Musketeer – Rochefort

While the Musketeers’ routes give small pieces of the story, Rochefort’s route holds most of the explanations. The general route is a bit different too here, so long post ahead. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

The supervisor of the Musketeers, also the teacher for fencing and dressage. Rochefort looks down on people and treats even his students with a cold attitude. He’s extremely devoted to Richelieu because the principal saved him in the past, now he’s serving as his right-hand man. Rochefort’s really strict during classes, but everyone knows he’s a really skilled swordsman. He also attacked D’Artagnan without mercy when she first joined his class.

D’Artagnan saw Rochefort in the hallway at night. Even though there are some black rumors about him, she really admires his strength. She wanted to be that strong too, so she asked him to teach her more about fencing. He brushed her off and ordered her to return to the dorm, but she didn’t give up and followed him all the way to his room. Even though he clearly told her he’s not training anyone personally aside from the Musketeers. She went as far as pushing him down while still begging him to teach her fencing, completely unaware that she’s sitting on top of him lol. Eventually Rochefort gave up and said he’ll teach her next time.

In order to look for more information, D’Artagnan decided to go and see the principal. Nobody’s allowed to see him except for the Musketeers though, and Rochefort chased her out the moment she stepped into the principal’s office. D’Artagnan dropped the sapphire ring because of his violent treatment towards her, but she quickly took it back since it’s an important clue. However, some days later Rochefort told her to return the ring because it belongs to him. This leads D’Artagnan to think that he must be the murderer, but Rochefort denied the accusation.

He didn’t deny that he’s connected to the whole incident though. Because a few hours before Castelmore (D’Artagnan’s father) died, Rochefort was indeed there to visit him. He wanted to get the key back and gave Castelmore half a day to prepare, but he also placed some guards around their house to make sure he can’t escape.

Before the exams, D’Artagnan decided to look for more information instead of studying. She was startled when she met Rochefort in the garden, and he asked if she’s scared of him now. Rochefort wanted to take her somewhere, but D’Artagnan refused and bombarded him with questions instead. What is he planning by controlling the demons? What did her father stole from the academy? If he doesn’t want to tell her the truth, then she refuse to talk to him. He knows that she’s actually scared though, and he asked her to take out her sword instead. This will be the first and the last, but he’s fulfilling his promise to give her a personal training session.

D’Artagnan was surprised, but she agreed since she wants to become stronger. Even though Rochefort is a scary and suspicious person, she can tell that he’s got nothing to hide whenever he wields his sword. He ended their training session saying she’s weak because she’s too distracted by her surroundings. A swordfight is a psychological battle, those who can fight while reading the opponent’s movements will win. Rochefort then told her to return to her room and D’Artagnan thanked him. He really did give her useful hints and advice despite his harsh words, which eventually helped her during her duel with Porthos.

Fortunately, unlike Porthos, D’Artagnan did her best and passed every subject in the exams.

During a training session with Aramis near the tower, a demon’s laughter was heard and Aramis went to check the forest. D’Artagnan got attacked by a demon and was in a pinch when suddenly Rochefort came to save her. She was surprised since up until now she thinks the demons and Rochefort are allies, but he still refused to say anything. It doesn’t change the fact that he just saved her though, so she thanked him. Rochefort replied he’d be troubled if she dies. He’s a teacher and it’s his duty to protect his students from any danger. That’s all.

Knowing that D’Artagnan was planning to challenge Athos next, Rochefort asked what she’s trying to achieve by controlling the Musketeers. She said there’s no need for her to tell the reason, but he grabbed her before she could leave. He forced her to spill the beans, so she asked him to tell her the truth as well. Rochefort wasn’t impressed though and told her to just answer his questions, and eventually D’Artagnan said she’s doing this because he won’t tell her anything. It’s hard for her to seek out the truth on her own, so she needs the Musketeers to help her. He said it’s really foolish and besides, theres no way she’d win against Athos. He’s going to become the witness if Athos accepts her challenge, just to see her in despair when Athos defeats her later.

In October, D’Artagnan decided not to go to the Halloween party. She was thinking alone in an empty classroom when Rochefort came asking what she’s doing here. Before he leaves, she asked when did he start learning fencing. She wanted to know how much training she needs to do in order to be that strong, so she was surprised when he answered “300 years ago”. He also asked her how did she recover after losing such an important person. At first he was expecting her to be in grief, but now that she’s enjoying her school days.. he couldn’t help to think but she already forgot about her father. That made her upset since she’s still at loss, with her father’s death haunting her every day and night. She asked if he can’t understand emotions, and those words lingered in his mind even after he left.

