Musketeer – Porthos

I wanted to do Aramis first to get him outta the way, but I don’t wanna lose my otome mood again.. so I started with Porthos. This route has so much funny and adorable moments. xD

The youngest member of the Musketeers, also D’Artagnan’s classmate. Porthos is cheerful, good at sports and has a lot of guy friends. He’s rather cold towards girls though, saying he hates them because they’re weak and cry easily. However, he’s just a regular guy who’s going through puberty, so his naughty imagination often runs wild. He couldn’t stand seeing D’Artagnan getting treated so badly, and he protected her during Rochefort’s fencing class.

On the night after Rochefort took back his ring, Treville asked Porthos to deliver a book to D’Artagnan’s room. There was no answer when he knocked on the door, and he heard the sound of water running from the bathroom when he went in. Unaware that D’Artagnan was actually talking a bath, Porthos went to the bathroom to stop the water.. and that’s where he saw her showering. Naked, obviously. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He started panicking, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs until she told him to get out LOL. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t realize it’s him, even though poor Porthos was so excited he bumped into things on his way out. xD

Later on Porthos knocked on her window and apologized, saying he didn’t see everything lol. It was only then when D’Artagnan realized it was him earlier, but she’s really calm about it and thanked him for the book instead. He was surprised that she didn’t get angry nor slapped him for that, and Aramis also noticed that D’Artagnan never smiles at all. When she got lost in the forest she didn’t cry, but she didn’t show any happy or relieved emotions either when Athos rescued her. The Musketeers had a talk about this, and they concluded that D’Artagnan must have sealed her emotions inside.

After D’Artagnan’s victory against Aramis, Planche called her to the woods after school. It’s pretty obvious since Planche is a big Aramis fan. She accused D’Artagnan of cheating in the duel since Aramis can’t possibly lose to someone like her. Right after Planche took out her sword and challenged D’Artagnan on a duel, a creepy laughter was heard. D’Artagnan noticed that it’s actually a demon and told Planche to run while she fights the creature alone. Eventually Aramis came to save her, but D’Artagnan faintly saw two demons fighting each other before she passed out.

She woke up in Aramis’ room later, and he took her to see the other Musketeers in Athos’ room. They asked her not to say anything about the demon to everyone else at school since they don’t want to cause a stir, and D’Artagnan agreed. When Athos mentioned her victory against Aramis, Porthos said it looks like she doesn’t know how to be happy since she remains expressionless all the time. Both Aramis and him then gave her examples about how to express happiness properly, and their attempts eventually succeeded as D’Artagnan finally laughed for the first time. She feels happy that they acknowledged her effort.

Planche is still a tsundere as usual, but thankfully she starts being more friendly towards D’Artagnan after what happened. Porthos wasn’t pleased since D’Artagnan was the one who got scolded by Athos for going into the forest, but Planche understood the situation thanks to Aramis and keeps her mouth sealed about the demon they saw that day.

That evening they also played billiard together with Bonacieux and Rocinante, pushing D’Artagnan to pair up with Porthos since she’s a beginner and he’s a pro lol. He taught her how to play properly, amusing Bonacieux and Planche since he’s actually helping a girl despite his rough way of speaking. In the end they lost the game and had to make some iced chocolates for the winner, but Porthos accidentally knocked the tray and spilled some of the drink onto D’Artagnan’s clothes. She didn’t get angry at all and went to clean the floor instead, so Porthos poured some iced chocolates onto his own head too saying he’s not satisfied unless he did that lol. How adorable. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

A few days after that, Porthos asked D’Artagnan about their duel. He’s not pleased that she’s getting all friendly with Aramis, so he wants to see if she really won with her own strength. This would be his 100th duel too, and he’ll take her sword to fill his collection rack if he wins. They agreed to have the duel on the last day of the exams, since D’Artagnan knows Porthos’ marks was so bad he had to take extra lessons lol. That night he also helped her sneak into Rochefort’s room to get the ring back, and he went all blushy since he almost saw her panties when she bent down. ブッ+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚ Their plan failed since Rochefort was in his room, but Porthos said he’s not doing it to help her. It’s just an adventure! 8D

Just as planned, Porthos and D’Artagnan had their duel right after the exam ended. He was really confident in his strength and D’Artagnan knows she can’t win by facing him head on, so she used a feint and eventually managed to knock Porthos’ sword off, disarming him. Of course Porthos was shocked that he lost, but he pledged his loyalty to her anyway lol. He’s thinking of requesting a rematch with her when Planche appeared asking what he’s doing in front of D’Artagnan’s room. He left after bumping into something again since Planche thought he’s planning to do something dirty lol.

