Musketeer – Athos

Judging by looks only, Athos is my favorite Musketeer out of the three. He’s really kind despite that cold exterior, and I wanna see him getting all デレデレ. I love this route the most so far. ♥

The leader of the Musketeers. Athos is very serious and quite hard to approach at first, not to mention that he has good grades and always tops the exams. He’s also the logical type who tends to suppress his own feelings. D’Artagnan delivered a letter for him when she just came to the academy, but he treated her coldly and asked her to leave after accepting the letter. On the inside though, Athos really cares about the students and does his best as a Musketeer.

The letter D’Artagnan delivered for Athos is actually from his mother. He never came home even on holidays, so his mother asked him to return every once in a while. His parents have a great plan for him after his graduation, including his next education, place to live and marriage candidates. Athos himself isn’t pleased with these plans though, since his parents have been planning his whole life up until this point. Just like a bird in a cage.

Since D’Artagnan is new in the academy, she didn’t know that you can’t walk in the middle of the hallway and block the Musketeer’s path. Her sword bumped into Athos’ as she walked past him, and Athos asked if she’s challenging him on a duel lol. That night she went to the library and found Rocinante with Athos there, but she kept her distance and goes to get some books. She tried reaching an astronomy book on a higher rack and caused the others to fall instead, and she was surprised when Athos jumped in to shield her from the falling books. He also helped her stand and return the books to the rack. D’Artagnan didn’t notice that Athos was actually watching her from afar, since it’s rare to see a student reading in the library until such late hours.

On the day after D’Artagnan beats Aramis, she saw Rochefort on the hallway at night. She decided to follow him hoping to get more clues, since the sapphire ring was taken away. Athos found her and told her to go back to the dorm, but D’Artagnan apologized and ran off to the teacher’s dorm instead since this is her only chance. Athos followed her to Rochefort’s room and asked her to get out since it’s dangerous, but she didn’t listen and keeps ransacking the place. It’s his duty as a Musketeer to report this to the teacher, but he can’t leave D’Artagnan alone since she’ll get thrown into prison for doing this.

Athos tried to clean up the room before it’s too late, but Rochefort soon returned and he had to drag D’Artagnan to escape before he found them.. Outside she apologized for dragging Athos into this mess, saying she’ll confess to the teachers the next day. He told her that’s not necessary because it’s not like she stole anything. Plus they’re partners-in-crime now since he also entered Rochefort’s room without permission, despite him doing it for D’Artagnan’s sake. She was surprised when Athos starts laughing for what he just did. Surely a top student like him never did something like this before, and somehow he found it amusing.

Before, Athos told D’Artagnan to come and ask him anytime if there’s something she doesn’t understand. So on the night before the exams, she came to his room asking him to help her study. The door was unlocked and D’Artagnan heard Athos groaning in the bathroom, and she burst through the door thinking something happened to him. Inside she found Athos.. bathing and naked. ブッ+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚ In a panic, she apologized and slipped on her way out lol. This is just like reverse Porthos. xD She got wet too from the shower and Athos helped drying her hair, but then he whispered to himself “Did she saw me…? Did she saw everything…?” LOL.

When D’Artagnan asked him to help her study, Athos was surprised since nobody ever relied on him directly like this. He then told her to wait in her room, because apparently he needs some time to recover from the shock. Yes, he’s shocked that she saw him naked. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ When he came to help her study history later, D’Artagnan asked if Athos studies everyday since he always tops the exams. He said he does since you won’t be able to obtain such results without doing anything, even though he’s pretty much talented in anything he does. D’Artagnan said she can feel Athos’ kindness beneath his stern personality, and Athos couldn’t help but getting distracted upon seeing her wet hair lol.

Thanks to Athos’ help, D’Artagnan did well on her exam even though she had to fight Porthos on the last day. She congratulated him for taking the top spot again, and Athos praised her for working hard on her studies. After making sure she had no plans after school, Athos invited her to join his patrol after school. He explained the Musketeers’ duty for the academy as they walked on the beach, saying it’d be nice if D’Artagnan can be a Musketeer next year. He knows her top priority for now is to seek out the truth, so Athos told her to do what she thinks is right. He’s way stronger than Aramis and Porthos though, and she needs to train harder before challenging him on a duel.

