Musketeer – Aramis

Beautiful guys with long silky hair are never my type, so I wanted to finish Aramis’ route as soon as possible. This route exceeds my expectations though, as it’s actually pretty good. ♪

The beautiful, narcissistic member of the Musketeers. Aramis checks his reflection on any mirror he sees, admiring his own beauty while making gorgeous poses. He’s almost always surrounded by his fangirls too wherever he goes. His academic skills are impressive, losing only to Athos in terms of grades. He picked the letter D’Artagnan dropped thinking she’s doing it on purpose to catch his attention, so he was surprised to see that she’s not charmed at all.

D’Artagnan thought Aramis looks like the weakest Musketeer out of the three, so she decided to make him her first target. She was tailing him all day to find out about his weakness, watching him admiring himself in mirrors and talking to flowers in his greenhouse — La Volière. It doesn’t take long until Aramis realized that she’s following him, but he decided to play along and pretends he didn’t notice until the end of the day lol. D’Artagnan couldn’t tell him the reason why she wants their help so much, but he accepted her challenge and agreed to have a duel the next night. He even gave her one extra chance if she loses.

Aramis’ fencing skill is clearly above D’Artagnan’s. She thought he’s weak in his left side, but Aramis didn’t show any openings and blocked her attacks. Eventually she found a chance and attacked him. She missed, but Aramis was surprised and threw away his sword. He admits defeat and swore his loyalty to D’Artagnan, making him the first Musketeer who joined her side. Obviously his fangirls, including Planche, aren’t pleased since this means D’Artagnan is monopolizing their beloved “Aramis-sama”. However, after the incident in the forest Planche gradually grew more friendly towards D’Artagnan and starts defending her in front of their friends. She doesn’t throw away her hope though, since she’s still a fan of Aramis’.

That night D’Artagnan came to thank Aramis in his room. He was half naked and acting weird, so she decided to check his temperature and found out that he has a high fever. Seems like he caught a cold since he starts sneezing as well. D’Artagnan was worried about leaving him alone in such condition, and she helped him change clothes before he goes to bed. When she left to get a blanket and a warm drink, Aramis muttered that he never received such a kind treatment whenever he caught a cold before. She also stayed to nurse him all night, and in his sleep Aramis feels that her warmth gives him a place to belong. He promised to return the favor by protecting her with his sword.

Before the exams, D’Artagnan decided to study in her room. There’s a part she didn’t get in classic literatures, so she went to ask Aramis about it. He made her sit on his bed so they can “relax” and enjoy studying (lol), but he really did help her study as well as giving some advice so she can remember things easily. Aramis then asked if D’Artagnan has opened her heart to him. She apologized since she doesn’t know, but he laughed and said it’s normal because you can’t really peek into your own heart.

On the last day of the exam D’Artagnan had her duel with Porthos and won, but she also did well on her exam thanks to Aramis’ guidance. He was pleased with her grades and invited her to La Volière after school, he wants to give her a present for working so hard on her studies. There he gave her a bouquet of white lilies saying it suits her the most, because white lilies symbolize purity and innocence. D’Artagnan was happy to receive his present and went to put the flowers in her room, though she wonders if such words really suit her.

On Sunday D’Artagnan visited Aramis’ again to request his help for her training. He told her to get in and she eventually found him in the bathroom.. taking a luxurious bubble bath with rose petals. ハッΣ(゚ロ゚;) He asked her to take a bath together, but she slapped his hands and ran outside lol. It’s actually Aramis’ birthday today and he received so many presents from his fangirls. D’Artagnan came into the lounge when they were celebrating his birthday, but she went straight to her room thinking it’s got nothing to do with her. Aramis noticed her presence, and it clearly bothered him that she’s not joining the party.

Soon Halloween came and D’Artagnan finally asked Athos to face her in a duel. She went to see Aramis after that, who dressed up in a cool military costume. Please excuse my 軍服 fetish. He was surrounded by so many girls she could barely see him, so she gave up and walked away. Aramis saw her leaving though, and he apologized to his fangirls since he’s going to spend his time with D’Artagnan instead. She was surprised when Aramis took her hand and started running, saying he wanted to get away from his fangirls and wants to stay with her instead. He took her to Etoile, the observatorium, where they watch the party ends from above. D’Artagnan also blushed when he said her fairy costume is cute.

