Musketeer – Richelieu

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled to go after an old man in his 50s. Not to mention his appearance screams old man no matter how you look at him. But hey, this route’s actually pretty good!

The 52 years old principal of Chevalier Academy, a school focusing on chivalry education. He rarely shows himself in front of the students though, only allowing the Musketeers to meet him directly. Richelieu determines the rules and orders in the academy, but he’s normally gentle and calm with a dignified aura around him. D’Artagnan tried to see him in person hoping to find some information about her father, but she didn’t get to meet him until much later.

After her unsuccessful attempt to see the principal, D’Artagnan visited the tower at night to train alone. She found an old church nearby and decided to go inside, where she met a mysterious monocled man. He stopped her before she mentions her name, saying it’d be interesting if they can enjoy talking without knowing each other’s name. All he told her is that he’s working for the academy, so D’Artagnan thought he must be a teacher. He found her interesting and asked if she’s willing to come and see him again, and she agreed. The man then gave her the name “Selene” and called himself “Apollo” so it’d be easier to call each other.

D’Artagnan won against Aramis the next day, and she went to the church at night. Just as she promised, today she came here to tell Apollo about her “important match”. She felt Aramis was losing on purpose, but Apollo said there’s no such thing in matches. What matters is the result, so she should be happy without worrying about small things like that. He asked more questions about her that night, and strangely D’Artagnan feels calm even though she doesn’t know who he really is.

Before the exam, D’Artagnan decided to look for more information instead of studying. She went to the church looking for Apollo, hoping to hear more things about the island. He said he doesn’t know the island that well though, and he’s more interested to learn more about her instead. When she told him about her background, Apollo said it must be lonely when you can’t meet your parents. All of the students in the academy have the same loneliness, since they’re living away from their families here. D’Artagnan asked if Apollo is lonely too, and he said he’s already used to loneliness.

After the duel with Porthos, Apollo asked how she did on her exams. D’Artagnan said her best mark is on the fencing exam, and he said it’s rare to see a girl doing so well in that subject. They had a walk outside since the full moon was beautiful tonight, with Apollo holding her hand so she won’t trip in the forest. She asked him to tell her about the past, so Apollo told her about his upbringing. He was born in Western France as the third child out of five siblings, learning both philosophy and military at the same time as he grew up. He said he was really weak when he was small, so he doesn’t get why he wants to be a soldier back then.

On Halloween, D’Artagnan didn’t go to the party and went to the church instead. She brought a butler costume for Apollo to wear.. LOL. He was clearly reluctant, but he agreed to wear it just for tonight. She was surprised since the costume looks really good on him, so Apollo decided to play along and become her butler — with D’Artagnan saying “what a dignified butler” lol. He asked her to give him an order, so she brought out a card game and asked him to play with her. She laughed since his words aren’t butler-like at all, and Apollo tried his best to act like one even though it’s difficult to do so while they play poker together.

When Rochefort came to the church to pick up “Richelieu-sama”, D’Artagnan finally learned that Apollo is actually the principal of the academy she’s been looking for. Rochefort warned her that he’s not a person she can talk to so easily, slapping her hands when she tried to get closer to them. Richelieu told Rochefort it’s enough and left with him, leaving the shocked D’Artagnan alone in the church.

Richelieu called D’Artagnan to his office the next day, and she apologized right away for speaking to him so casually the whole time. He told her not to be that nervous though, asking why she wanted to see him that much. D’Artagnan told him about her father’s murder and the reason she came to the academy, as well as her suspicion towards Rochefort. Just like in Rochefort’s route, Richelieu agreed to help her seek out the truth. He asked her to rely on him instead of the Musketeers, and he’ll take care of all the investigations she needs. D’Artagnan was so happy to receive the principal’s help, she didn’t suspect anything when he asked about Anne. At this point she doesn’t know the girl’s name though, so she said she doesn’t know.

They meet again in the church later that night, where Richelieu told her to just relax and behave like usual. D’Artagnan asked him about her father when he was still a teacher in the academy, and Richelieu said he was serious and earnest. Castelmore loves studying and would conduct experiments until late hours, but he always did his job as a teacher properly the next day. She asked if her mother was around back then, since she died when she was really small. Richelieu didn’t answer though and only said D’Artagnan looks so happy whenever she’s talking about her family.

Meanwhile, Anne found out that D’Artagnan has fallen to Richelieu’s side. She’s been spending less time with the Musketeers lately, completely unaware that Richelieu is only using her to get his revenge on Anne. Louis was against this whole plan, but Anne couldn’t just sit back and let Richelieu kill her with the diamond necklace.. so she went to tell Athos her version of the story, successfully gaining his trust and getting the Musketeers to work for her. From then they took a more aggressive approach to get the key from D’Artagnan, even though she didn’t know the key’s identity yet.

