TYB Super Mint – Kujou Takumi

Takumi didn’t really stand out in the prologue disc, but here we get to see how dumb he really is lol. He’s really cute whenever he does something wrong and goes ハッ!(゚д゚ ;) over it.

Kujou Takumi is the representative from Meguro. He’s 18 and is currently a 3rd year student in Yamashiro Acacemy. Takumi is smart and good at sports, but actually he’s really clumsy and isn’t good at trying out new things. His family raised him to be a gentleman, so he’s just like a knight who protects the woman he loves all the time. Despite his serious personality, Takumi often uses wrong phrases and terms when he’s talking. He’s afraid of height too.

4th Day

Chihiro chose Takumi for today’s private day, so she called him in the morning. He came to pick her up since it’s dangerous for her to go out alone, and they rode the train to Meguro together. First they had lunch at Meguro Jojoen, since Takumi already made a reservation in a luxury traditional Japanese restaurant. It turns out that he learned how to escort a lady properly ever since he was THREE, and he also studies EIGHT hours a day.. but he thinks it’s normal. マジ!?Σ(゚ω゚ ;) Chihiro said she must thank his parents for raising him this way, and Takumi said his mother will be happy to see his wonderful future bride lol.

He also wanted to escort Chihiro to the toilet, but let’s put that aside for now.

When they walked out from the restaurant, they saw some youngsters getting into a fight nearby. Apparently the rampage has reached Meguro as well. Takumi didn’t really care when they saw someone from Shibuya beating one of Jesus’ followers, but Chihiro couldn’t ignore it and ran off to stop the fight. The man wasn’t impressed and tried to attack her instead, and that’s when Takumi jumped in to save her — knocking the man away just by a single slap.

Takumi didn’t get why Chihiro tries so hard to save a man she doesn’t know, especially since she goes as far as taking Roppongi guy to the hospital. Chihiro apologized for doing this in the middle of their date, but Takumi said he’s actually impressed by her kindness. He asked her not to do something like that again though, because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. As for Takumi himself.. he’s in the kendo club and learned swordplay from his family, so he’s pretty strong and won’t get hurt that easily.

As he walked Chihiro back that night, Takumi said they should kiss since his sister said guys should do that by the end of a date. Our elite knight here is so gullible. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ But as soon as Takumi left, the Shibuya youngster he slapped that afternoon came out with a knife. He knows Chihiro is TYB’s princess, and he wants to get revenge on Takumi by hurting her instead. Thankfully a policeman saw them and the man escaped, but Chihiro was worried since he seems to hold a grudge against Takumi. She decided to keep quiet though since she doesn’t want him to worry.

5th Day

Today Takumi’s taking Chihiro to his house. He might not be as rich as Yuuto, but Takumi comes from a wealthy family as well. The Kujou family has been around since the Sengoku era, so their house is really big and traditional. Chihiro also saw A LOT of girls screaming and gathering around the gate.. obviously Takumi’s fangirls. Soon Chihiro was introduced to his mother, Kazumi, and his little sister, Kairi. Both of them welcomed her warmly and dropped the formalities, noticing that speaking normally will make Chihiro feel more at ease. Takumi told them about Chihiro everyday, so they really wanted to meet her too. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ They end up having a girl’s talk with the embarassed Takumi at their side, but he was happy when Chihiro said she thinks of him as a precious person.

Apparently it was them too who nominated Takumi to join TYB, with the help of his fangirls. They were worried since Takumi never showed any interest in girls before, even though he’s that popular. Kairi even starts thinking that Takumi’s actually interested in guys instead, but thankfully those assumptions are proven false when he finally brought Chihiro here lol. Both Kazumi and Kairi also exchanged mail addreses with her before leaving, since they’re planning to tell her a lot of things about Takumi from now on. Including weird things lol. Kazumi also said she did something to Chihiro’s phone, but she needs to figure that out on her own.

For Takumi relationships are a step towards marriage, so after his mother and sister left he proposed to Chihiro. The reason why he never showed any interest in girls before is because he only wants to date someone who will become his future wife, and he also thought that TYB is a tournament for marriage lol. At first Chihiro feels sad thinking Takumi decided to love her because of the tournament, but then he said he still loves her even after learning that he’s wrong. Chihiro was happy when he swore that he’ll love her forever, and Takumi said it’s enough for now. She can answer him after TYB comes to an end.