After days of endless training sessions, D’Artagnan finally had her duel with Athos. He won the duel after a long fight, but he admits defeat and pledged loyalty to her instead. Now that the three Musketeers are on her side, she can finally tell them about what happened to her father. They all agreed to help her seek out the truth, and they started looking for more informations about their teachers and the demons.

Since her training is now over, Treville gave D’Artagnan a painting set so she can draw in her free time. She asked Aramis in La Volière if she can draw him, and he was pleased with her choice. He thought she wants to draw a nude picture of him though, so he started stripping until she panicked and told him to put on his clothes. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Aramis asked her about the pose and if she wants to use some flowers, but D’Artagnan said she wants to draw the usual Aramis. While she’s drawing he asked about her house and belongings, and she said she left the house empty. She brought everything her father left to the dorm, but they didn’t have so many stuff to begin with since they had to keep moving around.

From then D’Artagnan continues her research about demons. After school she went to Etoile to read some books Athos gave her, including the one about the stars’ connection to the demons. She tried predicting when the next “opportunity day” (the day when the demons’ power are released), but for some reason Aramis stopped her saying he’ll do more research about it later. Soon rain starts falling and D’Artagnan mentioned she loves the rain. She used to pray for the rain to fall so her father would stop observing the sky and play with her. Aramis was interested and asked her to tell him more about her life and her father, saying he wants to know how to make her happy. He also said he likes the rain too. Because people won’t leave and will stay with him as long as it’s raining outside.

D’Artagnan finally learned about the key from Milady. She went to the tower at night with Aramis, bringing everything that she has and tried inserting them to the tower’s lock. Only her sword fits into the lock perfectly, but it won’t open. The were soon interrupted by Rochefort in his demon form, who told them to get away from the tower and starts attacking. He used his ice to freeze their limbs, so eventually Aramis transformed into his demon form as well. Athos and Porthos joined the fight soon after, both revealing their demon forms to the shocked D’Artagnan. Rochefort left, and the Musketeers had to explain their conditions to her.

The next day D’Artagnan came to La Volière and found Aramis inside looking sad. He asked her if it’s okay for her to stay near a demon like him, knowing she’s still shocked after what happened yesterday. Aramis wonders what will happen to his life from now on, and she asked him to cheer up because she’s going to help. From now on she will try looking for a way to turn them back into humans too. He laughed since it’s really kind of her to worry about him, considering she had to accept the truth that they’re all demons.

Aramis asked if she’s scared of him now, and D’Artagnan said she’s not. He also showed her the demon’s seal located on his chest, asking her to touch it and see if she feels anything. When she said she doesn’t feel anything, Aramis said he’s still the same even if he has turned into a demon. He’ll transform and fight in his demon form if they got attacked, but other than that nothing changed. He’s still the usual Aramis. D’Artagnan knows that he’s comforting her and thanked him, finally accepting the fact about the Musketeers.

Chevalier Academy holds its anniversary festival early on December. Just as expected, Aramis was swarmed by his fangirls during the dance party. Planche asked if D’Artagnan actually wants to dance with Aramis as well, and she eventually admits that she does. Aramis was actually listening to their conversation from afar and happily accepts when D’Artagnan asked him to dance together, but she had to wait until he’s done dancing with all of his fangirls.

In the end it was worth it since Aramis made her his last partner, not changing even after the song ends. He said he’s happy to hear that she wants to dance with him because she’s special. All of his fangirls could only watch in jealousy, some of them whispering that they actually look good together. Even Planche told D’Artagnan not to hold back even though they’re rivals for Aramis’ heart. Planche was annoying at first, but she turns out to be a great friend for D’Artagnan. (*´ω`*)

With Noel at the end of the month, most of the female students in the academy are busy making handmade presents for Aramis. Planche is knitting a cap for him, but she also encouraged D’Artagnan to make a present too. She met Aramis that day after school and since he said he wants to stay with her for a while, she invites him to make a cake together. Aramis asked if she’s going to give him a bûche de noël as the present, revealing that he actually knows a lot about cakes.. because he often receives them from his fangirls. He also mentioned that he got them on his birthday too in October, even though D’Artagnan didn’t notice the celebration at all.