Later on Richelieu reported his investigation result to D’Artagnan, which basically proved that Rochefort is innocent. He did went to see Castelmore that day, but he left some guards behind and went to a neighboring town at 3 PM. There’s a witness too who saw him in town, proving his innocence since Castlemore got killed at night. The guards he left behind were terrified after hearing a scream from the house, so they left the forest to join Rochefort instead. As for why the sapphire ring was found near Castlemore’s body.. it’s because Anne stole it from his room and planted it on the location, pinning the blame on Rochefort. This explains the scene at the beginning of the game, where Anne went to Rochefort’s room looking for the ring.

Richelieu also told her that her father took the tower’s key and escaped, but D’Artagnan already figured this one out thanks to the Musketeers bothering her about the key. The treasure hidden in the tower is a diamond necklace holding a great magical power, and they can’t hand it to Anne who’s clearly involved in her father’s murder. Richelieu then asked if she has someone she can rely on, because she’s probably holding too many things to handle alone. D’Artagnan asked if it’s okay for her to rely on him, and he admits that was the answer he wanted to hear. He told her not to hold back even though he’s the principal, she can talk to him about anything.

On Sunday D’Artagnan met Richelieu in the church as usual. It turns out that both of them spent the whole day reading a book in their room since it’s raining outside. Richelieu asked what kind of book she read, and she said it’s a romance novel. Is it the erotic one she asked Athos to read? 8D She was surprised to hear Richelieu enjoys them too since he doesn’t look like the type, and he said despite his image, he has experienced love before. Spending time with her heals his mind too, so this might be a form of “love” as well. Despite his looks, Richelieu admits that he’s actually quite a romantist — he reads Maurice Scève’s love poems.

D’Artagnan forgot her book when she returned to the dorm, so she went back to the church to get it. Inside she saw a silhouette and thought Richelieu was still inside, but instead of the principal she found a.. handsome guy holding their books. Σ(@д@;)ダレッ!? She introduced herself and asked if he’s related to the academy, since he doesn’t look like a student nor a teacher. The mysterious man only laughed and said nobody in this island is unrelated to the academy. Before leaving he told her they’ll meet again sooner or later. It all depends on her.

Early on December, Chevalier Academy holds its anniversary festival. D’Artagnan wasn’t too excited about the dance party, but she accepted Constantin’s invitation to go together. Not too long after that, Athos dragged her to the tower hoping they can find the key even though it was useless in the end. At night D’Artagnan also saw Milady entering Rochefort’s room, and she got some weird ideas about their relationship because of this.

Now curious about the key, D’Artagnan came to the tower at night trying to figure out the identity of the key. She got attacked by some demons and it was Rochefort who came to save her, eventually transforming into his demon form to slay everything. A misunderstanding ensued when the Musketeers came to the tower and saw demon Rochefort with D’Artagnan, and so they also transformed trying to protect her. In the end Rochefort took D’Artagnan to escape, bringing her to Richelieu’s office.. and that’s where she finally learned about their motivation.

In order to get D’Artagnan’s full cooperation, Richelieu decided to tell her the truth:

300 years ago Richelieu was the prime minister of France, and also the cardinal serving King Louis XIII. France tried to create an alliance with England during the war with the House of Habsburg, but their plan backfired and they end up fighting against England as well. It was then when Queen Anne betrayed her country by giving the diamond necklace to her lover, the Duke of Buckingham, who was leading England’s fleet at the time. Knowing the great power sealed inside the necklace, doing so is just the same as selling France to England.

Richelieu and Rochefort tried to get the necklace back to protect their country, but what they did enraged Anne. She killed them along with their troops, not to mention massacring their families as well. Richelieu couldn’t forgive Anne’s betrayal and turned into a demon after his death. He waited 300 years before reincarnating, and now that everyone involved in that incident have gathered once more.. it’s time for him to get his revenge on Anne before she escapes the island. The former queen still holds all of her memories from the past life, and she’s also planning to erase everyone connected to the incident. So now Richelieu needs D’Artagnan to open the tower as soon as possible, offering to help her find out the truth in return.

D’Artagnan understands Richelieu’s pain and anger, but she’s unsure about what to do. That night she went to the rooftop and told Treville everything, because aside from Richelieu, he’s the only one she can talk to about everything. Treville thinks they can trust the principal. It’s thanks to him that the academy can remain peaceful after all. They still have some time before the “opportunity day”, so for now he suggests D’Artagnan to calm down and think about it carefully before then. Richelieu also believes that D’Artagnan won’t leak this information to the students or anyone unrelated, but he sent Rochefort to watch her just in case.

