Musketeer – Treville

Finally! In Treville’s route you’ll find the truth behind everything. I’ve been looking forward to this because I really like Treville’s looks and red eyes. Also, this post is absurdly long. (´・ω・`)

The art teacher in the academy. He’s the one who saved D’Artagnan from the demons and suggesting her to come to Chevalier Academy. As her homeroom teacher, Treville provides support for D’Artagnan ranging from training sessions to consultations. Unlike Rochefort, Treville is gentle and treats his students kindly. He’s also multi-talented and can practically do anything, as it was him too who helped D’Artagnan prepare for her upcoming duels.

…or so you thought.

At the beginning of Treville’s route, Anne stole the sapphire ring from Rochefort’s room. She gave it to Treville after passing Richelieu in the hallway, though the latter didn’t realize it’s her. Treville then went to see Castelmore, who was getting ready to move away since Rochefort has found their location. Castelmore was surprised to see him not changing at all even after 15 years, but Treville said it’s because he’s a demon to begin with. He also revealed it was him who sealed the tower and made D’Artagnan the key.

Treville knows that Castelmore won’t hand the key to him either, so he summoned a demon to take care of him. He then left the house and waited outside for D’Artagnan to return, saving her after Castelmore died and planting Rochefort’s ring on the spot. After that everything went according to his plan. He took the supporting role for D’Artagnan, gaining her trust more than anyone else in the academy. She doesn’t know that Treville is planning a big revenge for her, because she killed the woman he loved in her previous life.

One night Treville came to D’Artagnan’s room bringing some bandages. She’s been training nonstop even when he’s not around, so now he’s going to help tending her wounds. From their training session earlier Treville can tell that there’s something in her mind, and she told him she saw a dream of her father blaming her for his death. When she said she wants to get stronger, Treville hugged her shoulder saying it’s not her fault Castlemore died. It’s okay for her to cry in front of him whenever she feels sad, he will accept everything.

Some days later D’Artagnan got lost in the forest after training with Constantin. There she saw Rochefort talking to a demon and mistook it as them working together, but Rochefort actually slayed the demon right after she left. He knew it was Treville who called the demon, so he asked him not to do something like this again. Some of the students saw shadows in the forest and rumors were starting to spread, which will only cause trouble for Richelieu.

When D’Artagnan went to the rooftop at night, she found Treville there drawing in the dark. He asked what colors she would use to paint the scenery, and she said black because it’s really dark. He told her the color black doesn’t exist in nature no matter how dark it gets. The color she sees might be an illusion created by her mind. Naturally this confused D’Artagnan, but she asked him what happened since there seems to be something wrong with him. He laughed saying he just became more sensitive whenever he’s drawing, telling D’Artagnan to get some rest every once in a while. Like falling in love with the Musketeers, for instance.

Treville then told her to look at the stars above. They remind her of her father, making her feel more peaceful knowing her father’s watching her from above. Falling in love might not be a bad idea after all since it won’t disturb her initial goal.. but she’s unaware that her romance also plays an important in Treville’s plan. Her eyes couldn’t see the true colors of his heart.

On the night before the exam, D’Artagnan told Treville everything that happened between her and Rochefort up until now. They don’t have a critical evidence to prove that Rochefort really murdered her father, and Treville apologized for being unable to do anything to help her. But just talking to him is enough for D’Artagnan. She told him he’s her savior, and if possible she wants to help him too someday to show her gratitude. Treville said he’s happy to receive her feelings, looking forward for that day to come. Probably not in the way that she thought.

After the exams Treville asked D’Artagnan to see him after school, so they met up in Etoile that evening. He praised the piece of work she submitted for her art exam, which was a painting of the trees and the sky. D’Artagnan said she wants to draw the night sky too like Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, and Treville told her about the connection Gogh made between death and the stars. He asked her where does she think she’ll go after her death, but D’Artagnan said she doesn’t have anywhere to go. When she said her life doesn’t have a meaning, Treville unconsciously grabbed her hand because it reminds him of something in the past. He quickly apologized though, telling her to forget it.