D’Artagnan apologized for not realizing, and Aramis said it’s okay. He’ll just think of the cake they’re making today as his birthday cake. She told him to just sit down and wait, but he said it’s more fun if they make it together. When Aramis starts saying sweet words again, she told him not to make her feel this way since she’ll misunderstand his intentions. Aramis asked if she ever thinks that he’s making a move on her for real, but D’Artagnan didn’t answer and changed the subject instead.

She asked him Aramis he has bad eyesight, something she noticed ever since she tailed him before their duel. Aramis said only his eyesight balance is bad and it doesn’t affect his fighting skills at all, but he wonders if people really need eyes. If you have to see “dirty things” because of them, then he thinks it’s better not to have eyes instead. D’Artagnan thought about her father’s death for a while and said even so, she doesn’t want to close her eyes. It’s true that there’s a lot of painful things in this world, but she also saw beautiful things. If she keeps her eyes open there might be a miracle waiting for her ahead. Aramis said that might be true with a sad look on his face.

After the cake is done, D’Artagnan put some candles on it and they celebrated Aramis’ belated birthday. She asked him what he usually do on his birthday, and he said he spent it with his fangirls. They have to queue and take turns, so Aramis had to keep them company until the end. One thing he always does though, is to share the cakes he received with Athos and Porthos. Aramis takes the ones with the “for Aramis-sama” plates, Porthos loves the ones with fruits and nuts, and Athos takes whatever’s left.. usually the simple ones lol. But he doesn’t want to share D’Artagnan’s bûche de noël with them because she’s special.

What D’Artagnan didn’t know is that Aramis’ left eye couldn’t see anymore. It’s starting to affect his right eye as well, and so the doctor told him not to do anything that gives pressure to his eyes. Aramis might lose his eyesight forever if he’s not careful. The doctors didn’t know what causes Aramis’ eyesight to deteriorate like this, but he knows that it’s because of his demon’s seal. That night he thinks about what D’Artagnan said earlier, there might be a miracle if he keeps his eyes open.

The next day Treville asked D’Artagnan to change the flowers in the staff room, so she went to La Volière to get some. There she saw Aramis talking to his flowers as usual, but today he’s being cold and is cutting up all of his dying flowers instead. She asked him what happened, and Aramis asked her about his image in her eyes. He told her that he comes from a wealthy, aristocratic family, but he’s actually the son of his father’s mistress. His father cut up all ties with her after Aramis was born and she commited suicide soon after, so he never saw his mother’s face even once. Aramis spent his childhood without receiving parental love, and as he grew up he can’t tell friends and enemies apart.

Since he comes from such an influential family, Aramis had to spend most of his time in the world of fake laughter and shallow relationships with everyone around him. He’s got a lot of fangirls followers because of this, but deep inside he knows that nobody’s looking at the real him. In fact, his image in D’Artagnan’s head might be fake too. He’s telling her all of this because he doesn’t want their relationship to be that shallow, and he also wants to know more about her by doing so. Aramis asked if it’s okay for him to fall in love with her, but sadly D’Artagnan said she can’t think about romance. It’s not that she’s closing her heart, she’s just afraid that she’ll lose sight of her goal. Aramis didn’t give up though and said he’ll make her fall in love with him no matter how long it takes, because he’s already in love with her.

It was already dark when they finished talking. D’Artagnan refused to be guarded since she’s just going to see Treville anyway, but she got attacked by some demons on her way back to the academy. Aramis came to save her soon and took her to his room, where she apologized for always asking for his help during the hard times. She also admits that she was really scared earlier and kept calling his name. Aramis said he’s happy to hear her true feelings, and he kissed her asking if she actually loves him too. D’Artagnan finally gave in and said that she does love him.

During art class D’Artagnan was thinking of telling Planche about her relationship with Aramis, but before that she met Anne and learned about the diamond necklace. She couldn’t get it off her mind, so she decided to skip Rochefort’s fencing class and went to the rooftop instead. There she met Treville who asked her what happened, but she was unsure if she can tell him everything. Before leaving he also asked her about her relationship with Aramis, saying she looks happy and that she should treasure that feeling.