D’Artagnan laughed and said Athos is actually more friendly than she thought. Apparently Athos himself doesn’t realize how strict and serious he normally is lol. She knows he really cares for those around him, and she wants to be a strong person like him. He said it’s not necessary since she has her own good points, teasing her since her happiness immediately shows on her face. xD They also picked some sparkly seashells together and she noticed that Athos keeps smiling, an expression she rarely saw up until now.

On Sunday, D’Artagnan found Constantin reading cooking books in the library based on Milady’s request. They saw some nice vegetables recipes in the book, and Constantin said Athos won’t be able to endure these dishes because he hates vegetables. Later on she met Athos in the dining hall for lunch, and she offered to cook for the two of them. Athos was like エッΣ(゚ロ゚;)!? when she’s done making their lunch: vegetable soup. She’s doing it on purpose too, though she did her best to make it delicious lol. At first Athos was reluctant to eat it, but then he found out that it really tastes good, laughing since D’Artagnan actually wasn’t confident in it. She never cooked for anyone ever since she came here, so Athos is the first person to eat her cooking other than her father. (*´∀`*)

Soon Halloween came and it’s time for party. D’Artagnan looked around for Athos and found him near the beach, wearing a pirate costume with an eyepatch. He doesn’t like crowded places, so now he went to a quiet place after the party started. D’Artagnan finally challenged Athos on a duel and he accepts, and she decided to spend the rest of the evening with him. When she praised his pirate costume, Athos asked if she’s dressing up as a vegetable fairy because her fairy dress is green. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵She replied “Yes I’m a vegetable fairy, and I’m here to haunt you” LOL.

Athos teased D’Artagnan by staying quiet when she said “trick or treat!”, eventually revealing that he doesn’t have any sweets. He laughed upon seeing her disappointed face, saying that she can play pranks on him. She tried pushing him towards the sea, only to have him playfully push her back saying “THIS is how you push people!” LOL ATHOS. xD

Rumors about D’Artagnan challenging Athos spread really quickly across the academy. Most students made fun of her since they know she can’t possibly win against that Athos, but D’Artagnan didn’t mind them. She keeps practicing until late hours with Aramis and Porthos, even training alone whenever they’re not around. She didn’t notice that Athos was actually watching her train from afar. On the day of their duel, a lot of people came to watch — most of them are obviously Athos’ supporter. The fight was unbalanced, but D’Artagnan didn’t give up and kept standing up despite her wounds. Eventually Athos won the duel by disarming her.

Based on the rules, Rochefort asked D’Artagnan to pledge her loyalty to Athos, but then he stopped them saying he will be the one to do it for her. Athos then knelt down saying he might won against her in terms of physical strength, but he lost to her heart’s strength. After all, he saw how hard she trained for today. He pledged his loyalty to her in front of the whole school. D’Artagnan told them about her father’s murder after that, and the Musketeers agreed to help her seek out the truth.

After she received a painting set from Treville, D’Artagnan went to Etoile and asked Athos to be her model. She admits she’s not that good at painting though, so Athos said he’ll do the painting instead lol. D’Artagnan thought Athos doesn’t want to be her model that much, but actually it’s because Athos wants to stare at her instead of having her staring at him. (❤ฺ→艸←) They had a talk about her father as he starts sketching, and D’Artagnan said it seems like Athos can see right through her heart. He replied he can see that she’s been thinking about food, which is true since she’s hungry lol. The sketch turns out to be really pretty since Athos is really talented at everything, but then he teased her again by saying it doesn’t really look like her lol.

A few days later, D’Artagnan met Anne for the very first time and reported it to the Musketeers. They decided to gather more information first, so Athos went to the library with her and examined everything ranging from the tower’s history to Rochefort’s activities. He’s planning to visit Rochefort in his room just to talk about the academy, since he’s the supervisor of the Musketeers, but Athos is going to put some lures and see if Rochefort will show any reactions. They saw Milady entering Rochefort’s room before that, though they couldn’t hear what they’re talking about. Milady was actually asking Rochefort if he’s the one who ransacked D’Artagnan’s room that night, as well as trying to get a part of the treasure for herself.