When D’Artagnan returned to her room, she found a huge present from Richelieu inside. He sent her a beautiful dress and accessories, along with a card saying “enjoy the festival”.

Soon the rumors about demons started spreading to the entire academy. D’Artagnan reported this to Richelieu, because she’s worried that someone might really get hurt if this continues. He explained to her that there are two kinds of demons: humans who turned into demons like them, and summoned familiars who attacked her in the forest. For him those summoned demons are the academy’s enemies, so he ordered Rochefort to take care of them as soon as possible. He also said that as long as the Musketeers don’t get in his way, he won’t do anything to them. Athos has a lot of questions for her though. He knows she saw them transforming and has reported this to Richelieu, so he wants to know why she’s not scared of them. D’Artagnan didn’t know what to answer and ran off instead, which resulted in the Musketeers to watch her even more closely.

For the dance party, D’Artagnan wore the dress Richelieu sent her. Richelieu himself also came to the hall that evening, drawing a lot of attention since the students never saw him after the opening ceremony. It was his first time joining the dance party too, and D’Artagnan was really nervous when he asked her to dance since everyone’s watching them. After the dance it’s time for the princess to run out, so Richelieu asked her to meet him in the church when the song ends.

The next day, Milady came to Richelieu’s office bringing a cheesecake. It’s pretty obvious what she was trying to achieve, but she assured him that she’s not trying to seduce him. She knows it’s useless since Richelieu could never forget the woman he loved in his previous life. When Milady said she prefers valuable things more than romantic promises, Richelieu knows that she’s just a gold digger who wants to get some money from him. She asked him to treasure D’Artagnan though, because she knows the girl wants a “connection” to Richelieu.

Milady then decided to mess up with Richelieu a little. She told D’Artagnan to come to his office the next morning. There was no answer, so D’Artagnan decided to go inside.. and found the mysterious man from the church before. He was sleeping on the principal’s desk, and she woke him up saying Richelieu will get angry if he sleeps here. She didn’t notice at first, but when the man asked her to keep quiet about this, she realized that he’s actually Richelieu himself. This is is real him. He’s been hiding under his old man appearance thinking there’s no need for the students to know about this, but eventually Milady found out. He’s really confident about his appearance though, asking the shocked D’Artagnan if he looks good lol.

D’Artagnan asked why he has two forms, and Richelieu said it’s to deceive Anne. Nobody will ever notice that he’s the old principal when he’s in his young form, so it would be useful to let her guard down. He also stressed that this is his real self and not the old one. She asked if Rochefort can transform as well, and Richelieu said Rochefort’s actually a 84 years old geezer.. but he was just trolling her since it’s a lie lol. He then asked her out for a date and took her to La Volière, telling her to hold his arm when they walk.

The greenhouse reminds Richelieu of the castle he used to live in, with beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. D’Artagnan said she’d love to see it if possible, and Richelieu said he’ll take her to see the castle after it’s all over. It also reminds him of a woman he used to know in the past, and D’Artagnan also resembles her in a way. She asked if he was close to that woman, but Richelieu said a cardinal only serves God. Of course he remained unmarried for the rest of his life. He admits that he might be in love with that woman though.

Since D’Artagnan wants to hear more about his past, Richelieu told her about his life in the army. He used to lead the imperial army to protect the king’s dignity and the royal family. Having both his troops and the citizens following him, Richelieu had no fear nor regrets. Even if the war destroyed a part of the country, he wanted to do his best so they can rebuild it again later. D’Artagnan realized that Richelieu is a really great person, and he asked if she’s scared if he becomes his enemy. He said a good man will be a really terrifying enemy if he switches sides. On the other hand though, a weak enemy won’t be able to protect her as an ally. He told her not to be attracted to a kind man, not to sympathize a weak man, and not to fall in love with a man who can’t run on the battlefield. She should fall in love with a man like him instead.

Richelieu laughed saying he’s just joking, but when D’Artagnan left to pick some flowers he thought about the definition of a “good man”. Apparently the woman he loved, Constance, died on the battlefield shielding him from an enemy attack. Despite what he said to D’Artagnan earlier, Richelieu knows that a “good man” is someone who can protect the woman he loves. He sealed that memory deep inside his mind, but he couldn’t deny that D’Artagnan is slowly moving his heart.. and he’s feeling warm inside whenever he’s with her.