The next day D’Artagnan finally saw Richelieu in the hallway, where she bumped into him on her way to the classroom. She recognized him as the man she met in the church at night, but she didn’t know he’s the principal. After school Planche suddenly delievered D’Artagnan’s sword from Rochefort, though she didn’t remember giving it to him at all. She didn’t have time to think though since she was called to the principal’s office right after that, where she finally told Richelieu everything — including her doubts and questions towards Rochefort. Richelieu agreed to help and asked her to rely on him instead of the Musketeers. He also asked her about Anne, but at this point D’Artagnan didn’t know her name yet.

That night D’Artagnan went to the beach and found Rochefort there, drinking alone. When he invited her to sit beside him on the sand, D’Artagnan admits that she told Richelieu about her suspicions towards him. He laughed saying this is the first time he ever saw someone who would honestly confess like her. All she needs to do for now is just to wait for Richelieu to give her more information, since Rochefort won’t run and hide from their investigation. Or rather, he can’t run because he can’t get out of the island. Rochefort asked how it feels to gaze at the sea with someone who might have killed her father, but she noticed that he looks really sad.

After days of investigating, Rochefort finally found out that a sword might be needed to open the tower. Richelieu immediately thought of D’Artagnan’s sword, but apparently every Chevalier sword fits into the keyhole.. and that’s it. They still need something else to open the lock. He also noted that D’Artagnan has been spending less time with the Musketeers recently, which proves that she trusts Richelieu more than them. She doesn’t know that Richelieu was only using her to lure Anne out of hiding.

Meanwhile, Anne found out that D’Artagnan has fallen into the other side. She can’t use her anymore, and so she decided to control the Musketeers herself. Louis couldn’t agree to this plan, but he can’t back out now since he’s already a part of it. He even witnessed them joining hands with “that man” to kill Castelmore. Later on she called Athos to meet her, introducing herself as Anne, the Queen of France and spouse of King Louis XIII. Athos found it hard to believe when she said he was a Musketeer serving her in his previous life, but she managed to gain his trust since she knows about their demon curse. It was from her too that he finally learned about Richelieu’s plan.

Then suddenly the next day, Porthos demands to inspect the contents of D’Artagnan’s bag. He had to stop since everyone starts calling him a 変態, so eventually Athos asked her directly: “where’s the key?” D’Artagnan didn’t know since she never heard about any keys before, but Athos didn’t believe her and said he’ll come back to ask her again. Eventually Richelieu told her that Rochefort has nothing to do with her father’s death, and she came looking for him at night just to apologize. She asked him if he hates her and Rochefort said he doesn’t like her. He told her countless times that he didn’t kill her father but she never listened, not to mention she kept pestering him to tell her the truth.. but he doesn’t mind her accusations.

Chevalier Academy holds its anniversary festival in December. Everyone’s excited about the dance party, but D’Artagnan wasn’t as thrilled as Planche or Bonacieux. She accepts Constantin’s invitation to go together though, since this is the first school event she joins. After school Athos dragged her to the tower and ordered her to put her sword into the keyhole, accusing her of getting controlled by the principal when she refused to do so. He asked why she avoids the Musketeers lately and goes to Richelieu instead, warning her that they’re just deceiving her. She insists that Rochefort is innocent and said she wants to stay this way, so eventually Athos shouted at her to open her eyes already. It was useless though.

That night D’Artagnan went to return a book to Rochefort, and she saw Milady entering his room. She tried to get some information from him regarding the key, asking him to share the treasure when her seduction techniques didn’t work. Milady eventually got pissed saying he’s nothing more than a pawn for Richelieu, but Rochefort replied everyone‘s a pawn to that man. He then stopped the conversation upon sensing someone’s presence outside, but D’Artagnan already ran off outside before he found her.

When she finally returned the book the next day, Rochefort noticed it seems like she’s got something to say. D’Artagnan honestly told him that she saw Milady entering his room last night, but she went back to the dorm thinking she’ll just disturb their private time. Rochefort said it’s a misunderstanding since they were just talking about work, and definitely not doing dirty things she imagined lol. D’Artagnan then invited him to play some card game since Rochefort has finished his work, but he obviously refused. Playing a game with him is probably a dream that will never come true lol. Instead, he just told her to leave everything to Richelieu.