Back in Athos’ room, D’Artagnan wonders if Rochefort and Milady is in a relationship. Athos replied they can’t be sure about that since she’s also in his room at this hour lol. He was surprised when she said they might be in a relationship, but apparently she was talking about him helping her finding out the truth. Not that kind of relationship lol. D’Artagnan was about to leave after he warned her to be careful of Rochefort and Milady, but Athos asked her to stay a little longer.. then he blushed and added it’s because he wants to eat some cookies with her. (。→∀←。)

D’Artagnan got curious after hearing about the tower’s key from Milady, so one night she went to the tower with Athos. She brought everything she has and tried inserting it to the lock, but none of them worked. He asked her about the things her father treasured, and she answered it’s only some astrological materials and diagrams.. and herself. However, they didn’t have more time to think about it since demon Rochefort then came to attack them. Athos had to transform to his demon form to fight back, and soon both Porthos and Aramis joined them. After Rochefort escaped, the Musketeers had to explain to the shocked D’Artagnan that they’re actually demons. Someone turned them into demons without them realizing it.

The next day, D’Artagnan met Athos in Etoile. He knows she’s still shocked, but protecting her is his duty. Athos asked her if he scared her and reminds her of her father’s death, and she said that’s not the reason. She believes in the Musketeers, but she wanted to hear this directly from them because they’re friends. D’Artagnan admits that she feels lonely because of that, and Athos said she’s not alone. She then asked him to promise that he won’t leave her alone, saying she’ll help them look for a way to turn them back to humans again. He told her not to worry since he will always be here to protect her no matter what happens, and he lets her touch his demon’s seal. Athos’ seal is located on his hand, so he always wears a pair of gloves to hide it.

Early on December, Chevalier Academy holds its anniversary festival and dance party. Unlike Aramis, who dances with every single one of his fangirls, Athos refused everyone who asked him to dance together. He also refused to talk to them, saying he doesn’t know how to entertain girls lol. D’Artagnan came over asking what he’s doing, and he said “I’m looking at you” LOL. She tried to get him to participate in the dance party but it was useless, until eventually she said she wants to dance with him.. and he blushed. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

Since Athos hates crowded places, he took her to the rooftop so they can dance there. At first she was relieved because she can dance freely without anyone looking, but soon she realized this is more embarassing lol. Being alone with him made her nervous, not to mention that Athos said he just wanted to be alone with her. Even though it’s just because it’d be easier to protect her this way. They danced together for one song, and D’Artagnan wished that the song would never end.

Planche is knitting a dyed sweater for Aramis’ Noel present, and D’Artagnan wonders if she should start knitting as well. After school Athos picked her up as usual and they went to the beach, where she told him they don’t have to guard her everyday. She feels bad knowing the Musketeers have a lot of work to do, but Athos refused since it’s too risky to leave her alone. It turns out that Athos was watching her during lunch too, noticing that she was having fun talking about Noel with everyone. He asked if she has someone to spend Noel with, and she said even she has a maiden’s heart.. it’s just asleep for now lol.

D’Artagnan never experienced love before. Now she’s too busy seeking out the truth, but she still dreams of having a wonderful romance someday. Athos asked if her “maiden’s heart” saw any dreams when it’s sleeping, and she told him about her dream Noel night. A prince would come to pick her up with a beautiful bouquet, and after having a candlelight dinner he smiles at her saying “I love you”. For some reason Athos blushed when he heard this, but he teased D’Artagnan who was as red as a tomato as well. (❤ฺ→艸←) He then told her he’ll spend Noel with her, even though D’Artagnan thinks it’s a part of his guard duty.

Soon the rumors about demons are spreading even more among the students. The academy also banned them for going out at night, which caused them to think that the rumors might be true after all. D’Artagnan and Athos also got attacked by some demons, and she helped treating his wounds in her room. She’s used to this because she treated her own wounds caused by the duels and training sessions. Athos asked if her injuries from their duel have healed, feeling bad when he saw that it left some soft scars on her body.

D’Artagnan also told him they don’t have to guard her that much, but it’s not because she’s scared. She’s just worried about him, especially after seeing him getting hurt tonight. Athos assured her that it’s fine though, the Musketeers aren’t that weak so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s their duty to protect D’Artagnan after all. However, Athos knows that for him it’s not simply “guarding” her anymore. He’s not sticking to her just for protection. (*´ω`*)

After D’Artagnan met Anne in the forest, she became more cautious around Rochefort. He noticed this and asked both Planche and her to help carry some stuff to the storage, but he sent Planche back on the way. Porthos noticed this quickly and ran off to look for her, meeting Athos on the way and told him what happened. Meanwhile, D’Artagnan was getting slapped since she keeps saying she won’t give the key to Rochefort no matter what. She didn’t know that they have figured out the true identity of the key, and Rochefort now wants to put her in prison to make sure she won’t do anything unnecessary.