D’Artagnan failed her economics exam and had to take an extra lesson with Porthos (who failed everything unrelated to sports), and he asked her if she told anyone about his defeat. She said she didn’t, so Porthos decided to tell everyone himself since it’s more manly that way lol. He admits that he was so irritated and wanted a rematch, but now he has accepted his defeat. They went to the roof after that and D’Artagnan asked about the observatorium there, mentioning that she loves the stars. He was about to invite her to watch the stars, but then he got embarassed and starts being tsun again.. while blushing lol.

On Sunday D’Artagnan saw Porthos playing soccer with Rocinante and his friends. He asked what she’s going to do today, and she said she’s going to the beach for a walk alone. D’Artagnan is always alone, so later on Porthos came to the beach too saying everyone left him and went to play darts so he had no choice but to come here. Even she noticed that it’s a lie since Porthos is always the center of attention, but she laughed and thanked him for thinking of her. He then took her to explore some caves nearby, warning her to be careful since it’s slippery. When D’Artagnan walked ahead of him, Porthos muttered to himself that he came here because he wants to protect her. キュー(*´ω`*)ーン

Soon it was Halloween, and the students had a party on the beach. D’Artagnan bumped into a huge pumpkin who tried to surprise her, but she noticed right away that it’s actually Porthos. He had to monitor the party as a Musketeer even in that costume, so he’s bumping into everyone as he goes around the place lol.

After asking Athos for a duel, D’Artagnan went looking for Porthos and found her sitting in that cave from before.. still in his pumpkin costume. Apparently he made it himself, and D’Artagnan wanted to try wearing it. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵When he said “trick or treat”, she tried to get the cookies she brought to the party. It’s hard to move with that huge pumpkin head and Porthos kept saying he’ll play tricks on her if she doesn’t give him sweets, but he didn’t let her took off the head and hugged it instead. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

Everyone at school made fun of D’Artagnan for challenging the head of the Musketeers, but she didn’t give up and continues training with Aramis and Porthos everyday. The duel was obviously unbalanced since Athos is REALLY strong, but D’Artagnan kept fighting even if she got hurt pretty bad. In the end Athos won the fight after disarming her. Based on the rules D’Artagnan had to pledge her loyalty to him, but then Athos stopped them saying he’ll do it instead. To him a duel doesn’t involve purely physical strength, and from their fight earlier Athos learned that she has a really strong heart.

Now that the three Musketeers have pledged their loyalties to her, D’Artagnan finally told them about what happened to her father. She also explained to them about the sapphire ring and Rochefort’s connection to the demon, though it’s still unclear if he’s really the one behind the murder. Athos, Aramis and Porthos all agreed to help her investigating the case, and here they held up their swords to the sky saying their motto: “one for all, all for one!”

D’Artagnan doesn’t have to attend special training sessions anymore, and Treville gave her a painting set so she can draw in her free time. She decided to paint a portrait of Porthos and went to see him in his room. At first she heard no answers when she knocked on the door, but soon a loud “HOOOTT!!” was heard from inside lol. She rushed in and found a naked Porthos there, as well as steam filling up the room. Apparently his shower broke. He was panicking so much he didn’t realize he’s naked until D’Artagnan told him not to go outside in such appearance lol. He thanked her for helping him call the maintenance, but he also thought she’s getting revenge for what happened months ago. xD

When D’Artagnan returned to her room, she found a letter under her door. It asked her to go to an empty classroom alone that night, promising to tell her about the secret of the academy. She met a mysterious girl at the promised place, and from her she learned that the thing her father took was the key of Buckingham tower. On the very top of the tower lies something that Richelieu, the principal, wants. He’s working with Rochefort and sent someone to kill D’Artagnan’s father, and now they’re after the mysterious girl as well since she’s the original owner of the thing hidden in the tower.

The girl said D’Artagnan has the key now, and she has to make sure it won’t fall to Richelieu’s hands. Soon they heard footsteps and the girl left after saying she’s on D’Artagnan’s side. However, someone messed up D’Artagnan’s room when she was away. Nothing was stolen since she doesn’t have anything precious anyway, and she wondered if the objective was actually the tower’s key.

