TYB Super Mint – Kirishima Iori

My main target in Super Mint. I like Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s voice, I really do.. but I can’t stand the way Iori speaks. Strange, since I didn’t mind his voice at all in the prologue CD. (ノД`)・゜・。

Kirishima Iori is the representative from Shibuya. He’s 16 years old, and is currently a first year student in Kamikura High School. Aside from a monjayaki restaurant, Iori also works part-time as a model. He’s really popular with the youngsters from Shibuya because of his good looks and charismatic personality, even though he’s really bad at studying. Despite his popularity, Iori is really loyal and devoted when it comes to a girl he loves. He likes junk food.

4th Day

Chihiro called Iori for today’s private date, and so he came to pick her up with his bike.. with broken brakes. They were swarmed with Iori’s fans the moment they arrived in Shibuya, but he soon said goodbye to them since he’s on a date with Chihiro. It turns out that he’s also popular among the guys, and they often come asking him to be their gang leader. He’s not interested in that kind of stuff though, since he prefers people who can stand up on their own instead of following someone else.

Before they could resume their date, Iori received a call from the hospital saying something happened to his sister, Itsuki. He flipped out instantly and couldn’t think straight, so Chihiro helped him stop a taxi and went to the hospital with him. They rushed to Itsuki’s room and found her.. fine lol. Earlier she slipped on the stairs and sprained her ankle, but Iori cut off the phone before the nurse could really explain what happened. xD

Itsuki was really excited to meet Chihiro in person, since she’s been keeping up with TYB from the internet. Itsuki has a weak body and couldn’t leave the hospital, so she entertains herself by browsing the internet everyday. She also started calling Chihiro “onee-san” and asked her if she’s dating Iori now, which made him blush saying “wh-what are you saying, stupid!” ( *ノノ) キャー LOL. From time to time Iori would get into some fights in Shibuya and Itsuki was worried about him, so she asked him to stop fighting for Chihiro’s sake too. This is the first time Iori ever brought someone else to visit her too, so Itsuki knows Chihiro is special to him. ε-(*´∀`|萌| She asked Chihiro to take care of her brother.

Iori apologized when he walked Chihiro back that night, but she was actually happy to meet his cute sister. She chose to go to the hospital with him despite her position as the princess, which means that she has to prioritize TYB, and Iori likes that side of her a lot. Instead of following directions, Chihiro follows her own opinion and does what she feels is right. That makes her Iori’s ideal type. He then asked her to choose him again tomorrow, since their date today was cancelled.

5th Day

Today Iori and Chihiro went to 108 (LOL) in Shibuya to do some shopping, but he soon got tired since people keep noticing him wherever he goes lol. He’s not an idol nor an actor, so he doesn’t want people to flock onto him.. like magnets to a refrigerator. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Iori offered to buy some branded clothes for Chihiro, but she refused since money isn’t important for her. Wait.. I thought Iori is as poor as Lucy, how come he has enough money to buy expensive brands for Chihiro? xD When they returned to Shibuya Center Town, Iori took Chihiro to a monjayaki restaurant he works at. He cooked the monjayaki himself and fed Chihiro, which made her realize that she might be in love with Iori after all.

However, there was a fight with the Roppongi guys when they came out of the restaurant. They left since Iori was really strong, but he heard from the Shibuya guys that they come here every now and then. At first it was because Jesus was wandering around Shibuya, but lately the Roppongi guys are still causing troubles around the area even though Jesus already stopped. Iori refused when the Shibuya guys asked Iori to form a team and lead them to fight back, but he was clearly troubled to see his friends getting beaten up like this.

That night Iori called Chihiro saying he might not be able to stay with her anymore. He already called Jesus and challenged him on a duel to settle things in front of everyone, so he might not be able to continue TYB knowing how strong Jesus is. Chihiro tried to stop him, but Iori cuts the call after telling her to stay at home since things could get dangerous. Yeah right, as if she’s gonna listen to that. Not too long after Iori and Jesus started punching each other, Chihiro came running and asking Iori to stop. The crowd yelled at her for ruining the party, but she yelled back at them to “SHUT UP!!” and told Iori he needs to think about Itsuki, who gets worried everytime Iori gets into a fight.

The crowd wasn’t amused and kept yelling at Chihiro, but soon Jesus got bored and left lol. Iori told Chihiro that was so reckless of her to come here, even though he already told her to stay at home. She replied that he shouldn’t ignore Itsuki’s feelings, so from now on if he’s getting into another fight.. she’ll do anything to stop him. Iori laughed and asked her to do so, thanking her for thinking about Itsuki too.