Curious after seeing her sword fits into the keyhole, D’Artagnan returned to the tower at night. She got attacked by some demons soon after, and she had to fight alone since the Musketeers aren’t there to protect her. She was surrounded when Rochefort came to save her, but there were just too many of them.. so he had no choice but to transform. Things turned bad when the Musketeers came to the tower as well, seeing D’Artagnan with demon Rochefort alone after he slayed all of the demons. She tried to explain that they’re wrong, but they transformed before she could finish a sentence. Rochefort’s stronger than all of them though, so he managed to escape after freezing them in place — taking D’Artagnan with him.

Back in the principal’s office, the shocked D’Artagnan asked Richelieu if he’s a demon as well. He assured her that while they kept this a secret from her, everything he told her are true. He also admits that his true objective is Anne, because she’s the reason they became a demon. Rochefort was reluctant about telling D’Artagnan everything, but Richelieu knows they can’t ask her to believe them without revealing the truth.

300 years ago during Louis XIII’s reign, Richelieu was both a cardinal and the prime minister of France. Back then France was at war with the House of Habsburg, and so they tried to form an alliance with England. Things didn’t go well though and created yet another war instead. The one who lead England’s fleet was the Duke of Buckingham, who was also Queen Anne’s lover. Both Richelieu and Rochefort fought to protect their country, but Queen Anne betrayed them by selling France to England. She sent the diamond necklace Louis XIII gave her to the Duke of Buckingham, knowing it contains a great power which would be enough to destroy France.

Richelieu and Rochefort tried to get the necklace back, but their actions enraged Anne.. and so she killed them and everyone in their families. Richelieu couldn’t forgive this betrayal and turned into a demon. He waited for everyone involved in that incident to reincarnate and gather once again, and after 300 years he finally reincarnated just to get his revenge on Anne. On December 31, the “opportunity day”, the demons’ power will be released and Anne will be able to get out of the island, so Richelieu wants to clear away all of his grudge before then. Anne, who still has all the memories from 300 years ago, is planning to kill him as well to erase everyone connected to the incident. That’s why they need D’Artagnan’s help to open the tower as quickly as possible, offering to help her seek out the truth in return.

Even after hearing the truth, D’Artagnan was still confused. She understands Richelieu’s anger towards Anne, but she doesn’t want them to kill each other. She even told Rochefort that it might be better if they never find the key, since the current Anne is no longer the Queen of France. Rochefort said he had no choice, and he threw D’Artagnan into prison because they can’t let her run around freely anymore now that she knows everything. Apparently it was Richelieu’s order too to keep her locked up if she doubts him, even it’s just for a tiny little bit. She called Rochefort a demon for doing this, but he doesn’t care. Before leaving he told her to just enjoy the dance party’s music from the prison.

Some days later, Rochefort came to inform D’Artagnan that Richelieu ordered him to go on a demon hunt. Lately the rumors about demons were spreading among the students, so they need to take extra cautions. D’Artagnan asked if he’s going to capture the Musketeers too, and Rochefort said he wasn’t ordered to do so. She still couldn’t accept that Richelieu’s imprisoned her just because she has different thoughts, since it’s not like she rejected his way of thinking. Rochefort said everyone has a different definition of “justice” in their hearts, ultimately believing that their own opinion is the right one. He’s an exception though, since he’s just following every order Richelieu gave him. He doesn’t need any heart nor opinions.

By the time of the dance party, Rochefort heard from Patrick that D’Artagnan didn’t eat anything. She told him she’s not rebelling against them or anything, she just lost her appetite. Rochefort didn’t want to hear any excuse though, so he starts stuffing the food into her mouth to make sure she eats something. She then asked him to let her talk to Treville, but Rochefort rejected the idea instantly. He won’t let her meet Treville no matter what, and he’s not telling her why.

D’Artagnan asked if he’s not going to the dance party, but of course Rochefort isn’t interested in such “foolish” events. However, when D’Artagnan said she was actually looking forward to the dance party, Rochefort told her not to smile with such a sad look on her face. He took her hand saying he’ll dance with her here, noticing how cold her body was. He told her to eat properly after this, and D’Artagnan realized that Rochefort keeps coming into the prison to see her despite his cold attitude. Patrick alone should be enough to take care of her, but Rochefort still comes to see her anyway.