Sadly that didn’t stop Richelieu’s revenge plan though. It doesn’t help that he can hear spirits talking to him at night in the church, all of them hating Anne and constantly reminding him about getting revenge. He wasn’t in his office when D’Artagnan came to visit him after school, and soon she heard from Constantin that Athos was heading to the tower with a scary look on his face. She decided to take a look and found Richelieu talking to Rochefort in the forest, but she couldn’t hear what they were talking about. She followed them all the way to the tower and found the young Richelieu there, facing Athos and Porthos.

It turns out that Athos and Porthos were waiting for Rochefort there. D’Artagnan was surprised to hear them asking Richelieu to hand her over, even though they didn’t know who he really is. Porthos then transformed and started attacking him, so Richelieu also had to transform and fight back. Athos joined the fight soon after, but they were no match against Richelieu. He told them he doesn’t wanna kill them, but he did warn them not to lay their hands on D’Artagnan. After they left Richelieu noticed that D’Artagnan was watching nearby, and he told her to be careful from now on. Anne’s using the Musketeers to get information about the key from her, so now the Musketeers are after her. She shouldn’t walk alone in the forest anymore.

On Sunday Bonacieux came to D’Artagnan’s room saying he just met the most charismatic person he ever saw. That person asked him to deliver a bouquet of flowers to D’Artagnan, along with a card with a message written on it: “I’ll pick you up at night. Apollo.” ..and he really came to pick her up that night. They went to an empty classroom, where he starts wondering what would it be if he reincarnated to be her classmate instead. He probably kicked out Porthos from the Musketeers and gets the leader seat for himself, since he’s even stronger than Athos lol. D’Artagnan then pretends to be the homeroom teacher and called him “Richelieu-kun”, and he admits that makes him happy.

D’Artagnan tried to change the subject by thanking him for the pink lilies he sent earlier. Richelieu asked why she’s avoiding this, then he explained that lilies are the symbol of sinners in France. D’Artagnan’s a sinner too because she’s perplexing him, but she didn’t get what that means. He then decided to move since he might turn into a sinner too if they’re staying here for too long lol. In Etoile, Richelieu asked if she’s in love with someone and D’Artagnan said she won’t tell him. It made him even more curious, so eventually she said she’s not in love with anyone.. which caused him to say “but i’m here in front of you, how come you’re not in love?” LOL. He’s always waiting for her to come to the church, and he only danced with her during the festival. Richelieu then said that he’s in love with her.

Before D’Artagnan could say anything, Richelieu laughed and said he was joking. He told her she’s really cute and asked her to live with him when everything’s over. D’Artagnan thinks he was only teasing her, ruling out the possibility that there might be some truth in his words. She couldn’t get him out of her head after that though.

After avoiding the Musketeers for so long, D’Artagnan finally gave Aramis a chance to talk. She was ready to flee if he wants to hear about the key, but he said he has some information about her father’s murder. He asked her to come to La Volière alone that evening. Treville saw this from afar and he seems to be curious, so D’Artagnan told him everything since she doesn’t trust the Musketeers. For some reason Treville suggested that he’ll go and ask Aramis in her place, and D’Artagnan agreed even though she had a bad feeling.

Later on that night, the mysterious hooded man came to the principal’s office. He knows the mystery behind the tower’s key and is willing to tell Richelieu about it. But nothing in this world is free. The price for that information is the three Musketeer’s — Athos, Aramis and Porthos’ life. They’re now working for Anne just like 300 years ago, so killing them would be like killing two birds with one stone. Richelieu agreed since this is a good deal for him, ordering Rochefort to finish them off as soon as possible. The hooded man also asked him to kill Aramis first since he holds most of the information which could be dangerous for them.

When D’Artagnan came to see him in the church at night, Richelieu told her they should stop seeing each other anymore. He admits he was just using her to get information about the key, and now he’s changing methods because she keeps saying she doesn’t know. Richelieu noticed that she was on the verge of crying when he left, but he did this for her own sake. He knows she would be sad if she finds out about his plan, but he can’t stop until he gets his revenge. At the same time, Rochefort killed Aramis in La Volière. He was killed brutally in his demon form, which shocked Rocinante when he found his body the next morning. The only reason they recognized it’s Aramis was because his body transformed back into human as they carried him away from the greenhouse.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day Richelieu told D’Artagnan he’ll kill the Musketeers if she can’t remember anything about the key. The deadline is December 31, the “opportunity day”. He also told her they already took care of Aramis last night, giving Aramis’ bloody ring to her as the proof. When Richelieu said Porthos is next in line, D’Artagnan took out her sword and said she’ll kill herself here. If she dies killing the Musketeers would lose its meaning as well. So in order to prevent her for doing such foolish things, Richelieu called Rochefort to put her in prison.