The next day she reported this to the Musketeers. Athos said it’d be better if they conduct their own investigation before confronting Richelieu about this, so D’Artagnan borrowed tons of books from the library after school. She met Porthos on her way back and he helped her carry the books, which were all about demons. It was past the dorm’s lights-out time, but Porthos sat on her bed instead and started reading the books with her lol. Apparently she borrowed books that have the word “demon” written on it, so some of them are completely unrelated lol.

One of the books Porthos picked up is about a diamond necklace owned by the queen of France. The king gave her a magical necklace with twelve diamonds on it, but the queen was planning to give it to her lover, a duke from England. The king found out about this plan and, fearing that France will be destroyed should the necklace got out of the country, took off two of the diamonds and hid it. As the queen was looking at the necklace, the king whispered and called her the “demon” he loves.

Now Porthos got sleepy after reading that and D’Artagnan told him not to sleep here. He replied there’s no way he can sleep here, but he was blushing the whole time. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

One night Milady came to D’Artagnan’s room to give her a lotion, but it’s only a cover since she wants to inquire her about the key. She was listening in when D’Artagnan was muttering about the key after her room got ransacked, and she wants her to open the tower’s door. There’s a rumor that a treasure is hidden inside the tower, so she’s planning to do “business” with D’Artagnan if she has the key. Sadly she didn’t know anything about any treasures, so Milady gave up and left.

However, D’Artagnan was curious and went to the tower with Porthos at night. She tried inserting everything she had into the lock, but none of it worked. Porthos was asking her about what type of guys she likes (lol) when suddenly a demon interrupted their potential raburabu time. The demon told them to stay away from the tower and started attacking, freezing both Porthos and D’Artagnan. But then suddenly Porthos said he can’t take it anymore and.. transformed into a demon himself. エッ!?Σ(゚д゚ lll) The surprise didn’t end there as Athos and Aramis came to join the fight, both transforming into demons as well.

The demon who attacked them escaped, but D’Artagnan was really surprised to learn that the Musketeers themselves are demons as well. Athos explained that they were actually turned into demons without them realizing it. The three of them all have strange birthmarks / seals on their bodies, but they never really thought about it until then. On the day when D’Artagnan first came to the academy, they suddenly felt pain coming from their seals during their night patrol. It was then when they turned into demons, realizing the meaning behind those seals. They also can’t get out of the island ever since. Something must have sealed the demons to stay inside the island, so they’re planning to seek the truth too while helping D’Artagnan.

The next day Porthos went to the beach with D’Artagnan, who was still shocked. They explored some caves again, and he told her he doesn’t hate his fate. It gives him the power to protect the school even though he became a demon, but D’Artagnan asked if he’s really okay with that. She doesn’t wanna conclude things with the word “fate” so easily, and she wants him to treasure his life more. It’d be difficult for him if he has to continue living as a demon for the rest of his life. If her father was killed because of fate, then she’s going to fight that fate. She apologized for going against his opinion, but Porthos was impressed with her words.

Chevalier Academy holds its anniversary festival in December, complete with a dance party. D’Artagnan saw Porthos cleaning up outside, saying he’s not interested in dancing with girls. She then decided to help him instead of dancing with Athos inside, inviting him to go to the hall when they’re done. This caused Porthos to lose control of his emotions. He hugged her asking if she hates him because he’s a demon, but then he realized that he’s being weird and started panicking as usual before running off screaming to the night sky lol.

..and that night Porthos had a dream of D’Artagnan hugging and undressing him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Porthos couldn’t sleep at all at night since he keeps turning into his demon form whenever he gets excited, and he showed up at school with red eyes the next day. Everyone including Planche and Constantin were excited about the upcoming Noel / Christmas, but Porthos was busy with his own thoughts all day. It bothered him too when D’Artagnan went to see Aramis after school (since it was Aramis’ turn to guard her), he kept peeking into the greenhouse until Aramis told D’Artagnan that a jealous monster is watching them lol. In fact, Porthos was so jealous he had to talk about romance with Louis, even though he wasn’t interested in girls at all before. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

After picking up D’Artagnan from the student council room, Porthos took her to an empty classroom and confessed that he’s in love with her. He asked her to go out with him, but sadly D’Artagnan said she doesn’t understand her own feelings. (ノД`)・゜・。 She’s happy with his feelings, but a part of her also thinks this isn’t the time for love. She admits that she’s looking at him as a man though, and Porthos said it’s good enough for now since it means he’s one step in front of the others. From then he increased his guard shifts and sticks to her like a glue, amusing Planche and his friends even more.