When Rochefort visited her again the next day, D’Artagnan asked him to tell her about his past. He believes Richelieu already told her everything necessary, but he eventually agreed since it might help her understand the principal more. Rochefort is the son of a Count and joined the imperial army 300 years ago. Richelieu was impressed with his skills and made him the captain, and so he lead the troops consisting of men who were mostly older than him. He’s really thankful to Richelieu for giving him a role in the middle of the war, at the same time admiring his deep love for their country. However, Richelieu died because of Anne’s betrayal and Rochefort felt he couldn’t do anything to help. So here in the present time, he’s doing everything he can to make sure Richelieu can reach his goals.

D’Artagnan asked if he’s going to give his life should Richelieu asked for it, and Rochefort said yes since it’s the proof of his loyalty. She couldn’t help but pity him though. She thinks his loyalty and devotion is a wonderful thing, but then what happened to his own life? Rochefort said throwing away his personal life is a part of his life. Following Richelieu is the path he chose to walk on. But even so, D’Artagnan still wants him to treasure himself a little more. He didn’t reply and acted like he doesn’t care, but he kept thinking about it after he left. Milady noticed that Rochefort has been using all of his free time to visit D’Artagnan in prison, asking if he’s really keeping an eye on her just because she holds the key.

In order to cover her absence from the academy, Richelieu ordered Rochefort to fabricate a fake permit saying D’Artagnan is sick and needs to rest away from the students.

D’Artagnan was sleeping when Rochefort came to visit her again. He was relieved to see that she’s still alive, since she didn’t eat anything at all. He stepped into her cell and hugged her, realizing that it was really cold inside. He doesn’t understand why D’Artagnan chose to be honest and end up here, rather than playing it safe by pretending she believes in Richelieu. He doesn’t understand why she told him to treasure himself more. But on top of everything else, Rochefort doesn’t understand why he’s hugging her right now, thinking of letting her out the moment she decides to join their side.

When D’Artagnan woke up at night, Rochefort was still there in her cell. He put a blanket so she won’t get cold, even though he said he’s keeping her alive for Richelieu’s sake. Patrick made another set of meal for her, and Rochefort asked her to eat right now. But he’s not forcing her like last time, he just said he won’t leave until she eats everything. Finally D’Artagnan did what he said and ate her dinner, realizing that she’s actually hungry after not eating for days.

A few days later, Patrick gave D’Artagnan a book saying it’s from her father. He’s pretty forgetful so he doesn’t remember anything when D’Artagnan asked if he knows about her father, but thankfully he writes in his diary a lot. It turns out that Castelmore asked him to give this book to D’Artagnan if she ever comes to the academy. She expected to see an astronomy book, but apparently it was a novel with red highlights all over the place. The message was pretty clear: “Get out from this island. The most important thing isn’t a ‘thing’. If the tower is opened someone dear will lose her life.”

Remembering her father, D’Artagnan was crying when suddenly a hooded man came into her cell. The man took out a sword and starts attacking her, and she called out to Rochefort in a panic. He escaped when Rochefort came, but not before snatching the novel from D’Artagnan’s hands. She was really sad since it’s the only connection she had to her father, but she couldn’t tell Rochefort fearing it’ll reach Richelieu’s ears. Rochefort then brought her out from the prison and moved her to his room instead, since it’s too dangerous for her to stay alone in that cell. Even though he’s acting really cold and locked the door from outside, Rochefort’s actually really worried about her. Moving her out of the prison was his own decision too, not based on Richelieu’s order.

The next morning D’Artagnan dropped some books in Rochefort’s room, and he came in right away to see what’s happening.. which proved that he was actually standing in front of the room the whole time. He also brought her some grapes from Planche, who thinks that she’s still sick and hopes for her to recover soon. She feels bad for taking over his room for the night, asking him to sleep here for today. The other option is her room in the dorm, but Rochefort said the students will think of him as a pervert if he does that. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Eventually he gave up saying he’ll stay in his room, and then he starts changing in front of her lol.

Rochefort also told her not to ask too much about his activities, but he answered her questions anyway. xD On Sunday he event brought her a chess set saying he’ll teach her how to play, and they spent the whole day playing chess with him winning the game everytime lol. She was afraid that he’d get bored, but Rochefort patiently taught her step by step even though he’s still strict as usual. Naturally D’Artagnan couldn’t believe that she’s playing a game with THAT Rochefort, and she wonders if something has changed between them. At night she said they can share the bed, but Rochefort chose to sleep on the sofa. He’s a teacher after all. She gave him the pillow and fluffy blankets so he can sleep well, which made him laugh since she’s being adorable lol.

