TYB Super Mint – Lucy

My main target in Super Mint is actually Iori, but somehow Lucy managed to steal my attention gradually. It’s probably because of his voice though. I absolutely love Kaji Yuuki’s low voice. ♥

Lucy, real name Isono Rui, is the representative from Akihabara. A second year student in Souou Academy, 17 years old. He’s not interested in anything other than music though, and usually spends the whole day sleeping through most of the classes. Because of his vocal skills and charisma, Lucy is a famous idol in Akihabara with a lot of fans ranging from otakus to high school girls. He’s normally cool, but the way he speaks on the internet is really cute.

4th Day

Chihiro wants to see more of Lucy’s world, so she called him first to arrange their date. He came to pick her up and they went to Akihabara, since that’s his home ground. Chihiro was surprised when Lucy said he wants to buy a rice cooker first, and he sulked since she couldn’t imagine him living a normal life. Somehow she imagined him living in the dark surrounded by candles.(*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She doesn’t know the difference between white and black electronics either, so Lucy said she better learn these things since one day she’ll get married and have to take care of her family. Though it’s okay if she marries a person who’s knowledgeable in this area. (❤ฺ→艸←)

As for the reason why he wants to buy a new rice cooker, it’s because his old one starts to make some noise lately. He hates the noice, so he decided to get a new one. Lucy can hear all kinds of sound, including the sound of Chihiro’s heart beating. This makes it really easy for him to read her reactions, teasing her for getting all flustered over it. He wonders what kind of “sound” she has, and when Chihiro asked what it means.. he said: “Nothing, I just said something a bit perverted.” What. What kind of “sound” did you mean, Lucy? xD

When they saw the Roppongi guys messing with the otakus in Akihabara, Lucy said lately Tokyo’s starting to turn black. He doesn’t really care though since it’s better than living in a colorless world, but Chihiro couldn’t agree to that opinion. Even if the police are giving up and would just ignore the fights, she just couldn’t pretend nothing’s happening. When she told Lucy as an artist he shouldn’t be ignorant like this, Lucy was surprised. If that’s really her wish then he doesn’t mind stopping the fight with his song, and so he started singing in the middle of the street. His performance impressed everyone without exception, stopping the fights immediately.. until a policeman came to break the party.

The policeman completely ignored a fight earlier, and yet he thinks street performance is a serious crime. Chihiro was pissed and tried to stop the angry policeman from ruining Lucy’s show, even though it was useless since he won’t listen at all. Eventually Lucy got tired of the stupid argument and stopped singing, glaring at the policeman when he tried to capture Chihiro by force. Thankfully this scared the fool away, but Lucy won’t sing again for today since he knows it’ll only cause trouble for Chihiro. Even though the crowd was disappointed and Chihiro felt bad, Lucy said he feels happy because Chihiro tried to protect his song.

After that they resumed their date, with Chihiro choosing a new rice cooker for Lucy.

5th Day

Today is a special day because Lucy’s going to have his own live concert. There’s still time before the show starts and Chihiro suggested to visit a cafe. Now when you heard a “cafe”in Akihabara, what’s the first thing that popped into your mind? LOL. Yes, Lucy took her to a famous maid cafe — @home bar. While he’s not interested in maids, Lucy feels calm here because of its uniqueness.

This would be his first live after TYB starts, and he actually feels nervous despite looking expresionless as usual. He also hates the word “do it as usual” since he always wants to give his best to his audience. When the Caffè Latte they ordered finally came, Lucy asked Chihiro to put in some milk and sugar while going “nyan nyan” like the maids in the cafe LOL. She was really embarassed, but eventually did it since he keeps teasing her.. saying things like “If you won’t do it I’ll feel really sad I won’t be able to sing.” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He also said it tastes really sweet just like her, in order to make her blush even more lol.

When they came to Dear Crisis, the place where Lucy holds his live, Chihiro saw “the Lucys” — his fans who are all dressed up like him. He whispered in her ears before going to the backstage, but soon after he left some of “the Lucys” were pushing away all the other audience so they can get the front seat. They also gave Chihiro a spiteful look, since they noticed that she’s the princess of TYB. Everyone cheered when Lucy started singing, and Chihiro was enjoying the concert when suddenly she got pushed around by “the Lucys” from earlier.