Just like what Richelieu said, Porthos was the next victim. He couldn’t believe Aramis died and ran out of the dorm, eventually getting attacked by demon Rochefort in the student council room. It was also Rocinante who found his body when he came looking for Porthos. He was in his demon form, but Rocinante realized it’s him upon looking beneath his demon mask. D’Artagnan eventually learned about this when he asked Patrick about the Musketeers. She wanted to make sure Aramis is alive, but sadly both Aramis and Porthos has died. They were labelled as demons who came to attack the academy, so Rochefort exterminated them for safety reasons.

When Richelieu visited her later, D’Artagnan desperately said she’s not hiding anything from him. She never heard anything about the key from her father, and never received anything either. But even when she starts crying, Richelieu said he’ll continue with the plan if she doesn’t tell him about the key, blaming the Musketeer’s death on her. The next day, it was Athos’ turn. He died after fighting Rochefort in front of the tower, both in their human forms.

D’Artagnan was devastated when she heard about this, and it leads her to think that Richelieu might be the one behind her father’s murder after all. He didn’t deny it, which made her angry thinking it was so foolish of her to believe in him all this time. She got beaten up by Rochefort for being so insolent towards Richelieu, but D’Artagnan said she doesn’t understand him anymore. She doesn’t want to understand him anymore.

Now that Richelieu has fulfilled the conditions, the hooded man came back to tell him the true identity of the tower’s key: D’Artagnan herself. By stabbing her heart and coating the sword with her blood, he can open the tower. The hooded man congratulated him since things are going smoothly. The Musketeers who got in his way have died, and he’s got D’Artagnan locked up in prison as well. That night Richelieu went to the tower alone, wondering why it’s so hard for him to do it. He killed the Musketeers with no problem, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill D’Artagnan.. even though her death is required to reach his goal. The feelings he’s been carrying for 300 years are starting to crumble just because of her.

Since he can’t kill D’Artagnan, there’s only one way left to get his revenge. Until the “opportunity day” comes, he’s going to search for Anne in the entire island. He’s going to get his revenge without relying on the necklace’s power. He told Rochefort that the key no longer exists in this world, ordering him to use Milady to gather information regarding Anne’s whereabouts. He also asked Rochefort to let D’Artagnan out of the prison, to lure Anne out of hiding. However, that couldn’t fool Rochefort so easily. Just by seeing Richelieu’s reaction, he was able to figure out what the key really is. Following the order, Rochefort is now ready to do whatever he can to protect D’Artagnan’s life.

When Rochefort released her from the prison, D’Artagnan was bitter. She said she couldn’t forgive Richelieu no matter what, and Rochefort told her she’s just the same. She came to the academy to get revenge as well, so she’s in no position to insult Richelieu. They also returned her sword, but she couldn’t do anything since it’ll just put everyone in danger. The hooded man, who was then revealed to be Treville, was amused upon seeing what Richelieu did. Treville also warned Richelieu not to poke his nose into his personal affairs, noticing that Rochefort has been watching him lately.

Meanwhile, Milady was thinking alone on the rooftop. Actually she wanted Richelieu to love her, but he never responds to her feelings. Her heart feels empty without love, and she ran towards jewels and money because she’s starting to lose confidence without them. She’s jealous of D’Artagnan, but she knows that she can’t disturb their relationship. It was then when she saw Patrick walking nearby, holding an old photo album with him. Rochefort took one of the pictures inside, so now he’s trying to get it back. What Rochefort took was actually a picture of Patrick, Treville and Castlemore with baby D’Artagnan. This proved that Treville knew Castlemore from a long time ago, even before Richelieu and Rochefort came to the island.

D’Artagnan eventually met Richelieu again in the church. She took out her sword, and Richelieu asked her to stab him saying he’s the one who killed her father and the Musketeers. Despite her hatred towards him, D’Artagnan dropped her sword and said she couldn’t do it. She gave up saying she doesn’t wanna think about revenge anymore, and she wants Richelieu to live a peaceful, normal life. Sadly he’s been planning this revenge for too long. He can’t give up now for the sake of those who died because of Anne’s betrayal, including the woman he loved. Richelieu told D’Artagnan he’ll give his life to her after he gets his revenge on Anne.

That night Treville came to Richelieu’s office dragging Rochefort. Despite Richelieu’s order to stop investigating about Treville, Rochefort was still following him around. He always lost sight of Treville near the tower, eventually arriving at the conclusion that the underground maze rumors might be true after all. He then saw a stone sparkling on the ground and decided to take the bait, even if he knew it might be a trap.. and that’s how he got captured. Treville wasn’t pleased that Richelieu broke their deal, so now he’s asking for a compensation. Which was for Richelieu to stop searching for Anne forever. The other option is to kill Rochefort and exchange his life with Anne herself, but he’s leaving the decision is Richelieu’s hands.