He invites her to watch the stars at night and turned into his demon form again, because he gets excited upon touching her finger LOL. Whenever he’s in his demon form Porthos would start touching D’Artagnan’s butt since he can’t control himself. He also asked her not to touch his horns since it “feels good”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Eventually he turned back into human after she slapped him, but he’s naked and had to pick his clothes that flew off everywhere after his transformation ROFL. D’Artagnan said she understands and concludes that Porthos is stronger in his demon form, but he also turned into a pervert. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

Porthos only gets excited around D’Artagnan though. He’s fine even after hearing girls talking about lingeries, but he turns into his demon form just by seeing her skirt swing lol. He asked her out for a date during class and was so happy when she agreed, but sadly she caught a cold on Sunday. Porthos nursed her all day and cooked risotto for her, going as far as asking Athos for the recipe lol. When D’Artagnan asked if he likes older or younger girls, he climbed her bed and lied beside her saying he only likes her. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Of course this caused him to turn into his demon form again since he starts having dirty thoughts lol.

During art class Treville brought the students to draw the scenery outside. D’Artagnan met the mysterous girl again here, this time learning that the treasure in the tower is actually a diamond necklace containing a huge magic power. The girl said Richelieu’s planning to use that power for his own advantage. On December 31 the power of the demons will be released for the whole day, and Richelieu will kill her if she doesn’t get the necklace and beat him by then. She said D’Artagnan is in danger as well because she holds the key, asking her to beat Richelieu if she wants to save the Musketeers since the necklace might be able to turn them back into normal humans. She told D’Artagnan her name before leaving: Anne.

D’Artagnan has been avoiding Rochefort ever since she heard about Richelieu’s plan from Anne, but during fencing class Rochefort ordered her to help carry some stuff to the storage. It’s obviously a lie. He took her to the tower instead and forced her to spill the beans about Anne, but Porthos came to save her before Rochefort could hurt her. He was enraged and transformed into his demon form despite D’Artagnan’s warning, but it turns out that Rochefort is a demon as well. Not only that, but he was also the one who attacked them that night. He fled again when Athos came to aid them. Porthos already saw him transforming though, so he told the other Musketeers about Rochefort being a demon as well.

Since they know that Rochefort’s a demon, it’s highly likely that Richelieu is a demon as well. There’s a high chance that Rochefort’s going to hide for a while since he transformed in front of a student, and Athos decided to keep an eye on Richelieu for the time being. They can’t confront him directly considering the risk, so their top priority for now is guiding the students to escape to a safe place. As the Musketeers are discussing their plan, D’Artagnan feels sad since she couldn’t do anything to help. Things would be easier if she knows where the key is, but she didn’t have a clue.

Meanwhile, Porthos was jealous of Athos again. Athos is always calm no matter what happens, and it was him too who saved them earlier. He can tell that D’Artagnan relies on him so much during their meeting earlier, but he apologized since he knows she doesn’t return his feelings. D’Artagnan answered she does rely on him, though Porthos said it doesn’t seem so. By this time her feelings for Porthos have grown too, because deep inside she wants to stay in the classroom with him instead of going back to the dorm before lights-out time. (*´ω`*)

Just as they predicted, Rochefort wasn’t there in the morning assembly. Aramis was watching Richelieu in his room, so only Athos and Porthos came to the hall. Athos was about to tell the students about the escape plan when suddenly Rochefort came into the hall.. in his demon form. He started attacking everyone without exception, so both Athos and Porthos had no choice but to transform and fight back. Naturally this caused the students to panic even though they turned into their demon forms to protect them.

The situation only got worse when Richelieu entered the hall saying Athos and Porthos are dangerous demons, labelling them as criminals and ordered everyone to go after them. They had no choice but to escape with D’Artagnan, who asked them to take her along. Outside a lot of demons were waiting for them, and soon they had to split since Rochefort was chasing them as well. D’Artagnan went with Porthos and they escaped to a cave on the beach, the one they visited before. She was really pissed at what Richelieu and Rochefort did and felt guilty, thinking this happened because she asked for the Musketeer’s help. She’s planning to go back and explain everything to the students, but Porthos hugged her saying it’s okay. He’s here to protect her, and all they have to do from now on is to meet up with Athos later.