Thanks to her special training sessions, D’Artagnan grew stronger in battle. She eventually managed to disarm Treville, though he also disarmed her at the same time. He praised her skills saying she might be able to catch up with Athos. If she can get the Musketeers to work with her to seek the truth, then she might not need Treville’s help anymore. D’Artagnan asked if she can’t rely on him anymore, relieved when he said that’s not the case. Only Treville knows about her conditions, not to mention he’s been helping her in so many ways. He gave her a lot of courage up until now. She needs him. Treville fell into a short silence after hearing this, feeling weird even though his revenge plan’s going smoothly.

When Halloween comes, D’Artagnan stayed in the academy instead of going to the party. She found Treville drinking in front of the tower with Patrick, who soon left before he gets too drunk. Treville himself was drunk too, clinging to D’Artagnan when she tried to leave lol. He was about to tell her about the person he used to love in the past, but he stopped himself since that would make him sober.. and he wants to stay a little drunk for tonight. He promised to tell her about this another time, leaving D’Artagnan wondering what he wanted to say.

Soon D’Artagnan met Richelieu in person, getting his help instead of the Musketeers’ to seek out the truth. Because of this she stopped her plan of challenging Athos, and she stopped her training sessions with Treville as well. Eventually she met him again in Etoile, where she told him about Richelieu’s “investigation” on Rochefort. Anne also found out that D’Artagnan is now on Richelieu’s side, and she decided to take control of the Musketeers as well. Treville noticed that recently the Musketeers have been approaching D’Artagnan to get information about the key, eventually reporting this to Richelieu.

In order to gain her trust, Richelieu also told D’Artagnan about the key and the necklace. He asked if she has anyone she can talk to about everything, since it must be hard for her to take everything alone. She answered it’s okay because she has Treville by her side, who has been supporting her ever since she came to the academy. Richelieu said Treville is a good man, encouraging her even more to talk to him about anything from now on.

However, Treville never expected D’Artagnan to side with the principal instead. When she came to visit him on Sunday, he was actually thinking about what to do from here. She told him about the investigation result Richelieu gave her, which basically cleared the suspicion she had against Rochefort. There are still a lot of things she doesn’t understand, but Treville told her they’ll find the truth eventually. All she needs to do now is just wait for Richelieu to give her more information about Anne, the key, and the person who killed her father.. even though that person is standing right before her eyes, thinking about how innocent she is.

Some days later, Treville saw a new hope when D’Artagnan came to tell him about Milady going to Rochefort’s room at night. He asked if she’s jealous of Milady, and that hope quickly disappeared since D’Artagnan isn’t interested in Rochefort at all. Treville told her it’s pretty common for teachers to visit each other even at night, since it might be something related to work. Plus, D’Artagnan herself also spend quite a lot of time with Treville too. She apologized since it might create rumors, but Treville doesn’t mind. He even told her he’s been thinking of asking her to dance in the anniversary festival.

That night D’Artagnan got attacked by a demon when she tried to examine the tower’s door. Rochefort came to save her and transformed into his demon form, which eventually resulted in her learning about the Musketeers’ secret as well. She was taken to the principal’s office, where Richelieu finally told her everything that happened 300 years ago. While she can understand Richelieu’s anger towards Anne, she was unsure about the revenge plan. She went to tell Treville about this, making sure that he keeps quiet so he won’t get attacked by any demons. He told her to think about this carefully until the “opportunity day”, but he also said it might be safe for her to trust Richelieu.

Treville came to report this to Richelieu after that. He thought Richelieu might be worried about D’Artagnan’s cooperation, so he came here to tell him everything’s going fine. She seems to trust the principal based on Treville’s words. However, Treville was actually feeling happy too even though he tried to deny it. Just because D’Artagnan trusts him.

When December comes, it’s finally time for Chevalier Academy’s anniversary festival. During the dance party D’Artagnan was only standing in the corner, searching for Treville in the crowd. She feels uneasy around so many people, and she was looking for him before she knew it. Treville blushed when he heard about this and said she’s really cute, asking her to dance with him. When he asked if she can accept the principal’s past a litle better now, she said it’s okay because she’s got him. She jokingly asked if Treville is a demon too, but she believes he’s on her side. After a little silence, Treville asked if she wants to try falling in love with him.