Rochefort called D’Artagnan to an empty classroom after that, and he finally told her that the key is actually her. Both Richelieu and him have no idea why she became the key, but they know Treville is the one behind all of this. She finally learned that it was Treville’s request to kill the Musketeers, and Richelieu was trying to protect her life by hiding the fact about the key. Now Rochefort wants D’Artagnan to treasure her own life, and also think why Richelieu protected her. There’s a deep meaning behind Richelieu’s words and he wants her to think carefully about it. As for the reason why he suddenly told her all of this.. it’s because Rochefort’s ready to give up his own life. It’s the only option they had.

Following Treville’s request, Richelieu slashed Rochefort at the church. As he was dying, Rochefort told Richelieu that Treville’s objective isn’t the tower. Something was sleeping in a coffin hidden in the underground maze, but he was captured before he could figure out the connection. Richelieu realized that Rochefort did all he can for him, going as far as choosing death so he can tell this piece of information. In any case, Richelieu already fulfilled his part of the deal. Just as he promised, Treville then brought him to meet Anne, who was scared to death saying she doesn’t wanna die yet.

Richelieu was ready to kill Anne when Louis came to stop him. Even the king himself won’t be able to stop his revenge, but then Louis said he wants to end all of this with his own hands, which really shocked Anne. After watching all the things they did to D’Artagnan, he realized someone has to put an end to this mess. For 300 years he’s been running away from his sin, closing his eyes even though he knows what Anne did was wrong, and now it’s time for him to adjust everything. Louis then drew out his sword and killed his beloved wife, who called out her lover’s name instead as she was dying. He gave Richelieu two diamonds from the necklace before he leaves to kill himself, admitting that he was actually doubting Anne as well despite his deep love for her.

The three Musketeers and Queen Anne, everyone that made Richelieu in the past have all died. However, his revenge isn’t complete yet. There’s still one more person. Back then Constance, Queen Anne’s lady-in-waiting, ran to the battlefield to warn Richelieu that Anne was planning to kill his family, and she died protecting him from an apprentice Musketeer who tried to attack him — D’Artagnan. Richelieu was so devastated by her death, he’s willing to sell his soul to a demon if it means he can get revenge on Anne.. and that’s when Treville appeared to answer his call, turning him into a demon.

But even if the Musketeers and D’Artagnan got in his way 300 years ago, Richelieu’s objective was Anne alone. Treville wasn’t pleased to hear this saying he’ll kill Richelieu first, but the latter replied he can’t give his life to him. He already promised to give it to D’Artagnan after all. Sadly that didn’t work against Treville, who slashed Richelieu saying this is also one of his revenge plans. Not too long after Treville left him to die on the beach, D’Artagnan finally found Richelieu after searching around the academy for him. He was glad that he can see her again, telling her to do whatever she wants with his life. He was expecting her to kill him, but D’Artagnan said she wants to start over with him.

Now that Richelieu is free from his past, he’s no longer a cardinal serving the God. He’s free to love the woman he loves, and now he can finally start a relationship with D’Artagnan properly. He told her he’s not a good man, since it’s so unreliable of him to have her helping her like this. After that Richelieu lost his consciousness, and D’Artagnan took him back to her room.

A few days later the number of demons lurking outside was increasing rapidly. Treville’s looking around the academy for D’Artagnan, but his familiars couldn’t get into the dorm because a certain student made a barricade around the area — Constantin. Instead of using brute force, Treville chose a more interesting approach. He made some flyers saying “If you hand over D’Artagnan, we’ll let everyone escape from the island.” and asked his demons to spread it around the dorm. Knowing how selfish humans are, the students will probably betray her just for their own safety.. and Treville wants her to know how that feels.

Richelieu wanted to do something to stop this the moment he woke up, but D’Artagnan stopped him since he’ll just die in Treville’s hands. Meanwhile, the flyers have reached the dorms and Milady told the students to keep quiet about this in front of D’Artagnan. Planche and Constantin tried to hide this, but eventually Bonacieux told her everything anyway. Of course some of the students also think that D’Artagnan was the source of disaster, telling her to go away so they won’t get involved. Most of them agreed to fight back though thanks to Constantin. D’Artagnan was both relieved and grateful, the academy that Richelieu built is now protecting her.