Before going to sleep, Rochefort asked if D’Artagnan doesn’t remember anything from her previous life. He also told her that the sapphire ring is a medal for his first victory, given by Richelieu 300 years ago. He received the ring again after meeting the reincarnated Richelieu, this time as the proof that he has sworn his loyalty to him. D’Artagnan thinks the ring is setting too much boundaries for Rochefort though, since everything is different from how it used to be 300 years ago. She apologized for being cheeky again, but later on she felt Rochefort gently stroking her hair when she was asleep.

When Richelieu called him the next day, Rochefort finally learned about the identity of the key — D’Artagnan herself. By piercing her heart and using her blood, they can open the key using any Chevalier sword. Rochefort was surprised upon hearing they need to sacrifice her, and Richelieu noticed this. He told Rochefort to just move according to his orders, since Richelieu will make all the decisions. Now he’s ordering her to pierce D’Artagnan’s heart and open the tower’s door. There’s no need for him to feel sympathy towards the girl. Although Rochefort decided to follow the order, he was really torn inside.

Rochefort finally returned to his room in the morning, asking D’Artagnan what she wants to do for today. He took a day off today based on Richelieu’s order, and D’Artagnan said she wants to go to the sea. On the beach he asked why she didn’t run away since he’s letting her walk freely, and she answered she’ll just cause a trouble for him if she does that. If he gets angry he won’t take her to the sea anymore. He still doesn’t get why she’s okay staying near him like this, so D’Artagnan said it’s because Rochefort never attacks her. He was protecting her even when she was imprisoned, and she’s really grateful to him.

The sun sets and it’s time to go back, and Rochefort grabbed D’Artagnan wrist to make sure she doesn’t run away. It didn’t hurt at all though, and she thought it’s more like they’re holding hands instead. After eating dinner, he asked if she remembers what he said about “justice” before. He kept giving her comparations and asking her which one is right to her, gradually showing what’s inside his heart as he asked more question: “Choosing between an eternal vow and your feelings at the moment, which one is ‘justice’ to you?” She said her justice is the answer that came up even before you think about it.

Right before D’Artagnan went to bed, Rochefort said he’s sleeping on the bed tonight. She was nervous having him sleep next to her, so she decided to talk to him for a while. She finally told him about her father’s novel and the message hidden inside of it. Rochefort asked why she’s telling him this now, and she said she wants to help him look for the key. She was hoping that piece of information can be useful for him, but Rochefort just his eyes and said it doesn’t help at all.

Since Rochefort didn’t kill D’Artagnan right away, Richelieu asked if he’s starting to grow some feelings for her. Rochefort denied this saying a soldier like him never had any feelings to begin with, and he promised to follow any orders Richelieu gives. However, Richelieu then asked him to bring D’Artagnan to the principal office right now. Rochefort was surprised and said there’s no need to shed blood in this room, but Richelieu said they won’t kill her here. All he needs to do for now is bring D’Artagnan here, then they can move to the tower and proceed with the ritual.

After that Rochefort told D’Artagnan that Richelieu’s calling her, but he didn’t take her to the principal’s office. They ran into the forest instead, and eventually Rochefort told her to go wherever she wants to go from here. He’s setting her free. After telling her not to follow him anymore, Rochefort ran off and left D’Artagnan alone in the forest. She was about to chase after him when Porthos appeared and took her to their secret hideout, while Rochefort himself met Athos on his way back. Athos asked what he’s planning to do, but Rochefort only asked him to take care of D’Artagnan before running off again.

Richelieu eventually learned about Rochefort’s betrayal from Milady. He immediately gave out an order for all the teachers to put all the students in prison as hostages. The students were told this is to protect them from the demons lurking outside, though some of them were suspicious. Now that Rochefort is no longer Richelieu’s right-hand man, Milady asked him to share the necklace with her instead. She believes the imprisoned students will lure Athos and D’Artagnan out, and Richelieu gave her the task of killing D’Artagnan to open the door.

Milady was surprised when Rochefort actually came back to the principal office, but Richelieu knew he’s prepared to die. It’s such a waste to kill him on the spot though, so Milady suggested them holding Rochefort as a hostage as well knowing his relationship with D’Artagnan. They’re going to execute him together with D’Artagnan if she comes, and they’ll just kill him alone if she doesn’t. For now he ordered Treville to tie him onto the tower’s door. Either way, Rochefort’s going to die tomorrow — freezed by the weather or executed.