Takumi touched her cheeks when he walked her back home that night, which made Chihiro’s heart goes ドキドキ to the max. He stopped and apologized, but he said being with her makes him feel peaceful. Naturally this is the first time he ever felt this way.

6th Day

Today’s date plan is to do some shopping in Atre Meguro. Takumi’s family often come here to buy stuff, so he thought Chihiro might like the place as well. There he had fun helping her to choose a dress, a pair of shoes and some accessories. He even helped putting the shoes onto her feet, which made Chihiro feel like a real princess from a fairytale. (人´∀`).☆.。.:* Chihiro was surprised since Takumi has a really nice fashion sense, and he said it’s because his mother and sister often take him along when they go shopping.

Even though Chihiro was unsure when Takumi proposed to her, today her heart couldn’t stop beating whenever she saw Takumi’s smile. She also feels lonely when night falls and it’s time for her to go home, but she was happy when she learned that Takumi feels the same. He then hugged her saying it’s true that he decided to love her because of the tournament, but as they spend more time together he really fell in love with her. He doesn’t mind if she’s not thinking about marriage yet, because he only wants to stay with her.

Takumi’s father told him before that when you find your soulmate, you’ll feel it in your heart even if you didn’t do anything. Takumi said he finally understands what his father meant after spending the whole day with Chihiro, because that’s what he feels when he’s with her. Chihiro noticed that this is Takumi’s real feelings, not the words said out of “duty” like how it was before. This makes her really happy, and Takumi asked her to give her answer tomorrow.

7th Day

After Iori, Lucy and Takumi all confessed to her, Chihiro chose Takumi as her prince. He thanked her and said this is the first hime he ever felt so happy in his life, since he really wants to protect her with all his heart. Chihiro thanked him too, asking him to take care of her from now on. They rode on a carriage together and went out for the victory parade outside, receiving blessings from the crowd — including Takumi’s fangirls. Both Takumi and Chihiro are really thankful to TYB for bringing them together. While their meeting was a coincidence, Takumi promised to make her happy from now on.

In the epilogue, Takumi took Chihiro to a restaurant at night. He already made a reservation for the window seat so they will be able to enjoy the nightview as well. Takumi then gave her a ring and asked her to marry him. He knows it might be too early for this, but he can’t control his feelings for her anymore. He wants to take full responsibility and protect her forever, so he believes there’s no need to hold back this time. Takumi was really nervous, but he was really happy when Chihiro finally said yes. Takumi then puts the ring on her finger and kissed it, swearing eternal love to her.


Go here and here for more details and explanations.

5th Day

As Takumi walked Chihiro back home after the date, he told her about how it’s getting more and more dangerous lately. The violence all over Tokyo has reached Meguro too, and Chihiro immediately remembered the guy who tried to attack her last night. She finally told Takumi about the attack, wondering if there’s something she can do to stop the rampage. Chihiro was surprised when Takumi suddenly hugged her. He knows that the guy was trying get his revenge on him by hurting Chihiro, and he’s really afraid of losing her.

Takumi knows that they can’t stop violence with violence, so he said he’s going to think of a plan first. He asked Chihiro to choose him tomorrow too so he can protect her, and Chihiro was relieved since she was about to ask the same thing. Not because she wants to be protected, but because she wants to spend the day with Takumi.

That night when “inspector” was trying to spread more false rumors, the “anti-inspector”s moved and revealed to everyone that “inspector” has been controlling them all this time.

6th Day

Right after Takumi picked Chihiro up in the morning, they got chased around by the Shibuya guy who tried to attack her that night. It’s too dangerous to go on a date in this situation, but Takumi couldn’t let her go home since the guy and his friends might lay an ambush there. In order to keep her safe, first Takumi took her to see his father at home. He explained what happened to Chihiro, and asked for his father’s opinion about what to do from now on. Since they really can’t rely on the police in this situation, Takumi’s father told him to protect Chihiro with his own hands. Last night was the first time Takumi realized how much Chihiro means to him, and he swore to protect her no matter what happens.