Milady decided to pull more pranks for Richelieu later on. When she saw D’Artagnan making a cake for him, she suggested putting more chocolates saying Richelieu has a serious case of sweet tooth. That was obviously a lie, but he ate it anyway since D’Artagnan made it just for him. Even though he was like ・・・(ー_ー ;) the whole time lol. Richelieu then asked how she really feels towards him, but D’Artagnan said she couldn’t say it. A lot of people died because of her and the whole academy is in danger, she doesn’t want to be ignorant by thinking of her own romance right now.

However, after talking to Planche D’Artagnan realized that she doesn’t have much time left. She came back to her room to find Richelieu gone, but she quickly found him in the church alone. Both of them knew that Treville can wipe out everyone easily despite their effort, so D’Artagnan decided to go and see him tomorrow. But before that, she has something to say to Richelieu.. and she finally told him she loves him. Even when her mind was controlled by hatred, she still came to the church looking for him. When she asked if it’s okay for her to say this, Richelieu hugged her saying he’s been waiting for those words. Because he loves her too.

D’Artagnan then asked which part of her does he like, and Richelieu said she makes him feel peaceful. He returned the question at her, and she said she likes his confidence. Even though he’s the man who killed the Musketeers and Rochefort to reach his own goal, D’artagnan isn’t scared. She’s prepared to fall into the deepest darkness with him, asking him to take her soul along. Despite this, Richelieu wants to protect the woman he loves until the very end. He left the sleeping D’Artagnan alone in the church, whispering that she should escape from the island.

After telling Milady to take care of D’Artagnan, Richelieu went to the tower alone. Soon he found the sparkling stone, which turns out to be the entrance to an underground maze. In the deepest chamber, Richelieu found a coffin.. and inside was the body of the woman who died for him 300 years ago — Constance. Treville then appeared saying he didn’t expect Richelieu to survive, but it doesn’t matter since he’s going to drag him to hell right now.

Meanwhile, Milady dragged D’Artagnan back to the dorm. At noon Rocinante and her guided all the students to the beach to evacuate the island. D’Artagnan sneaked out of the line and ran back towards the island, and Milady knew it’d be useles even if she stops her. When she finally found the underground maze, Richelieu was fighting a losing battle against Treville, who was in his demon form. Treville said it was fate that brought her here, but D’Artagnan said she came here because she wants to see Richelieu’s victory over him. Following Richelieu’s opinion about a “good man”, D’Artagnan asked him to win and protect her.

Richelieu finally transformed into his demon form, even though Treville thinks it’s useless. Unlike Richelieu or Rochefort, Treville is a demon to begin with. They’re on a totally different level, since Richelieu’s thunder had no effect at all on him. He won’t make it easy for them either, as he’s now planning to slowly kill Richelieu in front of D’Artagnan’s eyes. However, Richelieu noticed that Treville was trying to protect the coffin the whole time. He tried attacking it after apologizing to Constance, surprisingly damaging Treville as well. Treville didn’t have the time to be surprised either since Richelieu continued attacking him without mercy, eventually sending him back to hell.

D’Artagnan and Richelieu escaped from the crumbling underground maze. He took her to the tower, which is now unsealed since Treville’s no longer here. D’Artagnan unlocked it with her sword, and they finally took the diamond necklace from the highest floor. A lot of people fought and died just to get the necklace, and now he’s presenting it to her. When he told her to make a wish, so D’Artagnan said she wants a future with Richelieu. After making their wishes together to the necklace, Richelieu kissed her and a blinding light enveloped them.

D’Artagnan woke up in her old house with someone calling her name. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Castelmore there, healthy and alive. He reminds her it’s time for her to go out, or else she’ll be late for Chevalier Academy’s opening ceremony. The carriage driver asked her to deliver a letter for the principal, and on the way she met Aramis again in exactly the same way as their first meeting. He was surprised that she knows her name, though she didn’t explain and just said she’s glad to see him alive. It turns out that everyone is alive, including Anne and Louis, who are now regular students in the academy. Treville is here too, probably as a regular teacher now? (´・ω・`A;)

Rochefort was ready to kick her out the moment she stepped into the principal’s office, but Richelieu told him it’s okay. After sending Rochefort to the hall for morning assembly, he finally said he’s been waiting for D’Artagnan to come. While D’Artagnan made a wish for them to be together in the future, Richelieu’s wish was actually for D’Artagnan to be happy.. which is why everyone including Castelmore is alive right now. He told her there will be hard times too if she stays with him, but D’Artagnan doesn’t mind because she loves him. Richelieu said she made a great choice.