6th Day

Iori took Chihiro to eat more monjayaki today at the same restaurant, but this time he taught her how to cook it. By hugging her from behind and leading her hands, that is. Chihiro said it’s really hot and it’s not because of the monjayaki, so Iori asked if he should hug her more tightly.. but she might melt away if he does that. Chihiro completely lost her concentration because of it, and the monjayaki end up getting burnt lol.

After eating lunch, they went to see some stars in the planetarium. Iori said this is a perfect place to go out with someone you like, so when Chihiro said she’s glad to come here with him, he was like Σ(〃д〃)ハッ!! It was there too where Iori said she’s prettier than the stars, since she’s shining so brightly. Today they finally had a proper “date” after what happened yesterday and the day before.

When he walked her home, Iori admits that he joined TYB just for fun. Until he really fell in love with Chihiro. Both of them follow their own opinions so they might have a fight every now and then, but Iori doesn’t mind at all since that’s what he likes from her. He told Chihiro he loves her, and that he’s waiting for her answer tomorrow.

7th Day

After receiving Iori, Lucy and Takumi’s confessions, Chihiro took Iori’s hand and chose him as her prince. The crowd congratulated them as they went out for the victory parade on a carriage as usual, and Chihiro heard Hina saying “be careful not to get killed by his fans!” LOL. Iori said he didn’t take TYB seriously at first since he’s only in to have fun, but now he’s really thankful from TYB for telling him how it really feels to love someone.

In the epilogue, Iori’s showing off his cute girlfriend to everyone in Shibuya. Chihiro was nervous since she’s suddenly the center of attention, but Iori said she’s actually popular too. He said her heart is really beautiful and she also had the strength to stand up on her own, so he doesn’t think he can fall in love with anyone other than her. Even though Iori will probably be more popular from now on, since he’s continuing his job as a model. His fans can hate Chihiro all they want, but Iori’s feelings for her will never change. He then kissed her in the middle of the street in Shibuya, saying he won’t ever let her go.


Go here and here for more details and explanations.

4th Day

Iori heard from the nurses that Itsuki’s been using the PC until it’s very late at night recently. He warned her about that during the visit with Chihiro, even though they understand Itsuki must be really bored staying in the hospital all day. Itsuki said she’s not just playing around on the internet, but she didn’t say what she’s been doing until so late at night. She just said she finally found the “connection” she’s been looking for.

5th Day

After stopping Iori’s fight with Jesus, Chihiro dragged him to the hospital. They met Itsuki there, who was really shocked upon learning that Iori got hurt trying to stop the chaos outside. Chihiro noticed that Itsuki was acting a little weird after that, but Iori said she was just mad since Iori got into yet another fight. He then took Chihiro to a park before going home, and that’s where he explained what happened to Itsuki in the past.

Five years ago Itsuki picked up a stray dog on her way home, telling Iori about it before they ask their mother. However, their apartment doesn’t allow pets. Not to mention that their mother was working alone since they don’t have a father. Iori knows that their mother will allow Itsuki to keep the dog and work even harder to make her kids happy, so Iori was against it since he didn’t want his mother to push herself so hard. Itsuki understands and told Iori she gave the puppy to a classmate some days later, but that was actually a lie. She couldn’t find anyone who wants to take the puppy home, so she decided to keep it in an abandoned building nearby.. in secret.

Then one day, some college students decided to do a courage test in that building and set up a lot of traps and pranks inside. That building used to be a medicine laboratory and there’s a lot of abandoned chemicals there. Itsuki, who was there to feed the puppy, fell into one of the traps and accidentally splashed one of those dangerous chemicals all over her body. As the result, Itsuki can get a heart attack anytime. They decided to keep her in the hospital so she can receive treatments immediately whenever it occurs, and that’s why Itsuki has to stay in the hospital for the rest of her life.

Iori couldn’t forgive the college students, but he’s blaming himself even more than that. If he agreed to keep the puppy that day, the accident wouldn’t happen to Itsuki. She never blamed him for what happened, but Iori promised that he’ll make her happy ever since. Chihiro cried after hearing all of this since it wasn’t anybody’s fault, and Iori said he’s glad he told her all of this. He never told anyone about what happened, but now Chihiro is an exception.