Athos eventually found them in front of the tower, and he was enraged upon seeing Rochefort hitting D’Artagnan. He transformed into his demon form right away, but they were surprised when Rochefort transformed as well.. and he was that demon who attacked them the other day. He tried to freeze them and took D’Artagnan away, but he had to escape when Porthos came to help. Now that the Musketeers have found out about him being a demon, Rochefort couldn’t go back to the academy and went missing for the rest of the day. D’Artagnan also told them about what Anne said, and so they made a plan to reveal Rochefort’s identity to the students during the morning assembly tomorrow. Aramis said he’s going to watch Richelieu’s reaction as well, to see if he’s really involved.

That night Athos and D’Artagnan came to take a look at Rochefort’s room. It was dark and he’s not there, just as they expected. Athos told her to return to her room and get some rest, and she thought she’s just disturbing his work here. She said she’s going to see Treville and tell him what happened, but Athos stopped her since they can’t trust the teachers anymore. Not after seeing what happened between Rochefort and Milady. D’Artagnan wants to trust Treville since he helped her a lot up until now, but she understands what Athos means and decided to keep quiet for now. Athos finally asked her to stay here if she’s not too tired, which made her happy. She told him if getting the necklace means he can turn back into a normal human, then she’ll do her best to find the tower’s key. After that they can get out of the island together.

The next morning, Athos and Porthos were ready to make their announcement during the morning assembly. Unfortunately their plan backfired because Aramis was betraying them. Demon Rochefort came bursting through the window and started attacking everyone in the hall, causing a misunderstanding when Athos and Porthos transformed to protect the students. Soon Richelieu came to the hall as well and made the situation even worse by labelling them as criminals, so Athos and Porthos had to escape for now — taking D’Artagnan with them.

They decided to split up on the way since Rochefort was chasing them from behind. He ignored Porthos and went after them instead, so Athos told D’Artagnan to run and hide near the tower. He promised to pick her up later, but D’Artagnan was worried about Athos and decided to go back. Unfortunately the moment she turned around, she slipped and fell off a cliff. Naturally she was injured, but she knows she had to go to the tower since Athos was waiting for her. She dragged herself to walk even though it hurts, and she got lost in the forest until it got dark. After a while she found a beach instead. It was then when Athos finally found her, calling out his name in desperation.

D’Artagnan was relieved since she thought she’d never see him again, and they hugged with Athos telling her that everything’s fine — he’s here for her. He realized that the morning assembly was a trap laid by Rochefort and Richelieu to isolate them from the academy, as well as keeping them away from D’Artagnan. The latter didn’t turn out so well though since she escaped with them instead. Even though things took a turn for the worst, Athos promised her that he’ll keep protecting her as well as finding out the truth about her father. However, D’Artagnan said she can’t stand it anymore. She doesn’t wanna see Athos getting hurt again, and she apologized for dragging him into this mess.

Athos hugged her and told her to calm down. He said they won’t lose, so she shouldn’t worry about them fighting the demons. After all that happened, it’s not just about her and her father anymore, this has become his fight too. Athos asked her not to apologize anymore and just rely on him, it’d be enough for him as long as she needs him. After she calmed down, he told her about their secret hideout located not far from the beach. They placed some food supplies there, so they will be able to stay hidden for a while. Athos knows that she’s been walking around the forest the whole day, and so he carried her on his back. He told her to give everything to him, including her sadness and doubts, because she’s not alone anymore. He wants to help her carry her burdens too, just like how he’s carrying her right now.

As they walked to the secret hideout together, D’Artagnan asked Athos what he wants to do after this battle ends. He said he can’t think of anything at the moment, and she said she wants to resume their school life. She wants to clear this misunderstanding to the students and let Athos regain his position as the leader of the Musketeers. When he asked if she’d be happy if he turns back into a human, she said of course since he’ll be able to get out of this island then. If he stays as a demon he will have to stay here even after he graduates, and it’s embarrassing since it’s just like he’s repeating a grade lol. Athos laughed and said they’ll have to resolve this so he’d be able to graduate properly, even though he fell into a short silence after that.