They started pushing her more violently when Lucy was taking a break from the stage, until eventually Chihiro snapped saying if they’re not embarrassed for doing this during Lucy’s concert. Of course “the Lucys” were not amused and tried to kick her head instead, but luckily Lucy returned and noticed what’s going on. He also knows that they’re the newer fans who only started attending his concerts from two weeks ago, and he clearly said he doesn’t need any audience who hurts Chihiro. Lucy really treasures his fans, but this time he went as far as yelling at them for hurting her. “The Lucys” got scared and ran off, while Lucy’s fans all rejoiced at how cool he was. (*´∀`*)ノ♡

Chihiro felt guilty since Lucy lost some of his fans because of her, but Lucy apologized too since an artist is responsible for his fans’ behavior. As an apology for today, he sang a song just for her after the concert ends. That night he also sent a mail to her saying he’s really happy that she watched him until the end. To him she’s really special. (*´ω`*)

6th Day

Today’s private day will be the last, so Lucy’s taking Chihiro to a special place: his room! He doesn’t want her to get hurt again like yesterday, and she will be safe here. The main color of Lucy’s room is, of course, black. There are musical instruments and notes lying all over the floor, and it turns out that he eats cup noodles most of the time since it’s cheaper. While they get along just fine, Lucy doesn’t get money from his parents since he wants to be independent. He did various kinds of part-time jobs too, such as washing dishes in a family restaurant. Lucy might be poor, but he’s reliable and is really good at saving money.

Chihiro was really nervous since it’s the first time she entered a guy’s room. She blushed like a tomato when Lucy moved closer and asked if they should “play” together. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He was just teasing her though, and they end up playing puzzle games together. After helping Lucy cleaning up his room, Chihiro asked why Lucy loves music so much. It turns out that Lucy’s parents love music too. He heard many kinds of music ever since he was small, and eventually he decided to create his own music. Lucy respects all kinds of musician too, gathering their interview articles and CDs.. and that’s why his room is such a mess. He teased her again by hugging her right before she goes back to cleaning duty.

Now that his room is clean, it’s time for some cooking. Chihiro’s worried since Lucy’s daily menu is definitely unhealthy. She made some ramen for the two of them and asked Lucy to help, and he said it feels weird since he’s always alone all this time. He doesn’t hate being with her though, probably the first time he ever thought that way towards someone else. When Lucy said he doesn’t mind staying with her forever, Chihiro was so surprised she cut her finger. She blushed and panicked even more when he licked her injured finger. xD

As Lucy walked Chihiro back home that night, he told her he won’t ask her to choose him tomorrow. He really wants to know her “world”, so he doesn’t want to force her. But if she wants to know more about him too, then she can pick him and he’ll show her everything. Before he leaves Lucy said he wants to “become one” with her, because her “world” alone isn’t enough anymore. (*ノωノ)キャー

7th Day

This is the last day of TYB, also known as the fateful seventh day. The finale took place in TYB Dome, where Iori, Lucy and Takumi all confessed to Chihiro for the last time. After receiving all of their confessions, Chihiro took Lucy’s hand. He was really happy since he loves Chihiro’s “world”, and from now on he’ll always stay with her along with his music. Lucy was crowned this year’s prince and they went on the victory parade outside, riding on a carriage. Among the crowd congratulating them, they heard Lucy’s fans and Chihiro’s friends too.. all giving their blessings for the couple. This is the first time Lucy learned that loving someone is such a wonderful thing, and he finally said he will love Chihiro forever.

In the epilogue, Chihiro went to Lucy’s room after his live concert. She asked him to stop eating cup noodles so much since it’s bad for his health, and he asked her to cook something for him in return. Lucy suddenly hugged Chihiro from behind as she was cooking, singing a beautiful song directly to her ears. (*ノωノ)キャー It’s not free though, so he kissed her and said hearing her heartbeat feels really good. Lucy then told Chihiro he loves her, and he will present all of his melodies for her.


Go here for the explanation about the murder demon and everything.

1st Day

At night after Chihiro comes home from the group date, a rumor starts spreading on the internet. The content is just like what Lucy said, about Rudou Jesus being the “murder demon”. However, some people noticed that those people who testified about seeing Jesus commiting crimes and admitting it.. all have the same IP. Obviously someone is spreading this rumors to stir a fight between Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi. Some of the BBS doesn’t track IPs though, so there are many people who believed this rumor easily. Those who noticed this then named the mastermind “inspector”.

3rd Day

Just before she went out for the date, Chihiro felt a sharp pain on her arm. Exactly at the same spot where the TYB staff injected a vaccine for her during the Eve Festival. The pain disappeared right away though, so she went out with Tetsu and got caught up with the murder demon incident on the way. That night the president found out that the “seed” inside Chihiro’s body has been completely destroyed, because the murder demon’s blood splashed into her mouth when Jesus stabbed him earlier. It wasn’t intentional, but the vaccine works instantly. The president was surprised that Jesus can kill the murder demon though, since he’s supposed to be immortal.. just like Chihiro.

Even though TYB has lost its true purpose, the president said he’s going to continue running the event. He wants to see what kind of answer “love” will give in the middle of this chaos. It might be a nice reference for next time.