Despite D’Artagnan’s attempts to explain the situation, Porthos refused to believe that Rochefort was trying to help her. He thought Rochefort was trying to attack D’Artagnan in the forest instead. She finally got the chance to explain everything when Athos came to join them, even though he was completely on Anne’s side. Porthos didn’t trust Anne completely and Aramis didn’t seem to care. Athos and D’Artagnan shared everything they know from both sides, and they finally realized this is just a personal battle between Anne and Richelieu. Sadly they can’t back out since D’Artagnan holds the key, and they need the necklace too in order to lift their curse.

D’Artagnan also told them that Rochefort doesn’t hold a grudge against Anne. He’s just following Richelieu’s order, and he’s been protecting her up until now. Porthos thought it’s strange that D’Artagnan was protecting him, but Athos knows since he met Rochefort earlier. Soon Aramis came to the cabin as well with a message from Richelieu: “We have captured Rochefort and will execute him in front of the tower tomorrow morning. Bring D’Artagnan before then.”

Naturally the Musketeers were against her going to the tower. Especially Porthos, who still doesn’t trust Rochefort thinking it might be a trap. However, the Musketeers also got their own issue to resolve Aramis’ betrayal. D’Artagnan said she’s going to catch some air outside while they sort things out, but she’s actually leaving for the tower instead. She found him in front of the tower freezing in the snow. Rochefort asked her to run, and D’Artagnan said she’s not leaving without him. This is the path she chose to walk on.

Rochefort eventually broke the chains when some demons came to attack them, but he still refused to leave.. because Richelieu was there, ready to kill both of them. D’Artagnan tried to fight him hoping to save Rochefort’s life, but he was too powerful for her. Just before Richelieu slashed her, Rochefort finally drew out his sword and disarmed him. This is the first time he ever pointed his sword towards Richelieu, and he used the chance to escape with D’Artagnan. When the Musketeers came to help them, Richelieu told them that he still has more hostages for them to worry about. If they don’t bring D’Artagnan to the tower tomorrow, he’s going to execute all of the students instead.

While Richelieu was busy with the Musketeers, Milady chased after D’Artagnan into the forest. She found her fighting some demons alongside Rochefort, and she was too blinded by greed to notice how dangerous it was to get closer. Milady got attacked by one of the demons there and Rochefort dragged D’Artagnan to escape using this chance, leaving Milady alone to face her death. She totally deserved it if you ask me. ( ಠ_ಠ ) When they reached the secret hideout, D’Artagnan kept asking Rochefort why he did that even though he can transform and slay all of those demons easily. Rochefort told her to be quiet, and he eventually kissed her when she didn’t stop asking.

Aside from the demons, there were also Richelieu’s men looking for them all over the forest. Rochefort didn’t want to attract their attention by transforming, since his first priority is to protect D’Artagnan. Milady only saw her as the key towards the treasure anyway, so he thinks there’s no difference between her and those demons outside. Rochefort then tried to leave again thinking he’s not allowed to stay here, but D’Artagnan managed to convince him that the Musketeers think of him as their ally.

When the Musketeers returned to the secret hideout later, Rochefort asked for their help for the upcoming battle. He’s been working under Richelieu all this time, but now he’s switching sides in order to protect D’Artagnan’s life. The Musketeers, especially Athos, still respect him as their supervisor, and they’ve been planning to help him anyway. Now their goal is to protect D’Artagnan until the “opportunity day” has passed, allowing Anne to leave the island before Richelieu gets his revenge on her. They need to rescue the students before he executes them though, so they decided to split up. D’Artagnan is going with Rochefort to face Richelieu, while the Musketeers are going to guide the students to escape the island.

That night the Musketeers returned to the academy to carry out the plan, leaving D’Artagnan and Rochefort alone in the cabin. Today is Noel and D’Artagnan said it’s a day to spend with your family or someone important, stressing that Rochefort is important to her. He then admits he lied to her about her father, though it was indirect since Richelieu was the one who told her this. On the day he visited Castelmore, Rochefort noticed that he has a family. That’s why he have him time to think about the key. Richelieu told D’Artagnan that there were witnesses, but it was a lie to clear her suspicions.

If Rochefort dragged Castelmore out of their house that day, he’d probably still be alive now. In a way he’s also involved in the incident, so he asked D’Artagnan if he’s still important to her after hearing this. She said yes, and she’s really glad to hear that Rochefort gave her father time to say goodbye to her. D’Artagnan then confessed that she loves him, asking if she can kiss him. Rochefort told her to do as she likes, but he eventually kissed her since she was too surprised to react. They know that a demon and a human can’t be together though. When D’Artagnan asked him how to get the demon’s seal, Rochefort kissed her neck saying he’ll make a different “seal” for her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

D’Artagnan apologized for causing Rochefort to betray the person he trusted for so long. He said it’s because he wanted to do so, then he hugged her to keep her warm for the night. When he asked what she wants to do after it’s all over, D’Artagnan said she doesn’t know. If he still can’t leave the island then she’s staying here with him.