When they finally reached the cabin, they found that Porthos wasn’t there. D’Artagnan was worried about Aramis as well, and Athos said he’ll come here eventually with some information about the academy. By this point he probably already realized that Aramis betrayed them though. D’Artagnan then asked Athos to take off his clothes, which made him go (*’゚д゚*)エッ・・・? before she explained that she only wants to wash their dirty clothes lol. She asked him to put on a blanket since it’s cold even inside the cabin, and they sat near the fireplace together.

As they warmed themselves up, Athos reminisced about how they first met. At first he thought she’s a really cheeky girl for challenging them, not to mention she ransacked Rochefort’s room and kept coming back to see him after that. He thinks she’s a weird person and she agreed, but she’s always serious and works hard in everything she does. That side of her moves something inside of him, and finally Athos told her that he loves her. He’s protecting her because he wants to, not because of his duty to her. D’Artagnan was surprised and Athos apologized for saying this right now, but then she answered that she loves him too. Athos said being with her sets his heart free, and finally he kissed her.

The next morning, Athos went out to search for Porthos. He didn’t return until the sun sets, and eventually D’Artagnan saw him outside in his demon form. She was worried since he was in pain, but Athos told her to get away and stay inside the cabin. She asked him if he’s hiding something so she won’t be worried, and he said everything’s okay. However, the mark on his hand was actually getting thicker as time passed by. It’s getting harder for him to turn back to his human form, and he knows that one day he’s going to be a demon for real. Both physically amd mentally. He will lose himself if that happens and there’s a high chance that he’ll hurt her, but he can’t bring himself to tell her about this.

There’s nothing to do in the cabin, so that night Athos said he’ll read a book for D’Artagnan. Here you can pick a tongue twister book (whose book is this? Porthos?) for the LOL, but let’s just go with a romance novel lol. Athos never reads romance novels before, but he said it might be good to get some references. He blushed when D’Artagnan asked what he means by that. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She asked him to put his emotions while reading, and so he does.. but he got embarassed since he’s reading an エロ scene which involves “脱ぎなさい” LOL. He said he can’t read the next scene since it’s too.. erm, radical. Soon he noticed that D’Artagnan already fell asleep, and he stole a kiss from her as a present for reading the book. xD

No matter where he looks, Athos couldn’t find Porthos anywhere. He wasn’t there in the beach cavern too, and Athos thought he might got captured by the academy. Athos was thinking of checking out Rochiel Prison when suddenly he heard a scream, which turned out to be Milady getting attacked by some demons. It was too late when Athos came to save her, since her wounds were too severe and won’t stop bleeding. Before she died, Milady managed to tell him that the key is actually D’Artagnan herself. They need to pierce her heart and use the blood to open the tower’s door, something that Athos already suspected from sometime ago.

That night D’Artagnan saw a dream about her father in front of the tower. He was holding a small child who was covered in blood, and it didn’t take long until she realized that it’s herself. Her father keeps telling her to stay away from the tower, but the dream ended brutally before she could hear the reason. Athos woke her up and asked if she had a nightmare, and she told him she forgot about the dream because she doesn’t want to worry him. The next day Porthos finally came to the cabin, telling them that he was captured and imprisoned, but he escaped. He also said Aramis will come to join them soon, as he’s got something to do in the academy first.

When Athos went out to search for Aramis the next day, D’Artagnan decided to come along. They got attacked by waves of demons on the way, and Athos had to transform since they keep coming. D’Artagnan was worried since Athos looks like he’s in pain, not to mention that he’s not turning back into his human form a few hours after the fight ended. He told her to get away if she talks to him, violently chasing her away if she got too close. Eventually he managed to turn back into his human form, but D’Artagnan noticed what’s going on. She asked if one day he won’t be able to transform back anymore, and finally Athos hugged her saying it’s true. The next time he transforms he might not be able to turn back, but still.. he doesn’t wanna lose her.

Hearing Athos cry, D’Artagnan told him that she will always stay with him. She will do her best to look for the key, then they can open the tower and get the necklace to lift his curse. Athos could only hug her back, unable to tell her that she needs to be sacrificed to open the door.

Aramis was already in the cabin when they got back. From him, they learned that all the students are now imprisoned to “protect” them from the demons. They realized that Richelieu’s holding them as hostages in order to get the key from D’Artagnan, demanding her to come to the tower the next morning. There’s no way Athos would let that happen though, so he asked her to rescue the students instead. He’s going to the prison with her and explain the situation to Patrick, before joining Aramis and Porthos for the final battle in front of the tower. It’d be difficult for D’Artagnan to guide the students alone, but luckily she has Planche to rely on. That was the right decision, since Planche has been worrying about D’Artagnan ever since she escaped from the academy that day.