4th Day

At night, “inspector” starts spreading more rumors on the interrnet again. This time it’s about Jesus’ followers, saying they’re actually targeting girls who loves playing around with hosts. Those people from last time noticed that “inspector” wrote exactly the same things in so many BBS, but sadly nobody noticed this since they got scared already just by hearing the rumors. Things are starting to get out of hand, so they decided to execute the “inspector” by revealing the truth to everyone.

5th Day

Lucy was spacing out when he walked Chihiro home, and it turns out that he was thinking about his fans’ behavior earlier. His audience never did something violent like this before, no matter how angry they are. He knows that the youngsters rampage all over Tokyo are starting to influence Akihabara as well. Everyone feels vexed because the fights are occuring everywhere, and so they snapped easily just by a minor annoyance.

Lucy thinks it’s interesting that Tokyo’s turning black, but Chihiro said she wants to do something to stop this insanity. Even though she might not be able to do anything. Lucy was impressed by her feelings, and he told Chihiro they just need to find a way to change everything. He used to think the world can’t change that easily, but lately he knows that it’s wrong. Because Lucy himself is starting to change after meeting Chihiro. Now in order to do something about the chaos, first they need to find out the source. Lucy said he’ll try doing some research for Chihiro’s sake.

That night as “inspector” was spreading more false rumors, someone named “anti-inspector” came into the BBS and wrote “good self-acting, inspector”. The same thing happened when “inspector” tried to spread more rumors in other BBS, and so the next day the information has spread all over the town. Now everyone knows that all those rumors were all controlled by “inspector”, and they all realized that they’ve been fooled all this time. Whenever “inspector” tried to spread more rumors on the internet, everybody knows right away that it’s him and they all told him to disappear instead. It’s the end for “inspector”.

6th Day

Today Lucy came to pick Chihiro up as usual, and they went to a net cafe in Akihabara. The internet is the number one information source, but Lucy also heard some rumors from his fans. Since Lucy has his own fansite, he decided to make use of it and asked his fans for some information. He got a lot of spiteful comments because of what happened during his live yesterday, but he doesn’t care knowing it’s probably written by only 2 or 3 person. Soon enough some of his fans mentioned about “inspector”, and that’s how they learned about the mastermind behind the chaos.

A fan also gave them an URL containing “inspector”‘s statement, which basically said that it was really entertaining. “Inspector” never thought it’d be that easy to control people, but they believed in baseless rumors so easily. They come to hate other people so easily even without any proof, and “inspector” thanked them all for this interesting “puppet show” they provided up until now. The statement was closed with the line “such stupid people”. Lucy noticed that this is more like a kid’s tantrum rather than a game, but sadly this doesn’t mean the youngsters will stop fighting. Now they’re blaming each other for what “inspector” did.

When Lucy showed an interest in this dark and chaotic atmosphere again, Chihiro said she still thinks it’s scary. She doesn’t know what’s right or wrong in this situation, but she knows this youngsters rampage is bad for everyone. Chihiro thinks she can’t view the world in colors like Lucy does, but he said that’s not true. She has her own view, she just doesn’t know how to express it. He wants to see the world from her perspective too, so he asked her to write it down.. in lyrics. As expected from an artist. (´・ω・`A;) They didn’t have much time, so he asked Chihiro to get it done by tomorrow.

Chihiro never writes any lyrics before, so she was confused and asked for Lucy’s help that night. He told her to just write what she really thinks about “love” and “the right thing”. What’s important here is how she sees the world, and Chihiro should know the answer more than anyone else. She then asked what Lucy thinks of “love”, and he said to him it’s something that was born between them. (*´ω`*) At first he was only curious about her “world”, but now he wants to know everything about her. He wants her for himself. Lucy then asked her to write down what she feels towards him too, saying it’d be nice if Chihiro thinks of love the same way he does.

7th Day

In the morning Chihiro received a mail from Lucy saying he’s waiting for her in the studio. He also sent someone to pick her up, who turns out to be Yuuto in his fancy car lol. Apparently he owns the studio as well — STUDIO YUTO. ブッ+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚ Today Lucy’s going to broadcast his live show all around Tokyo, and so he asked for Yuuto’s help. When Chihiro gave him the lyrics she wrote, Lucy laughed and said she really sucks at doing this lol. But the lyrics contains her wish for everyone to stop fighting, and he can feel her kindness just by reading it. Now he’s going to sing live with the lyrics she made after adding the parts she missed, spreading her love all over Tokyo.

Lucy’s performance impressed everyone, and the love song Chihiro wrote even touched “the Lucys”‘s hearts. All the youngsters stopped fighting instantly, watching and cheering for Lucy instead. Thanks to Lucy’s voice and Chihiro’s love song they finally realized how foolish they really are, fighting over nothing all this time. By the time Lucy finished singing, all the fighting have stopped. However it’s not over yet for Lucy, since he still needs to fight for his own love.