D’Artagnan said she’s really happy with his feelings, but she doesn’t think she has time for love. Her top priority for now is to seek out the truth, and she can’t think about anything else at the moment. Treville knows she actually has some feelings for him though, which is good for his plan.. but he also had to tell himself repeatedly that he doesn’t feel anything towards her. He’s only using D’Artagnan to reach his own goal. Because he can’t fall in love anymore.

The next day Treville invited D’Artagnan for a date to the beach. She was in the middle of practice when he came to see her, so he helped her training too during their date. Unlike their previous training sessions, Treville was really strong this time. He looked so scary even after disarming her, so much that D’Artagnan thought he’s going to kill her for real. He said it’s just because she got stronger, so he decided to train her on a higher level.

After training she told him she wants to visit her father’s grave during Winter break, telling him that she’s doing fine here in the academy thanks to Treville’s helped. They watched the sunset together, and D’Artagnan finally said she wants to fall in love with him. Just not right now. Treville said it’s okay because he’s going to wait for her. However, D’Artagnan knows that she’s already in love with him despite what she just said.

For the upcoming Noel, D’Artagnan was thinking of giving a present for Treville which disappointed our poor Porthos. That night Treville was drinking with Patrick again, who was there to complain that Milady won’t return his feelings. After Patrick fell asleep, Treville wondered what he should do if he’s fallen in love with a person he shouldn’t have. Lately he’s been having so much fun, a feeling that died a long time ago is starting to come back to him. He’s not the only one who noticed this though, because Rochefort did too. Earlier that day Treville asked Richelieu to let him watch over D’Artagnan, but the principal is starting to notice that Treville might have a different goal in mind.

On Sunday D’Artagnan found Treville in the rooftop, drawing the scenery again. Since he won’t show her his sketch, D’Artagnan tricked him and snatched his sketchbook. So as the “punishment”, Treville pushed her against the stone railings saying she doesn’t know how he feels. As a teacher he’s holding back his feelings for her, so if she tempts him by doing cute things.. he’ll lose control. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He asked her to return the sketchbook or else he’s going to kiss her, but he snatched the book back before she could answer. (´・ω・`)ショボーン

After getting avoided for so long, Aramis finally got a chance to talk to D’Artagnan. He’s been doing his own investigation, and now he’s got some information about her father’s murderer. He invited her to La Volière to talk about it, leaving her wondering why Aramis could get such information. Treville was actually watching them from afar, and she told him everything when he came to ask what she was talking about with Aramis. Both of them know it’s risky since the Musketeers have become Anne’s pawns, so Treville said he’s going to see Aramis in her place. D’Artagnan was worried about him, but he assured her everything would be just fine.

Aramis was surprised to see it was Treville who came to see him. He said he really pities D’Artagnan for not realizing that her father’s murderer has been standing beside her all along, revealing that he knew it was Treville who did it. Aramis won’t tell her about this, but in return he asked to join their “game” too. Well, that was a bad move. Right after that Treville made a deal with Richelieu. He’s offering him information about the key’s identity, asking for the Musketeers’ lives as the payment — starting from Aramis.

Treville went to tell Anne the same thing after that. Apparently Anne thinks this is a game, because that’s what Treville told her before. He was ready to kill her back then, but he’s willing to spare her life if she joins his “game”. She’s going to control the three Musketeers and he’s going to control Richelieu, fighting against each other until the “opportunity day”. If Anne couldn’t beat Richelieu by the deadline, Treville will kill her. Anne complained that it’s unfair since the Musketeers aren’t as strong as Richelieu and Rochefort, but Treville doesn’t care saying it’s her own fault for being unprepared.

It won’t be interesting if the game becomes unbalanced though, so he told Anne about the key’s identity: D’Artagnan herself. By piercing her heart and coating a sword with her blood, one can open the tower’s door. Of course Anne doesn’t give a crap about D’Artagnan either, so she ordered the Musketeers to sacrifice her before they got killed by Richelieu.

When D’Artagnan came looking for him the next day, Treville said Aramis wasn’t in La Volière yesterday. She believed him when he said he’s going to see Aramis today, unaware that Aramis has died in Rochefort’s hands last night. It didn’t take long until rumors about his death starts spreading, though some of the students think he got exterminated since he died in his demon form. Porthos knew it must be Rochefort, and he went out to get his revenge.. only to get killed in the student council room.