Since Athos and Porthos fled, Aramis is the only Musketeer left in the academy. For some reason the student believes that him and Rochefort will fight the “demons” to keep them safe. Everyone thinks D’Artagnan is a demon as well since they clearly saw her taking Porthos’ hand, but Planche told them to shut up. D’Artagnan isn’t a demon and she believes in her.

Back in the cave, Porthos is thinking about their next move. He asked for D’Artagnan’s opinion but she’s leaving everything in his hands, since she doesn’t know the area that well. Porthos realized that she really relies on him, and he was so happy about it he turned into a demon again lol. Later on he told her that he’s only like this around her. He never liked a girl before since he used to look down upon them, thinking they’re always using their weakness to get what they want. After watching D’Artagnan working hard he realized that not all girls are like that, and he fell in love with her because of that.

Porthos is curious if D’Artagnan ever liked a guy before, but he’s to afraid to hear the answer. D’Artagnan finally said that she loves Porthos too. She realized that she was trying to block her feelings because of the situation, but she ends up saying it now that they’re on the run. Porthos was really happy to hear her answer, he doesn’t mind the situation at hand. She can say it anytime and he’ll still be happy since those are the words he’s been waiting for. After all this time, D’Artagnan is finally his. (*´ω`*)

Soon they heard footsteps, so Porthos told D’Artagnan to go ahead and wait at the beach while he goes to check. Only Aramis knows about the cave so Porthos thought it must be him, but it turned out to be Rochefort, who tied him with chains immediately. Porthos didn’t want D’Artagnan to come back if she heard his scream, so he stayed quiet and let Rochefort capture him instead.

D’Artagnan waited for Porthos at the beach until morning came. When he didn’t show up, she knows that there must be something wrong. Porthos wouldn’t leave her alone like this unless he got captured. She met Rocinante near the dorm and learned that Porthos was captured by Rochefort, and he’s now in Rochiel Prison. He also warned her that the academy’s looking for her as well, so it’s dangerous to go on ahead. Unfortunately Rocinante is under watch as well since he was close to Porthos, so when Aramis came saying he’ll take things from here, he had no choice but to leave.

Aramis mentioned that Richelieu trusted him to take care of things once they find D’Artagnan. She was shocked to hear this, but apparently it was him too who told Richelieu and Rochefort about Porthos’ secret cave hideout. ( ಠ_ಠ ) He said he’s not taking sides though, he only told them because they asked him. For him there’s no friends nor enemies. But he’s taking her for now since they told him to do so.

Meanwhile, Porthos was tortured by Rochefort who forced him to tell him D’Artagnan and Anne’s locations. He refused to say anything and got beaten up pretty bad until Rochefort leaves to see Richelieu. When Aramis came to visit him later, Porthos finally realized that it was him who betrayed them. He was devastated and asked why he did that, but Aramis just said he had no reason at all.. which is probably true considering he also told Patrick to tend Porthos’ wounds later. He also asked Richelieu not to torture Porthos so much, or else he won’t give them information about Athos’ location.

Things didn’t go smoothly for Aramis either, because Richelieu then revealed that the tower’s key is actually D’Artagnan herself. Her blood will unlock the door, so they can get inside by sacrificing her. Even Aramis thought that’s going too far, but Richelieu didn’t let him back out and asked him to bring D’Artagnan to the tower tomorrow night.

D’Artagnan was kept in Aramis’ room, and she was clearly pissed at him. She tried to fight him before going out to save Porthos, but Aramis let her out saying she should see for herself that it’s impossible. She ran to the prison and asked Patrick to let her see Porthos, only to get rejected since D’Artagnan herself is in a dangerous position. She didn’t give up though and asked him to capture her instead, she doesn’t mind getting locked up in the prison as long as she can see Porthos again. Eventually Patrick gave in to her persuasion and told her to come back an hour later since right now Rochefort’s inside, so for now she should hide in the barn nearby to keep herself warm.