Takumi’s father then told them about “inspector”, the one who caused all this chaos in Tokyo. The police are trying to track down “inspector”‘s real identity, but it might be faster to leave it to the youngsters and the power of internet. So following his father’s advice, Takumi took Chihiro to see Lucy, who then showed them “inspector”‘s statement on the internet. Basically “inspector” thinks the youngsters rampage was a really amusing show, saying people are really stupid to attack each other just by hearing baseless rumors. Sadly this doesn’t stop all the youngsters from fighting, since they’re now blaming each other for being so gullible.

As if that wasn’t enough, these youngsters also started attacking innocent passerbies in Meguro. The police couldn’t do anything about all this mess, so they decided to have some fun and tried to rob random people they saw on the street. After seeing all of this, Takumi couldn’t forgive “inspector” for causing so much trouble for everyone. He keeps thinking of a way to catch “inspector” when he walked Chihiro back, so she told him to just go back and take some rest. Chihiro sure doesn’t learn from the past.. since she got kidnapped as soon as Takumi left.

7th Day

Takumi received a call from Chihiro’s phone, obviously from the Shibuya guy who tried to get his revenge on him. Takumi was really shocked, telling him he’d do anything he wants as long as they released Chihiro. The guy then asked him to come and see them alone, and if he tried to contact the police.. they’ll kill her. Takumi’s father asked him what’s wrong, but Takumi couldn’t tell him since he’s afraid they’ll hurt Chihiro. He left after saying he’s got something important to do, but Takumi’s father can tell there’s something wrong.

Meanwhile, Chihiro’s phone received a call from “お父さん♡”, so the guys let her talk to her father. They told her not to say anything weird though, or else they’ll hurt her on the spot.

As soon as Takumi arrived, the Shibuya guys tied his hands with handcuffs and brought Chihiro to see him. Not that they’re gonna release her though, since they started beating up Takumi instead and lashed out their anger on him. Even though what “inspector” did have nothing to do with Takumi. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ He didn’t move at all and let them beat him as they like, but the moment they tried to attack Chihiro.. Takumi suddenly stood up and shattered the handcuffs into pieces. Σ(゚ロ゚ ;)!? He ignored the youngsters and went to pick Chihiro up instead, and she could tell that he’s really angry.

The guys refused to move away and brought out some guns instead, so Takumi told Chihiro to hide while he takes care of them. Chihiro was really worried when she heard gunshots, thinking that they really shot Takumi. But thankfully the gunshots actually came from the police, who already surrounded the area and made sure that the Shibuya guys can’t escape. It was Takumi’s father who called them, since he figured out it must be something related to Chihiro after all.

Remember when Kazumi said she did something to Chihiro’s phone? She actually put in Takumi’s father’s number and saved it by the name “お父さん♡”. She also did the same thing to his phone, saving Chihiro’s number and named it “second daughter”. So that phone call from earlier was actually from Takumi’s father, not Chihiro’s. From that call Takumi’s father heard the guys laughing at how she puts a heart mark for her father, and she managed to tell him that she was kidnapped. He then used his connection to get the police to help, asking them to capture all the Shibuya guys without exception. He also heard the police have caught the real person behind “inspector” as well, so now the rampage will really come to an end.. even though it feels bad.

After his father left, Takumi hugged Chihiro saying he really can’t take his eyes off her for a moment. She was really worried and asked him to take some rest at home before the TYB finale, but Takumi told her to give up on the tournament since he won’t let her go. He finally told her he’s been in love with her ever since they first met, and he will always be here to protect her.

Tokyo is now back to its peaceful days. One day Chihiro came to Takumi’s house and found him training alone in the garden. Takumi has found someone he wants to protect with all his life, and he wants to get stronger so he can really protect her without fighting. Last time they were saved because Chihiro managed to tell his father about it, but Takumi wants to protect her with his own hands. He’s been training hard and tried to get stronger ever since he was small, and now he believes he had to go through all of that just to meet her.

Takumi then pulled Chihiro into his arms and said he can take on anything as long as he has her warmth. He will protect her as long as he lives, and he asked her to give all her heart for him too. When Chihiro said she will give her all because she loves him, Takumi kissed her and said he loves her too. He doesn’t wanna be apart from her, even just for one second.