Treville was the one who informed D’Artagnan about Porthos’ death in the morning. She felt guilty since Aramis got killed because of the information he had, and Porthos just got involved in this mess. Trevilled hugged her when she starts crying, telling her that he’s here to protect her from anything that could harm her. He hates D’Artagnan with all his might, so he doesn’t know why he couldn’t leave until she stopped crying. Even though it’d be better if he left her confused and frustrated. Even though he hates her so much he wants to kill her.

Meanwhile, Anne is getting desperate. Now that she lost Aramis and Porthos, she ordered Athos to go and kill D’Artagnan. Athos didn’t want to do it, but they’re next on the death row unless they open the tower and use the necklace’s power. She told him it’d be better if D’Artagnan is sacrificed for the sake of the whole academy. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ D’Artagnan finally met Anne when Athos dragged her to the tower, where they tried to kill her to open the door. OMG ATHOS OPEN YOUR EYES! But their plan failed when Rochefort appeared and killed Athos on the spot. Needless to say D’Artagnan was really shocked at this revelation, as well as feeling guilty because she’s the reason everyone died.

D’Artagnan was crying alone when Treville finally found her. She told him she doesn’t want to know the truth anymore, admitting she loves him and asking him take her away. Treville said he can’t do that before the low tides, and D’Artagnan noticed his eyes looked really cold. He didn’t answer too when she asked if he really loves her, which made her even more devastated than she already was. She didn’t know who to trust anymore, and she had no idea about what to do from now on.

However, Treville didn’t tell Richelieu the truth about the key. He only said they can open the door with any Chevalier sword on the “opportunity day”, erasing the connection between the key and D’Artagnan. Such a lie couldn’t fool Rochefort though, who always lost sight of Treville near the tower. Richelieu decided to keep him under watch, ordering Rochefort to find out if Treville’s betraying him. Treville himself has been enduring pain for the last few days. It feels like his whole body is burning up, the proof that he broke the “contract”. He didn’t know why he lied to Richelieu either. For the last 300 years, the only person he loved was only the sleeping Constance.. but now he can only think of D’Artagnan.

When Treville saw Richelieu calling D’Artagnan to his office, he went to make sure that the principal gave up on the key. Even if he said he’ll get burned by the flames of hell if he breaks their contract, Richelieu said love changes everyone — including demons. Treville denied the soft accusation, and instead warned him not to search too deep into his personal issues. Richelieu agreed and said he’ll warn Rochefort, who already found out about Treville’s connection to Castelmore at the time.

That evening D’Artagnan saw Treville in the hallway. He was desperately trying to hide the pain, knowing D’Artagnan’s life would be in danger if Richelieu knows he’s lying about the key. He also tried to chase her away knowing Rochefort is watching nearby, but she still brought him to her room. She tried nursing him too since his body was burning up, but it was useless since it’s not caused by any sickness. He finally fell asleep after she held his hand, seeing a dream about Constance’s death 300 years ago. The dying Constance said she has no regrets, telling Treville “demons don’t cry” when he shed tears for her.

Treville woke up in the morning to find D’Artagnan sleeping on the bedside. He starts thinking of a way to kill her right now, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He realized that he might really be in love with her after all, as he felt relieved too when she didn’t fall in love with any of the Musketeers. He knows that it’s impossible for them to be together though, and so he left to carry out the final part of his plan.

While D’Artagnan ran around the academy looking for Treville, Rochefort found the entrance to an underground maze behind the tower. He reached the deepest chamber and saw a woman sleeping in a coffin, so naturally he thought a suspicious ritual will take place here. Treville was actually there too, but this time he kept himself hidden instead of catching him. Just when Rochefort got out of the maze, he met D’Artagnan in front of the maze’s entrance. She panicked thinking he did something dangerous to Treville down there, going past him all the way to the deepest chamber.