Porthos was surprised when he saw D’Artagnan in front of his cell. She was really worried about his wounds, but he asked her to stay like this for a while.. it heals his pain. After she treated his wounds, Porthos told her to escape and meet up with Athos. That way they might be able to devise some plans. D’Artagnan refused to leave without him, but Porthos couldn’t transform into a demon since it requires quite a lot of stamina. Soon they heard footseps coming and Porthos told her to escape quickly, but it turns out to be Rocinante. He was watching when she asked Patrick to let her in earlier, and he decided to help by stealing the key from the staff room. Rocinante was clearly scared, but he told Porthos that D’Artagnan isn’t the only one who believes in him.

Now that Porthos is free, their next plan is to meet up with Athos in their hideout. They had to take some rest in one of the caves though since his wounds started bleeding again, and D’Artagnan heard Porthos talking to Aramis in his sleep. She’s really pissed about his betrayal, but Porthos said not everything Aramis did was an act. He helped and encouraged D’Artagnan too during her training days, and a part of Porthos still refused to believe that Aramis really betrayed them. What he did is unforgivable indeed, but he was their friend after all.

Porthos was recruited to be a Musketeer the moment he enrolled to the academy, so he’s been spending his time with Athos and Aramis for about two years now. At first he didn’t get along with the narcissistic Aramis, but they became friends as time passed by. He wish he can hate Aramis since it’d make things much easier, but he just can’t. D’Artagnan noticed how hard it is for Porthos, so she told him it’s okay to cry. He then cried in her arms, with D’Artagnan wishing Porthos’ feelings can reach Aramis.

When they continued their journey to the hideout, they met Aramis at the beach. Porthos told him to take out his sword and challenged him on a duel.. which turned into a fist fight after they disarmed each other. Porthos won in terms of brute strength and said he’ll kill Aramis for what he did, but he couldn’t bring himself to stab him after all. Aramis apologized for putting both Porthos and D’Artagnan into such danger, and she realized Porthos was ready to accept his apology. He was only looking for a chance to forgive Aramis. He told Aramis to apologize to Athos later, and they went to their secret hideout after that.

Athos was waiting for them when they finally reached the cabin. Unlike Porthos, he had his suspicion about Aramis from way before, he just didn’t have the proof. Porthos was worried that Athos won’t be able to forgive Aramis, but he just told Aramis to explain everything until he’s satisfied. He also prepared some food so they all can eat before treating Porthos’ wounds properly.

Meanwhile, Richelieu and Rochefort put ALL of the students inside the prison saying this is to protect them from the demons. Porthos has fled from the prison, so they won’t know when he’ll come back to attack. At first they were relieved, but after some time they start wondering if Porthos is really the bad guy here. Bonacieux also heard that Rocinante is somewhere in this prison as well, and Planche wasn’t sure of this whole protecting plan. Especially since she couldn’t find D’Artagnan in the prison, even though they heard she has returned to the dorm earlier.

This information reached Athos’ ears soon enough. They didn’t know what kind of relationship Richelieu has with Anne, but they know he’s a demon and they have to face him in the end. By handing the diamond necklace to Anne they can prevent Richelieu’s plan from taking place, but their highest priority is to rescue the imprisoned students. The students didn’t know Aramis has switched sides, so he’s using his position as a Musketeer to make sure they follow the plan. D’Artagnan will be the one who leads them to escape, while the Musketeers will go to the tower and stop Richelieu’s plan.

That night Porthos and D’Artagnan went back to the dorm to carry out their plan, even though Athos was worried about Porthos’ condition. He can walk on his own now, but it’d be hard for him to transform into his demon form. It’s snowing outside, so Porthos made a sledge for him and D’Artagnan to ride on. She sat on the front just in case they bumped into a tree, since she can’t let Porthos get hurt even more. Sadly the sledge was so slow it doesn’t make as much difference if they walk instead lol. Porthos laughed at his own failure of a sledge, and D’Artagnan said she loves that side of him. He can laugh anytime despite the situation, giving her the courage she needed. Porthos blushed and asked her to stop since hearing those things made him wanna do something to her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

The dorm was empty when they arrived, since all of the students are in prison. Porthos didn’t let D’Artagnan return to her room, so they celebrated Noel in his room instead. He fell asleep right after eating, having a dream about him and D’Artagnan riding their sledge together. He touched weird places when she told him to hold on tight, but she also asked him not to let go lol. It’s amazing how Porthos can see エロい dreams when they have a huge fight to face the next day. xD

Porthos pulled D’Artagnan to his bed when he woke up later, but he’s also worried since he’s not transforming. She told him they don’t have to win tomorrow, as long as he’s alive it’s enough for her. When she said it’s okay even if he can’t turn back into a normal human, Porthos kissed her saying they might not be able to do these kind of things anymore since he’ll transform everytime. But D’Artagnan doesn’t mind. If he turns into his lecherous demon form she’ll just slap him until he turns back into a human, so it’s okay lol. For her Noel wish, she prayed for Porthos’ safety tomorrow, apologizing to her father since she wants Porthos to stay alive no matter what happens.

