Musketeer -Le sang des chevaliers-

So after losing my otome mood and failing to get it back for weeks, I decided to do Musketeer instead. So many people recommended this to me, and I can say I’m impressed so far. (*・∀・*)

Deep in a forest, D’Artagnan is living with her father peacefully. One day she had a strange dream about voices chasing after her, and it gives her a very bad feeling for the rest of the day. That night she came home to see a black demon attacking her father, who eventually died trying to protect her. Just before the demon attacks her, a red knight suddenly appeared to the rescue. He introduced himself as Treville, a teacher in Chevalier Gakuen.

From Treville, D’Artagnan learns that her father used to be a teacher too. He took something precious and escaped from the academy, and Treville came here to warn him about the attack.. even though it’s too late. He saw a similar demon in the academy before, so it’s pretty certain that the academy is directly connected to this incident. With Treville’s help, D’Artagnan then decides to go to Chevalier Academy in order to find out the truth behind her father’s murder. She took her father’s sword and leaves for the Chevalier Island in September.

D’Artagnan also found a sapphire ring near her father’s body that night. She thought it’s Treville’s ring and returned it to him when she came to the academy, but apparently the ring isn’t his. It might be a clue that someone else came to their house before the demon’s attack, so D’Artagnan keeps it with her for now.

Since the carriage’s driver asked her to deliver a letter for someone called Athos, D’Artagnan spent her first day looking for the guy around the school. Chevalier Academy is an elite school filled with students from rich, famous families, so everyone thinks she’s not suitable to be a student here. Not to mention that D’Artagnan is rather “gloomy” and never smiles at all after what happened to her father. She finally found Athos in the library, but the guy was really cold and told her to go away after accepting the letter.

From Treville she learned that Athos is the leader of the Musketeers, the “student council” of the academy. They represent the students and are very famous with LOTS of hostile fangirls, who are all treating them like deities who should only be admired from afar. The members of the Musketeers are Athos, the top student and also the leader; Aramis, the beautiful object of admiration of many girls; and Porthos, the cheerful guy who gets along really well with most of the guys in the academy.

If D’Artagnan can get them to help, it’d be much easier to investigate her father’s murder. But in order to do that she has to challenge them on a duel and win, since in this academy the most important thing is your strength. The one who lose the duel will have to swear their loyalty to the winner. So for the first step, starting from that night D’Artagnan attends special training sessions with Treville.

During a practice session with Constantin, D’Artagnan accidentally saw Rochefort, the fencing teacher, talking to a demon in the forest. She tried looking for the principal hoping she can talk to him, but sadly only the Musketeers are allowed to meet the principal. D’Artagnan dropped the sapphire ring when Rochefort shooed her out of the principal’s office, and some days later he snatched the ring from her saying it’s actually his. He said it wasn’t him who killed her father though, making her confused about how it all connects to the murder.

School life won’t be so easy, but it doesn’t stop D’Artagnan from seeking out the truth.


10 thoughts on “Musketeer -Le sang des chevaliers-

  1. I’m really glad you’re writing a review for this. XDD
    Will wait for the routes (excited with Athos’ route XD). ^_^

    • Everyone recommended this to me, so I thought it’s a good game to get my otome mood back lol. I’m wondering if I should do Athos or Aramis next.. but maybe Aramis since I really want to get him out of the way. xD

  2. I’m really looking forward to your review of this game! :D I love knights and demons and all that chivalry ;) Also I’m sort of new to the otome world… So forgive for sounding like a total newb, but could you tell me the basics for avaliabilty of games like this in places such as the UK? o///o

    • It’s hard to find otome games overseas, so we usually import them directly from Japan. They’re not available here in my country as well, so I have to rely on sites like Play-Asia or Amazon JP. Or use 3rd party services to help you buy stuff from Japan. :)

  3. i have been wanting to find a review of this game >.< it seems so interesting =D i think i will have alot of fun reading ur reviews again, and i hope u will have fun playing the game too ^^

    • Honestly my expectations were pretty low, but Musketeer was really good.. just like how it was with HanaIchi lol. With seven guys to capture the game’s pretty long, so I’m taking my time to enjoy it thoroughly. xD

  4. Yay, you’re doing a review for this!
    I played through this non stop as soon as I got it. Didn’t have much expectations for it as well but it became one of my favorite game out this year (so far).

  5. Fool question probably, but I need to be sure if I really can’t play this game: in the Japanese and only version sold online, the Language is ONLY Jap or it it in English too??? btw thanks for writing down all the stories! :)

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