After D’Artagnan reported what she heard from Anne to the Musketeers, Athos decided that they really should stop Richelieu’s plan before the “opportunity day” at the end of the month. They’re completely unaware that at night, Aramis reported this to Richelieu. The principal said Anne is controlling the Musketeers through D’Artagnan, thanks to that both Athos and Porthos are getting in their way. For now they need to keep D’Artagnan away from them in order to carry out their plan. Richelieu also praised Aramis for his success in getting D’Artagnan, but his task isn’t completed yed. He still has to get more information about the tower’s key from her.

During morning assembly the next day, suddenly demon Rochefort came breaking through the window. He starts attacking the students and Rocinante, which eventually leads to Porthos and Athos transforming into their demon forms as well. It doesn’t help when Rochefort acts as if they’re working together to attack the students, and it threw the whole place into chaos. D’Artagnan noticed it’s weird that Aramis isn’t transforming, but she had no time to think about it since Richelieu came in and made the situation even worse by labelling them criminals. Athos and Porthos escaped from the window, and D’Artagnan could only stare in disbelief when Aramis only stayed quiet and didn’t do anything.

As if that wasn’t enough, Aramis also guided Rochefort to Porthos’ secret cave later. Only the Musketeers know about this place, and Aramis knows Porthos must be hiding there. Porthos was really shocked and asked why he did this, but Aramis didn’t say anything. D’Artagnan couldn’t believe her ears when she heard about this later, especially since they put Porthos in prison and tortured him so he won’t transform. She went around the academy looking for Aramis, but he didn’t say anything about why he betrayed them. He only told her that both Richelieu and Rochefort are demons as well, and the assembly was a trap to chase Athos and Porthos out of the academy. Aramis also warned her not to get in his way, or else they’ll kill Porthos.

Aramis told D’Artagnan before that his smile and kindness are fake, and now she can see it for herself. He said it’s better not to trust anyone since he won’t get hurt that way, but D’Artagnan knows that he’s only acting cold. She knows that he’s afraid of something, and she wants to believe in him no matter what happens. Sadly Aramis refused to believe in her and called her a hypocrite instead, accusing her to hide her desire for revenge by seeking sympathy after her father’s death. He refused to tell her the reason behind his betrayal too. But even so, she still believes in him. Eventually Aramis had enough and called her stupid before leaving her alone.

Since D’Artagnan didn’t give up and keeps coming back to see him, Aramis took her to Rochiel Prison and showed her Porthos’ condition. He dragged her back soon after though, completely ignoring Porthos — who was still begging for his reason. Aramis also told D’Artagnan that it was him too who ransacked her room that night, searching for the key though he didn’t find it. However, she noticed that Aramis didn’t know that they tortured Porthos either. He was avoiding Porthos’ eyes the whole time, and she knows he actually treasured his friends more than he’s willing to admit. If he’s acting like this to disappoint her then it’s useless, because she still believes in him.

Following their conversation last night, D’Artagnan also admits that she is indeed a hypocrite. She is indeed thinking of getting revenge for her father’s death, and she’s aware that it’s a very selfish objective. This world is really full of lies and deception, just like what Aramis said, but even so she really wants to believe in him. She asked him not to close his eyes and admit how he really feels, but Aramis told her to get out and leave him alone. He was really sad after she left though. He did all he can to make her hate him, and yet she keeps coming back. Aramis then concluded there’s an easier way to make D’Artagnan hate him for sure — hurt the person who’s precious to her.

Some days later, Aramis called D’Artagnan to come and see him after dinner. She rushed to his room hoping they can talk about rescuing Porthos, but what she found there was Aramis and Planche kissing on the hallway. D’Artagnan held back her tears and returned to her room. Aramis soon came over and forcefully kissed her as well, saying he can do this without involving his feelings. She slapped him and Aramis asked what happened to her belief in him. He said she’s the one who should open her eyes, because this is the real him. Aramis then excused himself since he promised to go to Planche’s room, stressing that he’s only visiting D’Artagnan on the way. Even though he clearly said he doesn’t love Planche.

That was too much for D’Artagnan to handle. She burst into tears after Aramis left. (´・ω・`)

He didn’t stop there though, as he continued to stick to Planche the day after that. Rumors spread really fast among the girls, and D’Artagnan couldn’t say anything because she knows the truth will only hurt her friend. However when Planche visited him later, Aramis clearly told her that he doesn’t love her and asked her to leave. Apparently his right eye’s starting to reach its limit too, and he wondered when he’ll lose his sight.. for he wants to see D’Artagnan on the last moments. Back in the dorm, D’Artagnan is planning to rescue Porthos alone. She found Planche crying on the hallway and asked her what happened, eventually learning what Aramis said to her earlier.