Wow Takumi’s route is really sweet. For those of you who loves knights on a white horse, this guy is for you. Chihiro’s friends said Takumi will make a very good husband, and they’re damn right lol. Who doesn’t want a really devoted husband who will protect you 24/7? ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ His family members are really fun too, especially his mother lol. I was afraid that his father will be scary since they say Takumi resembles him a lot, but look at the true ending.. he’s a really nice guy! Takumi is really cute too when he said something wrong, then gets all shocked upon learning that it’s wrong lol. Sometimes he says things like this without knowing what it really means, and his shocked face is so handsome I fell in love instantly. ((( ノ∀`*)゚o。アヒャャ

P.S. The youngsters from Shibuya were really annoying, I wanted to punch them.

12 thoughts on “TYB Super Mint – Kujou Takumi

  1. hmmm…
    takumi is nice indeed. the first time i played this game my friend was with me too. she almost had a heart attack. when saw takumi.
    lol the next day she was the one who gave me the walkthrough to he’s route just in case i need it!
    and she’s the worst at completing routes!
    i guess takumi REALLY is something…

    • If you like protective knights then yes you’ll love Takumi, otherwise you might find him boring since he’s a really serious guy who never strayed off the righteous path. I’m one of those who loves guys like this, so yes I like him too. xD

  2. He really is adorable when he says something wrong. His reaction is like, ‘W-What!? It’s wrong!?’ XD While he’s sweet and loyal, I couldn’t help but fall asleep at some parts of his route…maybe I just prefer the more wild and playful guys. Anyhow, I love his family members too XD

    By the way, those Shibuya guys reappear in Iori’s route, just letting you know. Prepare for a lot of explanation in Iori’s route XD

    • YES! But more than anything.. that face! I think Takumi looks best when his glasses are hanging off his nose like that. 8D

      Haha yea serious guys like this can be boring depending on your taste. Personally I don’t really mind as long as he has an interesting trait or two, and Takumi is kinda dumb.. so yeah lol.

      For some reason I found ALL the random youngsters in this game looking hot, but the way they speak really annoys me to the max lol. Well.. at least I know what to expect, thanks. xD

      • Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one who thought of those random youngsters good looking. I think in particular the guy known as Host 1 in Day 2 where you choose to go Takumi’s way to Rounge 1 and Shibuya Guy 2, the one with brown hair and blonde highlights. My friend thought I was stupid for thinking the minor characters were good looking.

        *sigh* Anyhow, enjoy the last part of the game, I’ve completed everything from route endings all the way to secret tales so I have to find another game to entertain me *eyes the Hiiro no Kakera game on my desk*. I sure hope DARK CHERRY will make it up for the slight disappointment in both HONEY MILK and SUPER MINT.

        • I’m sure there are more otome out there who thinks those random guys are hot. My favorite is the blue-eyed one with silver hair, as well as the one with longer black hair. Sadly instead of getting one of them, we were given guys with funky-colored cotton candy hair in Honey Milk.. *stares at Yuuto and Ayumu* ;_;

          Let’s hope Dark Cherry will be awesome since Jesus is in it both Honey Milk and Super Mint are only good for laughs..

  3. I’m glad that I was right about Takumi LOL – he’s one of the NICE characters that Yusa voices ROFLMAO
    it’s interesting to see that he’s somewhat socially clumsy LOL
    Despite being a traditional family I was surprised to find out that his family is pretty warm…but then again I guess it’s the same feeling compared to those old guys in TeniPuri ROFLMAO
    it’s still refreshing nevertheless…

    • Indeed you are. How rare to see him voicing a gentleman like this. I was worried that he might turn into a beast on the way, but thankfully that is not the case. Yes he’s very 不器用 he can’t even play shooting games at first. xD

      Actually his family kinda reminds me of Homare’s from After Summer, but Takumi’s mom is more outgoing since she’s catching up with youngster slang and such lol.

  4. Hmmm, I like how Takumi’s not just a gentleman but also a guy who’s got a lovely knight~ complex. Normally I really hate nice guys, and serious guys get boring when they’re only serious, but reading Takumi’s route just made me squee.

    • Yeah if he’s just a gentleman with no other traits that’d make him a REALLY boring character. I’m glad they made him dumb and clumsy too aside from his knightly personaity. xD

    • I know right. Iori’s fake-ish voice grates my ears OMG. Lucy was cool, but that appearance.. (ヾノ・ω・`)ナイナイ even though I don’t really mind it anymore.

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