Rochefort quickly caught D’Artagnan and asked her to explain everything, because he thinks she’s up to no good with Treville. He also wants to know why Athos tried to kill her, though he already figured out the answer before she does. Knowing they can open the tower by killing D’Artagnan, Rochefort tried to attack her saying it’s for Richelieu’s sake.. and Treville finally appeared to stop him. She refused to run away and leaving him alone here, so Rochefort transformed into his demon form to erase both of them at once. He challenged Treville to show his true form as well, telling D’Artagnan that he’s a demon as well. A true demon who keeps on living without reincarnating.

Even though he didn’t want to show his demon form to D’Artagnan, Treville knew he had no choice when Rochefort starts attacking her. She was shocked that the person she trusts the most turns out to be a demon as well, and Treville apologized. The two demons got engaged in a battle that shook the ground so much, the students started panicking about this huge “earthquake”. Rochefort was no match for him though, and Treville ended the battle when Richelieu came to stop them. Richelieu has broken his promise to stop investigating deeper, and now Treville wants a compensation. It’s either he gives up looking for Anne, or exchange Anne with Rochefort’s life. Before leaving he also said the deal is nullified if they’re still trying to harm D’Artagnan.

D’Artagnan couldn’t believe her ears. She asked Treville if this is all just a plan to save her life, but he said everything she heard earlier are true. He left her alone after telling her to treasure the remaining time, with her saying she wants to believe in him no matter what. D’Artagnan then went to the church trying to stop Richelieu’s revenge plan, but that was fruitless effort since the principal proceeds to kill Rochefort in front of her eyes. She cried and asked him who will get revenge for Rochefort next, and there’s still a lot of people who should be avenged — Aramis, Porthos, Athos.. and probably Anne if she really dies. This revenge circle will never end.

Treville then appeared saying it’s true, because you can never erase blood with blood. Now that Richelieu has fulfilled his part of the deal, he came here to deliver Anne just as promised. After 300 years, Richelieu finally got his revenge as he slashed the former queen to death. While D’Artagnan could only watch since Treville was holding her the whole time, making sure she’s not getting in the way. Richelieu knows that D’Artagnan is right though. Someone needs to stop this revenge circle. So now he’s going to kill both Treville and D’Artagnan, then he’ll open the tower and use the necklace to resurrect everyone except Anne.

There’s no way Treville would let him kill D’Artagnan though. They both transformed to their demon forms and fought each other, until eventually Treville killed Richelieu when he tried to stab D’Artagnan. Everyone except her has died in this chain of revenge. Treville then told her that he used to love a woman called Constance in the past. She died during the war 300 years ago, and Treville wanted to clear her sorrow by taking revenge on everyone involved in the incident. But especially on the apprentice Musketeer who killed her on the battlefield — D’Artagnan.

As a demon, Treville made use of the “opportunity day” to let everyone reincarnate. He also made it their fate to gather once again in this island. When D’Artagnan was born 15 years ago, he set up the plan to make her the center of a war. He sealed the necklace inside the tower and made her the key when she was 2 years old. Castelmore was scared when he learned about this, and he quickly left the island to keep his daughter safe.. not knowing that fate will lead her back here. Treville also admits that it was him who killed her father, as well as telling her he hates her for killing Constance in the past. Right from the start, Treville knew that D’Artagnan and him could never be together because of this.

His plan doesn’t end there. On the next “opportunity day” Treville’s power will be released, and he’s planning to resurrect Constance from death. He needs to sacrifice D’Artagnan in order to do that, so he’s going to lock her up in prison until then. But even after Treville said he only loves Constance alone, D’Artagnan couldn’t throw away her love for him. Before he leaves, she asked him not to be so kind towards her anymore. It will only deepen her love for him, making her feel even sadder when they have to part forever by the end of the year.

As D’Artagnan was apologizing to her father in her heart, Treville was regretting his own decision. It’s true that he still holds a grudge against her, but his love for her is erasing his desire for revenge. If he knows parting with her will be this painful, he won’t approach her in the first place. But there’s only one way to obtain the necklace, so he only had one week before saying goodbye to her forever. He can’t be kind towards her anymore, but he’s staying near her until then.