At the same time, Aramis was called to Richelieu’s office and found out the identity of the tower’s key: D’Artagnian herself. Her heart’s blood is needed to open the door, and they’re planning to sacrifice her tomorrow night. Aramis wanted to stop cooperating, but Richelieu ordered him to move all the students to the prison. He’s planning to pass the blame of killing D’Artagnan to Athos and Porthos, luring them out using the students. Rochefort will be the one who’s going to kill her, though Aramis asked Richelieu to give the role to him instead. Richelieu was unsure about this, but then a mysterious hooded man came into the room supporting Aramis’ request. Richelieu eventually agreed to let Aramis have the role, though he’s also coming to the tower to make sure everything works according to the plan.

That night D’Artagnan met Aramis outside, on her way to the prison. She was acting really cold towards him, and again Aramis asked what happened to her belief in him. D’Artagnan said she can’t forgive him after what he did to Planche, she has lost all of her reason to believe in him. This is what Aramis has been trying to achieve, but he looked really sad after she left. He whispered that nobody ever believes in him. Nobody cares about him. Not even D’Artagnan and his friends. He doesn’t believe in other people as well, so he told himself repeatedly that it doesn’t matter…

After snatching the key from Patrick, D’Artagnan sneaked into the prison alone. She was looking for Porthos’ cell when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. It turns out to be Aramis, and he quickly took her outside since Rochefort’s currently doing his patrol here in the prison. When D’Artagnan asked why he helped her, Aramis hugged her asking if she’s really going to leave him. After a long silence, D’Artagnan finally said yes and walked away, leaving Aramis alone in the snow. His sight was weakening and he can turn blind any moment now. D’Artagnan’s cold back could be the last thing he saw of her.

Just before she goes to bed, Planche came to D’Artagnan’s room and said Aramis visited her earlier. It was the first time Aramis ever came to her room, and he apologized for what he did. He never let anyone come into his room either, so he really meant it when he said D’Artagnan is special. They also had a talk about D’Artagnan, and Planche told her to be honest and go for it. She will get angry if D’Artagnan is still holding back because of what happened to her, encouraging her to tell Aramis how she really feels. D’Artagnan couldn’t find Aramis in his room after that, so she went around the academy looking for him.

In an empty classroom, Aramis finally realized that he’s the one who destroyed everything, breaking the windows out of frustration. Aramis was about to stab his own throat with a glass piece when D’Artagnan finally found him. He said he can’t get back what he has destroyed, but she told him he can always regain what he had as long as he’s alive. Aramis has always been alone ever since he was small, and he’s too scared to get hurt if people leaves him. He didn’t want to get too close to people so he won’t be sad if they leave, so he destroyed the friendship he had with the Musketeers and D’Artagnan. But now he should have realized that he had to force himself to destroy everything, they’re just that precious to him.

D’Artagnan then told Aramis that he’s not alone. He can tell her everything and she will be here to accept every sides of him, including the bad ones. Even after he betrayed the Musketeers and hurt Planche, she still thinks of him as someone precious. She won’t ask him to rely on her, she just wants Aramis to let her stay with him and tell her how he truly feels. After hearing this Aramis cried and threw away the glass piece he’s been holding the whole time.

Aramis calmed down after a while and apologized for earlier. He said he’s fine now because he’s got her by his side, and now they’re going to rescue Porthos from the prison. On the way he told her that Richelieu invited him to join their plan not too long after D’Artagnan came to the academy. He also heard that Richelieu used to be a cardinal in France, and Rochefort was the captain of the imperial guards. Richelieu died because of Queen Anne, so he reincarnated as a demon to get his revenge on her by using the diamond necklace. Aramis only accepted the offer since he’s got nothing better to do. He doesn’t care about the necklace at all.

Soon they met Porthos in his cell, and Aramis broke the iron bars after transforming into his demon form. Porthos punched Aramis as soon as he gets out, but he left it at that for now and escaped with them to a cave on the beach. After telling Porthos everything, Aramis gave him his sword and said Porthos can anything he likes to him. D’Artagnan tried to stop them, but Porthos couldn’t bring himself to kill Aramis after all. He asked Aramis not to betray them anymore, and he won’t say anything to Athos either. Their next plan would be to meet up with Athos, but Aramis told them to go on ahead since there’s something he needs to do. They wanted to wait for him though, so they decided to stay in the cave until Aramis returns.

