet megane types, but I suppose megane + Yusa doesn’t work as well huh. Also, I like KajiKaji but, dunno, how would it feel dating a dude wearing heels and who probs looks prettier than the heroine? That leaves me with Iorin! With all the Tatsun goodness! <3 Saddly I didn't get Super Mint (I got Musketeer, Amnesia and some drama cds) so I won't get to enjoy his sexy voice…

    Sooo anyways! I'm looking forward to your reviews! Keep up the good work!

    • Welcome back! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
      I didn’t make much progress lately, but I hope it’d be enough to entertain you. xD

      Since Yusa’s image is.. well, like that.. I guess it’d be hard to associate him with other types of characters. This is my first time seeing him doing a serious megane type like this. But don’t be fooled since Takumi’s actually dumb too! He uses wrong words at the wrong time, and that’s why his conversation with Iori would never connect lol.

      ..and you’re right. While I love Lucy’s voice, it feels weird since he’s prettier than the heroine. I’m curious if he will ever took that make-up off since I wanna see him dressing up like a normal guy lol. Iori is my main target in Super Mint, so I’m saving him for the last. <3

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