The next day was Noel. When Treville brought a warm drink for her, D’Artagnan was really calm. He asked if she’s plotting revenge against him, but she said she already accepts everything. She was jealous when she heard about his love for Constance, but she’s willing to die if it’s necessary for Treville’s happiness. She wondered if she can meet him again in her next life, and she asked him to tell her more about Constance. Treville told her he used to be the leader of the Musketeers and Constance was Queen Anne’s lady-in-waiting. It was one-sided since he used to watch over her from afar.

However, Treville knew it was a love that couldn’t be fulfilled. A demon and a human can never be together, and he kept a safe distance fearing he’ll hurt her as a demon. Until one day Constance realized his presence, asking him to tell her stories about the Musketeers when she found out that he’s their leader. Eventually Constance told him she’s in love with someone she met in the church, and she also told him there’s a demon inside her heart. She thinks demons are very sorrowful existence, since they’re created from unrequited wishes and sadness. Treville tried asking her what would she do if he’s a demon. Constance looked really sad back then, but somehow she believed that he’s really a demon.

Treville left Paris for work not too long after that. When he returned, France was in chaos because Anne gave the diamond necklace to her lover. The imperial guards led by Richelieu fought against the Musketeers sent by Anne. Treville warned Constance about this, asking her to leave Paris so she won’t get involved.. but she refused. She decided to stay in Paris for the man she loves, and in the end she lost her life protecting that man. Just in case you’re wondering, yes Treville thinks Constance was in love with Richelieu.

Since it’s Noel today, Treville said he’ll grant one wish for D’Artagnan. She said she wants some memories by spending her remaining time with him as much as possible, so she might be able to remember them in her next life. After saying he’ll think about it, Treville brought out a cake for them to eat. He told her it’s from Patrick, but later on it’s revealed that he prepared the cake himself. Though he was drunk at the time, Patrick also told Treville to treasure the woman he loves. He’s living in the present and his heart is free, so he shouldn’t let anything tie him down.

The low tides came on December 26. Everyone including the staff left the island, leaving D’Artagnan and Treville alone for their ritual by the end of the year. He took her to the maze again, where she finally saw Constance sleeping in the coffin. At night he took her to the roof and asked her to pretend to be lovers until the “opportunity day” comes, and D’Artagnan accepts even though her feelings for him are real. When they saw a shooting star, Treville wonders when would be a good timing for their encounter. She replied she’s glad to have met him the way she did, because she finally got the chance to apologize to him for what she did in her past life.

From then they spent time together everyday. Treville cuts flower-shaped vegetables as he helped D’Artagnan cook their dinner on the 27th. They played a game on the 28th, and she lets him wash her hair half-naked! for the penalty. On the 29th he invites her to the music room, where he played the piano for her. Treville composed the song himself, and D’Artagnan wonders if he’s really acting as her lover. D’Artagnan was missing on the 30th. Treville eventually found her by Constance’s coffin, where she said she wanted to apologize to Constance.. and also to ask her to take care of Treville.

When D’Artagnan thanked him and said she’s really happy for the past few days, Treville asked her if it’s really enough for her. He told her to say her feelings honestly. It’s okay if she says she still wants to stay with him, or if she says she’s lonely and sad. One thing he didn’t mention is that he was searching around in a panic when she was missing. He thought she ran away since the tides are still low, and that disturbed him so much he forgot that she can’t get out of the island even if she wants to.

They spent the night of the 30th in Etoile. In her dream D’Artagnan saw all the things that happened up until now, and she wished for her memories with Treville to stay even after she reincarnates. She woke up in the morning on the 31st, the “opportunity day”, to find Treville beside her. He asked what she wants to do before the ritual, and she said she wants to stay here with him. This would be the last moments in her life, so she wants to spend it with the person she loves.

After that Treville finally took D’Artagnan to the tower. When the sun, the moon and Venus lined up together, the demons’ power is released. The sky turns dark and stars appear, marking the start of the “opportunity day” Treville has been waiting for. He asked if she has any last words, and D’Artagnan told him to forget about her as soon as possible. Her only wish is for Treville to be happy. He knows he can’t turn back now, so he kissed her and said he loves her — for the first and the last time. D’Artagnan told him she loves him too, and she said she wants to look for him someday after she reincarnates.