Athos took D’Artagnan back to the academy that night, leaving Porthos and Aramis in the cabin to argue about who should sleep on the sofa lol. On the way D’Artagnan asked about their demon power since everyone controls different elements, and Athos wonders what power she will have if she turns into a demon. He asked what kind of power she wants, and she said she wants healing power so she can heal Athos whenever he gets hurt. (*´∀`*) When she said she can also use it for herself, Athos said he doesn’t want her to have that kind of power after all. He doesn’t want her to get hurt and keep standing up just because she can heal.. and besides, healing her is his job.

Athos also told her that he’s always been walking in a rail his parents gave. He had to follow the path they provided up until now, and he’s not allowed to have second thoughts. Everything was determined for him, starting from what lessons he needs to take until what kind of books he’s allowed to read. Athos spent his childhood with his politician father and his acquaintances rather than playing with his friends, and there’s just so many rules in his life. However, that began to change after he met D’Artagnan. He can do whatever he wants around her, but what makes him happy the most is how he’s protecting her because he wants to do so. He never thought that he can fall in love with someone before, and now he has decided to always stay with her from now on.

Since D’Artagnan was at a loss for words, Athos blushed and asked if she’s not happy lol. She said she was just surprised since she never expected to hear such words from him. He asked her to wait in her room when they finally reached the dorm, and he left to tell Patrick about their plan. He also asked Patrick to give a letter to Planche, written by D’Artagnan asking for her help tomorrow. At this point the students were worried since the teachers never came to visit them aside from Rocinante, not to mention that Bonacieux heard about Milady dying after getting attacked by some demons. The seal on Athos’ hand was burning too, but he swore to never ever open the tower.. even if he completely becomes a demon.

After a while, Athos finally came to D’Artagnan’s room. He was holding a big bouquet and a bag of food to celebrate Noel, as well as some candles he took from the dining hall. When he smiled and said he loves her, D’Artagnan was so happy that he remembered her dream Noel night. After having dinner together, Athos asked if there’s something else he wants him to do. She said she wants him to read her a book again, and she brought out a novel.. which turns out to be the continuation of the one he read for her in the cabin. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Athos was like “again..!?” Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) but he reads it for her anyway lol.

…and it turns out to be more erotic than the last one.

D’Artagnan giggled when Athos said he couldn’t continue, so he asked if she just wanted to see him troubled lol. She said Athos always tries his best to answer her expectations, and she likes seeing him that way. He replied with “Oh? Then you should answer my expectations as well” and told her to read the queen’s lines from the novel. She got embarassed reading it and had to stop after the queen said “Now, take off my dress. Tonight you should play it rough like a monster, and then…” LOL. WHAT. D’Artagnan apologized for making him read such erotic lines, and she realized that Athos was actually enjoying her reactions as well.

Before, D’Artagnan told him that she wants to join the Musketeers to become stronger. Athos thinks that she’s already strong, and he really admires her for that. She asked him not to say such things since he made it sounds like today will be the last night they spend together, but he said they will always be together from now on. She made him promise that they’ll win tomorrow, taking the necklace and turning him back into a normal human, then they can spend their lives together after that.

Athos kissed her and promised he will always be here for her. He’s going to see her joining the Musketeers next year. They’re going to spend Noel together, and he will come to pick her up when she graduates. After that they can start living together. Athos really meant all of this promises. He’s not giving up on their future together, but he couldn’t help but worry about the demon’s seal on his hand. Athos wished for the time to stop for a little while, so they can enjoy their Noel night a little longer…

The next morning, they split up to carry out their plan. Athos told D’Artagnan to leave the island along with the students and she said yes, for she’s going to follow whatever order he gives. While the Musketeers were discussing their “deal” with Richelieu and Rochefort, D’Artagnan went to the prison to meet up with Planche. Sadly some of the students refused to believe what she said and trusted the principal more, even accusing Planche of siding with the demons. D’Artagnan said it’s okay if they don’t trust her, but they shouldn’t doubt the Musketeers. They worked hard to support the students all this time, and she doesn’t want them to reject that fact. Well that eventually got through their thick skulls. Patrick opened the gate when the time comes, letting them escape to the beach.