On their way to school the next day, D’Artagnan tried to reach some icicles hanging from above. Rochefort warned her that it’s dangerous since there’s a cliff nearby, but it’s too late and they both fell to the snow below. She apologized upon seeing him getting covered in snow, and Rochefort started laughing for the first time in the entire game. She wished the time would stop right now, but of course it’s impossible and they had to continue walking. (´・ω・`)

They still have some time before meeting Richelieu at noon, so they went back to Rochefort’s room. He gave her a bag full of grapes knowing that she loves them, and D’Artagnan asked him to play a game with her. Rochefort loves wine and can tell their names just by scent, so she asked him to guess correctly. If he got it wrong then he has to say he loves her. She wants to hear him say it just for once, she doesn’t mind if it’s a lie or a joke. Rochefort knows she’s saying this because she’s worried about the upcoming battle, so he told her it’s okay to be honest right now. He also trusts her to protect his back when they step into the battlefield later.

When they finally met Richelieu in front of the tower, he gave Rochefort one last chance to kill D’Artagnan. He’s willing to forgive his betrayal if he does that, but Rochefort remained silent. By hearing Richelieu’s words, D’Artagnan finally learned that the tower’s key is actually her. Now she knows why Rochefort tried to protect her with all his life, choosing to protect her over his loyalty towards Richelieu. Richelieu then revealed that he’s planning to kill all the students anyway, so this isn’t even a “trade” to begin with. Since he doesn’t know which one of the students is Anne, he’ll just massacre everyone hoping to kill Anne in the process. Then he’s going to take the necklace as the proof of his loyalty for France.

Knowing that talking to Richelieu any further would be useless, Rochefort and D’Artagnan ran towards the forest. The Musketeers are guiding the students right now, so they’re luring the demons away from the beach. They got surrounded in no time and Rochefort had to transform since the demons keep spawing one after another, but D’Artagnan got hurt and eventually collapsed. She woke up in the abandoned church and told Rochefort she’s willing to die if it means she can protect him, asking what they need to do to open the tower. Soon they were interrupted by Richelieu though, and finally Rochefort challenged him for a direct battle.

D’Artagnan was still trying to protect Rochefort, even if she had to drag herself because of her wounds from earlier. Rochefort shielded her from Richelieu’s attack, but the latter didn’t care and stabbed both of them instead. Now that he’s got D’Artagnan’s blood on his sword, he finally obtained the key to open the tower. After he left them to die together, D’Artagnan apologized to Rochefort for making him fight a losing battle. Rochefort said it’s okay since he was defeated with the honor of loving her.

The Musketeers eventually managed to take care of things and returned the diamond necklace to Anne, who finally left the island with Louis. After the fight they found Rochefort and D’Artagnan hugging in the snow outside, both were already lifeless. Porthos cried as Athos apologized for not making it in time for them. Aramis said they already let everyone escape from the island, so Rochefort and D’Artagnan can rest in peace. The Musketeers buried them and planted a tree on their grave. ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・わ~ん

Rochefort was a soldier. He never looked back and regret what has happened, but he started to regret a lot of things after meeting D’Artagnan. Whenever he met and talked to her, he was always thinking that he can do a lot to make things better between them.. but all of those regrets are the proof of his feelings for her. Finally his soul whispered the words D’Artagnan has been waiting for: “I love you.”

The epilogue takes place decades after that day. D’Artagnan and Rochefort are watching the academy from afar. Today is the opening ceremony and D’Artagnan is observing all the new students and staff, so Rochefort wonders if she’s envious of the school life. He asked if she feels lonely and wants to get out of the island, and she answered she doesn’t. She’s happy because she can stay with him forever here, asking him if he feels the same. Rochefort fell into silence and D’Artagnan thinks she’s asking him yet another difficult question, but he said he’ll tell her more about his heart from now on. They have a lot of time to learn about each other. After all, they’re now spending eternity together.