When Treville lifted his sword, D’Artagnan was ready. But instead of stabbing her, Treville hugged her saying he’s choosing her over his past. After all that he’s done, there’s only one future waiting ahead of him: disappearing and returning to hell. Even though Treville himself wants to end the revenge circle here, he forgot about one person who was still looking for revenge. When Treville was still hugging D’Artagnan, Louis appeared and slashed him to avenge Anne’s death. Just like what he said before, Treville vanished without a trace.

Louis knows how it feels to lose a loved one, and he’s ready to die in D’Artagnan’s hands. However, she threw away his sword saying she can’t do it. It was Treville’s wish to end this endless chain of revenge. Since the tower is now unlocked, D’Artagnan went inside to get the diamond necklace. She decided to live the rest of her life alone, wishing for her and Treville to be able to meet each other again in their next lives. She also wished for everyone who died in this incident to be happy, and reunite in the future…

Centuries later, Chevalier Island became a famous mystery spot in France. D’Artagnan went on a tour to see it with her husband, who is none other than Treville, for their honeymoon trip. When the tour guide (who later introduced herself as Planche) brought them to the infamous Buckingham Tower, D’Artagnan suddenly feels nostalgic even though it’s her first time visiting the place. They also went to Etoile during their free time, where Treville hugs her saying he wants to be all いちゃいちゃ now that they’re alone. (*´∀`*) She said the scenery from Etoile feels nostalgic too, and Treville replied he’ll get jealous if she had any special memories here in the past. He wants her to look only at him.

In the extra story, Treville found Patrick’s diary in the prison. Most of his diary entries are about his daily menu and weight, but there’s one entry written about him and Milady. On December 26 when they left the island, Milady said she’s tired and lets Patrick carry her on his back. After that they rode on a carriage together and.. and.. there’s no continuation lol. Treville was curious and flipped through the diary. Instead of finding a romance entry, he saw a card from Milady instead. She thanked Patrick for the delicious meal, requesting for a full course next time lol. Treville thinks it’d be impossible for Patrick to get his love returned, but he’s rooting for his old friend.

This route is like an emotional roller-coaster ride for me, but I really like the bittersweet feel of the story. In the end Treville himself is a very loyal and devoted man, it’s hard to say that he’s a “bad guy” here. His past with Constance was really touching, but I was wishing he’d look at D’Artagnan and left his past.. so that prison scene made me cry since it’s really clear that he loves her. (ノД`)・゜・。 Well, actually I cried too towards the ending. I’m glad it’s really a happy ending, D’Artagnan deserves it after going through so much pain. Also, this route made me dislike Anne a lot. Even my love for Athos was slightly fading because of his faith in her.

Now on to the secret character. Shimono, I’m coming! ε=ε=ε=ヽ(* ̄∀ ̄)ノ


13 thoughts on “Musketeer – Treville

  1. (´;ω;`) Reading this made my heart ache so much, especially the prison part. The pain he was in because he was caught in between revenge and his love for D’Artagnan. I really like how much depth they gave to his character and even though he’s the ‘bad guy’, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. And I love his character. (*´艸`) The ending was sweet, they both got the happy ending they deserved. \(^-^)/

    • Yes that prison scene made me cry too. (ノД`)・゜・。
      His voice was trembling the whole time, you can tell how painful it was for him to part with her. What I like the most from him is how he can’t be truly cold towards D’Artagnan, even after she asked him not to be so kind. And yes that happy ending made up for everything, so glad to see them together in the end. (*´∀`*)

  2. That ending…TT___TT I forgot about Louis. >_>
    I just can’t hate Treville even after being the mastermind behind all of this. He is somehow similar to Richelieu about the root of their revenge; the difference is only the object of their revenge. :((

    I’m seriously hating Anne. At the start of the game, I thought I could still sympathize with her, but no I just couldn’t. >_>

    Yay for the last route! I’m curious about this secret character and his connection to the entire story. :D

    • During that church scene with Anne I was wondering about Louis, but my mind was occupied with Treville that I forgot about him in the end lol. Yes he’s kinda similar to Richelieu, the only difference is he’s devoted to someone instead of the whole country. I just can’t see him as a “bad guy” no matter what. ;_;