The next morning Porthos went to see Athos. On the way back to the dorm he met Louis, who for some reason isn’t in the prison with everyone else. Louis has been waiting for Porthos to be alone since he wants to give something to him: diamonds from the necklace in the tower. Something happened and he had to remove two of the twelve diamonds, and now he’s giving them to Porthos. Louis revealed that Anne is the girl that he loves. He was the one who gave that necklace to her in the first place, but he can’t say anything more than that. Before leaving Louis said that he admires Porthos for having so many friends around him. His life might be different if he has such qualities in himself.

Porthos also met Rocinante and asked him to assist D’Artagnan for today’s plan. From him Porthos learned that Aramis took the blame for him, and that’s why he’s now free. When he got back to his room, Porthos gave the diamonds to D’Artagnan for her Noel present. She asked him to take the diamonds instead since he’s the one who’s going to the battlefield, but Porthos said her mission is equally important. He swore that he’ll come back safely and spend the rest of his life with her, finally sealing it with a kiss.

While D’Artagnan and Rocinante were guiding the students to escape, Porthos went to challenge Rochefort on a duel. He wants to hear the truth, and Rochefort said he already told D’Artagnan that he didn’t kill her father. Though he’s not completely unrelated. He’s also doing it to prevent Athos and Aramis from fighting both Richelieu and Rochefort at the same time, even though he might not be able to endure a long fight because of his wounds. The students heard the sound of lightning and fire from the tower, but D’Artagnan successfully guided them towards the sea. The tide was low so they can walk across the sea, and D’Artagnan stayed behind to fight some demons who tried to attack them.

Meanwhile, Porthos was in a pinch after Rochefort slashed him. But then a voice saying “Porthos.. don’t die” was heard and the ground started shaking. He used this chance to stab Rochefort and eventually defeated him, then he went to the tower to aid Athos and Aramis. They were no match for Richelieu in his demon form though, and D’Artagnan soon came to stop the fight — just as he predicted. She threw the diamonds to Porthos, allowing him to transform into his demon form plus giving him tremendous power to soar into the sky. As Porthos delivered the killing blow to Richelieu, a blinding light was seen.

D’Artagnan woke up in the middle of the sea, with Porthos waking her up so she won’t drown. That last fight blew everyone away, and so here they are floating in the Winter sea lol. He laughed and said it’s okay even if it’s cold. He’s alive and naked! Porthos kissed her and said her lips tastes so salty, but then he realized Athos and Aramis were watching them on the background lol. In the end they didn’t know the identity of the tower’s key, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Seems like they’re going to be a バカップル from now on. (❤ฺ→艸←)

In the epilogue, it’s almost Spring. Porthos and D’Artagnan are going to be third year students, but Porthos isn’t worried since they will always be together anyway. He wants to live with her after they graduate, and after a nervous pause she approved the idea happily. A few years later they got married and had two kids, a boy and a girl who both look like their parents perfectly combined together lol. They went to the sea and ride a banana boat together, manually blown by Porthos himself. Σd(・∀・ ) He asked D’Artagnan and their kids to row the boat together since it’d be more fun that way, enjoying the happiness with their family.

In the extra story, Porthos is having another perverted dream. This time it’s about him taking a bath together with D’Artagnan, but it’s actually because he fell asleep in the bathtub LOL. When Athos went to wake him up, he was laughing with a perverted smile on his face. He was shocked when he’s finally awake and found the worried Athos by his side, but then he drowned himself back into the water muttering “ah.. and that was a nice dream too..” ブッ+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚

LOL Porthos is so adorable. I was ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ so much whenever he gets excited around D’Artagnan and tried to cover it with his tsundere-ish attitude. He’s probably the pervert of the game too since he keeps seeing dirty dreams about him and D’Artagnan lol. Porthos often lets his emotions take control, but I don’t find him annoying at all. I think he makes a good boyfriend / husband material, so his warm family ending makes me happy. (*´ω`*) The story feels incomplete since this is only my first route, but I guess we’ll see how things turn out as I tackle more routes.