During their stay, D’Artagnan finally learned that Aramis’ left eye lost its sight after he became a demon. According to Porthos becoming a demon granted them great power, but it also took something else in return. For Aramis it’s his eyes, and for Porthos.. he became a 変態 he won’t tell her lol. Porthos was too hungry to wait for Aramis though, so he decided to go and see Athos first while D’Artagnan stays in the cave. Aramis actually went back to the academy to tell Richelieu that he won’t work for them anymore, but now all of the students are imprisoned. Rochefort told him to bring D’Artagnan to the tower tomorrow, or else they’ll execute the students one by one.

Aramis returned to the cave and found D’Artagnan still there waiting for him. She was worried that he might get captured, and she knows that he won’t betray them by returning to the principal’s side. They went out took the beach route towards the secret hideout, since there’s a high chance the academy’s looking for them in the forest. As they walked Aramis told her that he might have said a little too much about her when he apologized to Planche, and the girl must have realized that Aramis is in love with D’Artagnan the whole time. Aramis then kissed D’Artagnan and said he loves her, and she replied she loves him too. She promised that she’ll always stay with him, so she’s going to follow whatever path he decides to walk on.

The moment they reached the secret hideout, Aramis apologized to Athos and told him about the betrayal. Porthos was trying to protect him by keeping quiet, but Aramis knows he needs to tell Athos honestly. But unlike Porthos, Athos could sense that he was working with the principal all along.. and he’s glad that Aramis is back on their side. Athos did his research too while staying hidden, so now they need to discuss about their next plan. D’Artagnan and Aramis are going to rescue the students and guide them to escape from the island, while Athos and Porthos will go to the tower and face Richelieu there.

After the meeting, Athos called Aramis outside and asked him about the tower’s key. Looks like he figured out that D’Artagnan is the key, but they can’t say it in front of her earlier. Aramis also asked why he didn’t get angry over the betrayal, and Athos answered because he believes Aramis will come back to them eventually. He wants Aramis to let D’Artagnan escape with the students tomorrow, but Aramis said he’s leaving that decision to D’Artagnan herself. She’s even stronger than Aramis in a way, and he promised to protect her life.

That night Aramis and D’Artagnan returned to the academy for their plan tomorrow. Porthos told him jokingly not to betray them again, and Aramis said it’s okay because he has a reliable guard lol. Outside she asked him if she’s really his guard, so he teased her before saying she’s his “sinful lover”. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He then pushed her onto the snow saying he wanted to try these stuff when he finds a girl he really loves. D’Artagnan asked him to think of more things he wants to do, they’ll do it together after they reach the academy tonight.

After having their Noel dinner together, Aramis said he was really happy when Athos and Porthos forgave his betrayal. He was so happy he wanted to shout like Porthos usually does, something D’Artagnan probably can never imagine. He asked her to always stay with him, and D’Artagnan also asked him to tell her if his eyes hurt. If he can’t see anymore, then she’s going to be his eyes. Before he was rather cynical about his eyes, but now he realized there’s a lot of things he can enjoy even if he loses his sight. He can sense her presence more, hear her voice amongst the crowd, or know it’s her just by feeling her warmth.

They went to La Volière after that, where they recalled their first meeting. Aramis was the first person D’Artagnan talked to when she arrived in the academy, and she asked him if she’s his first too in other areas. Aramis answered she took many of his “first time”s. She was the first girl who challenged him for a duel, the first person who saw him bathing, the first person who made him run off from his fangirls.. lol. But most of all, she’s the first person who moved his heart. Here D’Artagnan is being adorable and asked “甘えていいですか・・・?”, then she hugged Aramis from behind. キュー(*´∀`*)ーン

D’Artagnan admits that she feels really lonely after her father’s death, but she keeps telling herself that being alone is fine as long as she can reach her goal. She tried to hide her own loneliness and found it hard to be honest to her own feelings because of that, but she started to change after she fell in love with Aramis. She thanked him, and Aramis replied they’re not alone anymore.. and tonight it’s just the two of them until morning comes. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

The next morning they visited the prison and explained the plan to Patrick. Aramis told him that the principal is releasing the student because today is the start of Winter holiday. The fight between demons is going to take place in the island, and they’re going to escape from the sea. The students are starting to doubt the academy’s intention of keeping them in the prison for so long, so it was easy to get their cooperation. Aramis guided the students towards the beach with D’Artagnan, and the tide was already low when they arrived.