Meanwhile, Athos was leading Rochefort to the place where they supposedly keep D’Artagnan. He was walking really slowly and Rochefort lost his patience, but the moment he walked ahead of him.. Athos stabbed his back. Rochefort was shocked and asked if Athos has lost his mind, since stabbing your opponent’s back is against the rules of the Musketeers. Not that he cares though, since the current Athos isn’t bound by any rules. Rochefort tried to fight back, but eventually Athos managed to defeat him without even transforming. He doesn’t care about any rules, as long as he can meet D’Artagnan again without losing himself to the demon inside.

D’Artagnan successfully lead the students through the forest, slaying any demons that appeared to get in their way. The tide was already low when they finally reached the beach, so she told Planche to take the lead because she wants to make sure nobody was left behind. The students finally escaped the island and walked across the sea, and it’s now time for D’Artagnan to go as well.. to the final battle. She doesn’t care if Athos got angry at her later, she just can’t leave the Musketeers here. It’s her fight too.

Richelieu was enraged when he heard that Rochefort has died. He doesn’t wanna deal with their swordfight though, so he transformed into his electric demon form right away. Aramis and Porthos transformed too and tried to fight back, but you know.. electricity paralyzes. He was about to finish them off when D’Artagnan arrived, and he attacked her with his thunder without wasting any time. She finally learned about the key here, as Richelieu then stabbed her heart and coated his sword with it — forming the key. He started laughing creepily as he opened the tower’s door, but Aramis and Porthos weren’t there for nothing. They attacked Richelieu and told Athos to get the necklace inside.

Athos carried the dying D’Artagnan and rushed inside the tower, eventually finding the necklace on the top floor. She tried to say that he should use it to lift their curse, but Athos put it around her neck and wished for her life to be saved. They were interrupted by Richelieu though, so Athos had no choice but to transform and fight back. Even if it means he won’t be able to turn back into a human. He grabbed Richelieu and summoned flames to burn both of them, if he has to die here then he’s taking the principal to die along with him. D’Artagnan didn’t want this to happen. She keeps calling Athos’ name, wishing for the diamond necklace to lift the curse and restore the Musketeers to how they were before.

After a blinding light, D’Artagnan woke up in the forest with Athos (now back in his human form) at her side. They got thrown off the tower by that light, but both of them are alive. Richelieu was defeated, and now their battle has finally come to an end. He really wants to look at her face until he’s satisfied, but there’s something that he needs to do before that: kiss her. He’s wanted to make her his so bad, but it seems like it’s the other way around. He’s the one who belongs to her. Soon they heard Porthos’ voice calling out to them, but Athos doesn’t care and keeps kissing her in the snow. xD

Athos revealed that they had the diamond necklace from the tower, asking D’Artagnan what to do about this. She decided to do what needs to be done — return the necklace to Anne.

In the epilogue, a year has passed and it’s finally D’Artagnan’s graduation day. She became the leader of the Musketeers and made a speech during the ceremony, which made Porthos jealous since he’s been a member for three years straight lol. Just as he promised, Athos came to pick her up that day. D’Artagnan already packed her things and returned her dorm key, so they went to spend the night in the secret cabin instead. Athos finally proposed to D’Artagnan as they walked through the forest, revealing that he’s been thinking about that the whole day. He already prepared a place for them to live together, asking her to send her stuff there instead. She gladly accepts and asked him to make her his wife. She also asked him not to be disappointed after they start living together, and Athos said he can never hate her.

A few years later, Athos and D’Artagnan hold their wedding ceremony in a church. Bonacieux wonders why he chose D’Artagnan out of all people, and Planche slapped him for saying rude things about her friend lol. Before the ceremony starts, the bride and the groom were actually busy making out in a quiet place. She told him it’s not time for their wedding vow / kiss yet, but Athos said they already made their vows a few years ago. Obviously his parents were against their relationship at first, but they managed to get their permission eventually. As the church bell rings, Athos and D’Artagnan swore eternal love to each other.

In the extra story, it was a day before D’Artagnan’s birthday. Athos thought she might ask him to read books for her again, so he decided to practice after borrowing some books from the library. This time the queen in the book is seducing the captain of the guards, begging him to pull off her dress with his sword. While he was too embarassed to read these lines before, Athos finally managed to read everything now. Complete with a blush on his face when he reads “お願い、して。” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Now he’s really satisfied about his reading skills, and tomorrow he’ll surprise D’Artagnan by offering to read these books for her lol.