In the epilogue, five years has passed since the necklace granted their wishes. D’Artagnan is now married to Richelieu, so he told her to stop calling him “principal”. Tomorrow they’re going to leave Chevalier Island together. She found Richelieu in the abandoned church at night, and they reminisced about their first meeting here as Apollo and Selene. That time they never thought they’ll get married in the future, but now D’Artagnan lives a happy life by Richelieu’s side. There are more happiness waiting ahead of them, because she’s now pregnant with his child. D’Artagnan then asked Richelieu to think of a name for their child.

In the extra story, Richelieu is explaining his transformation to Rochefort. While he can switch into his old principal appearance easily, there’s actually a possibility of him making a mistake. If he doesn’t have enough concentration during the process, his looks and voice won’t match. So in order to make sure it’s successful, Richelieu is always screaming “変身!” in his heart whenever he switches forms. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Rochefort took this seriously, but who knows what he really thinks.. lol. Richelieu is really confident though, saying it’s necessary so Anne won’t find out about this secret.

While it’s pretty hard to erase his old man image at first, in the end I have to say I like this route. Once you can get that “sugar daddy” phase out of your mind, Richelieu is actually a romantic gentleman who will do anything to protect the woman he loves. His hair still bothered me at times, but I like how dreamy and poetic he is lol. He’s even more otome than I am! (*´艸`)ウフッ♪ This route revealed the true antagonist behind the whole story, so it’s better to leave him and Treville for last. Or at least until you finish Rochefort’s route. Richelieu’s story is more serious too compared to the Musketeers, but that extra story.. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Milady actually plays a nice role this time. If you’ve been wondering why she’s that desperate for jewels, you’ll find the answer here. Oh, and Patrick is in love with her lol.


15 thoughts on “Musketeer – Richelieu

  1. “but i’m here in front of you, how come you’re not in love?” LOL.
    – hearing this from a former cardinal. lol

    Thank goodness. His real form is the younger version of him and not that oldie principal.. XDD Surprisingly, I loved his personality. That what I expected at the start of this review. :D

    I realized I love all the characters as I got real sad when they died. But since they all lived in the end, I guess that’s fine. XD

    • LOL. His old principal form fits the cardinal image better, while his real / younger form has a lighter aura around him. Both are equally romantic though. Do you like romantic guys? xD

      Yea I was really sad too when everyone dies, especially Rochefort. He died in every single route including his own. (ノД`)・゜・。So I’m glad to see everyone alive and kicking in the end.

  2. i thought i was going to hate this route and well it did make me hate it at some points in time, but it turned out more interesting then i thought
    anyways, this game is interesting, u seriously dont understand any and everything until u played every single route they have to offer ^^
    cant wait to read the next review, me must know the whole story >.>

    • I did too, but aside from the killing spree this route is actually pretty good.
      Yea every single character holds a piece of the story, and you won’t get the whole picture until you finish everyone. Now I’m going through Treville to complete everything, then it’d be Shimono paradise after that. xD

  3. I’m glad I won’t cringe LOL
    I could never get myself to play Togi’s route in Nise no Chigiri and Yatarou wasn’t so bad…but he’s still an ossan LOL *dies*

    • Oh right.. Nise no Chigiri has ossan(s) too.. orz
      I read Domshiki’s review and the screenshots make me cringe. Yatarou is an ossan, and Touji-jii is a.. well, old man lol. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I haven’t touched Nise no Chigiri, even though I have the game. xD

  4. lol “oyaji” turned into a “ouji-sama!”!!
    seriously though i don’t think i liked this route af all…
    i mean, sure he’s nice and all but i feel like something is not right.
    maybe i’m just being paranoid but i defiantly don’t think revenge seeking guys from past are for me. he just seemed so bothersome the whole time. if it wasn’t a part of story i wouldn’t have gone after him lol!

    • LOL honestly I was expecting more comments like this.
      His past is so heavy, if his romanticism can’t make up for it then obviously you won’t like him lol. I know some people who got turned off by his younger form too, so you’re not alone there. xD

      ..and if it’s not for the secret character, my motivation to go through Richelieu’s route would be like zero lol. Though in the end I liked his story. xD

  5. Hahahah same thoughts, SUGAR DADDY RICHELIEU XD

    i was all o.O;; wen I started out with his route especially when he started ssnuggling up to d’Artagnan in his old man form but then it totally blew ma mind when it turns out that he’s actually young lol. His story turned out to be pretty good yeah but I still din’t really like his character…guess i kept thinking “OLD MAN” wenever he came on xD

    • LOL yesss the first half of his route screams sugar daddy no matter how you look at it. Even though it’s not his real form. xD It was hard to get his old man image outta my mind too, and it doesn’t help when he keeps switching back and forth.. I was like “STAY IN YOUR YOUNGER FORM!” lol.

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