D’Artagnan was worried when Aramis said the sun is setting while it’s actually still bright outside, but he asked her not to cry. If he loses his sight, he wants her smile to be the last thing he saw. She begged him not to transform and fight since it’s dangerous with such eyes, but she knows Aramis won’t change his mind. He’s a Musketeer too, and they decided to fight together until the end. Even though Aramis couldn’t see anymore, D’Artagnan is there to be his eyes. She apologized and they went to Buckingham Tower together to aid their friends.

Athos and Porthos were already worn out when they arrived. Richelieu was delighted to see D’Artagnan coming here by herself, and Aramis stabbed him as he was laughing maniacally. Rochefort was surprised since he thouht Aramis is blind, but Aramis said he can still fight just by hearing their voices. It was then too when D’Artagnan finally learned that the key is her. She ran towards Aramis after Richelieu’s lightning struck her, eventually leading to her getting slashed by the principal — obtaining the key he’s been dying to get.

Aramis was shocked, but he knows he’s got to do something. He attacked Richelieu and took his sword coated with D’Artagnan’s blood, the key. Athos and Porthos each fought Richelieu and Rochefort, preventing them from getting in his way, but before he opens the door, Aramis called out to Anne knowing she’s hiding nearby. He then opened the tower carrying D’Artagnan’s body while his friends protected Anne outside, since Richelieu’s objective is actually Anne herself and not the necklace.

Even though he couldn’t see anymore, Aramis managed to find the diamond necklace on the top of the tower. He puts it on D’Artagnan’s hands and wished for her to come back to life. It doesn’t matter if he loses his sight, and he doesn’t mind being a demon forever.. as long as she’s resurrected. Aramis was ready to throw away his life and chase after D’Artagnan since the necklace didn’t respond, but then it suddenly starts shining. Aramis saw her smile in the middle of his dark vision, and they were enveloped by a blinding light. The demon curse on the Musketeers was lifted and D’Artagnan was brought back to life.

A few days later Aramis and D’Artagnan said Happy New Year to each other before they cross the sea, finally getting out of the island. Since the demon’s seal is now gone, Aramis also regained his eyesight. D’Artagnan asked if he’s really a normal human now, so Aramis starts stripping to show her that the seal has really disappeared lol. She panicked and told him to wear his clothes since he’ll catch a cold if he strips on the Winter beach lol.

As they crossed the sea D’Artagnan asked about their destination, and Aramis said he’s taking her to his villa. They can live together there, talking about a lot of stuff together.. like how she came back to life. Or showing her the proof that he’s no longer a demon. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ But most importantly, they can talk about what to do from now on. Aramis told her she can’t turn back now, but ever since they kissed on the beach that day D’Artagnan has decided to follow the path he walks on.

In the epilogue, Aramis is telling D’Artagnan about what happened that day. Since he was in his demon form, Aramis unconsciously caused a huge tremor that cracked the entire island. It saved Athos and Porthos from the last fight, even though he believes they can still win even without his help. They also returned the necklace to Anne, who still treasures it even after the power is lost. After they’re done reminiscing, Aramis said it’s now time for them to take a bath together. D’Artagnan was shy and asked him to turn off the lights while they bathe, and Aramis teasingly replied “The lights? We’ll see.'” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

In the extra story Aramis is having a teatime in La Volière. He’s praising the tea blend he bought from England, since the delicate and magnificent scent resembles himself. But that’s a lie. He said he loves coffee more than tea, this time saying its bitterness and darkness also resembles himself. But that’s also a lie. Next he said he loves orange juice, because it gives him the vitamins he needs to maintain his beauty. But guess what? That’s also a lie. The drink he truly loves from his heart is actually tea after all. Maybe. Because he still can’t decide which drink fits his beautiful, narcissistic self the most. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Even if I played Aramis first, I’d still think that his kindness and affection at the beginning was suspicious. I found him annoying until the middle of his route, but he’s actually pretty nice after he stopped being so fragile and emo about his life. His relationship with D’Artagnan after that point is quite adorable too, my favorite is that scene in La Volière at night. ε-(*´∀`|萌| While the betrayal wasn’t so easy to forget, I’m willing to forgive Aramis just because he’s rather sweet during the later half of the route. N-no! I-It’s not because he wears a military uniform during the Halloween party! (*ノノ)キャー Also, Planche. You gotta love this girl.