In the extra story, Rochefort came to the student council room looking for Athos. The room was empty though, and soon he noticed the documents lying on Porthos’ messy desk. There he found a request application document sent by Rocinante, asking the Musketeers to help him investigate if Rochefort hates him. Apparently Rochefort bullies him so much he’s on the verge of getting crushed by the pressure lol. Unfortunately for Rocinante, Rochefort thinks that was so unreliable of him to ask for assistance from the students. From now on he’s going to be even more strict towards the young teacher, because people can’t grow unless you put pressure on them. xD

OH MY GOD THAT ENDING. I cried buckets even though it’s a happy ending. (ノД`)・゜・。 For some people Rochefort’s 貴様 might get annoying after a while, but I guess I don’t really mind his harsh words. During the whole route he only blushed ONCE and said he loves D’Artagnan ONCE, and strangely that didn’t disappoint me at all even though I’ve been waiting for him to melt and turn デレデレ like Athos did. Oh well, I guess that’d never happen with Rochefort lol. Some people told me D’Artagnan is annoying in this route, and I have to agree. Her constant pestering was annoying, but thankfully that was only at the beginning.

Dear Otomate, I demand a fandisk containing more ラブラブ moments for Rochefort! ヾ(*`Д´*)ノ”

9 thoughts on “Musketeer – Rochefort

  1. I have to agree with you Rochefort is quite the stone guy here.
    he only blushed once and that was very cute! i mean… ~~~kawaii~~~
    i usually like cold man with silver hair because they eventually turn to a kind gentleman but i can’t really say the same about Rochefort. i mean yeah he’s nice a lot during the game but he’s a little… you know… kinda annoying… at the beginning. i actually though he was the murderer! lol! and started about dreaming how the clueless little heroine fells in love with cold hearted un-trustworty older man.
    *sigh* my guesses are always wrong…

    • Yea Rochefort was rather rough at the beginning, not to mention suspicious.. but what I learned after reading tons of mystery novels is that the suspicious guys are never the murderer lol. My suspicion was directed towards a certain someone instead. That hooded figure kinda gave it away though. xD

      I love his appearance though. Silver hair + black clothes = ε-(*´∀`|萌

  2. i was interested in Rochefort’s route when i was looking at the main site but somehow the route feels…lacking =_= not that there werent interesting points here and there but definitely not enough doki doki parts >..> though i cant never stand old men routes anyways since its just wrong -.-
    ths for the review ^^ cant wait to read the next one

    • I think Rochefort’s route offers a different kind of romance, but I have to agree that there’s not enough ラブラブ moments. It’s more bittersweet more than anything.. and that’s exactly why I’m asking for a fandisk LOL. They can make it alternate universe or whatever, I won’t complain as long as I can see more romance between Rochefort and D’Artagnan. xD

      …and I have to finish Richelieu after this. A long-haired oyaji who’s obsessed with revenge. How wonderful. -_-“

  3. I love staring at him. His silver hair = ♥
    The ending… ;A; He died with the honor of loving her? How sweet~! T_T What a bittersweet ending. :((
    I knew it. Richelieu’s name rings a bell. so he is THAT cardinal. lol
    I’m a little slow, I still couldn’t figure who is that Milady and what will she get in return when she conspire with Richelieu. >o<

    • Yes, it’s THAT Richelieu lol.. and Anne is THAT Anne as well, but I saw this coming ever since the first route. I might be wrong since I haven’t completed all routes, but I think Milady is just a greedy lady who wants a piece of the treasure. She’s like completely obsessed with the diamond necklace, so in her eyes D’Artagnan is the key to a gold mine.

  4. i was replaying all the routes again with my cousin and i just noticed something i didn’t up until now…
    is he REALLY the only one that saved D in tower the whole time!!??
    even though he was all as cold as stone and all this faith and loyalty crap into the “oyagi-sama” he’s still cute.
    well i did cut off hope from that traitor Treville and revenge crap “oyagi-sama” but i excepted Porthos to at least have faith in “weakling girls” *cough*.
    aramis is a traitor as well. in SOME way…
    and Athos joins Anne’s route in almost every route… even though i liked Athos he disappointed me in many ways.
    and probably poor cons didn’t even had a idea about the traitor *cough* student council.
    Rochefort you’re the best! (even if it’s for duty) lol.

    • No, Aramis is the traitor. Treville is a.. vengeful demon lol.
      Which scene are you referring to? If it’s when D’Artagnan got attacked in front of the tower at night, then yes Rochefort was the one who came to save her in every single route except Constantin’s.

      To be fair, Athos only joined Anne’s side in the teachers’ routes. I guess he just couldn’t abandon a person seeking for help.. though he went too far in Richelieu’s route. :/

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