Athos’ route has a good balance of action, romance and funny scenes. I can sort of see why his element is fire.. he’s really hot. 8D Most of his romantic scenes made me go 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ and I think Hosoya did a great job. Towards the end you can really feel Athos’ fear of losing D’Artagnan when you hear his voice trembling, and I almost cried too.. (´・ω・`) But there’s also those erotic novel scenes to lighten up the mood. LOL D’Artagnan, what are you reading! I wonder who puts that book in the cabin? Though I can only imagine Porthos doing that lol. Athos wanted to get some reference from that novel too, so it made me laugh so hard when he reads the contents and turned red. xD

This is my favorite route so far, and looking at the remaining guys seems like it’d be hard to beat Athos. I have high hopes for the secret character though. Also, wedding end FTW!


12 thoughts on “Musketeer – Athos

  1. *scanning the entire post* OMG. I see lots of kissing scene AND a wedding! Athos~~~
    So he isn’t the main guy? I’ll be kind of sad if he isn’t. ^^;;

    • His ending and epilogue are slightly longer than the other two, so I think he’s the special one among the Musketeers. So far the story is still a bit blurry since I haven’t done Rochefort yet, but I heard the main guy is actually the secret character. xD

      LOL I just realized 4 out of the 7 CGs I picked are kissing CGs.

      • I am hoping that the secret guy’s route will be good! :D

        Apparently Athos himself doesn’t realize how strict and serious he normally is lol.
        — I bet he isn’t aware that he is soooo loveable. lol
        You’re right, his route is balanced in every aspect. I love how D’Artagnan accepted his feelings unlike what she did in Porthos’ route. ^^

        Love love love this route! >//////////< I'm super happy this route is worth the wait! haha!

        • I bet he’d blush if you say that lol. Athos is so adorable when he blushes. xD
          Hey you’re right! I was too absorbed to realize that D’Artagnan didn’t throw that “I don’t know how I feel” stuff here. Which is good, I feel sad when she did that to Porthos lol.

  2. Gosh I had like, so many things to share about this route, but now I can’t remember them for dear life! Athos is my favorite guy, cause like, dunno, he’s way too cute. DAT BLUSHING FACE. I giggled like a pervert after seeing that.

    I squee’d from the moment he opened his mouth. I almost fainted when he confessed. I almost cried when he hugged D’Artagnan telling her that he didn’t want to loose her. Then when D’Artagnan was dying I just completely lost it. When he put the necklace around her neck…his voice was trembling so much, that I couldn’t help but to cry a little as well (oh I’m so emotional lol)

    So, overall, this guy is great! I did his route first (Hosoya I love youuuuu), and since playing the other routes give you more insight about the story, I’m thinking about playing again just to see if there’s any changes.

    Baw Athos why are your CG’s so pretty ;_; the Noel one and the dying D’Artagnan one are definitely my favs <3


      No no, it’s not just you. Hosoya did such a great job portraying Athos’ character and emotions, I was teary-eyed too when his voice starts trembling like that. This is probably the first time I cried just by hearing a character’s voice, since most of the time it’s the story that makes me cry. Needless to say Athos has successfully made me a Hosoya fangirl as well. <3

      As for the story, I think you need to play Rochefort's to get a bigger picture. Aramis and Porthos' routes give little pieces about Anne and Louis, but that's it. But then again I heard you need to play all routes to get the story, so.. xD

      Oh and this is a bit late, but I've mailed the TYB CGs you requested. :3

      • >.< Completely the same way when I went through his route.
        As soon as he started getting blushie and cute, I completely fell for him (惚れた!).
        I love that there's a screenshot system for the games nowadays (saved his blushing scene onto my pc)!

        • Yep it’s now easier to capture screenshots from your games. :D
          I’ve been saving pictures of cute guys blushing from any otome games, and Athos is no exception lol.

  3. i really cant imagine Athos blushing no matter how hard i try >. o.o he can blush????
    well all that aside, this route is very funny with all the “interesting” scenes there lol
    cant wait to read the next review ^^

  4. Athos is just so sweet!!!
    By the way,I couldn’t find the guide for Musketeer,do you have any link for the guide?
    I was playing Athos’ route yesterday night,using SAVE & LOAD method without the guide…but I guess I will need the guide for the hidden characters….>.<

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