…no marriage or baby ending? 壁∥ω・`)ジィー


21 thoughts on “Musketeer – Aramis

  1. Waaah. Aramis is prettier than D’Artagnan especially with all those shining, shimmering background. XD
    *back to reading*

    • Didn’t think he is emo at first. XD Got to agree with you, D’Artagnan and him was so sweet to each other, you’ll have to love them. >////< I'm glad Planche was not overly-obsessive and insecure, the one who tries to bring the heroine down. But I guess that's not the point of the game so…XD

      • LOL there’s so many bitchy “best friends” in otome games *cough hanaoni cough* so it’s really nice to have a real friend sometimes. xD Planche’s kinda bitchy too at first, but she turns out to be really supportive. Even after she learned that her Aramis-sama is in love with D’Artagnan. I was touched. ;_;

  2. o.o my first impression of him: kira kira shiteru >.>
    i was in the middle of work when i read ur review and it made me laugh so hard that ppl where staring at me like i am weird >.>
    cant wait for the next review ^^

  3. when i first saw him in site i thought

    yeah, who…? he seems like one of those freaks that’ll turn their back at heroine and then come again:OMG!! I’M SORRY!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
    but it seems like aramis is not a bad guy after all!

    • Yea he’s not a bad guy, he’s just a little.. warped thanks to his family lol. Actually I’m a bit relieved too that he didn’t join the bad side because he’s bad, but then again maybe I was just looking for a reason to forgive him since he’s really sweet in the later chapters. xD

  4. Hello! I’ve been using your character guides during my own play throughs, but this is the first time I’ve commented! They are very helpful! I have a question. For some reason, I can’t trigger the event where D’Artagnan visits sick Aramis and stays with him the entire night… I went back and replayed it, clicking on answers that I haven’t done yet, and making sure I choose the right answers, to get his affection up. I’m not using a guide for this, because I don’t think one is out for it yet… It skips to the event where D’Artagnan goes to Aramis’ room to study, and then she takes the tests… Could you possibly know what I’ve been doing wrong? D:

    • Oh that sick event happened in chapter 2, where you got to select locations from the map. Just choose Aramis’ room from the list and you should get the sick event. :D

      I’ve been using this guide and it’s really helpful so far.

        • Btw, I found out why I didn’t get that scene.. I tried going for him first, but apparently I needed to go after someone else before I went after Aramis, which unlocked that scene and more…
          So peeps, don’t go after Aramis first!

  5. i wonder what shampoo he use’s… if i could get my hair like that then sign me up!!! LOL i am saying what every one is thinking “nice hair” or “how in the world did a guy get his hair like that” and “he kind of look’s like a girl with long and beautiful hair (that i want) and lady killer blue eye’s… i love it you always need a guy like that in a story or where would we be?

  6. Wtf is this? D’artagnan’s not a girl! Demons? Aramis being blind? Is this a joke? Whatever happened 2 alexandre dumas’ classic tale?

    • Hi. This isn’t the original Three Musketeers. This is an otome game / visual novel based on the original story, so please don’t be offended by all the changes they made. Just think of it as a parody? (´・ω・`;)

  7. And sry 4 flippin out lol…im a nerdy type person:)…jus loved the original book…& i’ll hav 2 admit aramis is pretty good-lookin…always been my fave character in the book:D

    • Some of my friends made reviews for this game too, here: 1 2
      Do keep in mind that it’s just a visual novel with the original as the base though, so there will be differences here and there. D’Artagnan being a girl is the biggest one, but if you’re really curious, I’d suggest reading Treville‘s and Constantin‘s routes to learn more about her secret. :)

      Also, here’s the main directory for Musketeer. Just in case you wanna read everything:
      Musketeer -Le sang des chevaliers-.

  8. Changed my name…i read the other posts you recommended…sounds like its actually a really great game! I think i’ll buy and play it…thanks a bunch!

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