When Iori walked Chihiro back home, they met Hammer on the way. He was stalking her as usual, worried when he couldn’t see her in her room. Apparently the youngsters rampage still continues even though Jesus already pulled back, since the real mastermind behind all of this is still lurking around. Iori couldn’t just sit back and watch all the fights occuring in Shibuya, so both Chihiro and him agreed to meet Hammer the next day for more discussion.

That night “inspector” was executed in every single BBS.

6th Day

Today is supposed the last private date, but Hammer tagged along since they need to hear more details from him lol. They went to the monjayaki restaurant Iori works at, and Hammer told them everything about “inspector” there. Some people already posted a notice regarding “inspector” on the internet, but Iori still wants to find the real person behind all of this. He just couldn’t forgive “inspector” since a lot of his friends got hurt thanks to the chaos.

Soon after “inspector” posted a statement on the internet. However, this time it’s not just for making fun of those who got into fights just by hearing baseless rumors. “Inspector” is now pissed since they also hurt her “onii-chan“, and the way she speaks gradually changes until it becomes really creepy. By now Iori must have already guessed who this “inspector” really is, and it was confirmed when Hammer tracked the location from her IP address: a hospital in Shibuya. Yes, the one behind “inspector” is none other than his own sister — Itsuki.

When Iori and Chihiro came to visit her, Itsuki already knew why they come. She told him she wants to be connected to the world outside, since her whole world is only this hospital room. She can’t go to school, play with friends nor fall in love like normal girls, and she feels secluded from the outside world. Itsuki made some friends on the internet and enjoyed her life for a moment, but then she realized it’s still different from having friends in real life. During such times she found out about the “murder demon” and Jesus, and she decided to have some fun by giving them false rumors. People really moved and took actions in real life just by reading the things she wrote, and it makes her happy since this is the “real” connection she’s been looking for.

So in the end, Itsuki is just like a kid who found a new toy. She doesn’t care if people outside got hurt because of what she did, as long as she feels connected to them. Her only regret is that Iori got hurt too in the process, even though she only wants those fools to destroy themselves. Even after Iori broke down crying and telling her what she did hurts a lot of people, Itsuki doesn’t think what she did was wrong. She doesn’t get why Iori cries. Her head might be a little messed up after staying in the hospital for so long, but her heart remains pure.

When he walked Chihiro home at night, Iori cried again on her arms since he can no longer endure the pain. He then left after saying he can’t let things end this way. Chihiro asked where he’s going, but Iori only apologized and said TYB was fun.

7th Day

Iori didn’t pick up his phone when Chihiro called, and she couldn’t find him in Shibuya either. Soon Iori suddenly appeared on the display screen, broadcasting his face all over Tokyo with Yuuto’s help. When he mentioned “inspector” Chihiro was worried that he might tell everyone about Itsuki, but Iori told them that he is the “inspector” instead. Of course the crowd was enraged and wanted to attack him now, since only Chihiro knows that it’s not true. Yuuto sent his MIB to pick her up and see Iori at the studio, and there Iori told her he’s doing this to protect Itsuki. Iori’s decision was firm, and he asked Chihiro to decide what she wants to do too.

Chihiro went to Shibuya station, where she yelled at all the youngsters fighting there. She told them their opponent is Iori alone, so they shouldn’t waste time punching each other here. They all listened to her immediately, surprising her since it’s so easy to control when they’re angry like this. When Iori finally came to Shibuya, they ganged up on him and beat him up.. but Iori didn’t fight back and kept standing up until he reached Chihiro. He collapsed in her arms and thanked her for accepting his decision, and Jesus finally came to stop the crowd from beating him any further.

After the youngsters left, Iori asked Chihiro to stay by his side. They’re both stubborn and might fight every now and then, but still he loves her. Chihiro said she won’t become “his” since she holds her own opinion until the end, but she’s going to stay with him from now on.

Time passed and Iori left Shibuya, living in a new place with Itsuki and their mother. They moved Itsuki to another hospital, and she absolutely has no memories about what she did as “inspector”. It’s not gone though, she just sealed it deep inside her heart to keep herself from getting hurt. Itsuki was really worried when she saw Iori getting hurt so badly that day, but both Iori and Chihiro told her that’s because he fell off his bike. Chihiro also visits her everyday so she won’t be lonely anymore, but someday Itsuki needs to face what she did.

Iori and Chihiro went to the hospital roof after that, where he thanked her for staying at his side. If she wasn’t there for him, he’d already went insane upon learning what Itsuki did. Iori then told her he can’t abandon his sister and asked Chihiro to support him from now on, even though all that he can do is to love her with all his heart. It was enough for Chihiro, and they kissed as Iori said he’ll love her forever.