That night Lucy took Chihiro to the ferris wheel in Odaiba. He felt her “sound” for the first time when they rode the ferris wheel during the third day, and so this place remains special in his heart. Lucy finally confessed that he loves Chihiro. Just being with her puts him at peace, and he wants to be with her forever. Chihiro answered that she loves him too, and Lucy sang for her one more time. From now on their “worlds” will become one.

Time passed and everyone in Tokyo are back to their peaceful lives. The city is now colorless again, but Lucy doesn’t mind at all since he’s got Chihiro by his side. After such an amazing performance, Lucy received an offer for his major debut from a recording company, but he refused since Chihiro is more important to him. He won’t be able to do it without her, so he wants to aim for the top first before having his own debut.

They walked together in Akihabara holding hands at night, and Lucy asked Chihiro to sing together. He starts singing an easy song, knowing that Chihiro’s singing skills are practically none lol.Suddenly Lucy turned over and kissed Chihiro, saying he loves her the most in this world. She has the most beautiful “world” more than anyone else, and he’s going to love her so much she won’t be able to catch a breath. Lucy said he doesn’t know how to express anything other than music, but to Chihiro he wants to tell her everything.. through his loving lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Honestly, Lucy’s appearance scared me at first. His heels look scary, and that ponytail.. and those pants.. so you can see I wasn’t really excited about him. But that’s only until I learned about how cool he really is. Lucy made me go ε-(*´∀`|萌| and ドキドキ so many times because he keeps teasing you and says slightly perverted things every now and then, but my favorite scene is actually the one during his live. Kaji Yuuki’s voice is so different there and Lucy was so awesome, I thought my heart was going to explode. (。→∀←。)キャー ..and I like his real name, actually. “Isono Rui” has a nice ring to it.

Not gonna say much about the story. It’s more realistic than Honey Milk, but.. lol. I guess that kind of solution is perfect for Lucy though, since he’s a musician after all.


10 thoughts on “TYB Super Mint – Lucy

  1. not to say i didn’t enjoy he’s route but… it kind of felt incomplete for me. when i first saw this game and Lucy i though: yeah…? what’s this…?
    it scared me at first too but that was until i discovered he’s true personality!
    and yeah Kaji Yuuki’s voice is awesome i agree!
    overall i think he’s route was enjoyable…
    way better then Ninomiya Yuuto’s route in honey milk.

    oh and! i wanted to thank you for your useful reviews!
    i always read them before buying a game!
    you’re awesome!

    • You’re welcome, glad to hear these helps. :D
      Overall the story in Super Mint feels lacking to me. In Honey Milk they thoroughly explained about the virus and everything, but here.. it’s just youngsters gone wild. That and there’s no ero hints by the end of the routes. *smacked*

  2. I finished this route and Takumi’s route and is now working on Iori’s. While I love Lucy’s voice…his route at the end did kind of disappoint me. I mean, there’s a riot, he sings, they magically stop. It all seems too easy to me. But you know, his route was a pretty interesting one.

    Oh and if you’re playing Takumi’s route, don’t expect too much from his. Or at least, I was left feeling as though something was left out DX Anyways, have fun with whoever’s route you’re doing next! ^^

    • Yeah, but since this is Lucy.. I guess that kind of conclusion fits him more than Honey Milk’s bloody endings. But yes I was expecting more from Lucy’s route too, so cool personality aside, it feels like there’s something missing. I’m doing Takumi next, but I’m not expecting anything much lol. Hopefully Iori will be better though.. since by now I can see that this “inspector” is related to him. +_+

  3. Eh? That’s the end? O.O It’s kind off incomplete. ^^;; I was expecting a little action (not as bloody as Honey Milk, though) or drama or something that will happen to Chihiro. ^^;; But I’m liking Lucy. I tend to like characters having the name “Rui” plus the cool personality. XDD

    • Yeah the story’s nothing compared to Honey Milk since it’s only focusing on the chaotic Tokyo instead of the murder demon. By the time he disappeared TYB kinda lost its meaning in my eyes.. I think the name “Rui” is really nice too, so I don’t get why Lucy hates it so much lol.

  4. haha apart from JESUS, Lucy was another character I was really interested in cuz he looked so…creepy haha yeah xD

    glad to kno he made u fangirl a lot and personally, i love his character design =P

    • LOL I guess JESUS is everyone’s favorite here.
      Awesome name, hawt looks, cool personality. 8D

      Lucy was great too even though he looks like a trap lol. Well, but you know.. I was fangirling over Lucy so much I don’t mind his looks anymore by the end of the route lol. That concert scene was an overkill for me. Though I still wonder how he manage to walk in those heels. xD

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