..and wow long post is long. I’m sorry lol. I was taking notes of everything.


16 thoughts on “Musketeer – Porthos

  1. LOL Porthos. You can still think of perverted things even on such situations. XDDD You’re soo adorable too. >////<

    Names such as Louis and Anne? Then a story of a King and Queen of France? Wow, I suddenly remembered my world history class. ^^
    This seems a good game. I wonder what other mysteries will be uncovered in the following routes. :))

    • Bingo. You got it. :D
      Judging by their names and that story, I guess it’s pretty obvious who they really are.. but I have a bad feeling about Anne lol. I was told that you won’t get the whole story until you clear every route, so I’ve got a long way to go. xD

  2. lol this review was funny ^^ its alittle too much when he can have dreams like that in such situations but o well watever >.>
    i hope u will keep having fun with this game and u wouldnt lose ur otome-game mood
    cant wait for the next review =D

    • We all know that Porthos is a pervert, but who would’ve guessed that he can see ero dreams right before the final battle lol. But then again guys aren’t guys without perverted thoughts. 8D

      So far I’m regaining my otome mood back thanks to Musketeer.
      Looks like I lost it after going through TYB Super Mint, so let’s just hope Dark Cherry will be good and won’t erase my mood again lol.

  3. HAHAHA omg porthos <3

    i was originally aiming for Athos on the first playthrough but i changed ma mind after seeing the bath scene LOL – wacchan's screaming made me shit bricks.

    i love how excited he gets, horny teenager porthos xD haha and dwbi abt the story feeling incomplete, it'll start to come together after u go through Rochefort's route and stuff. glad u found Porthos adorable too haha xD

    • Yay you love Porthos too! xD

      Yea I figured Rochefort’s route might give more light to the story, but I have a feeling that Treville’s route is the one that holds most of the spoilers lol.

      Judging by looks only, I was lured towards Athos too. But that naked bath CG was like.. impossible to ignore lolol. Wacchan did a great job, Porthos’ screaming and lecherous laugh made me LOL so bad tears were coming out. xD

  4. i dont rlly know ur name soo im just gonna call u Rin. anyways u knoe at the end when Porthos was dreaming when D and him was on with their kids 0.O when i read another review it says it wasn’t rlly a dream it wasn’t rlly a dream it was rlly the future

  5. guh I’m on Constantine’s route right now but I have to say him and Porthos are like the best characters in the whole game seriously. Porty’s dreams and all his naked moments (even in Cons’ route) are hilarious xDDDD

    • They’re the best! xD
      They even have similar pervert laugh. It’s just Porthos tend to imagine something dirty, while Cons is more romantic lol. I swear Porthos broke the record for most naked scenes in the entire game. His duel with Cons made me laugh so hard I cried. xDDD

    God this guy is definitely my favorite out of everyone in the whole game, I loved it when he got all jealous and let’s not forget his pervy dreams~
    Speaking of which, do you know any other guys (from any otome game) whose route/personality is like his? I loved how he was so tsun and how he got jealous easily. So adorableee

    • There must be a few, but right now I can only remember Masashi from HanaIchi. He’s not a pervert, but he’s tsun to the max and gets jealous easily. xD Mitsuki from Hotokenser also shows adorable jealousy, but he’s not a tsundere like Porthos.

  7. Ahahaha….. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Oh Porthos, you are so adorable… (_´ω`)
    ツンツン + jealousy + perverted thought = adorkable Porthos = LOVE! I laughed so hard, when he totally turns into a pervert and transforms into his demon form when he gets excited. And his hand on Dartys butt. xDD

    It’s kind of seldom to have a love interest that is having his imagination running wild like THIS. ≖‿≖ There should be much more guys from this type, really. (*°∀°)=3

    Actually I don’t particulary like Wacchan’s voice, but his voice for Porthos is fabulous! (´ω`★)

    • Wacchan did a great job voicing Porthos here. His lecherous laugh is epic. xD
      I agree, we need more characters with wild imagination like Porthos and Cons LOL.

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