Meanwhile in the WoodLink building, the president is amused. All that happened so far proves that there’s still “love” in the world, and so he’s continuing his journey to find true love. He wonders about who created Killer Nightingale, even though there’s only one person who can do that.. the woman called “Mother”.

The surprise of Super Mint was spoiled for me when I saw the eye in the omake section, but I wasn’t expecting a great story anyway. I really like Iori at first because he looks good despite the long torso and he’s really devoted.. but OMG his voice. The way he speaks is kinda similar to Koutarou, but somehow Iori sounds like he’s trying too hard to speak like that. My ears just couldn’t stand it, and his voice distracted me during the whole route. (´;ω;`) That aside, Iori’s really cute when he blushed and has a lot of adorable ドキドキ moments. I actually like Itsuki too since she’s a really nice girl despite what happened, but I do have to admit that 許さない scene was creepy lol. Overall I’m pretty much disappointed though.

Oh well, looking forward to Dark Cherry in August. My favorites are all in that disk, but most of all.. Jesus and his deep voice! Bring on the Namikawa love! ♡ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ♡

8 thoughts on “TYB Super Mint – Kirishima Iori

  1. Congaratulations for completing TYB games… Thanks for the review. I don’t think I can complete it myself.

    What? Dark Cherry have Namikawa? And, he’s in dark mode too?! I mean, the voice is very different from Takato (CZ). I guess I’ll just play if I have it later. Too bad, I don’t like the art…

    • Yes Jesus is voiced by Namikawa, and he’s using his deep voice instead of the gentle Takato / William voice. I guess Maeda’s art is more like love / hate since his style’s pretty distinct.. if you don’t love it you’ll hate it lol.

  2. You made it! Congrats! ^^ Ah, now I understand it more clearly. I had a little trouble, because my level of Japanese is pretty average. I didn’t mind Iori’s voice at first, but when I listened to the Extra Voice, I heard a deeper voice, which I would have liked to hear. But overall, didn’t really mind his voice. I guess because I learn to tolerate things XD

    Looking forward to DARK CHERRY too, but I have no idea what kind of storyline they’re putting. Then again, HONEY MILK and SUPER MINT weren’t that great, so I should get my hopes too high.

    • Haha I can tolerate Koutarou, so I thought I wouldn’t mind Iori’s voice. Sadly I was wrong lol. Maybe the thing that irked me the most is that he sounds so.. fake whenever he speaks like those Japanese youngsters. Koutarou’s was more natural though sounds retarded lol so it was fine. Why can’t Iori speak with his deeper voice like in the omake? ;_;

      I agree. The concept, characters and everything are fun, but so far TYB isn’t that great sadly.

  3. haha im glad there’s nobody super super outstanding in tyb yet so i dont have to play everyone cept for…JESUS XD

    im kinda disappointed though cuz i thought iori wud be great – it’s tattsun! – but shame dat he can’t talk straight haha.


    heheh another awesome review <3

    • JESUS YES! xD
      So far there’s nothing THAT great about TYB, and I have the feeling that Dark Cherry will be the only disk worth playing. If you take a look at the official site, Jesus is everywhere now. ;D

      I was disappointed too about Iori. His personality is cute and he has so many adorable moments, but the voice.. lol. Oh well let’s just go play Dark Cherry for Jesus. 8D

  4. Ok so maybe not getting Super Mint was a good idea after all orz. The characters are not my type (The guy that’s prettier than the girl? Check. The noble (kind of) dude? Check. The cool, tanned, ungodly handsome guy with Tattsun’s voice? Check CHECK CHECK.)

    I’m not getting my hopes up anymore…come on Rejet, just give me my Gekka Ryouran Romance already.

    BTW, I don’t see Musketeer in your banners. Are you not gonna play that one?
    Oh, and another thing! I just got back into Poupee girl so let’s become friends~~

    • If you don’t like any of the guys then you should avoid this game, or else you’ll get really REALLY bored and feel that the whole game is just a drag lol. I’m looking forward to Gekka Ryouran too, but I sure hope it won’t turn out to be Renai Banchou ~the forbidden side~ xD

      Oh I do have Musketeer, I just don’t put the banner since none of them are appealing enough. *smacked* But let’s see. If you see the banner after I play it, then it means I love it that much. That’s what I did with HanaIchi’s banners lol.

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