      At first Anne was okay for me, even though she’s the main reason of this chain of revenge.. but here I lost whatever sympathy I had for her. In the end all she thinks about is only herself, even though she has a loving husband like Louis. >_>

      • I pity Louis instead for loving an unfaithful person like her. I think she the most unfaithful character in this game. XD

        I forgot to add that the other reason I can’t hate Treville is his resemblance to Kaname (Vampire Knight) especially his red eyes. <3333

        • OMG you’re right, they even have similar hairstyles aside from the fringes. xD
          Anne’s unfaithfulness is the cause of this whole mess, really. Even in her death she called out her lover’s name instead of Louis’. ;_;

  3. … this is amazing in many ways *sigh* its alot to take in at 2:58am @.@ the ending is very bittersweet, anyways i thought the route will be a bit better than this but cant expect too much when the developer has to intertwine the routes like that
    next review is the last route, cant wait to read it ^^

    • Well I finished this route at 3 am, then finished the post by 4 am lol.
      I guess expecting a sweet route from the antagonist would be difficult, but they did a great job to make sure it’s a happy ending. Overall I really like the whole story. :3

  4. ugh…
    maybe i’m being a little paranoid again but Treville disgusted me to my stomach…
    when i first bought this game and saw Treville i was looking very forward to he’s route… VERY forward…
    even in Richelieu’s route that Treville sold D’Artagnan for revenge i still didn’t hate him even a bit but in this route…
    i just realized that D’Artagnan is completely a spoiled brat in both Treville and Richelieu route… she fells in love with blood-thirsty guys.
    i personally like D’Artagnan because she’s brave and daring but in Treville’s route i just pitied her…
    i mean, i don’t like easily impressed heroines just like icingcandy’s Alicis one, and in this route D’Artagnan is being nothing but a spoiled child… i excepted her to have more faith in her father…
    oh well.
    i guess i’m just being difficult on Treville but seriously i can’t feel anything anymore towards him…
    even though it was a happy ending i really can’t find myself loving it.
    though in the end it’s just my opinion, Treville is still sweet in a few parts… maybe i can forgive him someday lol.

    • Lol I understand how you feel. Some of my friends also said they feel betrayed upon learning the truth about Treville, and the reason why I don’t feel that way is probably because I knew right from the start that he’s the murderer lol.

      But yes D’Artagnan gave up on her own revenge a bit too easily, both here and in Richelieu’s route. She was so focused in the beginning, but then she got lovestruck and her desire for revenge completely vanished. >_> I can’t help but feel sorry for her though, the girl went through so much pain up until the end.

  5. Me too, after finishing Atos and Rochefort (he is the second because I can’t wait for him XD) I know there is something very wrong about Treville simply because: 1. He can only be obtained at second playthrough (so his route must hold some mystery) but almost never appear in other character’s story, and 2. Because the hooded man has exactly same haircut, hair colour and voice with Treville.

    Too bad, because the characters that make me want to play this game is Rochefort and Treville (only by their look), and here I am, playing Treville while cursing him for his revenge plan and D’Artagnan for her stupidity (I mean, how can you forgive the man that ruin your whole live, and even still wants him to be happy? Love really make someone stupid and crazy…..). But I admit that I like the prison event, although I can’t cry for him :).

    For me, this route clearing one thing: Rochefort is Elle (Armen Noir) version of Musketeer, simply because he is so devoted to his master, and always died in every routes T_T. I also think that Rochefort’s demon form is the most good looking one ;D

    Ah, and I still not properly thank you for this good review, I like the way you made separate posts for every character and brief story (so I can choose to get spoiler or not), although I must do all my efforts to prevent me reading your review before finishing one route by myself XD. Anyway, thank you!

    • You’re welcome!
      Haha, I haven’t played Armen Noir and I doubt I ever will.. unless they give us better / happier endings in the PSP port. I actually like D’Artagnan and Treville’s love, because in the end it’s their love that put an end to his long revenge chain, but yeah that’s only if you can forgive what he did. :3

  6. My eyes are blinded by the sparkles lol no but character aside he kind of scared me u know with the red eyes and but as I progressed in the game his red eyes became rubby like and warm character back in his route was bittersweet and adorable so thumbs up

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